Name: Scarlett Hale
Age: Looks: 21 Real: 90
Faceclaim: Kathryn Newton 
Species: Instar Diviner - Light
Family: Aiden Hale

Good traits: Intelligent | Observant | Empathetic
Bad Traits: Stubborn | Secretive | Haughty

The Hale’s can trace their ancestry all the way back to before the formal formation of Georgia, their legacy tied to a 10 mile stretch of land and the three story plantation home that had been built and rebuilt by multiple generations of Hales. What was more, the Hales were a part of a small community of Fae that existed among the larger populace of Savannah. The coven of Fae stayed pretty tight knit though always contributing to the upper circles of Savannah’s elite crowd and the community at large.

From the get go Tyler and Caroline had wanted the perfect family. They had the land which yielded inordinate amounts of top of the line produce, the grand house that Tyler and his father had updated to perfection, and the only thing they needed to complete the picture was a little boy and a little girl. After 10 years of marriage Caroline finally gave her husband a child, a little boy who became the pride and joy of the family and of the coven. Another Hale wouldn’t be born for another 8 long years though several miscarriages and the passing of time would turn the once happy marriage crumbling into hostility and blame.

Colton’s birth didn’t seem to help matters, Tyler’s mental state deteriorating into full on abusive as Caroline fell into a deep depression. Despite the harsh condition the Hale brothers thrived, looking after one another and learning the tools of the trade that would one day be their empire. Aiden was claimed by the light on his 18th birthday and as no surprise to anyone began working towards his rightful place as leader of the Georgia Coven. Aiden was forced to take on the role of protector as his father slipped ever more into his violent tendencies, Colton stepping up as his right hand and the coven thrived under their direction.

Colton’s claiming ushered in a period of relative peace for the coven as the Hale boys took full control of the coven and their heritage growing the business in power and prestige. The boys lived separately from their parents who despite their animosity refused to separate, fostering a hope within their children that perhaps love still remained within their hearts. That hope was rekindled when out of the blue Caroline announced she was once again pregnant, with twin girls. Tyler was overjoyed reverting to the loving husband and father he had once been and bringing his family back together as they should have been.

Unfortunately it didn’t last.

Scarlett   Hale was born the only surviving twin, the loss of her sister affected her father so completely he withdrew from the world. Tyler drew so far into himself he became dangerous and unpredictable, barely able to even look at any of his family without breaking out into a violent rage. Caroline spoke not another word, sinking into a depression that she would never again be roused from and turning away from all of her children. It fell to Aiden to once again pick up the scattered pieces of his family and press on, doing everything in his power to keep things going for the sake of his siblings.

Little Scarlett   was raised by her brothers and members of the coven. She knew her parents but was never shown a bit of tenderness or affection from either of them, her love and knowledge gained from both of her big brothers. Colton being only 22 years older became a playmate, the two were always getting into some form of mischief or another. Aiden was both brother and father figure, teaching Scarlett  about who and what she was and would one day become. Much like Colton Scarlett  adored her eldest brother, looking up to him and doing everything she could to make him proud.

Due to his volatile behavior the youngest Hale never quite grew to like her father, in fact because of his outburst and penchant for cruelty she came to dislike him. He treated her mother abominably though it was the trouble he caused for her brother’s that settled her dislike so completely, making it impossible for father and daughter to ever connect. Scarlett   was thoroughly glad when Aiden banished him and turned to taking care of her mother. Even though the woman never said a word or hadn’t ever shown her an ounce of love Scarlett   still felt some tenderness toward her, seeing her as a victim of abuse and neglect.

As the years past she grew into a beautiful and capable young woman, even from a young age shouldering some of the responsibilities of running the coven. While he brothers handled the manual labor and the coven accounts, Scarlett   took care of the people making sure that houses were cleaned, meals were cooked, and the sick were healed. The three Hale siblings worked in tandem, a bright and flourishing triad of strength and unity.

Scarlett   awaited her 18th birthday with a mixture of apprehension and excitement, wanting to take her place fully within the coven but also nervous that she may be claimed by the dark. When the day finally arrived her brother’s went out of their way to make the day special, plying her with gifts and going all out for the claiming ceremony. The few days approaching she had been feeling out of sorts, a growing itch between her shoulder blades that left her restless.

Clad in a brand new gown, a gift from her brothers, Scarlett   made her way to the meeting place surrounded by the coven. Despite her nerves having her brother’s so close gave her solace as she waited the anxious moments before twilight, a bright light wreathing her slight form in golden rays that awakened the power inside of her and claimed her as a Fae. The celebration following her claiming lasted for hours and Scarlett  had never been happier in her life. As things go, that happiness wasn’t to last, her entire world fell apart that night in a shower of fire and blood.

She lay awake thinking back on everything that had happened that day, reveling in the new found power that surged through her veins. Scarlett  had been slowly drifting off to the sleep when the distant screams woke her. Rushing to her window she beheld the burning coven house, figures running back and forth desperately trying to quench the flames. Hazel irises reflected the raging inferno that now swept across the fields hungrily devouring the crops and drawing ever closer to the house.

Panic and fear shot through her system as she ran down the hall, intent on getting herself and her mother out. The moment she stepped foot inside the dark room she felt the malevolent presence, his rage and bloodlust permeating through the very air. Horrified Scarlett   beheld the figure of her crazed father, clutching a wicked looking dagger and smelling of charred clothing. Her eyes flickered to the bed, gasping in shock and horror at the sight of her mother covered in blood and gore. Ice cold dread shot through her veins beholding the man who had just stabbed Caroline to death, taking a step back as he advanced on her. Acting on instinct, Aiden’s calm voice ringing in her mind, the fresh young Diviner chanted a suffocation spell, lunging out of the way as Tyler attempted to murder her even as she cut off his air supply.

At last he stumbled and fell giving Scarlett  the break she needed to turn and flee. She ran for all she was worth, out of the now burning house and away from the scenes of death and carnage. Stumbling around in the smoke she ran smack dab into Aiden, sobbing in grief and fear. Ever steady he directed her to run to the storm shelter and lock herself inside until he came to get her. Following his orders she did just that, waiting out the long hours that followed curled in a corner and praying for the safety of her family and friends.

It seemed like an eternity passed before the door opened, sunlight flooding into the small confines casting a dark shadow around the man who stood at the top of the steps. Aiden delivered her from the depths of the shelter, helping her step back into a world changed. Fire had eaten away at everything, destroying all of the houses and the Coven Headquarters. Smoke still rose from the burning crops destroying the harvest for the year. Her brothers were even worse off, Colton looked utterly devastated breaking her heart as he informed her that her sister in law and twin nephews had been killed by their father along with Aiden’s wife and the entire coven.

The Hale siblings were all that remained of the Georgia Coven, wiped out in a single night by the deranged man that had been their father. Aiden was the most changed, the light that used to embody the man felt dark and brooding, his once smiling face turned to stone before her eyes. Against all her protests her eldest brother announced he was leaving, separating himself for them for their own good. Helpless to stop it Scarlett  watched as her father figure and brother walked out of her life and disappeared.

Against all odds Scarlett  struggled to cope with her loses and move on. Slowly Colton recovered enough to function, deciding to stay at their family home and rebuild. Graduating high school Scarlett   entered college, fascinated by the counseling and help that both she and her brother were receiving from a talented therapist in Savannah. An interest was sparked in her, a need to help and to heal others who had been through similar grief.

Using the money that was her inheritance Scarlett  floated through college earning multiple degrees and her doctorate in psychology. After 8 long years of the schooling, the 26 year old was interested in seeing the world taking her knowledge and abilities to help others. She took her skills as a counselor the world over, learning about new cultures and meeting all sorts of fascinating people. Colton was a constant in her life, a pen pal that was steady as the rising and setting sun. Together they gave one another support providing that familial connection that their kind thrived one while also searching for their long lost brother.

Somewhere along the way Scarlett  met a man who would steal her heart, his charms and manners knocking the southern belle right off her feet. The romance was slow to burn blooming into a full born flame after about a year together. In a surprising turn of events Scarlett   became pregnant, prompting the couple to get engaged, though the moment the ring touched her finger things began to shift. Before she knew it her once beloved prince became abusive and controlling, revealing a side of himself she didn’t like and hadn’t bargained for. In her attempt to escape him, he attacked her forcing Scarlett  to protect herself and losing the baby in the process.

Distraught and far from home, a mysterious benefactor paid for her recovery, the private hospital she was admitted to providing for her every need until she was back to perfect health. Pressing charges became moot, the body of her ex-fiancé had been found mutilated beyond comprehension his dental records the only proof it was truly him. Both Colton and Scarlett   knew who had provided for her and used the link to track down their elusive older brother.

It took another 20 years, but they were patient slowly following that ever elusive trail to Aiden. Finally Scarlett   caught a break and nailed down the location of her brother sending word to Colton even as she was boarding a plane to Colorado. Evermore, a rumored city haven for people like her, was where her brother was now holed up and she has every intention of finding him and reconciling with the man that had raised her and who is still protecting her from afar.

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