Name: Siena D'Angelo

Age: Looks 25, real 62

Species: Dhampir

Weapon Affinity: Sabre Sword

Colour Affinity: Cadet grey

Family: Scorpios D'Angelo {Brother}

Faceclaim: Alycia Debnam-Carey

D'Angelo. A surname known far and wide from the heart of Milan, Italy; the name itself triggered admiration from others, a fan base even, it caused many to respect the family members as well as fear them. Yet, it was not always like this for those who held the D'Angelo blood, in fact, it was far from it. Back when Dhampirs were truly beginning to settle down in Milan, and when their community was slowly building a hierarchy, the D'Angelos were just a simple, farming family; they kept to themselves when it came to personal affairs and were quite content with protecting the needed and returning home to a family fueled dinner which involved plenty of food, wine and laughter. They were happy, they brought in enough money from their supplies as well as their Dhampir duties to live comfortably - there truly was no need to change their lifestyle. Martina D’Angelo had created her own little empire, especially when she began to have children herself and it was not just an adult run household. Over the years, Martina had five boys, and it was agreed that the five boys truly made their farm house, a home; there was laughter which ran through the air and overall, their home and family were now complete.

Despite the very male dominated household, Martina managed to keep her crown within her family; the males knew better than to question her authority and dare to defy her - Martina was extremely loving, but she was well known within their community has to having an iron fist. She was not afraid of punishment. Her five boys grew up, knowing how to respect a woman, which often went down a treat in the city, however, as they aged - they constantly got picked on by other Dhampirs for not holding any other status besides that of a farmer; girls began to see the farming status as off putting and sought a potential partner elsewhere. The eldest son, Roman D’Angelo, began to lose sight of what he was taught as a child, and began to lash out at those who dared mock his family. Roman knew what the D’Angelo’s were capable of and it infuriated him that others could not see that, despite the fact that they never failed a mission, and received no complaints from those that hey had protected in the past. The brothers in particular were equipped with impeccable fighting skills and were well trained in the art of runes, he simply could not comprehend why being a farming family degraded them.

Thus, with agreement from his brothers, they began to seek reassurance and support elsewhere, all the while keeping their plans separate from their family; they knew too well that Martina would stop their plans without hesitation, she would never see the positive with what they had in mind. Over the course of the weeks to follow, the boys who were no more than teenagers began to hold secret meetings with a fellow Dhampir named Diego, a man who oozed sophistication with a hint of violence, yet the brothers never showed fear in his presence nor Diego’s men; after all, if they were to show fear, The Mafia would never accept them. Over the course of a few months, The D’Angelo brothers competed in multiple of tasks, and missions for The Milan Mafia, who went by the name of Veleno. It was during these initiations, that Roman met Viktoria - the daughter Diego; of course, Viktoria was well and truly out of bounds for him and every other man within Veleno, but that, unfortunately did not stop Roman from courting her. The two met in secret whenever they could, going on dates, day trips as well as sneaking away to her bedroom.

Their secret meetings lasted for a few months until one of Diego’s men caught them in a heated moment; of course, Diego was outraged that Roman who was showing him to be one of his best men could do such a thing and thus, unwilling to kill him for his act of wooing his daughter, he put Roman to one final test. If he could successfully pass the test, he could marry Viktoria. The task was simple - to steal the drugs from the opposing group who occupied the Northern region of the city; the task was considered a suicide mission, but for a man in love, he was willing to die to prove it. Veleno were surprised to say the least when Roman returned a month later with the drugs that they demanded, and Diego, impressed, kept to his word and allowed the two to marry.

Once they were married, Roman had insisted that they lived upon the farm with his family, as the Mafia was no place to raise children; of course, Martina was far from impressed of what her own children had done - they had joined the Mafia to be feared, to have power over their community of Dhampirs. A few years into the marriage and their life settled within both, the Dhampir life and the Mafia life, Viktoria began to give Roman children - four sons and one girl. Siena D'Angelo was the baby of the family and their only daughter which, consequently meant that she was, inevitably their favourite; particularly for Roman. Siena was the apple of his eye, his baby girl, but ultimately, the Princess to his Kingdom; the moment she looked up at him with her wide blue eyes, he knew she would be important to every aspect of the D'Angelo lifestyle - in and out of Veleno. Roman had decided there and then, he would train her much like he did his boys, to become skilled in combat and become an artist in runes; but more importantly, he would have Viktoria teach her the ways of seduction, to use female assets to get what she and their family wanted. Siena would bring a new skill to the extremely male dominated D'Angelo house.

Growing up as the only daughter of Roman and Viktoria, Siena had to learn to get stuck in with her older brothers; she was not scared to fight them for the last bit of desert, or for first dibs on Nonna's cuddles. Her older brothers often found pleasure in teasing her, yet if anyone else dared to treat her wrongly, they would feel the D'Angelo brothers wrath. Not only due to age, but Siena was closest to Scorpio who also went through the teasing of their brothers before she was born; the two of them acting almost as twins rather than simply siblings. At times, Martina was sure they could read each others mind or feel what the other was feeling even if they were miles apart. This was often confirmed with Scorpios came of age to join Roman, his Brothers and Uncles with jobs for Veleno; Siena would know that he had injured himself before he even came home. When the men were off doing business, both Martina and Viktoria began to mould Siena into the perfect D'Angelo woman - a Lady Warrior. The two women had two different approaches on how to train Siena, however, she often found it boring to go over the theory and history of Dhampirs and even the history of Veleno; she much preferred her father's approach to lessons even if he could be stern. When she was not in training, Siena was the happy go lucky child who loved to explore the Farm, she enjoyed to paint and ride the many horses.

By the age of 16, Siena was well known within Milan, purely from a social status; many wanted to befriend her to get into the best parties as well as get a snoop of what went on behind closed doors at the D'Angelo home. Siena took Viktoria's beauty, and found that she too had a line of admirers who were brave enough to face the D'Angelo brothers for their sisters attention. It was at one party which took place at an abandoned church that Siena met a fellow Dhampir by the name of Giovanni; she had recognised his face but couldn't place where from - the likelihood was, he knew one of her brothers. Unbeknownst to her he was part of the group called Solano - a rival group to Veleno. He was the first guy who did not seem to want status from her and he was slightly older than herself; Gio continued to woo Siena and one night decorated the abandoned church to spend the night with her. Only being sixteen and rather naive still, Siena was unaware of what was waiting for her that night; Scorpios had watched her leave the farm late at night, and worried, he decided to follow her. By the time he caught up with her, Giovanni had already begun to undress her and as if someone had switched the red filter on, Scorpios attacked Giovanni; a fight broke out that evening which would consequently had a domino effect on the two groups.

The news of what happened finally got back to Roman and Viktoria and whatever relationship the two rival gangs had, was now ruined; a war brewing. Veleno and Solano put their differences to the side for one evening - for Siena's weapon ceremony when she turned eighteen. Siena was finally claimed by the Sabre Sword which glowed a cadet gray as she wrapped her fingers around it; a colour which was associated with the D'Angelo family. The moment she claimed the sword, she was quick to challenge her brothers to a series of duals and she finally felt their equal; and it was then, that Roman began to introduce her to Veleno and the jobs she would be doing. Siena, much like Scorpios did not agree with the killings their other brothers participated in, but was more than eager to pose as Veleno's spy; to gather information for her Father. Every mission she went on gave Martina severe anxiety that her youngest grandchild would get caught and thus, with Scorpios, continued to make a series of plans incase it ever happened. Siena had become the weapon that Roman had wanted, and ever since his children had come of age to help with his Empire, the business of Veleno and the D'Angelo farm soared.

Over the years, when they were not working, Scorpios and Siena spent their evenings out on the farm, drinks in hands and spoke of a life away from Milan and The Mafia; it was here, on one winter's evening that Siena helped him plan his escape. Martina had overheard their conversation and the two helped Scorpios leave for a new life; despite being sad that her brother, her best friend had left, she was happy he could leave the violence and criminal behaviour the rest of them got up to. Now that the most protective brother was out of the way, Roman and Viktoria planned to settle the war between Veleno and Solano and to eventually take over Solano by using their greatest asset - Siena. Martina tried with all her might to keep Siena out of this particular mission, but to no avail; she knew her son, Roman was determined to make the D'Angelo family and  the Velono family, the most powerful family in Milan.

She was used as a pawn to not only spy, but to try and seduce Giovanni's older brother and heir of Solano, Alessandro. To win his heart and then poison the Solano group from the inside out so her older Brothers could then attack. The plan, however took more years than originally planned after it was announced that Alessandro was to be married to another. Due to her own morals, Siena simply could not break another woman's heart and wanted out of this particular job, which caused a rift between herself and her parents; however, the argument was disrupted at the sudden reappearance of Scorpios. Who now posed another alternative to their plan after admitting that he had killed Giovanni. Shocked by the sudden change in Scorpios, Siena insisted that she would return to Evermore with him whenever he was ready. It took another year before Scorp was ready to return to Evermore, and much to Martina's delight, the siblings left before the war between the two groups could really take place; their master plan still in the blue print. Siena left, knowing she had not broken up a loved up couple, but she knew all too well that both, herself and Scorpios would be dragged back to Milan to assist their family to take over the city; especially as Solano were still unaware of the death of Giovanni.

Upon arriving in Evermore, she finally realised she could have the care free life she had always craved; she could party, she could allow her wild spirit wander without worrying about the consequences it would have upon her family's business. Siena was beyond excited to see where Evermore would take the D'Angelo siblings once she had helped Scorpios redeem himself from the murder.

~ Personality~

Positive: Courageous, free spirited, determined and brave

Negative: Over emotional, brash, impulsive and sly

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