Name: Silas Reid

Species: Nephilim

Age: Looks 35 | Real 40

Face claim: Tom Hardy

On the evening of August 28th, 1950, a single mother gave birth to a baby boy who would remain nameless for a short period. The young Nephilim female had bedded a human boy months prier and knowing they had conceived another one of her kind scared her.. She was only 16 at the time, after all, and wasn't capable of caring for a child on her own. So, the decision to put her child up for adoption was decided.

He was known as the "quiet kid" in the adoption home because of his reluctance to speak to any of the other children as well as mumbling replies to the adults. Eventually, however, a couple had decided to adopt the young boy and a name was put to the face: Silas Reid

His adoptive father, Morgan Reid, happened to be a fellow Nephilim and his wife was human and completely oblivious to the fact that he wasn't a mortal. The secret was a hard one to keep from the love of his life but eventually, she'd figure out what he and their new child were.

Silas grew rapidly throughout the years at a rate that wasn't normal for any human child and his adoptive mother seemed to be completely oblivious to that, too which her husband was happy about. The less she knew, she better. Around his sixteenth birthday, his wings finally grew in and the pain was unbearable but Morgan was there to help the boy, as well as care for the deep scars that were left behind on his shoulder blades. It was also around the same time he began his training. He taught him how to fight, how to use his abilities to his advantage and Ivan grew to be very fond of his father and looked up to him more than he did his mother.

The training continued on a daily basis while his mother was away but one day while his father taught him more about how to control his wings, his mom came home early.

She took in the sight of her teenage son and her husband, both with wings coming out of their shoulders. Instead of fainting like they thought she would, the woman became crazed. An axe happened to be at her side and in her state of panic, she threw it in the direction of the two. The axe met Charles' neck, decapitating him. Silas' adoptive mother was in shock then and while she stood frozen, the seventeen year old hid his wings before making a run for it.

He ran from the home, from his fathers lifeless body, from his crazed mother. He just ran until he couldn't run anymore.

Eventually, he found shelter but then missing notices with his name and face started to fill the neighborhood which forced Silas to continue running and moving from motel to motel with the little amount of cash he had. Before he knew it, years had passed and it seemed his mother had given up on finding him. By this time, he'd stopped aging and the thought of her being dead crossed his mind. However, he wasn't going to risk anything in finding out. Instead, he traveled until he came across the city of Evermore. To his surprise, the city was full of supernatural’s alike.

Finally, somewhere he could fit in and stop running. Some might say he was stupid for not changing his name but it was the name his father had given him and the man had meant everything to him.

In Evermore, he'd met the ambassador of the Nephilim faction, Clarissa and though their first meeting was a rocky one, he'd eventually earned her trust. He respected her like he'd respected his father and soon worked under her. To the day, he continues to keep her up to date on the other species just in case their intentions may hurt them. His loyalty remains with his ambassador and he doesn't take too lightly to other species coming after her or his fellow faction members.

The good: Fearless, Accountable, Trustworthy, Optimistic
The bad: Short-tempered, Compulsive, Impatient, Cold

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