Name: Sky Rivera
Species: Initia 
Age: 32
Family: Simon Rivera
Element Control: Fire and Earth
Faceclaim: Kiera Knightley  

The Rivera family were a pure blood family of Initia’s. So it was no surprise when Sky and Simon were born that their lives would already be written out for them. Born July 14, 1984 Sky was the second born child, and she was also the golden child in her father’s eyes. But each of her family members loved her in their own way and she loved them back in her own way as well. It was from a young age that Sky seemed to understand and show a strong interest in her species, and shown very little interest in the wealth her family owned. So it was from a young her family soon began to teach her about the Initia’s and what their elements are and what they could do, they even taught her how to defend herself and make sure that she would be able to handle herself when she set out into the world on her own.

Something which Sky knew would come in handy; but her parents also didn’t want her to be brainwashed into believing that the whole world was nothing but danger, they wanted her to know that there was both good and evil in the world. So all she could do is prepare herself for the different things she would see as she grew up and things would creep into her life. It was not that long after that Sky got to see both good and evil; however she never allowed it to affect who she was, she was a loyal person who stuck by her family and of course her twin brother even if they did like different things. So Sky learned to accept both sides good and evil.

Which at first was unusual for an Initia family; but her parents let her do her own thing and never allowed her to be held back, they never wanted her to grow up as if she was a piece of glass that would break if someone touched her. So they were proud to see their little girl was accepting, and didn’t let it affect her life or education as she grew up. Something which also did make Sky very happy that her parents didn’t protect her with bubble wrap. They let her explore the world and live her life how she pleased. She even attended just like a normal child who wanted to prepare themselves for the future, and she even managed to make some friends but one thing which never left her sight was her brother.

Simon was someone Sky was close to even in school; they would be placed in the same classes and near enough do everything together, that was until they found something else which seemed to catch their eyes. Sky soon came attached to the stage and performing. So she became a member of the drama club, but her brother was never that far away in supporting her in the choices she made or whilst she was on stage. Something which at first came across as a little weird to the other students; but the pair just didn’t seem to care or give a single bother on what the students thought, they were twins and they both may have not been identical but they did feel what each other was feeling.

So it didn’t bother them being close to one another, nor did it bother them when they had to stay apart. This was something that they grew up in a close family who respected one another, and were always close to each other no matter what. But even in with that in mind their family wasn’t perfect, far from it they all did make mistakes and they did make up for it. It was only when Sky turned 14 that her parents began to notice a number of changes within her and her brother, something which for them they were both unsure of if it was a good thing or a bad thing. So they decided to leave their Australian home and move to Colorado, where they would be moving into a city called Evermore.

But with that Sky n wasn’t happy she enjoyed her Australian life and being able to hang out with her friends, and she knew that if she moved that she would have to really start making friends all over again. Her parents knew that yes it would be hard for their children but it would also mean they would be closer to a safer life. Evermore City was a place which many different supernatural species lived; so her parents didn’t really see the problem in why she didn’t want to go, and an upset Sky just couldn’t accept her parent’s choice she lashed out.Screaming and shouting at her parents she soon stormed out of her parent’s house, only to return home hours later and discover that with this move she would be able to live closer to her grandparents.

Something at first did surprise her since she never knew she had grandparents, she always thought it was only her parents, her aunts and uncles and her brother. But the whole thought of grandparents in her life soon set bells ringing, and right away she agreed to leave her loving Australia and start her life over again. It was only a few days after that the Rivera family packed up their belongings and left Australia, traveling the many thousands of miles to America. Sky was soon stunned to see how amazing the USA actually was, it had so many beautiful things just like back home and it even had celebrations that Australia didn’t have.

So that only made her even more excited about her new life here; her parents deciding to take a little road trip before settling into their new home in Evermore City, Sky soon got to explore her new life from a whole new light. She soon forgot all about the stage life and performing and took an interesting in the outdoors, so her parents were soon beginning to wonder if her element would be the earth. It was only as the time went on and Sky grew not only in herself but into a woman, she soon became ready for her new school and that was when her parents soon drove into Evermore. Driving right into their new home within the Initia community Sky right away settled in, and quickly began to make friends who then also helped her settle into her new school.

This was where Sky then began to fall back into her old ways; of being on the stage and just being able to make people smile and enjoy themselves, however she also enjoyed being outside which is what made her try out for the cheer leading team. Thankfully she successfully got into the team and soon became the leader of the squad, which did surprise her at first since it had only been a few months since she had gotten into the team. It was only as the years went on and Sky turned 17 that she really began to notice serious changes. Her needs and wants were changing and she was growing more and more interested in the elements of the Initia, while her brother just seemed to carry on as if nothing was even bothering him.

But soon enough it all began to come to a clash Sky couldn’t handle the feelings of the species, and began to worry if she would make a good Initia or not. It was from there that Sky soon began to feel her brother become even closer to her, which she was glad to see considering she was worrying about this Initia turning her into some kind of monster. But of course her brother being older than her by 5 minutes made sure she understood that everything would be okay. They would be going through the same thing together, and nothing was going to stop them from being there for each other. And thankfully he was right.

It was only as the year went on and they grew closer to their graduation, and of course their 18th that the pair soon began to worry more. As Sky knew that she didn’t want their elements to kick in while they were in the middle of graduating from Evermore High School, but sadly this was not something she could control and neither could her brother. The day of their birthday soon approached and their graduation just happened to fall on that very same day, and while they threw their caps up into the air celebrating their graduation their elements broke in. Sky’s hands firstly going up in flames she gasped and rushed away, and soon enough her brother following her.

The fire element had claimed Sky; even though her heart and feelings were more close to the earth, but she did also have that fire side to her so that was maybe why the fire had picked her. However even though the students had seen the fire coming from her hands, they thought nothing of it especially since they were graduating. To them it was just a little trick that Sky had pulled for the celebration, and they all quickly forgot about it. Everyone forgot about that little trick apart from Sky; it was her hands that went up in flames and it was her that had to try and come to terms with her element, but if she couldn’t she was scared of it and she didn’t know what was happening to her.

It was only when her brother hugged her and her parents arrived, that Sky finally calmed down and relaxed. It was later that very same day that Sky had to deal with yet another element her brothers, the fire had hit him while he getting ready for a family meal out. Clearly the twins were not going to change. They both had the fire element, and they both had a bad first experience with the fire. However it was with the help of the Initia Community and of course their family and grandparents, which they settled in well and soon began college. Sky had already decided what future she wanted to live; but she was unsure of what her brother wanted, he seemed to enjoy training a lot so maybe a personal trainer where she wanted to become a medical scientist.

So it was from there that the pair soon left their family; moving out into the world and got their own places however the pair still remain close, attending college together but obviously doing different things with their lives. They still enjoy being together. Being siblings is easy but being twins you can never take away that bond. However their happiness within living out on their own and in college was soon turned upside down, when the massacre ripped through Evermore City like a knife and claiming the lives of many. And it was two lives that were soon turned upside down when Sky and Simon's parents hid their children, and in an attempt of saving their children Garrison and Narissa.

Sky and Simon's parents sadly lost their lives; which only soon turned their college dreams upside down; Sky dropped out of college and decided she needed some time away from the college life, she took a year out. Sky since then has now begun college once again, and no longer interested in medical science she is now looking forward to a new outlook in her life.

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