2018 .. Updated.. The girl behind the characters

So, long ago I made an OOC blog here, and after reading it. I realized it was in need of an update. I'm still here a couple years later though, despite the breaks ive taken, this is still the best RP site ive ever been on. Starting 2018.. I made a couple new friends.

Dominic Howlett

Serena Hamilton


and even reunited with my best friend


and a few others .. but Im pretty much friends with everyone here x)

I wouldn't trade any of it. It seems like only yesterday when I was Rebekah Mikealson on TVDRP ... ive came a long way, and so has this site. I know it will only continue to progress with time. Some o you know all about me, but those of you who don't. My OOC name is Brandi, a 27 year old single mom of two boys. My life is pretty stable, but when I feel like it's not.. ECRP is home away from home for me.

Favorite shows:

The Magicians


End Of The F****ng World




The Originals


Gossip Girl


PLL --- the list could go forever so ill stop here

If there's anything left out here, and you're curious enough to ask, I don't bite, but for now ill wrap it up with a pic or two

Yours truly, Brandi

or better known as (Aisling, Erythreus, Baptiste, and Zeus) x)

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