Dear Diary,

              Ah, I had almost forgotten what coming back to home feels like. It’s been six months since I last visited the Bradford household and now that I am back again for a week, it does feel good to be here. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss Evermore. Amidst getting drunk and Alexander and Leona’s parenting, I truly missed the life I had in this city, as crazy as that sounds. The past year has taught me a lot, shown me that there is so much more to the world than romance. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to endure my best friends’  Fieren pda, more now since the wedding date is approaching, but I just found love among friends and families, within myself. I found happiness. It is still scary and painful to think about getting back to my old life. To go back to the precinct and not have a certain mass-murderer disturb me at work, or not spend the weekends watching cliched rom-coms or come home at night to not find a lavish dinner set out for me. But I am trying, I really am.

              Of course, with travelling around the world in a private jet with a heartbreak, came the parties and alcohol and blurry memories. We are still not sure if Alex was truly wearing a tutu and if Leona set a bar on fire for not allowing us in. I really hope all of it was real, except the part where I was apparently, pole dancing. At least amidst all this, I have managed to convince everyone except and myself that I have moved forward, moved on from the incident that had torn me apart. I guess I am grateful to not only Leona and Alex, but also Isaiah. Yes, he was the one that pushed me into the hungry mouth of the darkness, but he was also the one who managed to pull me out. Over the year that I have spent travelling, he and Jonathan have taken care of the faction. Believe it or not, Isaiah was the only one who managed to make me leave the city under his care and take a break from it all. At first it felt selfish and borderline foolish, but as we hopped from one country to another, I felt myself able to breathe again without memories stabbing at my heart.

              I didn’t entirely back out of my responsibility for the Nephilims, however. I kept in touch with Jonathan and Isaiah through frequent video calls, emails and even sent important messages to the faction through them. I even had to come back occasionally, especially for the Peace treaty. It was the Ailwards’ decision to gather all the ambassadors and make them sign a treaty. Even though I agreed to sign it, I was, at first, reluctant, not because I had personal enmity with any of the species, I didn’t, but because it seemed unlikely that the treaty would be upheld for a long time. It sounded delusional at first that the nine supernatural species could be at harmony with each other, and sure there was the usual bickering between a few of them, though only verbal, as I was updated by my brothers, but half a year later, here I am, back in the city, celebrating the six months anniversary of the signing and peace that seemed to last. So, I guess you can say I didn’t run away, just took a year off to piece myself back together and I don’t regret it. I do feel guilty, however, and as soon as we are back from Bali, I promise to make it up to the city.

               What I do regret is the destruction of the Isle Of Skye. The Ailwards have done so much for the city and in return, they have now not only lost their homes but their lifestyle. It is rather unfortunate and I don’t think they deserved for any of the species to attack their home if they didn’t like what the Ailwards stood for any of it. I am glad that they took up the offer for setting up a territory south of the city. After everything they have done to safeguard the citizens of Evermore, I don’t think any of the species should object to it. None of the ambassadors seem to know what happened to the Isle, who was responsible for its destruction but, it looks like the residents are all trying to move forward from the incident and get back with their lives. It is tough, I know, however, there’s always hope.

               Now, I am being yelled at for taking so long. The party started an hour ago. So I shall bring this entry to an end. But yes, six months later, here we are, some healing and some moving on. There are still some who are struggling to put the broken pieces and some who have managed to get a grip on their lives. I truly admire them, I do and if this peace treaty continues to keep the city from falling apart then I think every one of us will be okay.


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