Since everyone is back to posting these about our real selves, mine's really out of date so I thought I'd give you an updated version.

So hey, my name is Tanya, I'm currently 22 years old and I'm from Cambridge in the United Kingdom, I've been running this website itself since January 31st 2013. I currently have a full time job which and am a full time uni student, which is about as busy as it sounds. I am a software engineer at my work and I spend most of my time building new integrations and working with our customers.

I started out roleplay in 2008 when I joined the Twilifers which was a ning based Twilight roleplay site and I enjoyed roleplaying very much, I played Emmett Cullen as my first ever roleplay character and worked my way up from there eventually becoming an admin. After some time with TL the owner and her admins (including me) came to some disagreement and eventually almost the whole admin team left to start their own site, which is where I first became a (joint) site owner, along with my friends who had also been on the admin team, Violet over here was there with me too. We ran Eternal-Dawn for a good year and it was great, we had a great pool of members and great roleplay and some definately funny times.

All good things do however come to an end and with none of us having jobs at that point we unfortunately had to shut down the site when we ran out of money to pay to keep ning running, I do however take with me the great memories of the site from back when it was here.

So just to give you a little background on ECRP and it's origins you should know that this site was originally (way back in 2013) a Twlight/TVD crossover site, which is why when you type in in your browser you will get redirected here. The Twilight part of the site was eventually stripped after a few months and the site become TVDRP ( - for both of these sections of the site's life I played Elena Gilbert from the vampire diaries and she had long been one of my favorite roles I have played. TVDRP eventually was switched to a new theme due to myself feeling that The Vampire Diaries show as a whole was going downhill and I felt like the fandom was also dying out, so for a brief period TVDRP became ARP (Arrow RP) and we were based on Arrow and The Flash fandoms, I played Felicity Smoak in this gap period (and basically developed my not so secret obsession with Emily Bett Rickards). However it was after a few months that the admin team decided that ARP wasn't going to work out and thus hatched the idea of ECRP, everything you see from the species on site to the plot to the premades that pop up were all hatched as ideas from the ARP admin team, I love them all very much, even the ones who are no longer admins on ECRP.


ECRP has now been running for 3 years having been opened on 17/09/2014! Yay! 

So a little more about me, I am a friendly person who loves to RP (and wishes she had a lot more time to do so), I am an avid shipper and heart lots of fictional couples, though my OTP will always be Olicity. (But if you love CaptainSwan, Bellarke, Delena, Mash or Stydia you're welcome to fangirl with me too.) I am a self proclaimed convention addict and love meeting celebrities and cosplaying characters from the shows (one day I will have Felicity Smoak's wardrobe)

So that's all there really is to know about the real life me, though if you have any questions or wanna skype or add me on FB or whatever feel free to ask me!

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