Ray sat at his desk as he watched the training officer explain the route of the route that all candidates needed to take as he as finally he heard the words he wanted to hear " suit up and see you outside the smokehouse in 15 minutes " Ray was one of the first out of his seats as he walked towards the locker room as he quickly put on the firefighter uniform that he was given the first day as he grabbed his Helmet as he closed his locker moving towards the mask and oxygen room.

Ray walked towards rig number 4 the same rig as he had always used as he picked up the heavy weight lifting it on to his back attaching the straps as he checked his oxygen meter and masked to make sure they were all functioning before he made his way to the courtyard as he looked up to the smokehouse he could feel the energy coming from the fire stockers as he looked down watching . his classmates form Ranks and wait on the class Lieutenant " right we are going into teams of two it is a full simulations fire and smoke Dawson and Shay your up first " Ray watched as the first two candidates walked up the steps and them. knelt putting on the masks on before the Lieutenant shouted " go " and the two Candidates entered the door full of smoke around 2 minutes 47 seconds later the candidates came out the other end

Herald Kelly " Ray looked to Kelly as he made his way up the stairs as he looked around as an uneasy feeling passed over him as he took off his Helmet placing his mask and Helmet back on as he tapped his HelmetHelmet to say ok ready. he didn't hear the instructor say go just watched the spoke engulf his sight as he walked into the pitch-black only source of light was the small torch on his HelmetHelmet and the little fires in the corners of the room as he kept low he looked around the smoke-filled room keeping his breathing calm but the pit in his stomach grew as he felt the energy from the fires change as he moved forward to a large pipe that they both had to cross Ray felt the heat from the tube as he quickly jumped over the pipe stopping and waiting for his partner, but his mind told him to push him back his judgements never failed him before "Get back " Ray pushed his partner back as the pipe blew sending them in opposite direction

Ray awoke to his alarm blaring in his ear as the radio Crackled to life " Mayday firefighter down Ray speak to me " ray looked up to the direction of the pipe to see Kelly standing there " I'm ok I'm up " ray rose to his feet to find the building engulfed " get out of the door we came in ill try getting out the other end " Ray watched his partner nodded as he walked away as Ray shook his alarm to stop it blaring as he carefully made his way along the route feeling out the objects as he reached towards the end seeing the exit engulfed in flames as he looked around for another door but as before like in the fire before he felt at ease he could feel the energy as he raised his radio " I'm trapped lieutenant " he let go of the communication as he heard the lieutenants voice telling him to use anything he can to protect himself
Ray hurried into the room that was a no go on the map as he quickly looked around finding a vent as he promptly removed his equipment stuffing it in the vent before following in as he lay prone facing the fire as he raised one hand. focusing on lowering the flames hoping that nothing else will happen within moments ray heard the shattering of glass as the water hit the fire and the heat soared . as he tried to focus on staying awake but fails miserably

Ray awoke on a hospital bed as he sat up hissing a little as he felt his neck that had a dressing on his neck and hands were covered in bandages as he looked around as the exercise lieutenant walked in " how are you Candidate and well done on surviving that disaster we are still wondering what happened" ray nodded " I'm good surprised to be alive, but I'm good " Ray sat up as he moved his arms " and Ray a squad are interested in you congratulations " Ray watched him leave as a smile beamed across his face.

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