Rhydian stood outside his home taking in his surrounding watching people live there lives in peace letting the air race against his skin as he occasionally raised his cup of cold coffee to his lips taking a sip as his eyes looked up to the sky "Good time to train " he thought tho his self as he turned on his heel heading into the kitchen placing his cup down on the wooden table exchanging his cup for his cell phone and keys as his eyes looked to the mirror making sure he looked presentable in his tracksuit bottom and black t-shirt before making his way out of the door .

He slipped his hand into the left pocket of his tracksuit bottom as he searched for the earphones that he generally kept in that pocket before finding them. He pulled them out and connected them to his Cellphone. as his left hand placed the left earbud in his ear while scanning through his song choices on his cell with his right the music began pulsing in his ear as he slides his cell into his tracksuit pocket as he made the way down the stone path slowly picking up speed into a slow jog before turning on to the familiar path he usually took to train

As he jogged the usual people, he met on the route gave an endless wave, and he gave his normal response of nodding to them to acknowledge them trying to keep his mind and footsteps in time to the music. reaching the spot he knew not many people would go he began to shadow box with himself occasionally giving the old one-two left and right punch to his shadow as his run turned into a short sprint before reaching the secluded out cove that he has done most of his solo training

Rhydian imagined himself facing him as an opponent as he raised his left hand going straight for a punch but his shadow self immediately going for a defensive block returning a punch with is freehand greeting it with a nudge from . his right knee to make contact the shadow sparing continued for 10-15 minutes before. falling to his knees " that's enough for today " he said to his self as he slowed his breathing

Rhydian rose from his knees as he began walking back the route taking int the view and different landscapes he thought. How uneasy he felt when he first. Arrived here, but over time he had grown to enjoy the peace and how it calmed his mind his body felt easier he began to break into a gentle jog as he made his way back. Home a ping rang in his ear as he pulled out his cell reminding him that he was due to train Mirae he picked up his speed breaking into a sprint arriving home much sooner then he thought pushing the door open leaving it unlocked. knowing Mirae would shortly be here he walked to the fridge grabbing a bottle of water out of it as he made his way upstairs to his bed flopping down dead center on it as he looked up at the ceiling as his mind began to drift

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