My Name is Alice, I'm 15 years old, I live in Norfolk in England. I am in my last year of high school. I found this site in October and I've been loving every moment of it, I've been a fan of vampire diaries for years, I've written and read lots of fan fiction stories vampire diaries and teen wolf mainly. I started role playing nearly 3 years ago. I am kind of a nerd in ways, I've read lots of books more that I can count, I used to watch anime a lot but not much anymore. I'm a shy person but I open up to people after time . This site has helped me with my confidence, I've become less confident a lot. There are so amazing people who I have met since joining to many to count, who have always been there for me or somebody to talk to. My favourite TV shows are Vampire dairies, teen wolf, pretty little liars, the originals, my favourite films are Twilight saga, catching fire. My favourite books are Divergent, The fault in our stars and the mortal instruments series. There are not many other things that I can say about my self, I'm online most times after school and at the weekend. If you want to RP with me feel free to PC me :)

~Bye for now~

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