Where to start where to start? I've only been a member since the site has been ECRP but I've seen many changes in species, admins and players. I've been role playing for...crap you people are going to make me do math, fourteen years. I started in a wrestling rp group on proboards as my first actual group but used to once upon a time do yahoo chat rps yeah that was way back in the day. Then moved from proboards rps to Facebook and that's actually where I found the advertisement for ECRP, it seemed cool but I was pretty busy so I book marked the tab and came back to it a month or so later. I have never RPed on Ning and my stomach was full of butterflies when I first applied for a role. Some of the people who made me feel the most welcome are no longer here but I thank them for giving me that feeling since without it I might not have stayed because it was a whole new site I didn't understand with no one familiar to me.

I'm a twenty-seven year old female and I live in the stupidly large state of Texas. I bar tendered for five years and have worked countless other jobs before that. Now I spend my days selling cell phones and helping with tech issue. I'm a very sarcastic and sometimes brutally honest person though I do try to tone that down a bit since I can sometimes come off as an asshole. If I do just call me out on it, I'm not a confrontational person and sometimes I just need someone to be like, look, chill.

Since coming to ECRP I've made some amazing friends and made a few mistakes with who I've trusted as I'm sure everyone has at one point in time. To me this place isn't just a site but a family that I'm really proud to be apart of. I've played a lot of different roles and more often than not my roles are male since they've just always come easier to me.

I love comic books and I spent more of my time watching movies since my net is terrible. I've started watching a few TV shows but I'm pretty ADD and can't always focus enough to stay invested.

I live in the middle of nowhere for the most part and have two cats and a mini-direwolf(Pomeranian). I've also got a goat which my mom keeps and often visit her to see ducks, cattle and goats. I'm kinda country and have no problem admitting that because it's who I am. I'm also really close with my family and will randomly talk about them in main because they often do insane things.

I call Gideon my Parabatai because we've been through some stuff and we've still got a strong friendship, maybe it's despite the things that have happened or because of them, I really couldn't say. Cecilia has been amazingly supportive of me and I'm thankful to have her in my life.  Aaliyah has had my back since I joined as Stephen Hunt and I will always count her as a friend. Corny is just mean to me, sooooooooo mean but I guess she's tolerable(kidding, love you!) and Sariah is more recent of friend but she listens to my venting and sometimes when I just need someone to talk to. There are countless other people who I hold near and dear so if I didn't list you, don't kill me, I love my life!

If you ever want to talk or reach out to RP, my PC and inbox are always open. I've found a family here and I hope the rest of you can as well.


Other roles: Clayton Forrester, Davis Costa, Aureus Ailward, Benjamin Vaughn & Willa Constantine

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Comment by ✓ Astoria Belinski ~Admin~ on September 3, 2017 at 17:46

You can bet anything I am coming for your life. Sheesh woman! How could you :p

(P.s Did you forget my exceptional hair styling skills?)

Comment by ✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford on June 13, 2017 at 5:33

I'm not mean, you just can't handle my sass xx

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