Who am I? “I’m an author, babysitter, volunteer, Catholic but above all I am a dreamer!”

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Hello, I am Lisa, or as anyone who reads my books, I am Elisabeth van der Wilt.  I used to roleplay on this site a long time ago but I have come back. I am in my first year of university for Business Management.  To be totally honest I hate myself for choosing that path. But my family has claimed me as one to quit everything. I decided this is untrue but even though I wish to change paths in life but I don't want to be called that. 

I have a kitty cat named Alex. He is a very lovable cat, he will eat anything and loves ketchup. I took him in when he was really weak. He was abused before he came too us. It's been awesome. 

I wrote my first book when I was 12. In the year 2017, I published my first book... a Wattpad hit called 16 and Pregnant with Twins. I had given up on it when someone guided me to self-publishing and I started my journey. 

I will add a picture of myself later but if you like, want to see a picture of my face its on my website vdwilt.ca 

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