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At 2:54 on March 16, 2020,
✓ Ziggy McCartney

hey dork
just wanted to say that i like your fc
you're welcome

At 16:31 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role
Santa C

"So, coming from a family of business owners, especially a jewelry shop. I figured you would appreciate these. And after all, diamonds are a girls best friend"

And this flower arrangement was insanely cute, so I figured for the sake of Christmas, you could set this out some place in your apartment / house

"Then this. I hope you like clothes!"

"And one last thing. Something to keep you warm for the Winter"

"It's an oversized, giant blanket hoodie .. who could go wrong? "

"I hope you enjoy your gifts, Merry Christmas, I hope your season is full of joy and blessings :)"

"Xoxox - Your Secret Santa "

At 9:23 on December 6, 2019,
✓ Miyaza Ryou

Hello, Sorry for the long wait for this starter. I hope you like it

Why you have to be so mean?

At 18:51 on November 14, 2019,
✓ Miyaza Ryou

Sorry for the long reply back, I wanted to read your bio ^.^ 
Maybe they can meet up in a city event or restraint? trying to think of new ideas is hard lol.  
if you have something to add feel free to write me back or we can talk about it in PC when you are on.

At 19:58 on November 13, 2019,
✓ Miyaza Ryou

Hello! Thanks for accepting! I hope we can come up with something for plot and roleplay. That's if you would like!

At 11:47 on November 11, 2019,
✓ Jaesung Moon

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