It had been an interesting last few weeks in the manor, in the midst of everything they were doing to investigate the weird happenings in the city, the last thing she expected was for a whole new faction of people to show up on their doorstep and yet that was the reality they faced. Not that she minded the company but it was a lot to wrap your mind around, a species who lived in the boundary between alive and dead, helping to better the world in small ways and prevent others from becoming stuck in the void.

Because the manor wasn't big enough to hold the entire faction she had been rooming with one of the Aurazin for a while and gotten to know her, Argent made friends fast and tended to like everyone so she quite enjoyed sharing her space with someone else for a while. She enjoyed listening to stories about their kind and the lives they had led up til then. Argent wanted to be able to help them find a way back to their home but it proved to be easier said than done, whatever magic had been used to close the door to the veil was very powerful and dark, so much so that the very thought of it made the aspect of light uncomfortable.

While they were waiting for some kind of solution though, they had decided the aurazin needed a place of their own to live which sadly meant Argent no longer had her roommate Maddison. The other girl had been slowly moving her things between the two places bit by bit. Now there were only a few things left so Argent had decided to help her out and packed up the remaining things into a box before taking it to her car and driving over to the shortgrass prairies. She hadn't been here before but she'd been given the address by Lucien. She raised her brows curiously as she got out of her car, retrieved the box and headed up to the door to knock on it. 

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It seemed like Argent understood where Maddison was coming from. “See, this is exactly what I try and tell my brother. But he’s always the negative, lazy butt.” she huffed in a playful tone. “Maybe he could use a pep talk, from you.” she suggested with a laugh. “Might listen to you, if he won’t listen to me.” Whilst she knew her brother was still struggling, she did worry about his lack of initiative. Just like she always worried about him, when he had been human. As Argent said, what the phrase might be, she laughed. “Well, he’s taking that phrase a little too...literally...and to the next level.” Maddison didn’t even sleep as much, despite having earthling privileges again, now that they were all stuck on earth. But it was amusing, a little bit. She never seen anyone sleep so much...not even the other Aurazins, other than her brother.

“Mhh-hh.” Maddison agreed with a slight nod. “But, I guess part of me is trying to make my peace with it. For now, Evermore is our home.” There wasn’t much that they could do, to change the circumstances at the moment. But she was more worried about how her leader Lucien was taking it all; he kept his feelings bottled up, even if others could sense what he was feeling. Empathy. But knowing, he was worried about his wife, back in the veil. Which is why, Maddison hoped; that one day, they’d find a way back ‘home.’ for their sake. “I can’t imagine, all that pressure on you and your family. Not just the whole veil fiasco...but generally, all that you Ailwards go through.” Maddie spoke with sympathy. Argent probably needed a did the rest of her family. They dealt with enough, in the world. No need to add more onto their list, right?

The Aurazin laughed lightly, at her comment about clumsiness. “Guess, some people don’t lose their clumsiness.” she joked. Clearly, she hadn’t. Argent had a good point though. Once it all would be done, looking fresh. It’d be worth it. “That’s true. I always like seeing the end results, of re-decorating a house...even if it takes ages.” Honestly, doing this in two was much better than just on her own. Once the second piece was stuck on. Maddie made sure that it was properly stuck on.

Maddison nodded, smiling. “It’s certainly a good idea. I agree.” Especially for growing one’s own vegetables. You didn’t need to go to the store, every so often to get something new. Pondering what Argent said about studying before getting a job. “What about you? Maybe you should take up some night classes, or study at home. I mean...if you even have time for any of that, given your hectic schedule.” Maddison could only imagine that Argent, taken on studies, would keep the Aspect even more busy, than her duties did. But it would be worth it, if Argent wanted to pursue something, that required more knowledge and studying first. One piece, by another piece. The girls repeated the same process over and over again, with the wallpaper. Soon enough, one wall was covered. “Well this is starting to come along nicely.” The more, she looked at the wallpaper, the more she was liking it...and how it started to brighten up the hallway.

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