It had been an interesting last few weeks in the manor, in the midst of everything they were doing to investigate the weird happenings in the city, the last thing she expected was for a whole new faction of people to show up on their doorstep and yet that was the reality they faced. Not that she minded the company but it was a lot to wrap your mind around, a species who lived in the boundary between alive and dead, helping to better the world in small ways and prevent others from becoming stuck in the void.

Because the manor wasn't big enough to hold the entire faction she had been rooming with one of the Aurazin for a while and gotten to know her, Argent made friends fast and tended to like everyone so she quite enjoyed sharing her space with someone else for a while. She enjoyed listening to stories about their kind and the lives they had led up til then. Argent wanted to be able to help them find a way back to their home but it proved to be easier said than done, whatever magic had been used to close the door to the veil was very powerful and dark, so much so that the very thought of it made the aspect of light uncomfortable.

While they were waiting for some kind of solution though, they had decided the aurazin needed a place of their own to live which sadly meant Argent no longer had her roommate Maddison. The other girl had been slowly moving her things between the two places bit by bit. Now there were only a few things left so Argent had decided to help her out and packed up the remaining things into a box before taking it to her car and driving over to the shortgrass prairies. She hadn't been here before but she'd been given the address by Lucien. She raised her brows curiously as she got out of her car, retrieved the box and headed up to the door to knock on it. 

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It seemed like Argent understood where Maddison was coming from. “See, this is exactly what I try and tell my brother. But he’s always the negative, lazy butt.” she huffed in a playful tone. “Maybe he could use a pep talk, from you.” she suggested with a laugh. “Might listen to you, if he won’t listen to me.” Whilst she knew her brother was still struggling, she did worry about his lack of initiative. Just like she always worried about him, when he had been human. As Argent said, what the phrase might be, she laughed. “Well, he’s taking that phrase a little too...literally...and to the next level.” Maddison didn’t even sleep as much, despite having earthling privileges again, now that they were all stuck on earth. But it was amusing, a little bit. She never seen anyone sleep so much...not even the other Aurazins, other than her brother.

“Mhh-hh.” Maddison agreed with a slight nod. “But, I guess part of me is trying to make my peace with it. For now, Evermore is our home.” There wasn’t much that they could do, to change the circumstances at the moment. But she was more worried about how her leader Lucien was taking it all; he kept his feelings bottled up, even if others could sense what he was feeling. Empathy. But knowing, he was worried about his wife, back in the veil. Which is why, Maddison hoped; that one day, they’d find a way back ‘home.’ for their sake. “I can’t imagine, all that pressure on you and your family. Not just the whole veil fiasco...but generally, all that you Ailwards go through.” Maddie spoke with sympathy. Argent probably needed a did the rest of her family. They dealt with enough, in the world. No need to add more onto their list, right?

The Aurazin laughed lightly, at her comment about clumsiness. “Guess, some people don’t lose their clumsiness.” she joked. Clearly, she hadn’t. Argent had a good point though. Once it all would be done, looking fresh. It’d be worth it. “That’s true. I always like seeing the end results, of re-decorating a house...even if it takes ages.” Honestly, doing this in two was much better than just on her own. Once the second piece was stuck on. Maddie made sure that it was properly stuck on.

Maddison nodded, smiling. “It’s certainly a good idea. I agree.” Especially for growing one’s own vegetables. You didn’t need to go to the store, every so often to get something new. Pondering what Argent said about studying before getting a job. “What about you? Maybe you should take up some night classes, or study at home. I mean...if you even have time for any of that, given your hectic schedule.” Maddison could only imagine that Argent, taken on studies, would keep the Aspect even more busy, than her duties did. But it would be worth it, if Argent wanted to pursue something, that required more knowledge and studying first. One piece, by another piece. The girls repeated the same process over and over again, with the wallpaper. Soon enough, one wall was covered. “Well this is starting to come along nicely.” The more, she looked at the wallpaper, the more she was liking it...and how it started to brighten up the hallway.

She chuckled under her breath “Maybe being pessimistic makes him feel better” she commented in thought, she supposed if you always expected the worst then it didn’t matter so much when it actually happened. She wasn’t sure she could stand for such negativity though, it meant you would never see the good things around you “I am a pretty good pep-talker, I admit” she responded shaking her head slightly in amusement, sometimes she thought she took her own title a little too literally. She raised her brows and chuckled when Maddie said he was taking the sleeping thing to a new level “I’d be tired too if I came back from...there...against my own choice” though perhaps it could be seen as a silver lining, they did get to have a real life here after all, even if it was short.

She nodded slightly, shifting on the spot as she considered what it must feel like to be ousted from the place you knew and brought somewhere which was familiar and also unfamiliar, it must be confusing to say the least “What is the veil like?” of course she’d had others tell her but it was still hard for her to picture it all because she’d never been there or seen it for herself, she’d heard it wasn’t much different to earth except life was focused around training. Argent shrugged her shoulders when Maddison comments on all the things they had on their shoulders “It’s kinda in the job title, we’re not that different just do your service to the world from another world while I do it here” she had died and been given a second chance to, their stories just branched differently.

“I think it’s one of my charms” she commented and gave a shy smile, she had to have flaws right? Argent was far from a perfect person and she had made a lot of mistakes along the way but she liked to think she was doing something good with her second chance “The thing is, there’s never really any results because there is always something new you’re going to want to change or add to it” she laughed under her breath “But that’s what makes it yours...your project to keep working on” she smiled softly, she must enjoy being able to have a place of her own she could call home.

She chuckled and nodded “Yeah I somehow manage to find time to learn new of the perks of being immortal is even with a crazy schedule you can still find time to add things to your list” she liked to think of herself somewhat as a dabbler because she got involved in a lot of things and always tried to be forward-thinking and trying something new “I actually enrolled in university...I was thinking I’d study for a while since we don’t seem to have intentions to leave the city” Evermore seemed to be their home, at least for now and she was starting to become comfortable here.

They were working diligently on wall, before long they had finished a whole wall and it was actually pretty good “I like it...makes the place feel less...old” she laughed, funny how decor could change the whole vibe of a place “So what else is on your DIY list? I bet it’s like a mile long huh?” she grinned slightly.

Maddison knew that she vented a lot, when it came to her baby brother-the Aurazins coped with that, now so was Argent. But she just couldn’t help and worry. Argent probably understood that better than some-having siblings herself. Not biological, but siblings nonetheless. Families were hard. “Who knows. He’s never had that drive...even when we were growing up and still human. It took a lot for him to get into high gear.” Now Hudson was slacking again-whether it was because he was tired, or more changes...or a mixture of the two. It was driving her up the wall; as he usually did. Hoping, that her brother would soon be looking for a job, to keep himself going, whilst they were stranded in the city and making a new life for themselves, here in Evermore. At least, the Aspect seemed to agree, she was good with pep-talks. Shining some light on the situation. “Mhh maybe.” For a moment, she wondered if she was being a bit too harsh on her brother, as elder siblings tend to be. “I’d probably be stiff from sleeping so long.” Pointing out the down-ward side of sleeping so much.

As Argent asked about the veil. Maddison thought back to her home...her home as an Aurazin, that was blocked away from her kind. “It’s hard to explain. Imagine, a vast vast bright and pure energy that almost stretches out for as far as the eye can see. And then, floating balls of colors. That’d be us…” she gestured to herself. “No one really stuck in their human form, up in the veil. Not really.” Most preferred to be floating balls of energy. “I suppose, that’s the best way I can explain the veil, really.” Just light, pureness and energy. It was beautiful, if one saw it from her perspective. But she knew to people on earth, it probably sounded confusing. Argent however brought up a valid point-Aspects and Aurazins were alike, maybe more than Maddie realised. “Mhh, I guess I didn’t realise how similar both our kinds are.” she muttered softly. Pondering more about the subject.

“Everyone has their charms.” Maddison said with a soft smile. But then again, no one was perfect. Maddison included. She knew her own faults. “Mhh, you have no idea. Just ask my brother, I’ve probably decorated and re-decorated our old home, so many times...I’ve lost track. Because after a while, the color would lose the vibe and new ideas would spring to my mind and I’d be like, ‘hey...this actually looks better than the previous one.’” Laughing at the mayhem that was her and her decorating brain.

Maddie could only suppose, that immortality did indeed open up a lot of avenues for species. “Mhh, true. All the time in the world, I suppose.” When Argent mentioned that she had enrolled at university, she smiled. “Oh, that’s good news. What classes did you take?” she was curious to learn what her friend was wanting to study in University.

Taking a few moments, to look at the wall, that they had finished. Maddison smiled. Already it looked more warmer and brighter in here. “Mhh, looks more homey.” she agreed, with a nod. “Well, we pretty much managed to clean this whole cabin, when we first moved here. But tidying out the attic is on the list, eventually getting some new furniture, even if we cleaned it off as best we could, some do need replacing. Redecorating the kitchen. Ommin, is working on the Garden. Picking out new carpets for the place, fixing the fire-place in the living room….” Maddison began to list all of the other things, that needed doing to make the cabin, more homey and pleasant for everyone.

She laughed when Maddie said she would probably get too stiff from sleeping too long “Me too, though I’ve always been the restless type, I spend so much time awake at night which is probably weird considering I’m the aspect of light” she shook her head in amusement, she just wasn’t the type of person who found much gratification in sleeping for a long time she supposed. She widened her eyes at the way the aurazin explained the world she lived in when she wasn’t here. It seemed strange to Argent but only because she had never experienced such a thing herself “It honestly sounds completely like a dream world to me” she commented with a shy smile “So different from the reality you live in right now...I guess it must be pretty jarring for you” getting used to a new place and world only to be thrown back to the original must be confusing.

She smiled when Maddie commented about how similar they really were “The cool rainbow effect you get is definitely a perk though” she teased and laughed, it was so unique and striking to see, it made people look ethereal and otherworldly. The aspects on the other hand were completely normal, unless they were in their dragon form which was a whole different story. She grinned as Maddie recalled how many times she had redecorated her place before “Well that just sounds like you’re a little indecisive” she teased, nudging against the other girl’s shoulder playfully “Mine is just...spotting little gaps in places and then that gap bothering me so much that I have to find something to fill it” she shook her head playfully, eventually that led to a very full space.

She nodded slightly in agreement when the other girl said it was good news that she had enrolled in university “Modern fashion” she responded with a shy smile, it wasn’t exactly a secret that the aspect had an eye for fashion and design, she even had a blog she ran where she gave fashion tips and reviewed different trends and brands. “Homey is good, if you’re going to be here for a while, might as well make it somewhere that feels...nice...comfortable” she nodded a few times, she could definitely see why Maddie had chosen this place, it was rustic and charming, sure the building had a few issues here and there but that’s what gave it character and made it unique.

She continued smoothing out the bubbles under the wallpaper as Maddie talked about all the plans to improve and develop the place and honestly she was impressed she had come up with a whole rational list “Sounds like that’s going to keep you busy for literally….ever” she laughed softly “Though getting new furniture sounds exciting, are you planning to change the color scheme?”

Maddison was slightly amused at what Argent said about being awake at night. It sounded a bit backwards. “Bit contradictory to say the least.” she admitted, with a light laugh.  Seeing how Argent’s eyes widened, at her description of the Veil, she had a feeling that the Aspect was trying to envision it a bit more. “I suppose, in a way it does.” she said with a soft smile. Thinking briefly about what the red-head told her. “I just made my peace with being dead, so it feels a bit strange being able to walk among the living and interact with people on a daily basis, outside of Aurazin missions. But I think those that had been dead for much longer than me and my brother, struggle the most.” At least, Maddison found herself adjusting back to the mortal and supernatural world pretty quickly again. Unlike some of her fellow Aurazin, whom were a bit more out of sorts and more confused, having been dead for so long.

As she got teased about the rainbow effect, she smiled with a laugh. “It depends, if people like rainbows I suppose.” But it indeed made all the Aurazin unique to other species, having their own ethereal aura. As Argent had called her indecisive, Maddison slightly shrugged. “Maybe. I mainly did it, when I was stressing and needed things to keep my mind occupied and busy.” It had been a major distraction for her, given all that she had been through with her deceased abusive ex husband. At least, it had distracted her from memories and thoughts of Dante, focusing on something for a short while and helping her recovery, so to speak.

Learning about what Argent was studying, made Maddie smile warmly. “I should have guessed. You always did have a good eye for fashion.” She complimented. At least, her friend found a subject that she would enjoy. Maddison knew about her blog and followed it, since knowing Argent. It was rather useful, to see if fashion had changed a bit the last few years since she had been dead. But found a few things useful, even for her age. It seemed like Argent was one of the few people, that understood where she was coming from,when it came to re-decorating the cabin. To make it a home for her and her people.

She was rather proud of the work that they had done, the hallway was looking brighter with the wallpaper. “That’s one way to put it.” she laughed, as Argent said she would be busy forever. “Mhh, If I can find furniture to suit the color scheme from the wallpapers and paints, then it’ll be more of a mix and match I suppose.” She didn’t want to over-do it, but also didn’t want something to look out of place and ruin the color theme from the wallpapers and paint. She would have to find something that would suit, yet also keep in with the rustic, homey theme in a way.

She laughed under her breath when Maddison agreed it was strange that Argent had such contradictory habits “You can blame my brain, I keep telling it to shut up but it just doesn’t wanna listen” she chuckled a little, an overactive mind was definitely a blessing and a curse if different ways but she was used to it by now. She nodded thoughtfully, she imagined it had to be tough to accept your fate finally only for the world to throw you a new one “Well I guess you can see it as a chance right? We don’t know how long all of this will last but at least you have the chance to do the things you wished you could” creating memories was important and they had the chance to live a life right now, if it was her, she would grab that opportunity with both hands.

She giggled slightly when Maddison pointed out the glow was special to those who liked rainbows “It’s not just rainbow’s like looking at a diamond, different colors as the light bounces off here and’s pretty” she was adamant on that fact. She grinned slightly and nodded “Distractions are good, believe me, I know better than anyone that dwelling doesn’t help anything or anyone” probably why her mind liked to go into overdrive to be honest, she’d gotten too good at letting her mind wander wherever it wanted to go.

She blushed a little in response to her compliment and grinned slightly “Thank you” she spoke in an endeared tone and nodded “It’s something I’ve followed through the years...I like watching the way trends change and people adopt them” she hoped maybe one day she could set a trend of her own. She liked fashion because it allowed her to bring some confidence and happiness to other people and while some might see it as superficial, she definitely believed people’s inner self-esteem could be boosted by having confidence in what they decided to wear that day.

The place was looking really nice and their hard work seemed to be paying off “Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to have a place of my own...not just a room in the manor but like a real home you know” it was pointless dwelling too much considering she couldn’t really be away from her siblings and so moving to some random city and making a home wasn’t an option “Makes me wonder what color I’d paint the bathroom or where I’d put all my photos” she grinned wistfully and nodded. “Maybe you should try some vintage furniture stores, you’d be surprised what bargains you can find” and she often found older stuff was built to last better too.

It seemed like the girls had that in common. Maddison knew where Argent was coming from, with more than one example that they had talked about. “Bad brain.” she laughed lightly. Argent was right though. It was a second chance. “You’re right. But there’s more than a few things that part of me wants a second chance at.” Like having a family of her own one day. Maddie was always heart-broken at losing her unborn child, thanks to her abusive husband back in her mortal days. She always wished to be a mother one day. But she had too much baggage. Whom would love a living dead person like herself? Maddie was always self conscious and bringing down her own self-worth. Maddie tried to shake the thoughts from her head; knowing she was dwelling again. Trying to distract herself, before her thoughts would wander too far.

The way Argent described the glow around them, made Maddie smile softly. “That’s sweet of you.” She was probably the first one to describe it like a diamond. It was a nice change.  “I am guilty of dwelling too much. If I don’t keep myself busy, I fall down the ugly hole of self loathing at times and dwelling. Not a place, I like to be.” She said honestly. Maddie had a lot to over-come when it came to her past. She was always healing from the wounds that were buried deep inside of her.

She got where Argent was coming from; the Aspect had a long time to watch fashion change across the ages. No wonder, the girl liked fashion so much. “What would you say is your favorite era? Fashion wise?” she asked curiously.

Maddison was glad that she had Argent to keep her company. Made the work flow much faster and more elegantly. “It’s a lot of work, trust me. The bills, when you don’t feel like something fits. Trying to find furniture that fits your style ect.” she said naming off a few things that made it hard work. But she knew that Argent didn’t have a choice to live on her own; cause of how deeply bonded the Aspects were, it’d be dangerous to live alone for too long and away from them, unprotected. Nodding at Argent’s suggestion. “I’ll make sure to look at some in town. Just need to find a good store or two, to browse through for them.” It helped that Argent could give a tip or two, where to find things and which stores were better.

She nodded slightly, she could imagine a lot of Aurazin felt a little short changed by the deal they were given, especially considering a lot of them didn’t even get to live their life properly before becoming a protector to others. Argent could understand them in a way considering she had died too and become a protector of sorts, but she had more freedom than most did “Well at least you have a chance to tick off some of the list, even if it’s little things” having been born in other centuries she was sure many of them had things they’d never even seen before, let alone experienced.

Argent smiled softly “I just say what I see” she responded and shrugged, the aspect of light of course had an affinity for light itself and so she always noticed little changes in it, whenever an aurazin was around it wasn’t exactly a subtle change, almost like the light shifted itself around them. “Dwelling is easy to do, especially when you have a lot of time to yourself, reflecting” she nodded a few times “But I have learned that dwelling will never change anything, you’re better spending the time doing the right things now” while you had the chance to make the right choices,

“Era” she repeated and thought about it for a moment, there had been many different shifts in women’s fashion over the years “I mean you can’t really go wrong with the 50s, flowy skirts, curled hair” she smiled softly, she liked those retro looks a lot “But dresses used to be so much more beautiful back in renaissance times when everything was made with such love and care” she grinned thinking about all the beautiful dresses she had gotten to wear “So even though they’re very different, both of those” she nodded shyly hoping she was allowed to cheat her answer just a little.

“I’m sure, but it’s worth it...getting to call the place your own, having friends over to show it off a little” she giggled softly, how she would love to have a little place of her own and decorate it and bring over friends for dinner parties, it sounded so fun “I find most of the things in stores now are practical but lack...character” she commented “Though I did see a camel shaped foot stool the other day that was pretty cute” she laughed just thinking about it.

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