Everything seemed fine to everyone else. But not to him. Here he was, standing in front of his cabin, exactly on the spot where the spacious area in front was used for training. Arms crossed, he had a look of unamusement painting his usual stoic face. Emotionless mask would be an understatement for Daehyun, because it really wasn't. He just didn't have room for more than one or two emotion to play out 24/7. The most neutral face he ever has is that. That's was far as you can actually get to him if you are not his sister or the people who had the chance to get close and talk to him on a personal level. This session has been going on for about two hours long and yet he was still unsatisfied with the progress the two were doing. There were two imminent conclusions to this; one, it's Daehyun Stormwind, you'll never get him actually applaud anything. Two, he's a perfectionist. So there's that.

“No.. Stop only going for defense. If the two of you keep clashing with the same tactics, both of you will eventually tire yourself out faster than you imagine you would, and thus there will be no winner in the end. There can only be one defense and one offense in a two-way fight. You can't expect to throw deflection to deflection. It would maximize the negative impact.” he chastised, his tone growing and octave lower than usual as he dismissed them for the day. There was no point in sticking around to scold them like children, anyways. They are grown Niveis, so he wouldn't bother to care about their welfare. At least, not publicly. Daehyun will never admit it any day, but he does care deeply for the Niveis community. He worked to build it for 40 years alongside Anivia. Being proud was something he was entitled to but not something he flaunts over.

Collecting the bo staffs laid on the thick pile of snow, he decided to go out today, just so he could get out of his stuffy cabin that is seriously starting to smell a lot like coffee all around, not that it's a bad thing. But it just hits you, just how much coffee does this guy take daily? Hint, a lot. Lounging around on the couch, he stretched out his limbs and craned his neck before taking a hold of the one particular file on the desk. Evidently, when you keep skimming over the same faces and information, you get a little bit tedious. He's done it all so far, he went to search more on the city's history and factions alike. What else hasn't he done? Right, have some spare time for himself. That's not going anywhere near him any time soon.

Don't get him wrong, having alone time is good. But the elder Stormwind would rather pour his time and essence in focusing on how to strengthen their stronghold as a community rather than think about the petty little things he could do with his newfound freedom. Okay, maybe he did want to make use of them. But probably not now. When things are a tad more stable, then he'll go with it. Jordan Veit. A newly turned Niveis from his phoenix life because he just so happened to drown himself in icy cold water shortly after his ‘death'. So instead of a normal rebirth, he gets to be an ice bird. The thing about being a Niveis, when you're turned into one, you are just horrible at being one. Why would you be? One minute, you've lived your entire life as the exact counterpart and the next, you're the opposite? That doesn't go well with neither one of them when they were first turned. Daehyun could remember his, being forced to be one was one thing. To control himself alone? That's another thing. God damn, it was not pleasant.

Guess it was scouting time. At least, this time it's at a nearby location. The last time he scouted was in New York, where he met the Dietrich siblings. He did not want to fly all the way to NYC today, he just didn't feel the mood. Bad news for the pale haired Niveis, Aaron is usually seen at bars and clubs. He hated those places. He had no reason to be there too, so this was going to take some convincing. Rejecting this would be a scratch to his reputation and honor, so no can do. It's going either way, it seems. “Well, Jordan Veit. Looks like it's your lucky day.” he mumbled and closed the file and tossed it inside the drawer as he made his way out. The wind closed the door properly, and wondered just where would he find that club. It's past 9 now. The place will be packed and he hates people in general.

By making use of his wings, he allowed himself to be propelled to the dark sky of the night and flew carefully from above as he pinpointed the exact location of where the Niveis might be. His hues caught a sight of one particular club at the Valkyr territory, just around the borders. Shady place, that's all he knows. Was he even surprised? Landing a few blocks away from the club, he noticed a long line queuing. Sneaking in, it is. Back door seemed secure enough but still required a distraction so he could sneak past the bouncers. He didn't wish to cause any scene so publicly especially when he wasn’t feeling it. A little trick wouldn't hurt. In a few moments later, the bouncers scurried to the back door when the electric circuit guarding it was fried because somehow, a puddle of water just so happened to be there. Daehyun lets his eyes wander around in the club when he got past the entrance. Now where to find that guy.

After a while of searching, he noticed the male sitting by the bar, seemingly trying to enjoy himself. He was bumped into a few people while trying to get across. Their slick material against his leather jacket really caused him to roll his eyes. Too much humans, or non-humans, whatever works. Don't they know what personal space is, he thought. Eventually, he got to the bar and took a seat. He didn't do anything at first, really just regaining his breath. He did not look like he wanted to be there. 

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Today. Any day of the year other than today. Most days of the year Yeon was a confident and seemingly free-spirited person, he was very good at pushing emotions aside, forgetting, burying. But today, today was very different, because today was the anniversary of the day he died. Yeon tried his best not to but on this one day per year he just couldn’t seem to push those memories to the back of his mind where they couldn’t consume him, he didn’t want to think of the family he missed dearly and acknowledge what he had lost that day but he did. Every year was different, the distance affecting him differently but one thing was always the same, it hurt like a bitch.

He had been debating sitting around and wallowing in his apartment all evening but eventually, he had decided that wasn’t going to be enough to keep him distracted. And Yeon wanted to forget because forgetting felt much easier than trying to deal with the pain. So he turned to his go-to coping mechanism, people. There was this place downtown that he found himself going to often lately, it was a little sleazy admittedly but it was a great place to go if you just wanted to lose yourself in the crowd which was exactly what Yeon intended to do this very evening.

When he walked up to the club he skipped the line, nodding a hello to the bouncers before heading inside, the place wasn’t stupid enough to keep him waiting out in the cold, after all, he was both a regular and wealthy enough to be on the list. The music was loud and echoed against the walls overwhelming Yeonseok’s sense of hearing, he loved this, this was where he felt most alive. Moving to the music he had made his way across the room to the bar and started drinking. Normally Yeon was smart when it came to alcohol, getting himself just drunk enough to have fun and feel that sense of carefree lightness he liked.

But tonight was different. Tonight, between dancing in the crowd of people alone and downing drink after the drink, his aim was to forget everything, he just wanted the day to be over and this was going to be the way he achieved it. Even when people showed him attention on the floor, trying to get his interest he just continued to move by himself, hands running through his sweat-soaked hair. Eyes were on him often but he didn’t really pay it any mind, he wasn’t in the mood for actually talking to anyone today, just getting lost in the music. And the alcohol, which was going down much faster than it probably should have.

And it worked, for the most part, he felt better as he danced to the music, eyes closed as the beat consumed him but eventually the elation he felt thanks to his inebriated state started to fade and it was slowly replaced with an awareness he didn’t want. The memories began to seep in, flashbacks of the car’s lights and it came towards him flashing through his mind, followed by that heart-wrenching moment where he was looking through the window, seeing the tears in his mother’s eyes. His eyes widened and he made a hasty exit from the floor heading into the men’s restroom.

Yeon sighed running hands through his hair as he looked at himself in the mirror and then went to the sink and splashed water on his face, he felt like the whole room was swaying at this point but it was what was going on inside his head that really bothered him and there was little it seemed he could do to run away from that. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone else in the room to hear his grumbling to himself like a mad man before he headed back out of the bathroom and into the crowds. The first thing he noticed was the temperature difference in the room, feeling the heat hit his skin. He stumbled his way back over to the bar and climbed up onto one of the bar stools. He considered asking for another drink but the bartender had already been serving him some pretty judgy looks.

Yeon laid his head down on the bar and sighed, just praying the day would be over already or that something would hit him over the head and knock him out for a few hours so that he didn’t have to deal with it all, he hated feeling like this, so lost in his own emotions that he didn’t know how to think clearly.

Frankly, Daehyun wouldn't give a damn in the world about taking care of one's feelings. Especially people he didn't even know, hint; this guy. Unfortunately, as cold as his heart may be, pun intended, his temperament stays clear. He was easily riled on. All it really takes was just one flick against his switch, that's all, and he's ready to go off the roof. That was probably being a phoenix suited him a lot more than being a Niveis though he's come to terms with what he is now, after a while. Just took about a century or so, no problem. All the years, he just focused on how to tap into his abilities moderately without using much of his emotions, though that came down as a bump in his road. That was one of the other weaknesses most of them had, even for someone so closed off like him, emotions came as easy as it was said and it derails him off the railway to being a mentally stable guy who's not powered nor held down by his feelings.

Daehyun remember meeting Jordan in Boston, he wasn't the most polite or hospitable guy but whoever that guy was, he was definitely ten times more decent and civil than the drunkard sleeping his way on the counter. It was then, that he noticed a new figure taking a seat just right next to him on the right side, reeking of alcohol. Hey, he drinks. But doesn't mean he had to favor people who can't control themselves before drinking their sorrows away. The blonde really looked like he needed a drink or two. Yup.. Definitely one or two bottles. He wouldn't pretend to understand whatever that he has going on, neither was it his problem for him to be stressing his concern over.

Allowing his dark gaze to linger a little while longer on him, he then returned his eyes on the target subject on his left. Jordan Veit, he is getting things through with him today, like it or not. Either he says yes or no, it's up to him. He wasn't in the position to be forcing them, though his every fibre would like to help them. When he was first turned, at least he had people to help him. Well, at least he had people that suffered the same fate as he did, not that he really called out for help and whine for one afterwards. That just wasn't him. Especially when this sudden transition is quite a lot to take in, when you've been a phoenix all your life.

“Jordan Veit.” he uttered, as he positioned himself his way as the latter gave him a look that stated he wouldn't care less. Believe me bud, I wouldn't care less too, he thought. God, please don't make his job today harder than it has to be. Clubs are not his scene and well, he didn't think he'd like to get drunk if things don't go his way tonight. Because he'll never stop, basically. “Who's asking.” he slurred and the elder Stormwind literally masked himself with a very unamused look when the male spilled his drink on him. Great, now his jacket is going to get sticky. Despite his stance being unwavering, his gaze was not to be trifle with. It was clear of he wasn't there professionally, the guy probably would find himself a mean frostbite for the whole night.

“I scouted you in Boston two weeks ago, think you can ring a bell on that one?” he inquired and he could see that Jordan was contemplating whether to flee or keep up the act. “I'll know if you're lying. You keep jittering and it's not because of the alcohol in you.” he exclaimed nonchalantly. “I don't know what you're saying.. “ Blocking his next step and path using his leg, he shook his head, indicating he wasn't really going to go full civil tonight if he tries anything. “Maybe I could sober you up. People say I deliver a mean punch.” He wasn't even halfway done speaking with him yet and the latter had already tried to throw a punch his way. Well, this is not working the way he thought it would. Easily influenced with his messed up head right now, Jordan almost froze the entire counter. Talk about being subtle.

Daehyun knew in such a public crowd, things could get messy if it's not empty for the next hour. At least, until he could calm Jordan down. Rushing to the end of the room, he flicked on the fire alarm, triggering the mean sirens and water spraying over them. Water is one of his his element but hey, he was already sticky from the whiskey, now drenched with water? He's like a furious kitten. When everyone else exited, he was hiding against the counter and was calculating his next move. Up until he noticed a figure that hasn't moved yet. The blonde. What the hell..

He hated feeling like this, like he couldn’t breathe because of everything that was happening in his mind, it was like someone was holding his head under the water and wouldn’t let him come up for air, every time he managed to fight enough to get a single breath he was pushed back under again. Normally he could fight it off so much better but this one small day per year he felt so weak to it all. Yeon never really moved past what he had lost that night, he never let himself have feelings for someone else the way he did with Jintao and he never truly forgave himself for the way he was forced to leave things with his parents.

His eyes lifted from his arms to look around the bar, he saw people all around, mostly groups of people standing in little packs, moving to the music. It was a scene he had seen so many times before, been a part of so many times and yet it had never made him feel like this before, alone. He rolled his shoulders and sighed, great, another emotion he didn’t have any use for the rest of the year. Yeon whacked his head against the bar in frustration, though his natural strength caused the whole thing to shudder from the action and he groaned as a few people jumped in surprise. He peered up again and gave an expression that judged those who were judging him, he wasn’t hurting anyone else with his choices right now after all and considering who he was and what he could do, that was saying a lot.

And then he shrugged, his drunk self thinking the only way to prove his point that he didn’t care what people thought was to climb up onto the bar and lay down on it, facing up towards the ceiling. In response, the people around him either cheered or grunted in annoyance. The bartender gave him an annoyed shove but Yeon gripped the side of the bar and didn’t budge. Eventually, he gave up and went off to serve other customers and the valkyr was left in peace, he reached up both hands to tuck behind his head, it wasn’t the most comfortable place but at least his head didn’t feel like it was spinning so much when he was laying down.

Whilst his eyes were closed as he laid on the bar he could hear two men beside him talking, he wasn’t paying much attention to the words they were saying but he noted the tone of voices were harsh and gruff. Yeon gave a confused as he felt the temperature suddenly drop around him, so much so that he leaned up from where he was laying and ran a hand over his bare arms, his whole arm was covered in goosebumps from the chill and his skin felt a sharp pain, the kind you got when trying to hold ice in your hand for too long. The two males from before were heading off down the hallway, Yeon couldn’t bring himself to look away as he saw the two of them almost break out into a fight and then the platinum blond pull the fire alarm.

It wasn’t the first time someone had pulled the fire alarm as a way to make a point in an argument, the moment it happened the valkyr heard the blaringly loud ringing which echoed into one ear, swirled around his head and kinda stayed there. All he could think about was the loud noise and later the feeling of the cool water from the sprinklers on his skin. Well, it wasn’t a real fire, he’d seen that much for himself and if this was the only way he was going to be able to keep himself distracted then so be it. Rolling over he spotted the male hiding down by the side of the counter and smiled a little in his direction “You do realize they can charge you for pulling that if you get caught” he commented, barely able to be heard over the siren as he leaned up once more, though the words he spoke were slurred and it was obvious the valkyr was drunk.

He tilted his head as he looked at the other strange male, he didn’t seem like the usual type who got in fights and Yeon had never seen his face before, and Yeon would have remembered that face and the sultry stare that seemed to come with it,  he had no idea what his problem with the other guy was, didn’t really care if he was honest, he was more annoyed that they had gotten one of his favorite clubs rained on and that meant they’d probably have to close for a few days to get everything repaired. “Really the fire alarm?” he grumbled, “You two couldn’t have just taken it outside?” he continued to grumble though it was clear now that he wasn’t going anywhere. It was night time and if the authorities showed up then Yeon knew he could just superspeed himself out of there so until then he was going to enjoy the peace of mind he currently got to have.

Daehyun didn't come here to fight. He didn't even have the energy to talk his way through this, much less use any form of physical restraint on Jordan. But judging from the way things are going? Tough luck, pal. He's not going to get out of this intact if he allows the drunk Niveis act on his emotions. “God, you're acting like you're a slave to your impulses right now.” Which was by the way, a terrible thing to say to someone who's probably pissed off. Drunkenly. Add that to the mix. Drunkenly pissed off. But if Jordan doesn't slow down, there's gonna be another ice bird getting pissed off. It was a surprise to see just how long Daehyun managed to keep his temperament in check. He's actually calm, with only a few hints of annoyance rising up here and there.

He had to admit though, amidst the fight that is currently adjourned before them, the sight of the blonde did not escape his notice. First of all, what the hell is he even doing. Second of all, should he just leave him by or nah. But still, what's wrong with the guy. Is he high on something? Or was he just drunk, like real drunk over his head? He hid under the counter, with his back against the walls of it as he heard Jordan spouting nonsense. Gosh, how he really did hate the babysitting job. This is just like it. Only a bit sideways. Yeah, a bit.

While he was busy trying to think of something, his eye caught sight of the drunk blonde that was still perching on top of the counter, well- laying. Point is, he's sprawled on the counter. He had a nonchalant look plastered to his face, while contemplating just what in the world did the guy think he's doing. There a fight commencing just a few meters away from where he's lying at, and he's acting like its a normal Friday night. Maybe it is a normal Friday night for that to happen here, he wouldn't know. This was his first time to a club anyways. It did not give him a good first impression. “Seriously, that's what you're really talking about, right now?” he facepalmed upon hearing the words coming out from the valkyr.

He peeked slightly from he was at and nearly got thrown a glass at. Where the hell did he even get that, dear god. He's really getting into this sort of mess, isn't he. “But if they don't catch me, then I'll all good, right?” he inquired. Hey, he still needs to know if he's going to have to deal with pesky mundane things such as being sued. He didn't need all of those holding him back now, but just to be sure. Upon hearing those words raining from the latter, Daehyun scoffed and was about to bite back with a witty remark, at least until he got hit by a blast from the other male he forgot he was actually fighting with. Technically, in his defense, he wasn't exactly fighting because he's done nothing in between offense of defense. He's a harmless and defenseless citizen!

The hit rendered him to fall backwards and against the cabinet filled with various bottles of alcohol. Clutching his torso, he mumbled words of profanities under his breath. This is going to leave a mark for at least a week. “Don't say, I didn't warn you.” he muttered and clenched his jaw slightly before launching one hit his way that managed to pierce his chest which sent him flying backwards. “A little taste of your own medicine, hurts like a bitch, doesn't it?” With no more words left to say to him, the elder Stormwind concluded his mission tonight as a failure and knocked him out with a hit to the face. He watched as the unconscious body of Jordan Veit fell on the floor. He's going to wake up to a mean headache. Right, CCTVs. He has to take care of that. Without thinking much about it, the platinum haired Niveis froze the circuits and the cameras altogether before shattering it from extreme freezement.

He was about to exit the premise. Until he remembered the guy on the counter. He's still there. “Just leave him..there's nothing you can do about him anyways.” he mumbled to himself and walked away but halted on his steps halfway. “But then he could be blamed for this mess..” Shaking his head once again, he decided  against burdening himself and resumed his steps. It didn't last long though, eventually after a while of arguing with himself, Daehyun went back to the counter and massaged his temple. “I can't believe I'm actually doing this.” Sighing to himself, he poked the stranger a few times. When he didn't respond, he actually slapped him twice. “Excuse me, dude. Wake up.”

It was hard to describe the way Yeon’s mind worked when he was sober, while drunk he was a complicated mess of thoughts, emotions, and actions that were about as predictable as whether a horse would win at the races.  You could make a bet on what he might do but it could be completely wrong. He didn’t care much for the fighting going on around him, it wasn’t a normal night at the club if someone didn’t end up getting so drunk they gave in to violent tendencies. Yeon wasn’t a violent person unless it meant protecting someone, he practiced defensive combat mostly, you really had to piss him off to see him attack.

Yeon was pretty sure that there was some kind of ice on the bar which confused him, no one had spilled their drink before he wasn’t wet, he did lean up to check but he didn’t see any ice, the bar itself just felt ice cold for a few moments. He didn’t really put two and two together because his brain was working in bursts right now thanks to the stupid amount of alcohol he had downed before now. “Hey, you’re the one who ruined a perfectly quiet evening” Yeon commented as he looked down at the platinum-blond who was looking like he was preparing for some kind of battle. Quiet was relative but things were definitely louder in here now that the sirens were running.

Yeon probably should have noticed that he was in danger, especially as glass came flying across the room and shattered on the floor but he just laughed at it and turned his head away, the way his brain was working right now he didn’t even know if anything was for real, he probably just blacked out and was having a weird ass dream. “I caught you” Yeon responded with a low chuckle, not that he would be able to talk to a police officer without sounding like a completely crazy person but he did. When a blast of cold air came from across the room he shivered again, he was already soaked from the sprinklers and at this rate he was probably gonna get hypothermia, still, he refused to move.

Eventually the two of them seemed to finish whatever it was they were fighting over, Yeon heard the other male fall to the ground after a quick blunt hit from the snowy-haired male, it was clear who was the more trained out of the two of them, though Yeon was still trying to figure out what sort of magic they were throwing around but his fucked up head wasn’t being helpful to him right now. “Criminal damage too” Yeon commented and pouted a little, damn it, he liked this place and now it was going to be closed for at least a couple of weeks thanks to these guys. He closed his eyes shaking his head a little, maybe freezing out on this bar would be easier.

Yeon was halfway between blacking out when he felt a poke against his side, in response all he did was twitch his hand a little annoyed that someone was interrupting his almost sleep but then he felt the slap. It stung against his skin from the force and caused him to recoil sitting up. The blond took a long breath, staring back in shock at the other male in front of him “Oh” he commented “It’s you” he commented though his voice was less than judgemental, if anything it could be described as endearing “Are you here to knock me out too?” he asked with raised brows before rubbing his hand over the area the other male had slapped, Yeon pulled his legs to his chest and hugged his arms around them in a somewhat defensive position.

Oh god, this is not happening right now. Not to him. He knew he should've left him be and get the hell out of the premise when he had the chance to do so. But no, against his own self, he decided to do the opposite and be the good guy for once. And it's not even being a good guy, because he's not a bad guy! It wouldn't exactly be his fault if he had left the valkyr to dwell in his sorrows for whatever it was that the male was having at. Not really. The only thing he's be guilty of is the damage that was done to the club. A public offense, apparently. When he came here to the club tonight to talk to Jordan, he didn't picture this whole thing happening. Well, he should've known better.

“A perfectly quiet evening-” At this point, he wasn't even sure why he's even talking to the guy anymore. “I doubt you'd get a quiet evening when you're drinking your sorrows away in a club.. You know, a place that's not exactly highlighting the words of quiet in bold.” Rolling his hues as he stared the male down, he wasn't sure whether he was annoyed or highly amused by this. Everything placed aside, this was quite amusing, even Daehyun had to admit that. Knowing fully well that it didn't matter even if he did catch him because Daehyun made sure there was no concrete physical evidences lying around that could pin him for the fault, he didn't mind whatever the blonde wanted to spout. The police wouldn't believe him either way. Even if they did, nothing ties him to this. He made sure of it.

But just to be safe, the pale haired Niveis eyed the entire room, searching for any loopholes that could place a blame on him. Nope, nothing. Slapping the guy was actually fun. And no, Daehyun was not a masochist nor was he a sadist. He's nowhere near those words entitlement. When the valkyr pulled his legs together and wrapped his hand over them, the elder Stormwind couldn't help but to scoff at the sight before his eyes. Is he for real? “To be fair, I was all entitled to a defensive mode. That guy over there started it. He was the one who went all crazy pissed off on me. All I did was over a sober treatment so we could talk. It's not my fault he's a neurotic sensitive son of a bitch.” he grumbled grumpily, and stared back at the unconscious body lying not far from where the two of them were at.

“I'm allowed to put him down like anyone would out down a rabid animal.” he mumbled and sniffed his jacket that was now ruined thanks to him. “He could've just said no and walk away but bastard just had to ruin my favorite jacket too..” So he took it off and checked if the whiskey got anywhere on his clothes other than his leather jacket. Thankfully, no. God knows how grumpy he'd be if he had to go home smelling like some drunkard. He has nothing against drinking, he does that too occasionally but not when he knows he's gonna get out of control. Anivia did not need him freezing and entire city because he had a bad day.

“Don't worry, I'm just here to get you out. I mean unless you want me to knock you out. I'd be more than happy to assist like any concerned citizen.” His cat-like eyes narrowed down as his words turned out to be similar to slurs. “If you stay here any longer, you're gonna get caught by the police and since there's no physical evidence saying it's me and not you, you're probably going to jail under property damage. I'm still considerate enough to push you out of this. So just let me get you out of here first.” It wasn't as if he's really leaving Yeon to have a choice anyways because next thing he did was hoisting one arm around him so he could drag the drunk valkyr out of the premise. Though it wasn't easy. Walking a straight line? They would be lucky if they could even walk at all. The two of them kept stumbling down while trying to get out.

Yeon laughed when the other male spoke about the backward logic of calling a club quiet, okay he had a fair point but that wasn’t what the valkyr had been trying to say, his mind wasn’t putting his thoughts into good sentences right now in his defense “When the sound is loud out here” he waved his hands around the general area around him to make his point and then pointed his index finger against his temple “Things in here quieten down to a level I can handle” and that was what he meant by quiet, probably way more honest that he wanted to be with a stranger but it wasn’t like he had a filter right now, or in general really.

The valkyr wasn’t actually judging the snowy-haired male, it wasn’t like Yeon hadn’t gotten into his share of altercations before and he would admit he’d been tempted to pull the fire alarm more than once before; Yeon hadn’t questioned the reason behind the fighting because it didn’t seem like his business but since the male offered the explanation he felt like he should probably comment on it “It looked like you could handle yourself just fine to me” he tilted his head to the side a little noting the way he had knocked the other male out with a single blow “Did you have to rain on the club too” he actually pouted a little with a sigh “What’s the sober treatment” he asked curiously as he rocked on his heels a little.

He furrowed his brow as he looked back at the other male trying to figure out what emotion it was that he was exuding, he was impossible to read, which for Yeon was a very odd revelation, maybe the alcohol was screwing with his natural talent or maybe he had just found someone who was immune to his ability to read people, either way, he didn’t like it. When the male commented on how his jacket had been ruined Yeon leaned closer to inspect the jacket, it was a very well made jacket, it looked expensive but well worn, it had definitely seen some love “It is a nice jacket” he agreed as he lifted his head almost headbutting the other male as he did so because of how close he had leaned to his chest.

“No thanks, I don’t think a bruise would look good on me” he commented with a childlike smile “The red handprint you gave me should be enough to make my customers think I’m into some weird shit” he grumbled as he hopped down from the bar barely managing to keep his balance but not quite falling thanks to the fact that the silver-haired male was holding him. “My name’s Yeonseok by the way” he spoke, still slurring the words that came out slowly and like he was trying to speak while standing on a moving platform that was causing his entire body to shake. As they walked towards the exit Yeon tried his best to walk in a straight line but he found himself pulling to the side and bumping into the other male often.

He could see blue lights in the distance as they stepped out onto the street, the cold air of the winter night hit his skin and caused a shiver to run through his body from head to toe “Aren’t you cold?” he commented as he glanced over at the grumpy looking male “I’m cold” he commented with a sigh, though the one plus from this interaction was Yeon didn’t really have time to be thinking about those whirring thoughts that were consuming him earlier and he guessed he had this stranger to thank for that.

He wondered what he did in his life to receive this kind of treatment today. He had to recall if he's done anything bad to anyone because this is not how he expected his day to go. “I really should've just knocked the guy out and leave.. But no, I'm here bothering myself with this overgrown man child.. Who's also drunk.” Which just makes everything a lot worse than it was originally. Daehyun huffed grumpily as he shook his head and bit into his inner monologue that would have spilled outside at some point. Staring at the blonde valkyr as he tried to explain to him the logic of how things go, he couldn't help but to spare him a very unamused glance. What is he talking about, is there really no end to his bad day?

Though it did hit him in curiosity to know just how much alcohol Yeon got in him because despite everything throwing around the side of being a heavy drunk, the valkyr managed to extort a few logical explanations. Or phrases. Either way, it amused the Niveis. His gaze was scrutinizing alright, his sultry stare never averting his eyes away from the male. He knew he signed up for something a lot more the moment he decided to care for the latter, or whatever this is. He'll complain through hell and back, but the responsibility is his to carry because he ruined the place and he couldn't risk anything innocent passerby getting the result. Even though, he was sure this guy wasn't all innocent. Still.

“I still don't get where you get the logic from.. Never mind.” he shook his head and patted his jacket, trying to rid the smell off because he honestly didn't want to just throw it away, which was a catch because he probably had 3 more of those at home. “Just because I could handle myself just fine, doesn't mean I'm invincible. God, Anivia's going to give me an earful if she hears about this.” He was hit with yet another problem at hand as his stare lingered on the unconscious body of Jordan. The pale haired Niveis was contemplating he should move the body to the back alley to make it a much more believable scene or to decide against it and leave the guy there. It wasn't as if the police would believe him, with the alcohol in his system that would easily influence his actions. Again, it wasn't his fault he went crazy.

Talking with the valkyr he can handle. But getting headbutted by the stranger he just met no more than 20 minutes ago? And he hasn't even got riled up yet! Whatever the valkyr oozed, it definitely clung on to Daehyun's tolerance level. Because there was no way in hell would he tolerate him, especially on a bad night like this. Closing his eyes briefly, he held the bridge of his nose and turned around momentarily. “Ow.” Was all that came out from him. When he reverted his gaze on to the blonde, he clicked his tongue and shook his head, mainly at himself because he still couldn't believe he's actually still here and not halfway across the street. “You're already a weird guy. How surprising would weird shit be for someone like you.” he grumbled and tried to get him up from the counter and to his feet. “Like, who the hell stays behind when the fire alarm is triggered.” There was someone else who got triggered; him. He couldn't comprehend the situation before his eyes.

“A bruise would still look good on you, don't worry.” he murmured and embarked on the journey to get Yeonseok Lee and Daehyun Stormwind out of the club, fully intact. The older male admitted the blonde valkyr was attractive, easy on the eyes definitely. But something about him just tells him he's not your regular human. Unfortunately, he didn't have those skills to detect auras of another so he wouldn't know for sure. Up until the moment he told him his name, Dae glanced sideways while they struggled in the back hallways, trying to grasp to the back door that he fried the circuits to. “I'm Daehyun..” It was only polite for him to introduce himself. “Though I doubt you'd remember. Your hangover is probably going to wipe all those memories away.” He wasn't wrong about that, or was he? It all depends on Yeon.

Unlike the latter, Dae inhaled the cold breeze of the night happily, with a small smile curving his lips upwards. “It's February winter, and you're not exactly wearing the thickest set of clothes, of course you're going to get chilly.” He was half tempted to retort with a full blown ‘the cold doesn't bother me’ but restrained himself from doing so. So he only shook his head, indicating he wasn't feeling cold, despite the jacket was no longer covering him. “Where do you live at? Let me get you home.” He offered. The streets were empty since the club was isolated from public's eye, so there were just the two of them. "I swear if you puke on me, I will never forget it."

Yeon felt his head swaying, rocking a little from side to side as he heard the other male muttering, the blond was pretty sure he didn’t even realize what he was saying out loud but the valkyr felt a little offended by it regardless, not that he wanted to start a fight with the only person that seemed to want to help him “This overgrown man child has ears you know” he grumbled too, giving the snowy-haired male a look, okay maybe he deserved some of the judgement, getting drunk like this wasn’t something he was exactly proud of, he was a messed up drunk and did a lot of stupid things.

He’d always had a bit of a love and hate relationship with alcohol, he liked the feeling it gave him at first, he liked feeling free and light, like any problems he had were far away from him, but drinking too much quickly brought on negative tendencies in him and he didn’t like being out of control like that, especially because it made him talk about things that he usually kept under wraps. Yeon could feel Daehyun’s eyes on him constantly, the annoyance almost seeming like it radiated around him and yet that hooded dark gaze was strangely captivating to the drunk valkyr, filled with a curious sense of mystery. If Yeon was sober he probably would have attempted to flirt with the other male but in this state, he wasn’t going to risk his own pride.

Yeon gave the other male a done look when he still didn’t get what he was trying to say, there was only so many ways that his currently inebriated brain was going to be able to phrase something and he had the feeling none of them were going to cut it. When the pale-haired male was muttering about how he was going to be in trouble if someone found out Yeon laughed “Well I doubt that guy is going to remember anything” he jerked his thumb towards the male that was passed out on the floor and then he pointed his thumb towards himself “And this guy doesn’t have the energy to tell” he chuckled softly almost sounding like a soft giggle which sounded nothing like his usual self. Man, he was so fucked.

Yeon hadn’t meant to headbutt the other male, he just had literally no spacial awareness at that moment and his body felt less than in control though he did panic a little as he felt his face collide with the other male’s nose his eyes widening as he moved back. The curt ‘Ow’ from the older male the only real reaction to the whole thing, Yeon felt the pain radiate over his face where the impact was made but his only indication it hurt was the motion he made to reach up and rub his temple a little “Sorry” he mumbled shaking his head, man what it was about this guy that actually managed to make a dent in Yeon’s normally untouchable pride. He was blaming it on the alcohol, yes, definitely the alcohol. He opened his mouth in offense before he shrugged a little in agreement to what Daehyun had said “Okay yeah I do some weird shit” he admitted with a nonchalant look “Though I saw you pull the fire alarm, so I knew I didn’t need to leave” he added, laying on the bar though...that was pretty weird. Yeon laughed at his own actions softly.

When the male mentioned bruises Yeon’s shameless side seemed to make a reappearance “I look good in most things” he commented with a low chuckle as he reached up to run his index finger down his own neck slowly “Though if I’m going to have bruises I prefer them to come from the lips, and be down here” he smirked slightly, though those weren’t exactly explainable to his customers either, he’d definitely gone to work with love bites on his body before. When Daehyun introduced himself back the blond valkyr smiled softly, which moved to a grin when the other male followed it up with doubts Yeon would remember it and then finally ended with a pout when he talked about a hangover “No way, I’d never forget a face like yours” he protested with a sharp childish shake of his head in denial “Though I may forget your name and just refer to you as Jack Frost” another peal of laughter came from the valkyr, everything was amusing to him right now, which was a certain improvement on the surge of depression that had come over him either.

Yeon heard Daehyun’s comments about what he was wearing and gasped looking down at his own clothes “You’re right” he spoke softly “Plus they’re soggy” he whined with a shake of his head, maybe staying on the bar under the sprinklers wasn’t his best decision but good decisions and alcohol didn’t tend to go together anyway. The whole street felt like it was spinning and he felt dizzy as hell, he purposely stumbled away from the other male clutching his hand against his chest for a moment “I live…” he paused trying to put the words together “I live at…” he furrowed his brow “The dance..” he trailed off “Place” zero actual help to anyone sober, terrible wording from the drunk valkyr once again. He looked up at Daehyun and gave him a lopsided smile “No we’re safe on that front” he responded now the fresh air had helped to clear his dizziness some.

Rolling his eyes, Daehyun still had no idea why he's still with the blond at this point, surely it wouldn't be his fault if he abandoned the guy somewhere as soon as they got out of the premise. But the word abandoning suddenly hit him a little too close to the home. The niveis had been a victim of abandonment, and he would be a fool to inflict the same amount or less to anyone else. The last thing he would want to be known as is a hypocrite. It seems that whatever he's said before did not escape Yeon's attention. Or hearing. “It's precisely the reason why I even said it outloud for you to hear.” he grumbled dismissively, his hooded gaze making no change when it comes to the other male.

The smell of the alcohol is reeking off him and for someone who doesn't drink that much, it bothered him slightly but he refused to let it cloud his standing. Just think of him as someone you need to take care of, he mumbled to himself. “Since when did I become a babysitter..” Of course that did not went well with him. Daehyun hated being in charge of babysitting anyone, much less a stranger. Though he probably acted that way because he didn't want anyone else to see through his front and know just how caring he could be, at certain times. Still pressing his slender fingers against his nose bridge while staring upwards to the ceiling, if huffing was visible to the air, he was good as a dragon being grumpy. The only word he kept reprimanding himself was be strong. Each time.

Eventually, he took a seat on one of the chairs by the counter, averting his gaze back and forth from the valkyr to the unconscious niveis lying on the floor, still knocked out cold. “I doubt anyone would actually believe either one of you once they figured just how much alcohol you have in system.” he remarked wryly, narrowing his dark hues on the male before leaning closer until it was only a few meters between their gap and sniffed him. “Yep.. Not with that smell, they won't. Just how many drinks did you mix together.. It feels like an alcohol hybrid.. Or tribrid.” It was definitely not a combination he's ever had the chance to know of. But then again, Daehyun still has much to learn.

The giggle caused him to furrowed his eyebrows together in forming a frown. Although that only made him look like a constipated kitten. Not a lion or tiger, or even a cat, but a kitten. The guy before him really was something. The shift in his demeanors did however, amuse him. “You're probably a decent guy when you're not drunk off your ass.” he murmured silently, hearing his apology. The headbutting was not expected between the two parties obviously, and it wasn't as if it bothered Daehyun. He's been punched before just for the sake of sparring and training, it wasn't anything new. But he had to admit, the blow coming from the valkyr was unexpected. The hit was a lot harder than he expected, so much he suspected the male had enhanced strength or something. Perhaps, he does.

Raising his eyebrows in a questioning manner, he scoffed lightly before leaning against the seat against the counter side. “I might've sensed some danger and pulled it for the sake of sparing the others the trouble. You know, like a concerned citizen would have done? Didn't that occur to you?” His tone was snarky, obviously showing a certain level of sassiness his way. Ironically, that was actually true. He sensed a malfunction in this system he was trying to push towards Jordan and as if knowing things would get worse, he warned everyone else indirectly. Oh the look on the pale haired niveis’ face upon hearing the words coming out from Yeon, if you could even call them words. “You can't be serious.. Not only am I stuck with an overgrown man child, but a kinky one.” He literally facepalmed and had to cover his face with his hand, as if he was the one being embarrassed.

“I take it back.. And to think I was actually so close to complimenting you.” he shook his head and groaned to himself as soon as he reminded himself of the mess they were in. Nope, he can't just leave him by. Except he'd be lying if every fibre in his body was threatening to throw Yeon off in the hallway. He shouldn't judge too bad though, considering Yeonseok was basically any other adult male. “Careful, if anyone hears that, they might actually mistake hickeys for a biting kink. Like you're a vampire or something.” he exclaimed, until it occurred to him that they actually have a similar species to that, or at least what the vampires are created from. “You'd be the first that would actually call me by a nickname. Everyone else wouldn't even dare.” he mumbled, but then pushed him slightly once they got to the streets, with a look of disbelief marring his face. This guy is really for real..

“Dance place..Evermore is not that small. There's plenty of studios around here..” Was he going to go and search for each one? No way in hell. Glancing over to the male, he noticed his clothes were in fact, soggy. That'll be him to blame. He could just leave him alone out here. He got him out from the premise, but a part of him wasn't willing to leave someone so drunk out alone. “I'll take you to my place first.. Sober you up and give you a change of clothes.” he exclaimed, his tone a little softer than before. “Then I'll figure out where you live..” With that, he wasn't sure how he's going to drag Yeon with him up the mountains. It wasn't as if the latter was able to walk properly, he'd probably fall within a few steps.

“Do you mind closing your eyes? Ah, never mind.” He took out a silk handkerchief, one Mirae gave him, and wrapped it around the valkyr's eyes and told him to stay still as he spread his wings and placed a firm hold on him. It didn't take him long to arrive at his place afterwards. It was cold, twice and thrice more colder than it was earlier, so he took off the blindfold off him before pushing him inside the cabin. “Make yourself at home, I guess. Just don't.. Puke anywhere, please. I'll go get you some clothes.” It was probably a bad idea to leave him alone there as he went into his room to get him clothes but, it wasn't as if he could keep an eye on the blond 24/7.

Yeon grumbled a little too when the other male mentioned how he had purposely said it out loud, well no shit, he was just making his offense to the statement known. The valkyr was pretty sure sober that Daehyun would likely be someone he avoided or rather someone he would never run into in the first place, despite both of them being very nonplussed and snarky he could tell they were very different, probably to the point where they would constantly argue. “I am not a child” he protested, though his tone of voice was doing nothing at all to prove his point. Yeon shook his head defeatedly, there was no way he was going to win this particular battle.

He could see the conflict in the other male, he kept acting like he didn’t want to be here or anywhere near the blond valkyr and yet he still didn’t leave him behind. Yeon didn’t really know why, did he feel pity for him? Yeon didn’t really want anyone’s pity, though he did admittedly need the help the male was offering to get him out of there. After all, with a pull of the fire alarm, it was only so long before the police showed up and questioned why. “You sure do grumble a lot” he noted out loud with a glance towards the sultry looking male. Why did Yeon find him so hard to read? Was it really just the amount of alcohol he had drank or was this male just impervious to normal body language.

Yeon groaned a little “How I miss the days when just a bottle of vodka was enough” he sighed, it would be a lot cheaper to party if he could go back to being a 16-year-old human, now he was supernatural and his tolerance was ridiculously high, mixing drinks was the only way to achieve the intended result “There’s probably not a single spirit on that bar I didn’t try” he commented as he ran index finger through the air pointing at the back wall and then he laughed again “It didn’t work for very long though” he pouted, yes he was still trashed but not in the giddy, fun and energetic way they portrayed it in movies, that part only tended to last a little while before things got out of control.

Yeon pulled a cute expression that pretty much spoke the work ‘aww’ when Daehyun said he was probably a decent person when sober “Most people call me a self-absorbed asshole” he commented openly and ran his tongue over his lip “But then that’s usually because they’re jealous of me or they know they can’t have me” he gave a low chuckle flicking the hair that had fallen into his eyes back, his tone becoming more hushed as he turned a little to look the other male directly in the eye “Don’t tell anyone but I actually do care” he chuckled softly to himself, he was never gonna see this guy again after tonight his drunk mind told him. As if he had just told a dark secret no one else know he turned away and chuckled.

Yeon shook his head a little when the cold-seeming male call himself a concerned citizen “No offense but you seem like the least concerned citizen I’ve ever met” he slurred again with a chuckle his eyes fluttering shut for a moment and then opening again, he was feeling really tired but the other male’s quips kept his attention “Plus it’s a criminal offense regardless, unless there’s an actual fire” he rolled back over to eye the pale-haired male “And you are quite the opposite of fire” he commented noting the cold aura which seemed to surround Daehyun. Yeon have him a questioning look when the other male described him as kinky, the blond valkyr gave a very slow, very defined smirk “Hey I like what I like” he shrugged it off as if he was talking about his favorite food, Yeon wasn’t scared to talk about anything really, sober or drunk he was as honest as honest came.

Yeon wiggled his brows as the other male took back his compliment, that was alright, he wasn’t much for compliments anyway, most people only said them when they wanted something from someone. When Dae mentioned the idea of a biting kink the ironic laugh from Yeon echoed through the hallways though his natural filter didn’t seem to give a fuck for the supernatural secret “I am a vampire” he protested and chuckled, it sounded like he was joking but Yeonseok wasn’t lying, his kind had been called that awful second name for centuries thanks to their soulless counterpart “Though that’s an icky word, valkyr sounds much prettier and less creepy dead monster don’t you think” his smile was bright as he looked back at the other male. Gideon was actually gonna kill him in the morning if this guy wasn’t supernatural.

“At least buy me dinner first” he responded in a teasing tone when the other male mentioned taking him back to his place, he didn’t actually think the other male was being serious of course, the blond valkyr was about ready to curl up on the pavement and sleep for the night if he was honest. He was a little stunned however when he felt the other male behind him and he wrapped a piece of cloth around his face, his lips parted to question what the hell was happening but he didn’t have a chance to say anything before he felt Daehyun take a hold of him. The male’s touch was colder than he expected it to be, sending a shiver over Yeon’s entire body, he held his breath in apprehension of what was going to happen next.

What he didn’t expect was for his stomach to drop in his chest as the two of them went flying upwards, a loud yell could be heard echoing through the air and if Dae’s hold on Yeon wasn’t so well placed then he would be flailing his arms too “What the fuckkkkkk?!” he exclaimed completely taken over by the sudden movement. Probably should have mentioned he had a major travel sickness problem which paired with alcohol made the valkyr very queasy. Thankfully the trip was short lived and they soon landed, though at this point the valkyr was halfway between passing out and halfway to freezing. The moment Dae pushed him into the room he didn’t have time to say or do anything, he just leaned forward and his stomach emptied itself onto the floor, Yeon felt all the strength go from his body, his skin turning paler and his knees buckled as he coughed a disgusting gross cough. Well, that was one way to start sobering up, he affirmed in his brain though his expression was instantly filled with guilt, he really hadn’t meant to do that.

Alright, perhaps he should've done that. What? Everything. Maybe he should've just left the valkyr as soon as they set foot outside the premise. He's done what he was supposed to do. He took responsibility to get him out so he wouldn't be a victim of the situation. He shouldn't even have to take care of the stranger's welfare afterwards-- a guy he literally just met earlier and snarled one another for the past couple of minutes in that time space. Honestly, Daehyun closed his ears and turned a deaf one to whatever that comes out from the valkyr's mouth. A few whines and complaints here and there but he didn't bother to actually even respond to them. It's better that way, he told himself.

The need to retort back the snark that was bubbling inside him though, that was a real challenge. The niveis had every intention to dump Yeon's sorry drunken ass in a random alley half way but his conscience decided against it. He probably should've just went with it. Because unintentionally, he had just reserved himself the night to take care of a drunken vampi- valkyr, whatever they call themselves. He wasn't surprised when he heard that the blond was indeed someone who lives off blood, no offense intended. He had this unique beauty to him, one that's just unnatural and ethereal-like. Even though, that could just be him being born a beautiful guy. At the mere thought of just thinking about Yeon, Dae shook his head as he tried to get rid of such thoughts. Why the hell was he even commenting on this guy's physical appearance? Maybe because he appreciates a lot of things. And people, believe it or not.

He had to admit the sudden shriek of the cursing words from the blond was very much appreciated because he had a laugh. Thankfully it didn't take them long to get to his cabin since the wings allowed him to fly at a faster speed, especially when he's been training them for quite a while, propping from here to there occasionally. He knew he should not have left the guy alone. While Dae was busy searching for spare clothes inside his closet, he didn't hear the latter emptying his stomach. On the floor. On his floor. On the carpet he'd just bought a few weeks ago. God dammit. Coming back to the kind of sight was not what he expected. He might not be all that surprised but still, there was that part of him that still remained. The hold on the clothes within his grasp grew tighter as he facepalmed. “I just redecorated last two weeks ago..” he huffed and tossed it on the couch before pressing his fingers on the bridge of his nose and he closed his eyes briefly.

Valkyr was it that Yeon referred to himself as? Supposedly a less creepy dead monster? Oh he's dead alright. Instead of getting mad at the valkyr, he sighed heavily before making his way towards him and dragging him to the bathroom that was thankfully not that far since it's in his room. Pushing the door open using his leg, he made sure Yeon was placed properly near the sink next to the toilet. “I guess I shouldn't have dragged you up to the sky like that when your tummy's like that.. Pour all you want. I'll be back with the clothes.” he mumbled and left him alone as he made sure to leave the spare clothes on his bed before getting down to work. Cleaning the floor and carpet it is. In the midst of winter? Just have mercy on him already.

But instead of complaining, he did what he had to do. Surprisingly, Daehyun had not yet thrown Yeon out of his cabin and let him fall to his death. The niveis guessed his guilty conscience to take responsibility was still fighting strong there. The atmosphere in the cabin was just as chilly as outside, that'll be his fault because he made sure the weather and temperature inside is the same. What can he say, he's an ice bird, he loves the cold. Much like his other works, he cleaned it up pretty nicely and fast. “Where do I put this.. I can't burn it.” he mumbled as he stared at the carpet he'd folded. He used to love the fire but now he can't really burn it here. He'll just drop it by the incinerator tomorrow morning.

And so, the grumpy older male dragged it outside and made sure the snow would cover the smell. Sometimes, snow could be so convenient. Considering the slight blizzard going on, possibly not natural ones, it'll probably pass. When he returned to his room, he tossed a blanket towards Yeon. “It's chilly in here.. Sorry about that. That's probably because of my preferential matters. I'll go make you some coffee so you can sober up. There's a small blizzard going on so you'll be stuck here for a while.” he exclaimed, his tone keeping it low and went to change into another set of clothes too because he couldn't stand the smell of alcohol when he's not drunk. Shortly after, he came back out and went to the kitchen to brew coffee.


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