Erythreus couldn't concentrate on anything lately. Acting 'normal' was out the window along with his ability to care for women. He'd been hoarded up in his room for weeks now, all over again, going back to his old state of self. It was safer if he wasn't in society around... people. People were idiots. He didn't like very many of them, and those he had always fallen attached to, wronged him, took advantage of his kindness, and kicked his heart in. 

As one of the guards came in to check on him, and offer him 'food' which happened to be nothing more than a blood bag, Ery waved the guard off, refusing it for day five, which is how long it had been since he'd eaten anything at all, not even normal food. All he had done was sit up straight at his desk staring down to his journal, writing about things he didn't feel like talking to people with. 

As the guard excused himself from Ery's room, Ery sighed to himself, clenching his hands into fists when the door made it's way open again. He didn't do tears around people, but since no one in the manor was giving him time, he stood and turned to face whoever it was with tears falling down his cheeks "Can you all just piss off?! we are not supposed to be seperated, so here I am, but I swear to god im gonna go as far out of this city as I can, stay there until I begin suffering unbareable pain, and die... for good.. get the f**k out of here!" he yelled and threw a throwing knife at them landing it just above her head. 

For the first time in a long time, someone seen Ery, the Aspect of Death with tears streaming from his eyes. He was both pissed and ashamed to let people see him this way. He should have just kept to himself long ago, and not been anyone's protector, but the damage couldn't be undone, but he didn't want it to. Forgetting or pretending like pain wasn't complicating his life, would only numb him to what was real. 

Tyminski - Gone began playing as his fingers played with the settings on his stereo system. He hated thinking about the blonde that had him in this new lashing out state, this wasn't him.. and it wasn't fair to anyone. especially those making frequent trips to his bedroom to check in on him. "I should have let her die, the very first night those ugly f***ing monsters attacked her" he began writing in his journal, not realizing how hard he was pressing on the ink pen, until ink busted all over his journal pages. 

The song came on again, causing him to throw the busted pen at his stereo, sure he could have thrown something heavu enough to damage it, but he loved his music. Even if it did fit a situation to a T and made him hate himself just a little more. Erythreus could only think of one thing he could do at this point. There was a certain Celestial he had met a while back, and when he remembered her, he smiled. Though they vowed to keep their friendship a secret, he needed her right now more than ever, he was willing to risk exposing them to leave and find her. 

Tugging his leather pants on, a black tank-top, and his leather jacket, before slipping into his grunge boots, Erythreus left, and left the music blaring. He took no time speeding out into the direction of Ophelia's home, that was written down, on an old, crinkled paper at this point, he could barely see the writing, but he was sure he was there when he looked above him and realized why she had picked this place. The stars littered the skies above this place, something he hadn't ever even seen where he stayed in the manor. 

If Reus knew he was here, shit would have hit the fan, but for tonight, he didn't care. Ophelia was a great person, despite what his brother had said, or warned. Giving a light knock at the door, Erythreus called out, "Ophelia?!" he then stepped back, waiting for her to answer, if not one of her faction members. Someone had to be there from all the lights that were on inside. 

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Ophelia rarely slept in the night, much like the stereotype her kind received she was very much a night owl, she loved to explore the castle or wander outside the grounds, sometimes she would read or talk with her fellow celestials but for the most part she liked to be alone. Some would call her insane but she liked to sit and tilt her head up towards the sky and just talk, she didn't really know if any of the stars up there were listening or if they could even hear the words she spoke but it was sometimes the only thing keeping her sane when things were hard.

Right now things were good for her, so good that she had all but convinced herself that something was due to go horribly wrong, happiness was something too often short lived for her and the other celestials, she supposed that was inevitable when everyone wanted to kill you for the power you could offer them. It had been a full 6 months however and things were looking somewhat positive for the celestials in Evermore city, Ophelia had Mikael, even if she had to keep the fact they were together a secret from everyone.

The wayfinder had been wandering in the celestial castle gardens talking away to herself, mostly about her plans for the future for her faction, she knew that Aureus had her amulet on his person by now and she needed to find a way to get it back, something she could offer him that he couldn't refuse but everything she thought of turned out awfully as she played it out in her mind, she didn't know if there was reasoning with someone like him, someone who could turn and change their mind so easily on a whim. 

Her thought process however had been severed when she heard her name being called from the front of the castle grounds. Her heart had sank into her chest for a moment in panic as realization set in of exactly who it was and she quickly turned and made her way in the general direction of where she would find Erythreus standing on their very porch. The brunette shook her head speaking in what could only be described as an agressive whisper "Are you insane?" she asked with raised brows.

"Do you even realize the storm you'll cause if any of them know you're here" Ophelia shook her head gently, he and her weren't supposed to be friends, they were supposed to be mortal enemies, at least that's what their factions expected them to be, the wayfinder however was never one for holding onto hatred, she knew that repairing and cementing a place in Evermore city meant getting along with the aspects and of all of them, Erythreus had to be the one she warmed to the most, perhaps even empathized with a little.

After shaking her head she got a good look at him and her gaze softened a little "It seems it's not a happy visit to say the least" she commented as she jerked her chin to lead him around into the gardens. Luckily for them no one had gone to answer the door and she knew a good path that lead off the castle grounds to somewhere that was a little more private. As much as Ophelia felt bad for not telling the other celestials about everything that was happening with her, she just didn't know how to reach them when it came to moving past the need for revenge. "Did something happen?" she asked in a soft tone as she looked back at him noting the way his expression seemed to be covering pain.

Erythreus let out a barely audiable sigh, chuckling some. "Do you even realize what kind of storm you'd cause if your stars find out the company and friends you keep?" he asked rather than answering her. "And you knew I was insane the day you met me, so asking me again is just asking me to confirm that... again" he smirked, flashing the Celestial a wink. After being led onto a path away from the castle Erythreus eyed her for a moment. "I'm not a fool Phe, Im sure i'd keep a fight at bay if one of your other stars had answered the door" he stated before she looked back over to him.

"It's not" he stated as he ran the palms of his hands over his face, where dark circles underlined his eyes. "I feel lost, and oddly the only person who brought a smile to my face at the thought of, was you." He sighed softly looking up, stars littered the skies, but on his way over he hadn't seen a single one. Were the stars hanging over the Celestial manor to keep watch over their fallen ones? HE didn't know but it was definitely beautiful. He only snapped back to her when she asked if something had happened. And at this point a couple things had. "Well it definitely concerns a blonde, then another one" he chuckled shaking his head, he would have seemed like the typical male whore without an explanation.

"The first one, a  Nephilim. I met her the night I staggered around in Vampire territory checking on my undead people. I saw this big ugly bastard ... monster like thing coming at her, I killed it. Then time went by of course and we go close to one another, closer than close, hell she even plunged a knife into my chest but I stuck around only for her to stab me again when she fell in love with my guard" He let out all in one breath, "Now this other one, she's the one i'm currently seeing, and things are going okay-ish, but she's stuck in her own little bubble of life, trying to pull her out is no easy task.. lets not forget you Phe, our friendship is the most dangerous thing either of us have probably ever done" he said truthfully, but it brought a warming smile to his face to know that she was a friend. "And what about you? surely you have something to share as well" he finished off, leaning his head on her shoulder with his arms crossed, letting his gaze wander back up to the sky.

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