Rowan found himself standing at the windowpane staring at the city skyline out the apartment window. It was a grey day in Evermore city, the wind was blowing hard, causing the trees to rustle and sway erratically and the rain came down in sheets, soaking everything and making the whole day feel just a little miserable. It was a Saturday and for once the Scot didn't find himself with much other to do than stare out the window. Davis was out working as his job schedule didn't come with 9 to 5 hours which left the male alone in what felt like a very large apartment.

He could have climbed back into bed and wasted the day away with his laptop, read some boards, watch some YouTube videos but the very thought caused him to pull a face, he hated feeling like he was wasting time away, it was one of his pet peeves, unlike some people he wasn't going to live forever and therefore every day mattered. With a sigh he wandered out of his room grabbing his wallet and keys from the counter before he put on his lace up boots and a jacket which was hanging up by the doors. There was only one course of action on days when Rowan felt like this, it was a no brainer really.

Climbing down the stairs of the high rise apartment building he exited to the under croft before finding and unlocking his car and climbing inside. He drove down the road to the local grocery store before heading inside and picking up a few different things from around the store, mostly junk but sometimes you just needed a little junk food in your life. After paying for his items he headed back out to his car and set course the familiar route.

A 20 minute drive later and he was pulling up outside Wes' apartment building, parking on the road outside and putting his hood on his coat up as he stepped out into the dreary fall weather. He didn't really have any doubt that Wes would be there, he tended to be there most of the time, in fact Rowan was pretty sure if he didn't keep checking up on him that Wes would stop going out when he wasn't forced to all together. Walking quickly he ducked his head as he walked up to the entrance hall of his friend's apartment and waved to the attendant before continuing to walk.

Once he was inside he moved down the familiar route to his friend's apartment and knocked three times on the door. After a few moments without an answer he shrugged and let himself in with the spare key he had been given. Without so much of a word he walked through the hall setting down his bag of snacks on the counter before he called out "Wes I'm hanging out here for the afternoon, I brought snacks for the privilege" he chuckled leaving the bag where it was and heading into the lounge are to find where his friend was hiding.

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Wes’s day to day was pretty much the same really. Going to and from the hospital to visit his sister who was still in a coma after several months. Still no sign of her waking, the doctors and nurses kept telling him that she’ll wake up when she’s ready. Now Wes is starting to think will she ever wake up. Having heard stories of it happening before in other cases but he couldn’t think of it right now. Just had to keep faith. Wes decided to take compassionate leave from his job, from the stress and anxiety but now he just weren’t sure to go back to work or whether to find another one. Used to not having to get up and go to work. Maybe he was too used to it now. Today was a miserable dreary day. Dark and gloomy. One where people don’t go far, just nip out and straight. Wes went to the gym first thing spending an hour there. Mostly running on the treadmill as it weren’t an arm or leg day. Heading straight to the shower when he got out, not hearing or taking notice of who was knocking on the door.

After his shower Wes went and got changed into pair of black jeans. As he was walking back in he was halfway putting on his white t-shirt noticing Rowan standing there in his kitchen. Almost having a double check from his friend to the door but unsure how he got in. “How did you get in?...” He started to say sounding confused before remembering “Oh wait i forgot I gave you a key” He mused before laughing shaking his head walking over to his friend seeing that he brought snacks with him. “Let me guess you were bored and wanted some company and thought to come over here” Knowing Rowan too well but it was their thing. Hang out have some movie or tv show marathons with load of snacks. Or play on the PS4 until early hours the morning. It’s gotten to a point where Rowan might spend more time in Wes’s apartment than his own. That's one of the reasons why he decided to just give him a key, for him to let himself in when he wanted. Like times like these. Wes too knew that it was so that Rowan could keep a check on him since he knew all what was going on with his sister all.

Snacks is always an essential for any movie marathon and which ones you go for. Seeing a full bag stacked up on the counter, wanting to know what Rowan had chosen. Wes always had a takeaway on speed dial for times like these, each one depending upon what mood they were in for what they felt like eating. “So what snacks did you go for in the end?” Being a bit nosey and already snooping in the bag to see what he choose.

The look on Wes’ face was priceless as he came into the room and Rowan lost it when he saw him checking the door as if Rowan was some kind of burglar. The Scot waited for a moment before it finally clicked and he joined Wes’ laughter “I swear you’d forget your own head if it wasn’t attached to you” he commented with a smirk. Rowan wrinkled his nose realizing that he was predictable but shrugged a little “You’d think having two roommates my apartment wouldn’t feel so empty all the time” he shook his head amused “But you’re always here so” he chuckled and nudged the other male with his elbow. Rowan didn’t really like spending too much time alone, he’d rather do things with someone else around, even of they didn’t talk or do the same things.

“Honestly I just went into the store and grabbed everything that looked relatively good” he admitted with a chuckle “There’s cheetos and goldfish” he spoke it off as he tried to remember all the things that had caught his eye on the shelves “A whole bunch of chocolate, though none of it compares to the chocolate I had back home” maybe he was a little biased but he always thought the chocolate he had back in the UK was so much better than what was available in the US.

“Help yourself, my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach today” he spoke as he started pulling things from the bag and setting them along the counter like it was some sort of shop. He grabbed the bag of goldfish and opened it before popping a few into his mouth. “So whatcha feeling today? Wallowing on the couch?” he teased with a smirk, he knew what Wes was like, he’d stay in bed sulking all day given half the chance.

Now that he had his food Rowan crawled onto the couch and sprawled out, taking up as much space as he could and laughed leaning his elbow down to prop his face up against his hand “I could go for a lord of the rings marathon, though we might need some beer if we’re gonna make it through all of them” he chuckled, movies always seemed to be a lot more fun with beer.

He would probably make the worst security guard to be honest. Not even able to notice someone walking straight through his door right under his nose. Seeing as Rowan has walked through already making himself at home like he always does. It’s kind of how things have gotten over the past few months. “I think you spend more time here than at your actual apartment” He pointed out before laughing but it was always good to have company. As Rowan said when alone in your apartment it's very lonely. Something that Wes knew well, it was still quite weird to him for his sister not being here. Too trying to keep things the same for when she wakes up, till then he’s always here. “I go out at times I’m not that bad” Not wanting it to make it seem like he had a totally boring life. If it wasn’t for Rowan he would probably be bored out his brains most of the time. So he was always up for some company even if it was to hang out for a movie marathon or spend endless hours on the PS4. Helped to keep his mind at bay to stop overthinking everything.

Wes knew that if Rowan had the chance he would choose everything out of the whole shop, very indecisive. “So no specific theme to it” He added trying to taunt him but ending up laughing along with him. “As I say next time you go back overseas just bring back a whole suitcase full of food, stock you up for a while” Wes was a stranger to all the food that Rowan had back in Scotland and in England, having always just had american food. Knowing that there were differences but some of things confused him, especially the names. “I’ll take some cheetos” He chimed in, already grabbing the big bag of cheetos from the stash. Opening up the bag and chucking a load in his mouth already starving from his gym session earlier on. If he had the chance he could eat a whole bag of them in one sitting then still have room for lunch.

“At least I can make ‘wallowing’ look good” He teased back too smirking before shaking his head. “Next week they’re planning to arrange me to see some specialists who may know more but to be honest it’s all very strange. Not so simple” He explained with a heavy sigh almost showing how stressed he was about it. None of the doctors knew what they were doing why his sister was still in a coma. Nothing could explain it but Wes thought it might be something to do as she’s an Instar Diviner. Could be could not. “What about you, your job keeping you busy?” He mused pointing out to how he too was always here but he didn’t mind. Wes looked to see Rowan had spawled on on his couch taking up nearly all the room. “At least leave me some room. I take up more space as I’m taller than you” He commented shouting over his shoulder as he went to grab some beers from the fridge after hearing what movie suggestion there was. “Classic movie marathon” Keep them going all day and night since those movies were always long for each one. Grabbing load of beers from the fridge stacking them onto the coffee table in front of the sofa along with all the snacks that Rowan brought with him. Enough to keep them stocked up for a movie or 2 worth. "Here you go" Handing his mate a beer before trying to make enough room on the sofa for him even if it meant shoving the scot along. 

Rowan pulled a face like he was going to object to Wes’ statement but then he just pressed his lips together and shrugged a little “Okay you’ve got a point there” he responded, he would have been fine staying at his own apartment with his roommates most of the time but he tended to worry about Wes, knowing that he only reason he really justified going out for was to spend time at the hospital, Rowan figured checking up on him couldn’t hurt. But then it had kinda become routine and he enjoyed spending time with the other male. “Well I suppose you need to replenish the stock of food that I keep eating” he admitted with a chuckle, Rowan could eat a lot he had to admit, that was why he had decided to bring his own food today.

Rowan laughed and gave an innocent shrug in response to Wes’ taunting “If my job paid better I’d probably buy one of everything given the chance” there were very foods that Rowan didn’t like, though he really disliked the taste of mushrooms. “I guess you could say today’s theme is unhealthy” he admitted with a smirk. He did his best to eat well most days, often having a salad at lunch and he had learned to make a few great dishes for the evenings at home. Rowan chuckled at Wes’ comment to bring back a bunch of chocolate “You know I really am overdue a trip back to Scotland” he wiggled his brows, now there was a good idea.

Rowan pulled a sarcastic raised brows in response to Wes’ statement about looking good “Sure if living in sweats and tank tops is looking good” he chuckled, Rowan didn’t have much to say though because his usual outfit was jeans and shirt but if you weren’t planning to go out there wasn’t much point getting dressed up right? The subject however turned a bit heavier, as it always seemed to. Rowan knew Wes’ sister was always at the forefront of his mind, that was why he was at the hospital so much, always wanting to check in on her and hoping for any sign she might wake up soon. “Do you think they’ll tell you anything new?” he asked curiously, Rowan felt for him, it must be so hard sitting in the middle, not knowing what’s happening and only being able to pray for good news.

Rowan heard Wes shout and laughed, budging a tiny bit along the couch but still not leaving his friend a lot of room, Rowan had to admit he liked having a friend with a similar sense of humor to him, even if he had to keep telling the diviner to lighten up from time to time. Taking the beer he scooted again before Wes got the change to shove him off the sofa before rolling over to grab the remote and turn on the TV. Cracking open the bear he took a long sip before smirking “Ain’t this the life” he commented with a chuckle, he didn’t have things so hard he had to admit.

In any friendship it always get to a point when you’ve spent so much time together at each other places you make yourself a home. Along with having a spare key. Wes had a copy of Rowan’s key for if he ever got a call that somehow Rowan had locked himself out or forgotten his key. On a few occasions if has happened. For him Rowan kept a spare key to keep a check on Wes with all he’s been going through in the last year or so. He didn’t mind, knowing that he’s only looking out for him. “Might have to start charging you rent” He chuckled joking but too was kind of serious. Sooner or later he might have to look out for a roommate too but knew that it could be Rowan as he’s already got his own roomate. He’ll just have to see in the new year. “I have wondered where my stash of snacks keep going, you and your bottomless pit of a stomach” He added pointing out the truth. Forever restocking the cupboards after him but at least for today he brought snacks for the two of them.

There’s so much food that he’s not tried before, mainly because he’s not really travelled to other countries. Never tried differently things were Rowan has. “Maybe you’ll have to see what you get for christmas” The only problem would be the costs. Nothing was never cheap anymore. “Isn’t everydays theme is unhealthy” He smirked correcting him, why eat healthy stuff when you can eat unhealthy. He could live on just takeaways if he wanted to since he basically already does. No point of cooking anything when it was just him and that and he wasn’t the best cook. His sister Natalie was always the one to do all the cooking, he’s job was just to wash up after. “Never been to Scotland” Yet it’s one of the places he’s always wanted to go to. More so now from all he’s heard about it from Rowan. Yet he’s kind of disappointed that there’s no such thing as the Loch Ness Monster but only one can tell and find out.

Maybe in the last few months he’s been more relaxed when it came to choice of clothes. Mostly being because he tended to spend more time at home rather than going out apart from the hospital, gym or shop. “I do own other clothes apart from ‘sweats and tank tops’” He defended pointing out as he was quoting his fellow friend. It may seem like he does at the moment but can choose to change it when he feels like it. Some even said when he wore a suit he knows how to scrub up well. When he one time had a job in a security firm before everything in his life went to hell. “I don’t really know to be honest, it’s been so long till there’s been any updates” He shrugged, telling him not wanting to bring the conversation to a low. Not always putting a damper on everything. Rowan was always best at distracting him, helping to get his mind off his worries and problem going on.

Wes started to rummage through the bag of food that Rowan had brought with him. Seeing what there was and more importantly what was left. Knowing on him, Rowan would most likely already started on eating some of the snacks waiting for him. Like when people go to watch a movie at the cinema then would end up eating nearly all the snacks in the opening credits for all the adverts before the movie started. Not waiting for it to start. Finding the bag of cheetos not started the Diviner took it from the paper bag making his way over the couch with two beers in hand. Able to hear already the opening music as it was starting without him. “Dude move up” Wes moaned complaining, trying to fit in between Rowan who seemed to be taking up most of the couch. How was it he barely could find room on his own couch, that's what he can’t work out. “I need a bigger sofa” Or to be given more room. “That it is” He chuckled adding agreeing with his friend, ready to start their marathon binge. Having been through many tv and movie marathons whether it be Harry Potter or Star Wars but tonights was Lord of Rings marathon. There may be less films but their just as long, one was nearly 4 hours if he could remember so. “You ready for the next 11 hours or so?” See whose first to fall asleep first or stay awake for it all.

Rowan laughed at the other male’s threat to start charging him rent, well it wouldn’t be totally unfounded he had to admit, he found himself spending more and more time at Wes’ apartment rather than his own, not because he had a problem with his other roommates really but because he just felt more at home with his friend than he did around the others most of the time. Especially because Rosalyn tended to show up at random moments in the day. “If I didn’t have over a year’s lease I’d probably take you up on that” he laughed wondering if they would get tired of one another if they lived together. Rowan smirked as Wes mentioned his snacks disappearing “I have told you before, anything not in a locked cupboard is fair game for your best friend” he chuckled making himself comfortable in the seat.

“You know the idea of getting food for Christmas actually has me pretty pumped” he laughed, while most people were hoping for gadgets and other expensive things you could probably package up a candy bar from the store and Rowan would still be happy with what he got. Wes’ teasing cause Rowan to shake his head a little “Not if we want to keep any kind of figure” he chuckled cursing how eating healthy was part of a workout regime “But hey, doesn’t stop us having a cheat day” he lifted more chips to his lips crunching on them between their conversation, the problem with junk food is that is was just so addictive. At the mention of Scotland Rowan perked up, saying he was proud of his home country would be an understatement “One day I’m taking you” he stated as though it was a fact “We’ll get some good chocolate and go for a hike up the mountains and almost freeze, it’ll be great” he laughed, okay it was pretty cold there.

Rowan folded his arms nodding in a mock judging gesture as Wes tried to defend his clothing choice, for the most part Rowan was in smart shirts and either jeans or work pants nowadays, his slacks were reserved for when he went to the gym in the evenings after work or on the rare occasion he had the whole day to spare at home. “Are you sure you didn’t set fire to the rest of your closet?” he questioned with a quirked brow, of course he was joking, he knew Wes had some really nice clothes because he’d borrowed a few shirts from him before. Rowan nodded in response to the other male’s updated “I could come along if you want, it’s been a while since I got to tell Natty about all your fuck ups” he teased with a laugh, he always tried to play the bright side card around Wes because he knew he didn’t need to hear more ‘I’m sorrys’.

Rowan continued to sprawl on the sofa whilst Wes wandered off to pick out the snacks he wanted to eat, Rowan had done his best to stick to one thing at a time rather than eating little bits of everything like he usually did, mostly cause he knew that was super annoying for other people and tended to cause a lot of mess. He sighed dramatically before he scooted along the plush couch and grabbed a pillow to lean on at the move started “You need one of those sofas that turns into a full bed” he laughed remembering an ad he had seen on facebook for a giant bean bag bed which he would probably never get out of if he had. Rowan chuckled at the diviner’s challenging tone and shrugged “When am I not ready for movies?” he asked with a chuckle, the answer was most of the time, Rowan was usually the one who fell asleep mid story and then had to bug the other male to catch him up when he woke up. Crunching some more chips he watched as the sweeping panoramic shots moved across the screen “How much do you think it costs to shoot a movie like this?” he mused leaning back against the back of the couch.

Wes was finding it more harder finding money to pay for rent considering how he still not gone back to work. Choosing to take unpaid leave. Thinking at that time it was the best thing to do but now he was starting to regret it a bit. Since he was starting to run low on money since the state wasn’t giving him much. Luckily for him all of Natalie's hospital bills were paid for as they both grew up in foster care so there were some perks to it. “Rent is expensive, especially when your the only one paying it. Might have to get another job or go back to my old one soon” He mused pointing out, lately he’d got so used to the fact of not having to work. Maybe he missed it a bit just wouldn’t want to admit it. There’s only so much you can do before you get bored of being bored. Rowan was right he’s way of life was quite boring. “It’s your own fault you got a place with years lease on it. That's how they get you” He joked chuckling to his friend. Thinking of it he still had a year or something lease on his apartment so he couldn’t exactly get out either. “I don’t think I need to put locks on cupboards in my own apartment” He complained commenting, not wanting to child lock his cupboards from someone coming in and eating his food.

“Christmas is the time of the year you can stock up your cupboards and fridge without feeling guilty” He pointed out already having bought quite a lot of stuff, hopefully Rowan hasn’t already been through his stash beforehand. “I’ll hit the gym after New Years like everyone else” The time when everyone makes New Years resolution hoping to stick to it, as for the last few weeks he’d been slacking in the gym. “You sound like a parent whose idea of having fun is eating junk food” It was the truth really, just he had to state the facts. Watching as his friend was gorging on junk food whilst he could. An empty pit that's what he calls him. Similar to how his cupboards were nearly always empty. “Maybe next year then, go for a lads on tour” He added on board with the idea but it’ll be different to the other type of holidays. “Stopping in every pub along the way” Then they’d be all sorted.

Wes was being mocked at his choice of clothing compared to Rowan who was not much than him. “My clothes aren’t that compared to yours. You and your sweater collection is just as bad” He defended pointing out the facts, most of Rowan’s sweaters were old worn and tatty he never wondered why he never throw any away. But choose to laugh at Wes’s sweats collection. “I won’t let you borrow any of my suits next time” Wes dared laughing at him. There were a few times when Rowan would come along him to visit his sister in the hospital. As moral support and keep himself company as it can get quite lonely visiting when the only other sound would be all the medically equipment running. “Hey, it was one time okay. I didn’t try to burn down the kitchen on purpose. Okay maybe it was 2 times but it’s not fault I’m not good cooking” Learning it out the hard way, since then he choose to get anything that didn’t involve much choose. As his sister was always the one to cook for them.

It was quite amusing how he could barely find any room on his own sofa for himself to sit in seeing as it's always taken up by Rowan most of the time. “I’m not getting a sofa bed for just you, do you know how much they cost?” He complained almost, knowing that those wouldn’t come in cheap. He’d just have to scoot him up a bit to find room. “Why is it we’re always hanging around at my place but never yours?” He wondered raising a brow pointing out something he’d been thinking of. Not having seen much of Rowan’s roommate only a few times. Then he could raid his cupboards instead, returning the favour. Wes’s apartment was bit more spaces as it was only just him living here at the moment. “You say that now and I’m betting you’ll be the one falling asleep halfway through the first movie” He pointed out the obvious, constantly having to rewind parts of movies because someone had fallen asleep during it. “A lot more money than one of us could ever make” Probably more so if it was filmed now considering how more advanced movies and visual effects were. “Movie is soon starting”

Rowan sighed placing his hands behind his head “You ain’t getting a place cheap without some fixed term contract, it’s a trap wherever you look” he chuckled sighing a little, he couldn’t really complain, the building he was staying in was really nice and left plenty of space for the whole privus tribe but he did hope for a big break soon so that he could go off on his own, he’d been living among others for so long that he didn’t even know what living alone would even feel like. When the other male teased about needing to put locks on his cupboard Rowan chuckled “You are dramatic, you know that?” he commented with raised brows.                        

“And the time when it’s okay to drink beer at 10 in the morning” he commented with a laugh, there was a weird period between Christmas and new years where he didn’t even know what time it was more of the time, just spending it lazing about and being glad he didn’t have to go to work for a week. Rowan chuckled as Wes mentioned new years resolutions, he hadn’t made any himself, no doubts he would probably break them, especially considering that he was doing on the side work for one of the city’s biggest criminals. He groaned sinking back into the pillows behind him “Stop reminding me that I’m getting old” he missed the days when he was younger that he could just eat what he wanted and never put on weight, nowadays all of his eating mostly contributed to a strict bulking diet.

The idea of a trip was pretty exciting though, especially if it meant getting to visit Scotland along the way “Sounds like heaven” he commented with a laugh, unfortunately he wasn’t the best at planning trips and the likes, always had ideas when it was too late to really put them into action “You’d better handle the planning though or we’ll probably end up stranded” which reminded him of the time the two of them went to Vegas and ended up getting lost on the way to the airport. Admittedly they’d had each other and nowhere special to be so the day delay wasn’t the end of the world but it had still been a pain. Rowan wrinkled his nose at the mention of clothes “I am seriously offended by suits” he grumbled, he recently had to buy some for work and he was less than impressed about.

Rowan nodded unconvinced as Wes attempted to talk away the times he had almost burned his apartment building down “You’d think by now you’d have mastered the art of not leaving the cooker on longer than the packet says” he grinned a little, cooking was something he had forced himself to learn in college to help save money so he wasn’t awful at it but he wouldn’t be winning any awards for it either. Rowan wrinkled his nose when Wes asked why it always seemed to be his place they ended up at “Well probably because I have two roommates and one of them is always asleep during the day” he shook his head a little “Can’t wait to have my own place man” having roommates had done wonders for his tolerance of others but living the floor below Rosalyn drove him to the point of insanity.

He was gonna protest at Wes’ teasing, raising his finger before dropping it “Yeah you’re probably right, I never did make it through the second Harry Potter film” he shook his head, one day he would manage to watch the full thing through he was sure. He gave Wes a ‘thanks captain obvious’ face when he pointed out that the movie was starting “Alright alright, I get the hint” he pretended to lock his lips and then made himself comfy as they watched the film picking up snacks every so often and munching them down. About halfway through the first movie he found himself getting drowsy so he got to his feet wandering into the kitchen “You get any drinks with sugar in it?” he questioned as he shuffled through the different bottles looking for something that wasn’t mean for diets.

“Maybe you should become a real estate agent instead of whatever you do for work” He pointed out raising his brows. Truthfully he weren’t fully sure of what Rowan does for a living knowing that it was something to do with tech but it wasn’t a full time job. Since he spent a lot of time over at Wes’s place more than his own. He might have to find a loophole somewhere in his agreement, struggling to find enough money to pay for the rent all himself. He wouldn’t be kicked out would he? Locks on kitchen cupboards was a good idea he could be starting a good idea of some sort. “I am not dramatic!” He shot back quickly almost defensively. Yet it sounded quite dramatic whilst he was supposed to be proving that he wasn’t. “Starting now because that was very dramatic” He stated trying to prove a point. “Instead of child proof locks they can be Rowan proof” He could be on the verge of a good idea as it was someone everyone knew where adults couldn’t open child proof locks half the time.

“It’s happy hour somewhere too” He pointed out to his friend, people can have a drink at anytime. No time like the present. Having more alcohol the night after drinking was best way to solve a hangover. “Is that grey hair I see” Wes gasped sounding dramatic pointing to Rowans hair which was not going grey but he was pretending it was. They still had a few years left in them, in their prime. Till reality and life hits then it's a struggle to look young and keep of the weight. Wes has managed to still look young, half his age. Whilst counting the years he was a few years away from 50. One of the perks of being supernatural. Slowing down the aging process. It was a blessing and a curse at the same time. “Make a bucket list, all the things you want to do before you get old or die” A way for anyone to make plans of all they want to do and see if they achieve or their dreams or fail. Wes still had some things he wanted to do but right now he was putting his life on pause till his sister Natalie gets better.

A trip was something they both were in need of. Escapism from reality. Wes knew that Rowan was missing Scotland wanting to go back to it some time but he couldn’t go alone. Always getting phone calls from Rowan every so often when he loses his way in the city even tho he’s been living here for a good year or so. Wes was reminded back to the time when he trusted the Scot with planning. “You are the worst for directions, who goes driving in circles but refuses to by a sat nav trusting maps from the stone ages” He commenting stating the facts. After that Wes decided to take charge in planning and allowing extra time for everything. When Wes used to for private security it was part of the dresscode to wear suits so he was used to wearing them whilst for others it was something that was they hated. “Suits aren’t all that bad when you wear them often apart from special events or meetings” He pointed out.

“That was one time and your the one to talk. I remember getting a phone call from you once saying to nearly burnt the kitchen down in your apartment but saved it” Cooking wasn’t everyones fortes sticking to living on takeaways or the simple things. Rowan was always telling him how he wanted to get an apartment of his own fed up of sharing it. “For starters you can’t because of your lease and secondly I best that after first few weeks you’ll get lonely and basically be living over here like usual” It was like what it was for him. Maybe it’s why he prefered having the Scots company. Although he’d be complaining all the time but was thankful to be saved from insanity of loneliness.

Movies was something he’d force himself watching but near to the end he’d be looking at his watch to see how long he had left. “Chamber of secrets, shame you never found of what it was because you were asleep during that part” Chamber of secrets and prisoner of Azkaban were his two favourite Harry Potter movies all the other ones were good apart from Deathly Hallows part 1 where he found himself falling asleep like him. Both of them liked to watch the movie in silence, one thing he hated was being asked questions during of what was happening as one was not paying attention fully. Halfway through the movie his friend was venturing to his kitchen looking for more food and drinks. “In the fridge I got some cokes and some energy drinks” Yet he knew he’d be blaming himself later on knowing that Rowan on energy drinks wasn’t a good match. Making one more hyper than normal if it was possible. “Can you get me a mountain dew whilst your in the please” He called through saving himself from getting up and saving his spot on the sofa before it gets stolen again.

Rowan laughed and wrinkled his nose “Don’t think selling houses is the top of my dreams” he commented thinking how unchallenging that kind of work would be for him, what Rowan did for work depending on whether you counted his day job, where he was the CSO for Maddox industries, in charge of cybersecurity or his evening job, where he was an underground hacker. Rowan did his best to keep Wes out of the loop because he didn’t want his friend to be implicated if Rowan was ever caught by the authorities. When Wes said he wasn’t dramatic the Initia fell into a fit of laughs just because it was so dramatic of a reaction that it was just ironic at this point “Sure, Wes, whatever you say” he teased with a shake of his head.

“Thank god” he responded as he raised the can to his lips and took a drink, Rowan wasn’t the kind of person who cared much for rules anyway “Though drinking before work probably wouldn’t be a good idea” he commented with a shrug, not that his boss would probably even notice but you know. When Wes pointed out a grey hair Rowan the Initia didn’t even flinch, just chuckled softly “Really I wouldn’t be surprised at this point” thankfully his expanded lifespan probably meant he didn’t actually need to worry about that happening for a little while yet “A bucket list huh?” he asked with a smirk “I can think of far too many things” he commented with a shake of his head, Rowan did intend to live his life once he made enough money to be comfortable “Is go in a rocket to the moon too ambitious?” he asked with an amused expression.

But some travel definitely wouldn’t go amiss, Rowan hadn’t made it out of the city for longer than a couple of days in 2 years now, he was almost itching to get out there and see something new, even if it was just another city in America, though he had to admit the thought of visiting home was certainly tempting, going back to visit all the places he knew as a child “Hey it’s not my fault that the road system literally looks the same here, at least back home you kinda know you’ve gone the wrong way” he sighed, American cities were all made up of a massive grid, it was so easy to go back to the same place and not realize. When Wes defended wearing suits Rowan pulled a face “Alright penguin man” he commented with a shrug, if it was up to Rowan he’d go to work in slacks every day.

“Yeah but the difference is that I learned from my mistakes and haven’t done it again” he jeered back at the other male, sure he was never going to have chef level skills or anything but at least he could make his own meals from scratch now, which was good for keeping a decent diet. When Wes hedged a bet that Rowan would wanna go back to having roommates a few weeks into a living alone he couldn’t really argue, the Scot actually did like having people around, even if everyone was doing different things it just felt a little less lonely somehow. The diviner however seemed to be more content with being alone, though that was to a concerning level sometimes “True, though someone’s gotta stop you from going full hermit” he teased back and shrugged.

Rowan rolled his eyes a little when Wes pressed him on the Harry Potter movies “Like you pay attention to half the movies you watch, half the time you look more bored than a brick” he didn’t really watch movies alone either because he really would just fall asleep during them. It had kinda become a habit for the two of them though, something they could do that didn’t require too much thinking, the other common one was playing on the games console, usually some kind of mindless shooter that you didn’t have to think too hard about. Heading into the kitchen he opened the fridge and blinked, unable to see what Wes was talking about before he realized they were in the drawer, he pulled it open grabbing a mountain dew and an energy drink, that ought to stop him falling asleep right? “Did you really hide your sugary drinks from yourself?” he teased as he flopped back down on the couch and held out the can towards Wes.

Maybe his idea of Rowan selling houses was a good idea seeing his reaction to his idea. Making Wes laugh at him. “You never know, yet it’ll mean that you’ll have to wear suits daily” He added, shitting down his idea. “I think I may start to look for another job soon, starting to get bored with all this free time. Still haven’t figured out what I’m good at” Looking at it now all this free time Wes had wasn’t good for him. Leaving Wes with his own thoughts was not a good thing for people like him. Wes was grateful for how much Rowan came over to hang out so often. Even if he complained how he ate all his food and took over his own apartment from him, Wes was still grateful. A distraction from how messed up his life was. “Shut up” Wes glared at the Scott, throwing a nearby pillow right at him. Trying to shut him up from laughing at him. Never admitting that Rowan was right, always in deep denial.

“You know drinking so many energy drinks daily is not good for you, all the sugar and crap that they put in them” Sounding like a judgmental person yet considering how much coffee Wes drinks and take outs he has hoping that Rowan wouldn’t point that out. “Depends on what type of work it is, again what do you do for your job?” He asked cocking his head looking over to him, always forgetting what he does for a living. If he could remember right it was always something different each time he had asked. Wes thought it was bit strange but just shook it off.  Even his grey comment made no reaction from him at all, making Wes think he was getting rusty at his insults. Or he needed to get better ones. Bucket list was something Wes started to think and look into. Since with everything going on with his sister it made reality sink in almost. With the constant pushings coming from the doctors, Wes started to think of coming up with a list. Rowan’s comment of taking a rocket to the moon made him sn***** shaking his head knowing it was a typical thing for him to say. “Keep dreaming” He joked sarcastically winking to him knowing that the last thing that he was, was an astronaut.

“I would say we could both go on a road trip sometime but this time with better planning or none at all. Making it out as we go. It would end up in two ways total chaos when they end up in middle of nowhere or a good road trip. “You go the wrong way down the road anyways” He pointed out reminding him, every time Wes let him drive he always had to remind him to move onto the other side of the road. Having a few near death experiences in the last few years. “Not to mention always driving on the other side” Wes added still making comments about his driving yet his own wasn’t that great. Full Hermit wasn’t exactly the full way that he was going but it was getting near to it. Lately Wes had been heading towards the idea of seeking help for all his deep problems that he’d been struggling with himself. Yet he didn’t know what others would think if he’d open up to how much he’d been struggling. Always worried for what others would think of him. Wes was a Dark Diviner, a powerful being. He shouldn’t be weakened by his emotions, in a way it showed how he was still part human after all.

“You must go nearly full hermit too, so it’s not just me” He joked drinking nearly all of his drink trying to energize him enough to get him get him through the movies. Feeling already half asleep, lately his sleep patterns have been all messed up. With a few hours of sleep each night, the tossing and turning. “At least I make it all the way through the movie” Yet truthfully he found himself getting bored or tired. It was why he prefered binge watching tv shows rather than movies. Both bad as each other. “Do you wanna watch another one or move onto something else. Play couple games of Fifa before you have to head to work” He offered to change it up but way telling him that he was starting to get bored of Lord Of The Rings. It wasn’t his favorite but he knew it was one of Rowan’s so he didn’t want to tell him he didn’t like it. Whilst leaning back in the sofa, feeling himself starting to fall asleep. Not being able to help it but woken up. “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t?” He teased back, taking the mountain dew from him. “Cheers” Opening and sipping it feeling the cold refreshing taste. “So you going to tell me the reason reason why your here mopping about. Don’t say that it’s for you checking up on me. I know there’s something else?” He interjected turning the conversation into a more serious one, giving his friend a look of he’s waiting to hear it all.

“Yeah I don’t do suits, if I wanted to wear suits I would have aimed much much higher” he chuckled, if had put his efforts into a business degree he could have definitely been a CEO of some company if he wanted to. But the truth was Rowan didn’t want to put that much work in when he knew there were far easier ways to get large amounts of money, that was what had brought him to hacking. A lot of the stuff he did was in a grey area of the law though and he tried his best not to let his friend know too much about it because if he ever did get caught he wanted everyone close to him to have plausible deniability. “You’re good at looking like everyone around you has pissed you off, maybe you should try private security” having a dark diviner protecting you would definitely be a perk too. When Wes threw a pillow at him he paused for a moment a little startled before he started laughing into the pillow and using it to muffle it a little but he said nothing more on the topic.

“I am aware of that, I’m also aware of the fact that I eat damn salads and protein shakes all the damn time in the week and I’m earned the odd cheat” the scot rolled his eyes and shrugged, he didn’t eat or drink perfectly, sue him. When Wes asked him what he did the Initia shrugged his shoulders, he avoided going into specifics at all costs with the diviner so he wasn’t surprised to hear him ask for a recap “I’m a cybersecurity expert” he responded with a shrug of his shoulders, that was one way to sum it up, he just didn’t include the part about him being able to crack and tear apart said security. Rowan did have a lot of plans for his life though, he planned on cleaning up and becoming a better person than he was now, once he had the money he just wanted to live his life, get around to doing all those things you tell yourself you’ll do one day when you have the means. He wanted to experience life and walk away from it one day glad for the things he had done “Well that’s the kinda the point of a bucket list isn’t it, doing the almost but not quite impossible” or maybe he just thought bigger than most.

Rowan smiled as he thought about the idea of a road trip, while neither of them was great at directions the very idea of wandering and having no fixed destination actually sounded really fun, they could stop anywhere they wanted to and see and experience whatever they found along the way “It would definitely be an adventure either way” the Scot commented with a gentle laugh, Wes could really use some fun and so could he. But he did have the feeling the other male probably wouldn’t be able to afford a trip with his lack of work right now “It’s not my fault that Americans insist on driving on the wrong side of the road” he commented with an exasperated sigh, when you learned everything one way and then suddenly had to things all backwards it really screwed with your mind “I don’t see you offering to do the driving though” Rowan commented with a judgmental look towards the other male, he was definitely blowing the mistakes he made out of proportion which only further cemented his earlier comment about being dramatic.

“On occasion but everyone needs alone time or they end up wanting to strangle people” a few people at work came to mind as he said that but he quickly shrugged it off with a roll of his shoulders. Rowan hadn’t been paying much attention to what was on the screen if he was honest, just gotten himself comfy and enjoyed sitting in silent company, he wouldn’t admit it out loud but sometimes he just liked being around someone else, someone else that wouldn’t pressure him to talk so he could just be. He glanced over to the other male and shrugged “I could go for a few rounds of Fifa” he commented with a shrug, he couldn’t and never could play football to save his own life but digital football was strangely addictive. Rowan cracked open his can of drink and took a long drink of it as he sat back down next to Wes. When the male called him out for his visit the Initia grimaced, was it that obvious? “I met a girl” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders as he hid behind the can of drink as though it could save him from what he was about to say next “And I really fucked it up already” he commented and shrugged, he guessed he just wanted to be reminded he could have ordinary and not totally complicated relations with other people.


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