Rowan found himself standing at the windowpane staring at the city skyline out the apartment window. It was a grey day in Evermore city, the wind was blowing hard, causing the trees to rustle and sway erratically and the rain came down in sheets, soaking everything and making the whole day feel just a little miserable. It was a Saturday and for once the Scot didn't find himself with much other to do than stare out the window. Davis was out working as his job schedule didn't come with 9 to 5 hours which left the male alone in what felt like a very large apartment.

He could have climbed back into bed and wasted the day away with his laptop, read some boards, watch some YouTube videos but the very thought caused him to pull a face, he hated feeling like he was wasting time away, it was one of his pet peeves, unlike some people he wasn't going to live forever and therefore every day mattered. With a sigh he wandered out of his room grabbing his wallet and keys from the counter before he put on his lace up boots and a jacket which was hanging up by the doors. There was only one course of action on days when Rowan felt like this, it was a no brainer really.

Climbing down the stairs of the high rise apartment building he exited to the under croft before finding and unlocking his car and climbing inside. He drove down the road to the local grocery store before heading inside and picking up a few different things from around the store, mostly junk but sometimes you just needed a little junk food in your life. After paying for his items he headed back out to his car and set course the familiar route.

A 20 minute drive later and he was pulling up outside Wes' apartment building, parking on the road outside and putting his hood on his coat up as he stepped out into the dreary fall weather. He didn't really have any doubt that Wes would be there, he tended to be there most of the time, in fact Rowan was pretty sure if he didn't keep checking up on him that Wes would stop going out when he wasn't forced to all together. Walking quickly he ducked his head as he walked up to the entrance hall of his friend's apartment and waved to the attendant before continuing to walk.

Once he was inside he moved down the familiar route to his friend's apartment and knocked three times on the door. After a few moments without an answer he shrugged and let himself in with the spare key he had been given. Without so much of a word he walked through the hall setting down his bag of snacks on the counter before he called out "Wes I'm hanging out here for the afternoon, I brought snacks for the privilege" he chuckled leaving the bag where it was and heading into the lounge are to find where his friend was hiding.

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Wes still hadn't figured out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Like many other people he was one of the ones who found themself in a constant frozen state. At crossroads not knowing which one to take. It’s been the same for Wes for last few decades. Watching as everybody else had it all figured out whilst for him it was different. Maybe it was why Wes always pushed Natalie his sister to pursue her dreams and careers. Not wanting her to end like him. A deadweight. Someone who was nobody. Pushing away any jobs that comes his way thinking that they weren’t right. Now it’s all coming full circle. For Wes wanting to find a job of somesort. Yet he didn’t know where to start. Not wanting to keep on doing nothing for each day that pasts. “I’ve never been good at keeping any job” He joked pointing out a truth something that Rowan knew, that he never stuck to any jobs even during the time that they’ve been friends. Hearing the Scotts idea of a career choice for him, Wes didn’t know whether to feel insulted or keen on the idea at the same time. “Jeez mate remind me never to make you my wingman” He muttered rolling his eyes at his friend shooting him a look that was his typical ‘pissed off’ usual face. “Yet you are kind of right with that idea, I do have combat and martial arts training behind me” He stated, Wes was always quit skilled in any sort of training that was thrown his way. Many of his teachers and trainers back at the Diviner compound always commented how he was always skilled at it. Mostly because Wes always used and pushed through his anger into it. Way of his anger and darkness coming out but not hurting anyone in the process. Or not so much. Maybe it was one of the reasons why Wes was chosen to be Necromancer whilst his sister for Fae, one was dark and the other was light. Throwing the pillow at Rowan he could hear the laughing that followed a mile away even through a pillow. “Next time I’ll aim at your head”

“A cheat days always roll into a cheat week, something that everyone knows but never want to admit” He joked continuing to provoke him because simply he could and felt like it. Wes continued to eat the snacks that Rowan had brought round for the both of them. His own diet wasn’t a healthy one, mostly the reason because he couldn’t cook. Finding it easier to buy precooked stuff plus snacks to fill him up. “Did you want to order pizza or something because you got to go off to work?” Wes offered looking over to him before opening up the ordering app on his phone. If they were having a cheat day they should do it right. Both of them spent the last few hours watching Lord Of The Rings trilogy, needing some more refill to bring them up from their have dead state. Wes was curious hearing Rowan tell him about his job. Looking at it, it did make sense. Remembering from the lines of him being told it before, yet it was something Wes didn’t really understand. “Want to help reconfigure out my computer system one time” He mused taking hold of the opportunity, paying back from all the food and drinks that he’s taken from him. “Everybody knows that the impossible is real you just got to be ambitious to seek it” Yet he was quite sure that a lot of people put on their bucket lists were impossible for it not being real, too expensive or not enough time. Wes just kept up the procade that it was to back up his statement a little  

Both them always enjoyed a road trip like any other people. Way of escaping from the world. Going to another place where no one else knows you. To have fun and let loose a little. If it was a drunken road trip to vegas or somewhere. Or it it was a road trip just for adventure. Knowing that they’ll be many more adventures ahead of them. “If in doubt google maps will be there to save the day” He teased for Rowan’s bad navigational skills came into place. “We drive on right side of the road, you just drive on the wrong side” A constant argument between people from other countries, one where nobody is the winner. “I hate driving, it’s just too tiring. Plus driving in the city gives me stress and anxiety” Wes groaned admitly, sighing too leaning back in sofa. One to avoid in places especially during rush hour was something Wes never did learning a long time ago from his mistakes. “Yet i'd prefer it any day to your driving, with how many near misses we’ve had over the years” He concluded ending the topic almost cause both of them knew none of them would win it.

Fifia or other games was a way for anyone to rewind both could be good or bad. Depending up who wins or loses. “You ready for me to kick your ass on Fifa” He grinned continuing to tease Rowan like they did at the start of each match. Wes went to turn on the playstation, connecting and setting it up ready to start the game. So each of them could choose which team they wanted. Wes could sense that Rowan was hiding something from him, now he was right in it all. Turning to look over to the male he raised a brow curious to hear more of all he was keeping from her. “I knew it!” He boasted, cheering a little before hearing how Rowan already screwed it up. “What did you do?” Shooting him a look that he was waiting for him to explain it all, knowing on Rowan he must of done something stupid or something. Knowing all what he was like with flirting and trying to pick up woman.

Rowan had been friends with Wes for a long time and knew Natalie quite well too, he knew how much his friend worried about her now that she was in a coma, he spent so much time in the hospital looking out for her in the first few months that he barely managed to keep up with anything else and frankly, Rowan would be an idiot not to recognize how down on the world Wes was. The Scot didn’t really bring it up or try and make him talk about it because he knew he’d get shut down but Rowan always made sure to check up on him, ensure he was eating properly and sometimes even attempt to get him out of the house. It had mixed success but he hoped the other male knew he would always be there for him “I could ask around and see if there’s anything interesting going around” he knew a lot of people, including a couple of recruiters so you never know. Really it filled Rowan with some relief that Wes still seemed to be semi-interested in going back to work.

Rowan chuckled when Wes clapped back at him for the suggestion of a job role, okay that could definitely be taken the wrong way but really he just thought Wes gave the impression of someone you didn’t mess with which made him great for security as a lot of the job was just being a bold presence “See, plus it’ll probably be flexible if you go into contracting, you can take the jobs you wanna do and turn down the ones you don’t” Rowan had done a lot of contractor work in his days and he definitely favored it, being your own boss was nice and you got to have full control over the work you were doing. Wes needed some control over his life, the Initia believed that for sure, he’d spent too much time just being a slave to the things that happened and not rising to it. The Scot didn’t want to push too hard on him though, he knew how hard everything he was dealing with must be and he had seen him trying to make more effort lately.

Rowan chuckled at the mention of cheat days and weeks, he was right, you gave into junk food once and you gave in over and over again, he tried his best to eat well and often cooked his own meals nowadays, even shared them with Davis on occasion “I should really stop eating so much crap, don’t wanna get out of shape” he chuckled as he eyed Wes “You know you don’t look half bad for someone who never leaves the house” he teased with a laugh, maybe he had good metabolism. At the mention of pizza though, Rowan instantly leaned over to look at Wes’ screen and pointed out the one he wanted “I think you’re a bad influence on me” he teased with a laugh, though he didn’t really mind that much, Rowan was very busy lately and hadn’t had the chance to catch up with his friend as often as usual so spending the afternoon together seemed like a nice break. Hearing Wes ask about his computer the Scot laughed “I could definitely set you up with a pretty sweet gaming kit” he chuckled softly, his own PC was pretty powerful and could play pretty much run any game on the highest graphics setting “Though I prefer the coding side, much more fun” he wiggled his eyebrows.

Wes was right though, if you ever got truly lost then you could just use Google maps to bail yourself out of a tough situation, though Rowan was likely to screw that up too, always missing the turnings it told him to take or getting in the wrong lane and not being able to get over in time to follow instructions, it was a whole mess really. “Yeah well it’s what I’m used to” he jested back and rolled his eyes “You’ll be thanking me if we ever go on a trip to the UK” he insisted with a chuckle “Or India” he added, though he probably would be really insane if he tried to drive in India, America’s straight highways were struggle enough “Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of driving either but someone has to pick up the slack” he teased back and elbowed his friend in the side “You’re in a feisty mood today” he grinned over at the other male “Did you get some good news?” though they always picked on one another, was kinda their thing, he imagined strangers overhearing their conversation would think they hated each other sometimes.

The Initia wasn’t really that great at gaming, which was probably a surprise considering what he did for a living but he much preferred movies or reading most of the time, still, playing a few rounds of a game with Wes was a good way to let off steam and pass the time, neither of them were big talkers so they preferred to have something to keep them occupied between the conversation “At this point it wouldn’t surprise me” he admitted with a laugh “You really gotta get out more Harte” he joked as his eyes moved to the screen and he selected a team, when the match started he got to playing, though it was pretty clear quickly that Rowan hadn’t played in a long time and was a little clunky with the controls. Hearing Wes’ excitement over figuring out Rowan was hiding something almost made the Scot want to hide his face in his hands out of shame because he knew he would ask more “I gave her a fake name, long story but she thinks I’m called Joseph Smith and now I’m gonna have to stand her up” which was a pain because he actually really liked her and felt like they had this upfront connection he couldn’t explain. He let out a frustrated sigh just as Wes scored on the game “Besides she’s so out of my league it isn’t even worth talking about” he admitted. She was the deputy and likely soon to be mayor of Evermore and he was some tech guy.

There has not been a day in the last year or so that Wes wishes things could go back to the way they were. Back to normal. To the time when he was happy when his life wasn’t thrown upside down. Wishing that Natalie was back at home that she never even left to go and study. Thinking that maybe if she didn’t go she would never been in an accident that put her into a coma. Natatlie would of been safe and protected rather than vulnerable to the dangers of the outside world mixed up with supernatural too. Yet Wes knew that it couldn’t happen, that it’s not how things worked. However much he wanted for it to, some things couldn’t be changed. Just have to wait to see what will happen. He’d been growing so tired of waiting. Now Wes didn’t know whether it would be best for him to move on a little try to get back to some normality. With trying to get a job at least, something that will help him keep his mind occupied. So he wouldn’t be left with his dark thoughts all the time, that's the part where he struggles the most with and feeling of loneliness. It wasn’t all that bad as Rowan was often coming round keeping a check on him. If Wes didn’t have Rowan still as a friend he didn’t know what he would of done. “Cheers mate, I think it’s time for me to try to get a job” Showing that he was grateful looking forward not to look at these four walls. “You’re a good friend you know. I know that I never say it but I know how I deserve you. If I were you I would have given up on me a long time ago” He admitted truthfully to Rowan something he never thought to say but wanted for him to know he was grateful even if he may sound ungrateful and an ass most of the time. 

Wes knew he still had to figure out properly what jump he wanted to do. Not wanting to jump straight away into a full time job. It’ll all be too much for him to handle. He’d just break from all the pressure in no time. “So in a way I can always pick and choose when I want to work?” He mused a little trying to figure out what he was going to do, it's been a long time since he thought about getting into work. Even now he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do. Never being the one have their whole life planned out even now. A part of him was always worrying whether or not he’d be stuck at work or somewhere then he’d get a phone call from the hospital about Natalie then he’d not manage to get back to the hospital in time. That was one of his main fears he’s been having ever since everything that's happened with his sister. It was the reason why at the start Wes decided to quit his job, dropping everything almost. Now he could see it was a bad decision with all the free time spent alone with his thoughts that was the more danger for him.  

Teasing Rowan for his food choices was an easy way for Wes to dig into him, trying to make him feel bad for eating junk food like today. “Especially as your getting older too, harder to lose weight and all” Wes piped up a little yet very sure he was some years older than him yet he wasn't going to tell him that. “Sometimes I forget to eat” The days when he didn’t feel like getting up, struggling with his own problems. Forgetting about doing the way to day things to look after himself, he knew it was a bad think. Trying to be better, to do better. Slowly yet surely. “We’re a bad influence on each other, you know” A smirk appeared on his lips seeing Rowan looking over to what pizzas they were to choose. Yet he easily was able to guess what Rowan was going to choose since they ordered take away quite regular. For the days or nights where they just wanted a movie or tv show marathon. “Set me up with whatever you think is best” He suggested knowing too well if it was a gaming kit it’ll be more for the two of them rather than just himself. 

By now Wes had learnt his lesson of not to trust Rowan with directions with any sort in general. Having found both of themselves in sticky situations of being stuck somewhere where Wes had given Rowan the job of giving directions whilst he drove. “Like seriously how do you not figure out that we were going the wrong way, how do you get two places mixed together” Wes groaned yet now he was laughing about how their road trips turned more into an adventure one. Trying to get to a place to find out when nearly there it was completely the wrong one. Partly his fault too for not noticing himself yet he was the one driving. “We’re not going to India well not driving if we do” Rolling his eyes a little quickly cutting Rowan off from his crazy idea not exactly wanting to die whilst trying to explore a city whilst driving. “Maybe I’ll rather walk instead” He pointed out simply. “Nahh there’s no news” Shaking his head quickly dismissing anything not giving Rowan’s any false hope. Yet at the same time he didn’t know to come clean to him that he’d decide to go and seek help for his depression and anxiety. Never wanting to Rowan to worry about him knowing that he had other things going on in his life not needing to look after him. 

As the Fifa match started to play Wes found himself concentrating more on the game, trying to watch the screen whilst using the controls to play it. Always needing to focus more to he wouldn’t lose focus and loose. “We could always place bets on who wins or something” He suggested but it’ll be more of a bous for him knowing how much Rowan sucks at games in general. “I do get out, a little bit but still” Shooting him a glare trying to mess with him not telling him the sole reason why he’d found himself getting out more and more. For the last few weeks or so Wes knew and could see that Rowan was hiding something from him. Always seeing how his friend was in deep thought, pinning about something yet he’d never been able to figure it out till now when he’s caved in trying to find out. Wes decided to pause the game so he could hear clearly all that's gone on with Rowan’s secret. Watching as Rowan put his head in his hands, face turning red with embrasement. Wes almost choked a little hearing that Rowan given a girl a fake name. “You did not.. Seriously” Confusion spread across his face but seeing that Rowan wasn’t lying. “Dude why did you give her a fake name. Please say you didn’t make up a whole fake life too?” At least Wes knew he’d never made such as big mess up as him. “But she’s still something if she’s always on your mind right?” Raising a brow trying to give him relationship advice even if it was something that foreign to him. “If you have her number try to call her, meet up with her then come clean and explain your mess up. You never know what may happen” Not wanting him to give up. 

Rowan had to admit he was really glad to see Wes having a little more drive to him nowadays, he has seemed a lot like the energy and excitement had been taken from him for a long time and the Scot couldn’t really blame him considering what had happened to Natalie. Rowan had known Nat before she fell into the coma and she was definitely a bright and kind soul and he felt for his friend being without her for so long. Still, he could sit around doing nothing forever and he was sure Wes knew that. Saying what you should do and actually doing it were two very different things though. He clicked his tongue and laughed when Wes complimented him “Oh come on, who would rip on me constantly the way you do” he teased with a laugh, truthfully he’d known Wes for a long time and he was a good friend, he didn’t give up on people just because they were having a hard time “Besides, who else’s fridge would I raid” he grinned a little giving a more serious tone “I’m always gonna have your back, Wes, there’s no if or buts to it” he nudged him slightly.

“Yeah exactly, that way if something comes up then you don’t have to answer to anyone and can reschedule if needed” he tilted his head “Downside is that you gotta wait for work to be available but considering how much free time you have right now, can’t be so bad” his job was 9-5 but he kinda hoped he could get something more flexible one day, the dream goal would be to run his own business but that took money he didn’t have so, for now, he was keeping his head down and trying to earn a little from hacking on the side. “I figure you don’t wanna be too far away from Nat huh?” he raised his brows as he looked over at him, at least, that’s what he assumed was Wes’ reason for staying off work for so long, he knew his friend was passionate and driven so it definitely wasn’t for lack of want.

He shot the diviner a quick glare and then rolled his eyes when he teased him about growing older “I work out like crazy I’ll have you know” he’d never had the best shape in the whole world but lately he had definitely been working harder than normal to upkeep his physique, mostly to balance out the fact that he wasn’t exactly the most healthy eater there was “I know you do” he responded when he spoke about forgetting to eat “Why do you think I demand you eat with me so much” he admitted but didn’t make a big deal out of it, simply shrugging his shoulders, he tried not to step on his toes too much and he didn’t make him talk about things he clearly didn’t want to but Rowan tried his best to be there when he needed him and generally be someone he could turn to. “I’d argue that we’re also a good influence on one another” he laughed gently “We’re all each other really has right now” Rowan didn’t have a lot of friends and was generally a pretty standoffish person so anyone who could tolerate him was important.

Rowan definitely wasn’t good with directions, or Geography, in general, to be honest, he could just about manage with the highway in American but when it came to roundabouts, junctions and winding country roads back home he really was hopeless “I mean I don’t recall you remember we were heading in the wrong direction either” he grumbled and crossed his arms knowing he was never living that one down, who knew there were places with the same name so close together. “Most people cabs in India, though I’m not sure they’re that much safer considering the traffic” he shrugged his shoulders a little, frankly he wouldn’t cope with the heat, he absolutely hated being too hot and would always complain whenever the temperature got above 25 degrees. “Damn” he responded to the update of no news and pressed his lips together a little disappointed “Well that’s better than bad news at least” he bit his lip “I miss her” he admitted with a slight nod of his head.

He was playing the game but he wasn’t really trying that hard to win, he was more of a strategist kind of gamer rather than just playing fast-paced games, though it felt like a good way to pass the time and Wes seemed to enjoy playing it. He leaned back making himself comfortable against the pillows “Oh come on, you play this game constantly, we both know I don’t stand a chance” he chuckled softly and focused his eyes on the screen while they talked “You’ve been getting out more lately, I was shocked when I showed up and you weren’t here the other night, outside of hospital visiting hours” he raised his brows curiously as he glanced over at him, it definitely seemed like they both had more going on in their lives lately.

He swallowed when he saw the game pause and he glanced over at the diviner guiltily because he now knew he was into full pry mode. The Scot sighed in frustration, if he’d known how that night would play out he never would have shown up undercover, to be honest, he probably wouldn’t have showed up at all and saved himself the trouble he was now in “I was posing as someone else at the party I met her, wasn’t like I could blow my cover just cause a girl smiled at me” he grunted in frustration “She’s definitely something” he spoke wistfully and ran his tongue over his bottom lip “I don’t think she wants to hear from me, frankly if she finds out why I was there I get the feeling she might get me arrested” he grimaced, Wes knew Rowan was into hacking but he was doubtful he knew quite how deeply “Just gonna keep my head down and hope like hell I can get her face out of my head” he sighed defeatedly.

Wes knows too well that he takes a lot of things in his life for granted. Too blind and oblivious to see all that he’s got in front of him. Forgetting all the good things he has still in his life. Even with how upside down and low he’s life have gotten lately. Wes still had things to look forward to each day even if they were small and simple things. Normally being the one who tries to push everyone in his life away, pushing away all the help given to him. Wes knew people were just trying to help, looking out for himself. Lately he’d been finding himself more of an outsider from his own coven, with pushing himself further away choosing not to accept their help. Yet somehow there was still on person he haven’t managed to push away. Even with his pestistened moaning and complaining. Nowadays Wes constant complaining was just simply ignored by Rowan. Lately he’s not been so bad trying to make an effort and look after himself. Remembering back to the first group support meeting he had gone to, where self care was the main topic during it. Another thing he kept from his friend, just not wanting him to worry about him any more. “Don’t you have a roomate? He could easily take the spot away from me?” Wes reminded him yet he was finding Rowan spending more time here in his apartment rather than his own that he shared with someone else. “To have my back and my food. Guess that's the constellation prize right?” He teased nudging him back almost reminding himself that he’d need to stock up on food with how much they can get through during tv or movie marathons. 

Going or trying to get back into work was something he was bit unsure of. Wes never have been the type of person to stick to one job more of the person with many skills. Always too indecisive not figuring out what career they wanted to do. “I don’t know man, it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about getting back into work” He admitted looking a bit worried for a moment part of him was stressed by thinking about it. Yet part of him knew that Rowan was right he couldn’t exactly sit around at home each day doing nothing. With the mention of his sister another reason why he chose to quit his day job just in case something happened. “I always thought that she’d wake up straight away and life could go back to how it was. Back to normal but now as more time passed I don’t know” His fears and worries always lead back to his sister blaming himself for letting her leave the city in the first place, then she wouldn’t have been in an accident in the first place. Wes knew he couldn’t go back and change the past by too worry for the future. Always looking on the negative side of things is another reason why he was chosen by the dark rather than the light during his own choosing ceremony many years ago. 

“You say that but I don’t see much progress on that front. Maybe it’s all hidden behind those buttoned up shirts and jumpers” He teased back cockily just to annoy Rowan knowing how he says his own fashion sense was too boring and bland whilst his friends was too nerdy. “It's cheaper not to eat plus I’m not really the best at cooking. Yet he knew that was no excuse why he skip or forget to eat some meals. “You eat like a pig though” Wes pointed out referring to the bag of crisps Rowan quickly scoffed down even before the first movie had finished. Knowing that during a movie at the cinema it’ll come to when the adverts are on and half the bucket of popcorn is gone then he’ll complain during the movie how he’s still hungry because he ate it all. Whilst for himself he’d managed to make his own popcorn or sweets last the whole movie but by the end of it he normally ends up sharing it. Wes knew that Rowan was right in saying that they were all each other had at the moment, he knew that he doesn’t show it often but he is grateful. “Who would have thought that we'd end up as Best Friends huh?” He teased nudging the Scot almost forgetting when they became friends, it felt like such a long time ago.

As the conversation turned back to driving he often wondered how exactly Rowan managed to pass his driving test at least. With the whole driving on opposite site he’s supposed to, not knowing any road signs or directions. “I was trying to concentrate on driving with you trying to shove the phone right in my face but in the end you got out the massive pull out map” He complained remembering the growing pain and annoyance from that day. Swearing that they’d never go on a road trip again but that didn’t last long, choosing the take charge of the directions instead. “We’re not in India so” Not knowing why he was given the random fact, barely able to trust the two of them driving in America let alone a country on the other side of the world. “It’s a supernatural mystery” The only way some doctors were referring to it as. “Don’t we all” He added sounding sad but he knew he couldn’t mope around forever knowing his sister wasn’t dead. 

With all the free time he’d had to himself lately he’d been finding himself adding more and more to his gaming collection. Playing and completing missions on different games. Competing against other people online either on Fifa or old Call of Duty games. Finding it more than easy to beat and win up against Rowan. Thinking he wasn’t even trying. “You need to stop thinking too much into the game, how much you stare at the screen watching the players as each one moves” The trick was to look at the ball on the pitch rather than the players around something he’d learnt. With the mention of him because caught getting out of the house more regular outside of visiting hours of the hospital, Wes froze for the moment. Not knowing whether to come clean and mention that he’d started to go to support meetings and groups for people who struggle with anxiety and depression. Not wanting for him to worry or think of him any different. Finding himself spending more time hanging around with Kal and getting to know him better. All was still early days not knowing where anything was going, he weren’t even 100% sure Kal was interested in him.

“Umm I’ve been trying to get out more, get fresh air” Knowing it sounded like the worst excuse but he knew the conversation wouldn’t go any further into. Turning and changing it around to Rowan’s love life instead able to figure out what he’d been hiding from him. Or exactly who he’d been hiding. Listening in he wondered why on earth made his friend think that it was a good idea to give a fake name to a woman or anything in fact. It was never going to end well. “Just come clean well for the whole fake name thing but not the real reason why you were there in the first place” Trying to give him some advice already able to hear and tell that she made a big enough impact on him for him to be moping around. Wes knew that Rowan was into the whole illegal hacking thing, always telling him to not get caught. “Try to track her down, go and talk to her. Make her see the real you and not this ‘John Smith’ person” Not letting him give up on her just yet. 

“Yeah I’m rooming with one of my students” he laughed and wrinkled his nose at the idea of Davis taking Wes’ place “Don’t get me wrong I really like the guy but he hadn’t known me for literally longer than I can remember” Rowan actually couldn’t even remember how long ago him and Wes had met, it felt like forever if he was honest. “See, giving up your food doesn’t seem so bad when you know what it’s worth right” he chuckled mischievously and tilted his head slightly, he did worry a little about Wes’ financial situation though, considering he hadn’t been working since Nat got into the hospital. “Well just think about it, maybe having something to motivate you will do you good” especially if it was something he could learn and study, though he wasn’t sure what exactly would fit Wes when it came to work.

“Yeah me too” he admitted as he glanced at the other male, they had always been a pair, him and Nat, always teasing one another and being playful, they depended on one another more than each would probably admit and it really was strange for him to see Wes without her. “Well you know she’d be kicking your ass for not getting up off it” he teased softly and smiled, always a go-getter was Natalie, he’d always liked that about her. “She’s gonna wake up one day and expect you to explain what happened in the meantime” he nodded sharply and she would be mad if the answer was nothing “As much as I’m stubborn and want to prove you wrong, I’m not taking my shirt off” he laughed it off and shrugged but he eyed him with some concern as he talked about skipping meals, he didn’t want to lecture his friend so he shrugged “I have a pretty handy cookbook that has some very basic meals, things you don’t have to think too hard about”.

“True” he responded to the diviner’s teasing and sighed “But I make up for it in at least an hour of cardio after work and then a walk before it” considering how much walking he did he was starting to wonder if he should get a dog so he had some company while doing so “Who would have thought indeed” he teased and nudged him back with his shoulder. They got one another in a way that was hard to explain, they looked after one another but never really pushed it too far or forced the other to say more than was necessary. “I remember getting damn nauseous just trying to figure out which way the damn thing went up” directions had never been his strong suit, he would admit that much but it was a pretty funny memory to look back on now he supposed.

“I hate the fact that those two words are in the same sentence” the supernatural was complicated enough, without having to add on the idea of something being related to it and unexplainable. Seemed the way when it came to diviners, their magic was much less structured than Initia magic, which could get confusing very quickly if you weren’t a diviner yourself. He missed Nat, he really did, which meant he couldn’t even imagine how Wes must feeling considering how close they had always been, in that respect it was impressive that the other male managed to cope at all. His tips for playing games were probably useful but honestly, he was more into building them and thinking about the mechanics that went into them than he was actually playing them. His favorite kind of games were strategy ones where you had to think 20 steps ahead in order to beat your opponent, he liked playing the odd game of chess for that reason “Your reflexes are pretty much unparalleled” he teased with a laugh “Maybe you should look at going pro and bringing in money that way, or stream on Twitch” he wasn’t sure how reliable that would be for work but Wes wasn’t earning right now anyway so who could it hurt.

He didn’t miss the way Wes seemed to panic when he mentioned the fact he had been out the other night which only made the Scot more curious about where he was and the very poor excuse he gave almost made Rowan laugh, he tilted his head to the side a little “Fresh air huh?” he asked with a curious quirk of his brow “Your neighbor mentioned you hadn’t been around for a couple of hours, that’s an awful long walk” he snickered and tapped his own nose slightly “Don’t worry, I’ll let you have your secrets” though he was definitely on his case now and would be keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior. Quickly the subject was turned back around on him and his royal fuck up with Giselle though “Yes well I won’t have any trouble tracking her down” he spotted a newspaper on the table a grabbed it, pointing to the “Evermore City’s New Mayor” article and giving an exasperated sigh hoping Wes understood why things weren’t all that simple now “Pretty sure she’ll call her security on me the moment she sees me” he bit his lip slightly “I’m gonna lay low and just hope the world doesn’t hate me enough to cause a chance encounter” wishful thinking probably but it was the best he had.

For himself he’d been without a roommate for what felt like a long time, since Natalie had been in hospital. Just been him and himself. Wes had thought about it a few times to look for a roommate but he knew he couldn’t part with changing anything with Natalie’s room or the apartment around. Wanting it to be left the same for when she gets all better and comes home. Still hopeful, looking on the positive side of it all. Ignoring what all his fellow doctors are telling him, wanting to keep her on the ventilator for long as it takes till she wakes up. Not giving up hope. Wes knew that Rowan was not all that fond of him having his students as his roommate. He would feel the same if he had a student medic living with him then turning the conversation back to work rather than just normal social conversations. “I would hate if that happened to me” He chuckled a little. “Hey, if you wait out your lease you can always room with me at the end of it” Wes reminded him but letting Rowan know there’s always room for him here. Seeing as he basically lives here as it is. “Or I could easily bill it all to you, make a tab and everything” Continuing to moan a little about Rowan eating all his food. “Or I could go to your apartment instead and eat your food” Wes suggested teasing him friend back. “I will look into going back and getting my job back” He admitted knowing that it was time for him to get his life back on track. Learning by now he couldn’t putting his whole life on pause in the hopes of his sister waking up any time. Wes knew it would be a lot of time and hassle to go back at work. That he’d need to go to meetings and be signed off by the well-ness comity before going back. 

Wes knew he was lucky to have Rowan as a best friend, even if he may not say it outloud but happy to have him looking out for him. Helping him get through all the bad months since the accident. “She always did moan at me when I was on my day off or after I finished a late shift and I’ll just be on the sofa not bothering to get up from it” Habit of being too lazy to get up from the sofa when he didn’t need to but he knew it wasn’t a good thing. “Beating you at any game” Wes added but he knew that Rowan was right if Natalie was to wake and find he’d just been wasting his life waiting she’d be mad at him. Almost giving him a wake up call just took him awhile to realize it. Back in the days they would have eating competitions to see who was able to eat the most in the quickest time. Wes was always the one who won with Rowan failing or calling it quits before time was over. Now Rowan was more on a health kick since neither of them were getting any younger. “And try not to burn the kitchen down either?” He chimed in teasing him almost giving him a look of does he trust him to cook for himself and it not to end in disaster. 

“Cardio?” Looking confused to Rowan’s idea of a work out. “Don’t old people walk around the block after a big meal?” What happened to the days of going to a gym then spending it on the treadmill or lifting weights. If he was to work out that what he would do or spend an hour running. “We’re like an old married couple now” They bicker a lot but it’s all just jokes nothing serious or hurtful. “Just don’t become a tour guide or let me put you in charge of a map of any sort again” Not wanting to end up in the middle of nowhere again bad enough once not wanting it become another. He’d prefer to rely on a sat nav instead of Rowan’s advice on which way to go. Learning that his shortcuts weren’t actually shortcuts but deadends. 

“It's just the only thing that makes sense right now” With so much time passing he was starting to run out of ideas. Even with spending years studying medicine he’d not come to any cases like this. But not gone so far to the point of looking for cures across the world. Always believing more on the medicine side of things rather than the supernatural. Wes turned his focus back to the game they were playing on the playstation. Wanting to beat Rowan to keep up his streak which was easily done with how the Scot wasn’t that good at Fifa as he was. Hearing the suggestion of him setting up an online gaming service which makes him money at the same time made Wes laugh even at the thought of it. “I’m not one of those gaming nerds who dedicate their life to a game. Don’t get me wrong I can play all day but I know when to stop” He mused sarcastically turning down the idea. “I think I prefer to go down the route for the degree I studied for rather than video games” 

Wes was not always the best at lying, he knew he had to quickly say something even though he knew his lie would be seen through. Looking over to Rowan then quickly looking away not saying anything. “Maybe I wanted to go and see the city views” He titled his head back smirking a little trying sway away from it till he was ready to tell him. Not knowing himself what it was just yet. Wes wanted to know who's Rowan’s mysterious woman was even more so to why he messed up on it somehow. Confused to why Rowan picked up a newspaper to show him. Soon finding out that the mysterious woman was the new mayor. “Of all the people you could have chatted up and giving a fake name, you give it to the new mayor” He couldn’t help but chuckle shaking his head seeing how much he’s messed up. “You never know, maybe if you did hit off as good as you did. Maybe she’d see through the whole fake name situation you got on” Sounding hopeful. “If not if you get arrested, I can always sign you off medically unfit then put you in psych ward for 24 hours and then released. See problem solved” Although that idea might be a bit too far fetched but worse case scenario.   

He shrugged slightly “It’s actually not the worst thing that ever happened to me, least I only have to do half the house chores” living alone meant doing literally everything alone which was more of a pain than most people realized and it was hard to self-motivate because you were only letting yourself down if you didn’t do something. “You’re really on a revenge kick over the food huh?” he raised his brows questioningly but nodded a little when Wes said he was going to get his job back, he didn’t want to say it out loud but he did think it was time for the other male to get back into the real world a little.

Thinking about Natalie was bittersweet at times, it was hard because there had been so little progress over the past few months and you could feel her absence pretty much everywhere in this apartment. He was sure the medical bills were through the roof too though he preferred not to bring that part up because Wes had enough to deal with right now. He did miss her though and he knew Wes did even more. “Exactly and then she’d complain the dishes aren’t done because we all know she hates doing the dishes” he laughed softly and shook his head. He felt optimistic that she was going to wake up one day and when she did, he wanted Wes not to feel like he’d wasted his life away waiting for her. “Yeah well let me know when you start beating me at the game of life buddy” he teased it back as he squeezed his shoulder. He gave him an unimpressed look when he spoke about not burning the house down “It’s really not hard, just don’t leave the oven unattended” he gave a mock roll of his eyes.

He gave an exasperated sigh when the other male mentioned old people walking off their meals “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just insinuate I’m old, you’re not exactly a spring chicken yourself” he jested back with a shake of his head, if Wes put as much effort into work as he did teasing the Initia then he could probably get pretty far up the ladder. “Yeah well you started it, you don’t just attack people like this” he frowned at him for a moment before leaning back against the sofa though he swore he almost snapped when Wes brought up his sense of direction again “Too bad, I’m pretty sure I’d be good at making random people believe things that weren’t important, were, all day long” he snickered slightly “Coming up on your left, a couch, barely ever made because it’s inhabitant hates to leave it for any reason at all” he poked against the diviner’s shoulder and smirked.

“Yeah, I get that” he went quiet for a moment considering it, no one really understood what was wrong with Natalie, it was like something was forcing her to stay under when everything about her condition and the way she was suggested she should be awake by now. “Have you thought about trying non-medical methods?” he spoke it quietly because he was sure as a Diviner, Wes knew it could be pretty risky “At the very least, the aspect of magic is in the city, maybe if you could get an audience she could tell you if it was magic for sure” the waiting for her to miraculously open her eyes seemed to be getting less and less likely to come true by the day after all. He held his hands up somewhat defensively when Wes sarcastically shot down his idea “Alright don’t shoot, I just heard how well Twitch streamers can get paid is all” Rowan definitely thought Wes going back to the hospital was a better option though.

Rowan eyed him cautiously when he said he wanted to enjoy the city views because he was 100% sure that Wes was lying now which made him curious to know the real reason he had been out for so long. Still, he was sure if it was important enough to concern him then Wes would have told him because the two of them had always been pretty up front with one another. Wes’ comments about Giselle made him shake his head slightly in shame, definitely not his finest moment to stand up the mayor of Evermore City and it was worse because he knew who she was at the time. “Yeah well getting past the security she has to apologize might get me arrested before I get anywhere near her” he admitted and bit his lip “But I guess I’ll never know if I never try” he glanced down at his watch for a moment after their game finished, he lost spectacularly, to no one’s surprise. “I’ll consider it” he spoke with an amused shake of his head “I gotta take off to the office for a bit but let me know how it goes with the hospital” he got to his feet and groaned because he really couldn’t be bothered with work today.

Wes was surprised to how he’s flat hasn’t become like a bomb site in the last few months with being off work. Trying to keep it all clean since he knew that when Natalie comes back home to find that it was all a mess she’d give him hell. “Luckily it’s only me so I don’t have much mess to clean up” With how the living room was the main room he spent most of his time in. Going to and from to visit Natalie at the hospital was his routine by now. “I’m only doing it because how you say your on a diet now” Only doing and saying it to annoy Rowan because he could it was his job too. At the mention of him thinking of going back to work he noticed how the initia wasn’t so surprised. Knowing that was thinking that it was time but didn’t want to say anything. “You know that means less time you’ll have spending on my couch” Reminded him out of the long shift patterns of working at the ED takes with how he’d be on back to back shifts. Earlies or lates. 

He had gotten a bit lazy on the cleaning part of the dishes prefering to let them pile up till later still he had no choice but to clean them. Since it was mostly just him so he didn’t bother to wash up each time. “Well if so I'd invest in a dishwasher just in case” Smirking a little using different tactics against him to get his way. “I’ll catch up and over take you sooner or later. Just you wait” Reasuring him that he was wanting to get his life back on track once again. He knew that his sister wouldn’t want him wasting his life and career waiting for her. Even if the truth hurts he knew that what she wants for him to be happy. “I don’t leave the oven unattended thank you very much” Pretending to look hurt that he’d think he was that bad that's why he set alarms to remind him how much time was left. Avoiding any cooking accidents so far. 

It seemed that whenever they were around each other him and Rowan spent more bickering and teasing each other than anything. “You're still older so” Pointing out the truth even when he knew Rowan was right he wasn’t spring chicken anymore. With when his beard gets quite thick he tends to find a grey hairs here and there, one of the downfalls of having dark hair. Whilst Rowan was lucky in the part. He was finding his teasing comments were starting bit too far but he knew Rowan was playing along. Almost glaring at the initia hearing his comment of someone who never leaves the sofa. “Rude much” Grumbling trying to pretend to feel hurt by it when he knew Rowan was only trying to wind him up like usual. Reason why he hasn’t gone insane by now with loneliness having someone there to annoy him and never leave him any peace and quiet. 

By now all that was happening with Natalie was more of a big mystery by now. With how not even the top doctors at the hospital knew. Even himself with years of studying medicine having a doctorate he was at a loss. Wes nodded his head at Rowan’s suggestion of looking into other ways something he’s been starting to do but kept to himself. “I’ve been trying to find books and do my research into more ancient magic and spells” Yet he was getting nowhere with it thinking maybe trying to see Aspect of Magic would be the solution. To have someone who would be powerful enough to wake her up from the long sleep. Wes still didn’t like the idea of gaming as a job. “And you were commenting earlier how I never get off the sofa” Raising his brows smirking using his previous comment against him because he could. “I’ll stick to being a doctor” He commented reminding him preferring a more steady career path. 

Wes turned away not meeting the initia’s eyes as he found himself being caught out in a way of spending time away from his flat. Since it was known he never leaves apart from going to see his sister in the hospital and food shopping. He still couldn’t believe how somehow Rowan gotten himself connected and caught the eye of the mayor. “You could have chosen someone who's not the mayor to like” He marvelled sarcastically knowing that Rowan never likes to do things easy. Wes lost track of the time seeing that it was time for him to leave, with how they’ve spent the majority of the day during their binge watching like usual. “Oh yeah” Nodding his head as he got up to show him out. “I will, I’m going to go and contact the hospital try to get through with someone to get a job back. Luckily i’m on a sabbatical so my job’s safe” Explaning he was ready to get his life back on track. “Thanks for coming round” Smiling at him softly showing him out knowing he’ll be back sooner or later. 


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