The dhampir looked over to the clock on the desk, his eyes taking in the numbers that had barely moved since the last time he looked at it, 10.38pm. His head felt like a mess, a mix of emotions and thoughts he didn’t even know how to process but he supposed that’s what happened when you got bad news and were half a world away from being able to help. Jae had been trying to study, read, anything to take his mind off the fact that his mother was currently in hospital, just waiting for someone to call and tell him that he could breathe again. Instead all he found himself doing was staring at the clock, wondering how the hell he was even going to sleep, not knowing how serious it was or whether she was okay was eating up at him.

His attention was however taken by his phone buzzing, the dhampir was hopeful it was going to ring for a moment but when he unlocked it, it was just a text message saying they were still waiting for news but the doctors had informed them it was non life threatening. The male breathed a sigh of relief, though he still knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep with his mind so full of worry. He climbed to his feet, running his hand through his hair and opening his door to look out into the corridor. It was suspiciously quiet in here for a Saturday evening which made Jae wonder where Harry and Tyler were. Heading into the living quarters he was surprised to find no one there, he must have completely missed them leaving.

The dhampir pondered for a moment what he could do to distract himself, something that didn’t require so much thought and effort, something easy. It was then that the face of the fallen star entered his mind, Jae wasn’t sure that was quite as simple as he first thought anymore but he did find that Hanseol always seemed to be able to take his mind off the world in general and he hadn’t seen him since their study session in the library. He remembered watching as the red haired star left the library, a bright and innocent smile gracing his lips and how Jae had been just about as screwed as the girls who burst into laughter around him. Before he could chicken out, Jae got to his feet and pulled his phone from his pocket. He knew Hanseol would be awake because for some reason celestials seemed to stay up til stupid hours at night.

He knew it was a little crazy but much like Hanseol had wanted to share his researching with Jae, Jae figured that if anyone could make him feel better about what was happening back home it was the celestial. Grabbing his bag he slid his phone into his pocket and then locked up the apartment and followed the familiar route out of the building. Once he was out onto the streets of Evermore he flagged down a taxi before climbing into the back and telling the male the address Hanseol had given him. As he looked out of the window of the car he took in the sights of the city at night, it was kinda beautiful, watching as the lights flashed past, serene even.

Before long he arrived in the west of the city, he’d never actually been to this part of the city before, for the most part is less crowded than the rest, wide spaces and lots of green areas, it was clear that it wasn’t as densely populated as the north of the city where Jae lived. He paid the driver before climbing out, regretting not putting a coat on before he left because it was very cold on this particular winter evening. He had to admit now that he was here he felt a little nervous but he’d made it this far and honestly he really did want to see Hanseol. Rolling his shoulders back he found the place on the address and slowly made his way up towards the door.

He started to think about whether it was too late to show up and what if the celestial had company or didn’t want to see him, Jae didn’t know why he had so many doubts, they just seemed to come out of nowhere. Still after taking a long breath he reached up and pressed on the doorbell of the place. He was shocked however when the motion resulted in loud barking of dogs inside the place. Jae’s eyes widened realizing they were probably going to wake up all the neighbors, a little panicked he looked around not really sure what to do until he heard the sound of someone on the other side of the door.

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Woof! Woof! Woof! Meow!

For someone who was dubbed an animal lover and liking his current occupation as a veterinarian, even he had a hard time trying not to lose his sanity as the animals began arguing amongst themselves whilst the other part wished for attention. He hurried back and forth from the first room and the second one in the house, carrying a Pomeranian pup in his left and a hamster in his right. It’s the same inane thing that Hanseol has been doing ever since the previous unfortunate incident that took place in his clinic, where the place was undoubtedly in a need for a renovation. Due to the misfortune that befell the Celestial a few weeks ago, he had to transfer the animals he tended for, elsewhere. It was either the pound constitutional cages where he sometimes ventured to give vaccine shots and treat the animals there, or his place. The better part of him obviously chose the latter.

But obviously now, he’s starting to doubt his choices being made.

His residency offered a much more spacious space to accommodate the animals that needed home, themselves. At least, until the clinic is properly renovated and they could move back there. For now, every operation was conducted in his home. Despite the long distance from the city, his customers and clients usually took their time for their furballs, so that wasn’t a problem. He was glad his place wasn’t an apartment, or else it would’ve been very difficult to get through the procedures that usually prohibited any pets, much less operate a clinic from inside. His current place wasn’t that far off from the Celestial manor that was just above the avenue, and he didn’t have many neighbours considering it’s somewhat a distanced duration to the city and most didn’t want to waste their time getting ready early by an hour or two.

On the couch, laid Hanseol Jr who was sound asleep-- the bunny he recently renamed due to a certain dhampir telling him that it suits the male. Shaking his head at the fewer animals that seemed to be behaving, he lets out a heaved sigh before narrowing his dark mocha hues on them. “I feel like you’re mocking me.” The woof he received from the husky puppy only proved his point further. “I hate you.” He grumbled annoyedly and was about to set the Pomeranian pup down on the floor, until the ring coming from the doorbell perked his ears up. Glancing over to the clock that was hung across the living room, he frowned softly. Who in the world would visit his place so late? I mean, not his clients, at least. They know fully well he only operates on business hours, and would not dare extend it, not even for a friend. In that section, the Celestial was strictly professional.

The puppies and dogs however, started barking, as soon as they heard that. Massaging his temple briefly, he gave them a defeated look that managed to gain sympathy from the furballs. He only placed the hamster down on the counter as he made his way to the door, still holding the Pomeranian puppy in his grasp. The red haired Celestial was no longer bright haired, as he changed it back to his natural hair colour; dark brown, almost black. As the fallen star slowly fumbled with the locks from inside, he wondered who could be at the other side of the door. The moment he opened the door however, he was slightly taken aback by the silhouette of the male since he did not expect Jae to come visiting.

As if it was on cue, the Pomeranian barked cutely towards Jae, which reminded Hanseol to return to the land of living. “Jae? What are you doing here-” Until Hanseol got a glimpse of the manner of clothing the dhampir was adorning himself with, he huffed slightly and halted on his words momentarily before ushering him inside first. “Why are you not dressed warmly, get inside first.” The weather was getting a lot more colder these days as they were starting to transition into February. Closing the door behind him, he placed the puppy on the floor before inviting the dhampir to take a seat. However, his house was a literal mini zoo. “Right, so sorry about all the mess with animals.. They had to go somewhere and I didn’t want to lock them away in any rooms.” He said as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Now that Jae thought about it, he didn’t really know how he was going to explain why he was here, he wasn’t sure he fully understood that himself, there was just something about Hanseol that always seemed to settle his mind, made everything feel like it made sense for a while. He hadn’t really had the chance to prepare to say anything as he’d just gone ahead and pressed the doorbell so when Hanseol opened the door, Jae looked a little dumbfounded. The first thing he heard was the very non threatening bark which caused a laugh to escape his lips, he covered it by giving the celestial a soft smile before his attention was taken to the little dog he was holding, he gasped softly in reaction, pulling a face that could only described as awe.

When Hanseol asked him why he was here, Jae was about to make up some excuse but then the male cut himself off as he looked the dhampir over “It was a bit of a snap decision” he protested, though it had definitely been a mistake, it was absolutely freezing out here and he could literally feel the heat flowing from the celestial’s home. Well he wasn’t going to argue with him and so he stepped inside, glad for the warmth which now surrounded him. Absentmindedly the dhampir ran his hands over his arms to try and warm them up some.

There was a lot of different things for the dhampir to notice at once, this was the first time he had been in Hanseol’s home after all, he took things in bit by bit, he noticed the way that it was laid out, there weren’t many personal things to note but there were animal toys and literal animals everywhere, a curious look on his face as he explored the room “Your hair’s no longer pink” he teased, knowing full well that it had actually been red, the more natural brown color suited him though, all hair colors probably suited him really. Without much thought Jae reached up to run a hand through his own hair, he enjoyed dying his hair too, a good way to express himself and stand out a little, though here in America he tended to stand out anyway, but the bright shade of blue was definitely getting him a lot more staring than usual.

He was going to continue looking around when the small pup on the floor started to jump all over his foot. Surprised Jae looked down at the little Pomeranian and sighed softly, he was so incredibly cute, the dhampir couldn’t resist it as he dropped to a crouched position so that he could pet the animal, well he’d wanted a distraction and this was probably the best one he was going to get. Jae grinned brightly as the pup took the opportunity to jump into his lap and Jae started to laugh softly “If you’d told me you had a damn petting zoo at your house I would have visited earlier” he admitted with a bright smile as he looked up at Hanseol. Well really he’d thought about visiting a lot but he didn’t want to impose on the other male, especially because he knew he was still dealing with the fallout of the break in and probably didn’t want visitors.

Jae bit softly on his lip as he realized he now should probably explain himself “Sorry for barging in, I know it’s late” he admitted as he looked down for a moment “I wish I had less of a selfish reason than I just really needed someone to talk to” he admitted as he ran his finger’s through the pomeranian’s fur “And I figured you might still be awake because you’re a star and all” he chuckled realizing that he was rambling, really he had come because Hanseol was the only person in this city he felt like he even could really talk to, he wasn’t the kind of person who had loads of friends, those he did have, he pulled very close.

Chuckling at the cry of protest coming from the dhampir regarding his clothing choices, he shrugged casually and said nothing about it no more as he too, plopped himself on the couch, just next to Jae, who had already occupied his time with the Pomeranian pup. Noting on their rather delightful chemistry between the two, the Celestial smiled fondly towards them both. Two of his favorites- wait what? That doesn't sound as decent as it should be the second thing he reminded such though in his head. Shaking the sudden mere thought off, he averted his gaze on to the dhampir who seemed to find the animals surrounding every single inch and nook of his place, endearing.

“Well, my clinic needed some renovation to go around the damage done by the hit men, a few weeks ago. It'll probably take a few months tops. I'm not sure. They never really did specify the estimated time for it. While I don't mind, because it was literally because of my personal intricacies, the furballs didn't have anywhere else to go. Thought I'd bring them here and resume the operations from my place. Kind of like a work-from-home type of thing?” He seemed very confuzzled by the term since he really did not understand what that really meant-- it was simply something he plucked out from the books and internet. 2 or 3 years could pass and still, Hanseol would never get used to living in such a modernized and standardized era where almost everything could be done in just a click away. Truthfully, wasn't he from the 30's older people? He had every reason to feel inquisitive. But the star would lie if it didn't make him feel awkward or left our at all.

“The place is big enough to accommodate to their every needs. Though, they've become very spoiled. Too spoiled for their own good, I swear.” At the mention of it, one of the bigger huskies nudged his leg and placed its chin on his lap, where the Celestial narrowed his hues scrutinizingly in contempt before running his fingers through its fur. As if only reminding himself of the hair color comment, he pouted slightly; a subconscious trait of his, and shook his head. “I feel like that's just your way of mocking and teasing me, knowing fully well it's red and not pink.” Though, a chuckle was earned out of him afterwards. “If I told you I was waiting for you to visit earlier, would that make me sound like a creepy stalker?” It was a question he had asked out of the blue, which probably had shocked the dhampir. Sometimes, as oblivious as Hanseol was, it seemed like he also had a knack on putting out statements so easily like the wind.

“Though you weren't the only one who said my hair was pink today. I went to the market to buy some animal food and a few fruits when suddenly a few girls complimented my ‘pink' hair, saying it makes me stand out. Pretty sure it was a compliment because they giggled, but now that I think of it, it's probably why I should only opt for hairspray dyes instead.” He ruffled his hair slightly before wondering how good Jae looked in such a bright color. “You look good in blue though. I don't think many could pull off such color.” he complimented, actually liking the look on the dhampir as it makes him pop out more. But then again, in his eyes, the dhampir already had more reasons to stand out; whether unknown or known. “I don't sleep much, so you're right on that point. Don't worry about bothering me, other than taking care of these things you call pets, I have nothing else to do. Had to stop the research for a while because I can't concentrate with them around. I'm already insomniac before, but can you imagine sleeping without having either one of these devils smother you to death?” As if understanding what he was saying, the husky whimpered cutely which resulted a roll from the star.

His eyes caught the Pomeranian settling comfortably in Jae's hold. He beckoned for the puppy to come by for fun, and when it didn't, he even got out a treat. But it stayed snuggled against Jae. “I raised you since birth and this is how you repay me?” he mused, feigning the betrayal he experienced.

Jae had always had a soft spot for animals, when he was young he used to beg his mother to take him to the only petting zoo in the area all the time and he had very fond memories of visiting them and spending hours on end just surrounded by animals. It had surprised his parents when he hadn’t wanted to go into veterinary school all things considered but his fondness for animals meant he didn’t want to have to handle the worst times. His elder sister however, had gone down that route. The dhampir found himself captivated by the ball of fur that seemed to take a shine to him.

All the cute animals hadn’t completely made Jae forget the reason behind him coming here, his eyes turning towards the dark haired celestial, somehow just being in his presence was enough to make the dhampir feel happier, though he couldn’t pin exactly what it was about him that made him feel that way. Jae had to laugh at the questioning tone that Hanseol used to describe the term work-from-home “Sounds like you’ve taken on a lot” he admitted, thinking about it must be hard for him to ever switch off if his work and his home are in the same place, not to mention all the animals that were running all over the place. It felt pretty right though, the ball of light being surrounded by cute animals.

Whilst they were talking, Jae’s eyes moved to all of the different animals running around the room, he’d spotted the bunny he had already met, sleeping, several dogs, including the one that was currently vying for his attention from his lap, he was pretty sure he had seen a hamster running around too “If they’re sick I think we can afford them a bit of spoiling” he responded with a gentle laugh as he played with the Pomeranian which was following his finger as he moved it around, he chuckled a little, though his eyes kept returning back to Hanseol, Jae smirked as the male reminded him once again that his hair had been red and not pink “That’s exactly what it is” he responded and winked, he liked to tease the other male, especially when he got caught up over small details. Jae went quiet at the admission that came after though, a soft, appreciative smile crossed his lips and he shook his head “No, I actually think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day” it was nice to have someone who actually looked forward to seeing you “I didn’t wanna impose on you, with all the stuff you must be dealing with thanks to those jerks” that was his less obvious way of saying he’d thought about coming sooner.

It was odd, that when the celestial was talking about the girl who had complimented him, Jae felt a sense of resentment to a person he had never met, perhaps it was because it had kinda become an in joke between him and Hanseol and he didn’t like the idea of someone taking that or perhaps it was something else. Regardless he did his best to push the feeling away, hiding any sense of it from his tone “I thought the red looked pretty good on you” he admitted with a long breath “But there’s something about the natural color that looks right” he explained with a shy smile, Jae was always a little sheepish when it came to talking about how other people looked. When Hanseol said he liked the blue, Jae scrunched his nose slightly, letting a bright smile take him over “You think so?” he asked with a laugh, leaning forward to run his hands through the aqua blue strands until he caught one so he could look at it “I’m still scaring myself when I look in the mirror right now” he chuckled, Jae had always been brave with his appearance, it gave him confidence and he didn’t mind people staring at him too much as long as they didn’t try to talk to him.

Jae nodded some as Hanseol told him not to worry about being a bother, which turned to a soft laugh as he heard the male talk about his new house guests “I still feel slightly weird showing up here out of the blue” he explained with a thoughtful expression “But I think that’s just who I am, never wanting to burden other people with my problems” which he supposed was his way of saying that he trusted the celestial enough to let him in on a part of himself he hid from most of the world, including the people he considered nearest and dearest. He did pull a wry smile as the husky pup whimpered though and he reached over to scratch it gently behind the ears “I imagine they become annoying after a while” he stated as he leaned back, looking back to the pup in his lap.

After the excitement of seeing a new person had passed, the Pomeranian had already tired itself and nestled into Jae’s side which caused the dhampir to let out a bright peal of laughter “I think this one is my favorite” he admitted as he looked up to see Hanseol trying to tempt the sleepy pup to pay him mind but he seemed to be having none of it. Hanseol’s words only caused Jae to laugh harder, leaning his head back against the pillows on the couch. He knew it was right to come here, it almost felt impossible to feel sad when he was around the fallen star.

After a few moments of silence he pursed his lips for a moment, he really wanted to get to know the other male better, wanted to know all about him, his hopes and dreams, his hardships and setbacks. It felt kinda out of the blue but he spoke it anyway “You told me the other day that it was okay not to have a dream” it was something that had really stuck with him, changed his perspective in a way he couldn’t even word “Do you have one?” he asked curious to know the answer.

While Hanseol was occupied by the husky snuggling up to him that eventually took up the space on his lap as it got up the couch and placed its head lovingly on his lap. Seemingly, the husky soon enough doze off slowly as the breathing became evened and the purring decreased gradually. Taking up Jae’s response on his current working state, he shrugged absentmindedly, dismissing the whole thing because it was clear that while it might be an overwhelming amount of trouble, he didn’t mind them. Honestly, it was a better place to live in now he had someone- well some things to accompany him. It occurred to the Celestial that maybe he should start adopting his own pets, like for instance; the bunny and the husky. But then, being the soft-hearted person he was, he’ll find it very hard to leave the others. If it was possible, he’d adopt every single furball.

It was mostly due to some of them not having any owners after they had irresponsibly left them in his care shortly after he treated them of their injuries. Poor things. He had decided to keep them with him afterwards, seeing as the clinic had more than enough space to occupy the needs of them. One of them happened to be the Pomeranian puppy that nestled on Jae’s lap-- poor furball was just a small newborn puppy that time that had trouble breathing due to its clogged airstream. Hence, the moment the puppy took a liking towards Jae, Hanseol had a stupid endearing grin on his face as he stared at the two affectionately. If there were a heart eyed phenomenon, the Celestial could easily take it up to a whole new level.

“Yeah well, they’re not sick now.” he scoffed, and eyed every single one with a narrowed stare to which he only earned a spoiled and cute mewl or woof from each one. He’s built quite the reputation with the animals he’s taken care of, every single one forming a bond with their own caretaker during the times they were ill and sick. Though, he admitted sometimes, he couldn’t go through cutting them open, even if it was for medical purposes to save said life. Playfully feigning offense, he huffed and crossed his arms as he leaned against the couch, with the husky he had decided to call Byul which meant star, still occupying the space. “The Pomeranian that had betrayed me earlier for your favor is called Yeontan.” he quipped, as the smile from earlier returned to his spot. “He’s a fighter. Had to go through a period of his time when he had clogged airstream and was forced to breathe through a tube. But one thing was sure, every time anyone wanted to adopt the little fluff, he would bark and scurry behind me. Now with you, he’s betraying me. Guess we might find a new owner, after all.” he jested lightly, before slowly coming down to an understanding where Jae might not want one-- considering his current circumstances where apartments don’t really allow pets, much less a dormitory.

“Of course, it’s completely understandable that you might not take my words to be as literal as they were.” The dark haired Celestial reminded softly as still had his eyes glued on the Pomeranian that was starting to make a home with the dhampir before him. “He’s a difficult one. I guess that’s what happens when you get abandoned to die at a mere age of 4 months old. That’s just harsh. But at the same time, I’m glad whoever the owner was dropped by to give him, because I was able to save him.” Now to see the puppy flourish into a much more viable and healthy form, to say the star was delighted would be an understatement. Making sure to comment on his rather unique aqua blue hair, he pursed his lips before parting it to speak his words. “It won’t look good on everyone or just anyone, so I’d say you got the whole adorning unique looks and still looking hella good in it in the bag, Jae.” It did not escape his notice that he had not just complimented the dhampir but also inserted the fact that he thought he looks very attractive in it.

Way to be subtle, Han.

Trying his best to steer back into the clearing, he cleared his throat momentarily before resuming their conversation. “Don’t worry about it, Jae. Like I said, I’m literally doing nothing other than catering to their every needs. But now would be the time for their curfew.” As soon as he said that, he whistled a tune that sounded like a song, and every single one in the room went to take their respective places before curling up and closing their eyes to go to sleep. “At least they’re obedient little things even though they’re a handful.” his eyes twinkled up in bemusement as he saw Yeontan sleeping soundly in Jae’s lap already. “That’s fast.”

“Would it make you feel better if I tell you I’m here to hear and help any time of the day? It’s only fair when you’ve been nothing but a dear to me, helping me throughout my hard times previously.” Hanseol was really eager and sincere in helping the dhampir, mostly because he felt compelled to do so rather than forced himself to do so in returning the favor the male had lent to him before. Assuming the smile from him, he beamed softly as the stare became more vehemently. “He doesn’t like a lot of people, so seeing him going all comfy on you during first met, is shocking. But not surprising. You have this aura about you that just pulls people around-- like a magnet.” There it goes again, a ‘subtle’ act of compliments spouted from the Celestial.

Following the question Jae had asked, he actually pondered for a good while before returning his answer. It was quite vague and ambiguous but that was all that he had at this point. Hanseol was a simple person. At least, he wanted to live like one and would gladly take the opportunity if given them. “I’m not sure if my dream is as specific as it goes. I’m a rather simple person, Jae. After my adoptive mother passed away just 3 months after adopting me, my adoptive father became an alcoholic mess. I left Busan because of that-- since I couldn’t cope with his state. Then I started to travel around, because that was all that was left for me to do. I couldn’t settle down in one place longer than a month because shortly after finding out my identity, I heard the stories of how dangerous we Celestials were and started to live my life on the run because of it. I do have a wish and hope. Not much of a dream, but it’s somewhat the same to me. I wanted to live a happy and prosperous life, doing what I want without a care in the world, while spending my time with the people I care about. It seems a bit too far-fetched, isn’t it?” he chuckled softly at the mere thought of achieving such extent. The Celestial could only dream of it. "What's yours? Do you have one?"

“Honestly I’m surprised you haven’t been tempted to keep them all before” he teased softly, he saw the way the other male got around animals, he had no doubts in his mind that Hanseol adored each and every one of them, he could see that from the way he looked at them with such contempt and by the fact that he’d kept all these abandoned pets rather than turn them over to the authorities like he was supposed to. Jae certainly wasn’t going to be the one to turn him in though, he caught the other male smiling at him which made him smile in turn, though the intensity of the look did make the dhampir feel a little nervous, his eyes moved to the husky which had buried its head into Hanseol’s lap “I think someone thinks they were born a lap dog” he mused with a chuckle, it was sweet, the way the dog cuddled up against the celestial.

Jae laughed thinking about how the animals seemed to know exactly how to get what they wanted around the other male, he had no doubt that Hanseol would spoil each and everyone one of them, just seemed to be part of who he was, always thinking of others before himself “Hanseol Park, saving the world one puppy at a time” he teased softly, though it felt strange to say the other male’s full name, especially in the Americanised format. Knowing the pup’s name only seemed to increase his attachment to the little animal, considering the name came from the Korean word for charcoal and the pup was dark colored and warm, an effortless smile was on his face as he listened to Hanseol tell Yeontan’s story “How could anyone leave this poor baby behind?” he asked with a slight pout to his lips as he stroked his finger over the pup’s fur, if he was in the situation to be able to do so, he’d take him on in a heartbeat, but unfortunately he wasn’t, Jae reached up to scratch the base of his neck “I wish I could” he admitted with a sigh, it had only been a few hours and the pup was already pulling on his heartstrings.

His face showed utter shock and sadness as Hanseol described the way Yeontan had been left behind, he despised people who took home an animal only to mistreat it and then when they realized they couldn’t handle it they moved on. Jae had grown up with a dog in his home for most of his life and he knew how unconditional their love was, it hurt to see the pain other people were able to inflict on them “It never fails to shock me, just how cruel people can be” he commented, his tone showing some of that temper he often failed to hold back.

In true Hanseol fashion, he seemed to take the compliment he gave one step further, once again knocking the wind from the dhampir’s chest, Jae was starting to wonder if the celestial would ever stop surprising him in the strangest ways. Unlike in the library where he knew people were watching them, Jae felt more confident today, his eyes meeting Hanseol’s with a grateful smile, he had to wonder at this point if there was more to the compliments than just a friendly comment, was there more to this? And how was Jae going to handle things if there was. Jae sighed internally, knowing he was letting himself get more and more caught up every time he saw the fallen star.

Thankfully he didn’t have to say anything more on it because the other male changed the subject, essentially confirming that it was way too late to still be awake and yet he didn’t want to leave either, he watched as all the animals returned to the other room, like cute little soldiers returning to their barracks, Jae laughed softly in disbelief “Wow” he mused softly “That was pretty impressive” he commented though he noted the whistle hadn’t managed to stir little Yeontan who was soundlessly asleep against Jae’s side. Jae chuckled slightly, tilting his head to the side curiously “He’s probably about as tired as I feel” he commented and as if on cue, the dhampir yawned, reaching up to rub the side of his eyes.

Of course the ball of light dismissed his worries without thought “Thanks” he stated with a gentle nod “That does help” he answered honestly, he guessed he always just had a worry that he would annoy people and then they wouldn’t want him around, mostly stemmed from a particularly spiteful ex friend when he was younger “Do let me know if I’m ever driving you insane though” he added running his tongue over his bottom lip “The last thing I wanna do is that” he admitted with a shy smile, honestly he had really latched onto having a friend in Evermore and so the idea of losing him was daunting. “I don’t like a lot of people either” he could relate to the pup on that level “People are mostly fake and greedy” he admitted though he didn’t miss the hidden compliment the male gave him “I like you because you’re pretty open about who you are and I don’t have to question your intentions” that was more honest that he was originally intended but it was true all the same, he didn’t find him second guessing where the celestial stood, only where he stood himself.

Jae knew it was a big thing to ask, he didn’t really there was such thing as a single dream a person had, dreams could be whims or they could be long term goals, they could change because of the things you discover or the people you meet. He was curious to know the celestial’s answer though and so he remained quiet as he talked, taking in the words. What he got was a sad story he hadn’t known before about Hanseol’s adoptive parents which caused his heart to lurch a little considering what was currently happening back home, he reminded silent though, pressing his lips together to hold back emotion. The way Han described his dream was kinda beautiful, mostly because it was so broad that it could be applied to many different things “No” he answered shaking his head “I think the humanity in us will always strive for something that makes us happy, that’s why it’s a dream after all” he nodded thoughtfully “Your dream is so wide that you may never even know if you’ve reached it, but if you’re happy along the way then that’s all you asked for right?” It was like a never ending staircase, maybe you would get knocked down a few steps but as long as you kept moving forward, you would reach new places.

With the question turned back on him, he went quiet, thinking about what it was he truly wanted for himself in life “I have always had a lot passion” he spoke, though he was a little shy to express his thoughts so openly “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t do half measures, I jump with both feet first” and that was scary, because you never knew what was going to be at the bottom “So I guess what  I want to find is something, maybe many things, worth giving my all for” again it was pretty relative and could be applied to many things, but it made sense to him, once Jae set his sights on something, he wasn’t the kind of person to ever let it go. Noting this felt a little like an honesty hour game Jae took the opportunity to ask another question, though this one was even more random “What kind of music do you like?” at this point he was just asking all the things he was curious to know.

Hanseol was too used to the idea of being alone as he went about his life in such a state since he fell to the earth. Due to his nomadic patterns because he always felt the need to flee and run every time the paranoia struck him, the Celestial never got the chance to make any friends that would stay long nor was he open to the choices of developing any attachments. It was a lonely life, but it was the life he was pushed into. Was he able to change it? Perhaps. But one thing was for sure, he wanted to take another step to a new life that he basked in; for his sake and for the sake of his own well-being as well as his sanity. There was only so much one could hold to, after all.

The arrival of Jae in his life had evidently made everything much better than it initially was. “You know, this is random, but I really don’t see you as a bother, Jae. Before you come plopping into my life, it mostly consisted of boring daily routines, much like a robot. I got up after having a hard time sleeping the night before, get dressed and go to work. I come home after finishing a few late shifts in the week, and fall face first into my pillows only to recycle the whole routine again. Now, at least I have another friend I can rely and talk to. Talking to your coworkers every single day becomes tedious after a while, or in my case about 2 years. It’s not that they don’t provide a good company, but I swear all of them are extroverts and were too open sometimes. I’m not conservative but-” He paused for a while as he tried taking in what he said earlier. But he is conservative. In other ways.

“Okay, maybe I am conservative. But not the main point there. They brought me out to this one party and I stopped tagging along with any of them afterwards. Getting drunk had to be one of my worst experiences, ever. Never going to drink irresponsibly again, especially with people who’s equally as irresponsible. Though the bartender had to check how old I was.” Since delving back into his life shortly after following Ophelia to Evermore, he made sure to create an ID, stating that Hanseol Park was 25 years old. Yeah didn’t look like it, but it’ll work. It’s legal enough to suffice for everything else. “Legally, I’m 25. Actual? 89. No one can’t tell me I’m not legal.” The pout graced itself again, it seemed to be a habitual trait Hanseol had. But it only makes him look closer to the bunny he called Hanseol Jr. A real-life bunny.

He saw the cord that was struck in Jae earlier, when he had told him something about Yeontan’s upbringing and original state, sometimes thinking about it brings him closure that he had unknowingly saved and provided a better life for his animals, despite not being his officially. So when he heard how Jae wasn’t able to take Yeontan as his own despite their close bond, he frowned softly. “That’s unfortunate. Is it because your circumstances doesn’t allow you to have a pet? If you’re still thinking about moving away, you can leave Yeontan here with me, in your name. I’d be more than glad to take care of him. He’d have the best treatment he’ll ever get, I mean-- I am a veterinarian and a good lad, aren’t I?” The proud look masking his face really brought him a decent amount of happiness as he saw the Pomeranian sleeping on Jae’s lap.

“I’ve been taking care most of them for a while. Most are the clients’, who really gave me the responsibility to take care for long terms sometimes due to their work and the poor animals’ health. They need constant supervision, not that I mind. Like I reiterated before, I have nothing to do but this.” He answered, responding in regard of how well-behaved and obedient all of them were. “Some of them are ones I rescued from the local pound when I went there every month to give vaccine shots and provide treatment. But no one seemed to be able to adopt them at all. I’d like to think I make a good owner, that’s why they stick with me.” A sheepish grin made its way up to him as the dark haired Celestial beamed in delight.

Training his eyes back on the Pomeranian who seemed to have made his home in Jae’s lap before shaking his head and patted the husky on his own. “This one is Byul. She’s been with me for as long as I could remember ever since I came to Evermore. Her owner died a few months after she got discharged.” It occurred to Hanseol that most of the animals there had their own sad story, much like them. Living beings, no matter which one, had their own story to tell and no one was exempted from it. “That one is really getting on my nerves.” He exclaimed playfully, as his hues was still not averted away from Yeontan. “But I’m not surprised he chose you. A handsome lad with equal manners to make up the appearance? Who wouldn’t want to.” It was at this moment, Hanseol knew he probably should start filtering his words before speaking.

But it didn’t really last long because he caught the dhampir’s word about liking his company and while he was happy to return the favor of doing so, he was being extra playful in his residency. Quite possibly due to his homey aspects, fueling the fire inside him to actually make everything else sound more casual than it already was. “So, you like me, huh?” he mused, the twinkle returning back into his hues as the fallen star made it his mission to start teasing the life out of him. Jae did have a fair amount of times where he’s teased the Celestial before. It’s only right if he returned them. “A lot of people like me, I know that. But I don’t think there’s anyone who’s ever told me how they like me nor confess directly. Not face to face directly. You would be the first. Any chance of me finding out the scale of just how much you ‘like’ me?” he exclaimed, and broke into his own fits of laughter soon enough. “I like you too, Jae.” As if the teasing wasn’t enough to drive a stake near Jae’s questioning self, the wink sent from the star was not making it any easier at all.

Celestials do attract trouble, and create trouble.

But he didn’t forget to answer the dhampir’s next question. He was still very much admiring the eloquence in Jae’s words. Somehow, he found a way to bring the words to life like how an author usually brought their characters to the land of living. If he didn’t know that he was supposed to answer something else, he swore he would’ve been mesmerized by the dhampir easily. They’ve met each other enough times to be friends, and the Celestial wondered if there was anything developing in them. Is it close friends? Or just an attachment forming through since the Celestial had no such prior knowledge on it? Honestly, this is one of the few things Hanseol didn’t know. He hasn’t been exposed to the world long enough to understand those.

“What kind of music do I like? Well, it’s all the usual. Pop, hip hop, but I do adore ballads a lot. It resonates with me. Oh and something the modern days introduced, you guys call it EDM? Illenium is a good artist. But mostly, you’d find me basking in ballads a lot. They hit me. You?” It’s so Hanseol to avert his attention like nothing happened earlier. He knew he flustered the dhampir but he’s really having the time of his life doing so, as he found it to be very amusing. It also helps when the male was very expressionable and tended to be cute almost 24/7.

Jae listened to Hanseol as he described the life he had lead before they had met and he had to admit it did sound pretty empty, Jae had always had people around him, he was lucky in that respect because he found people were what made life exciting and interesting, especially when they were good people. Coming to America had been scary for him because it meant leaving behind all the people he relied on and going it alone, except he was reminded now that he wasn’t alone and he didn’t have to be, the word coworkers brought a sudden remembrance to him though “Oh I completely forgot to tell you” he stated and then followed it up “I got a job” he announced with a chuckle “Nothing big, I’m just helping out at a little corner shop near campus but” he beamed a little, proud to take a further step towards to independence.

Jae settled back in the seat as he listened to the other male’s stories, Hanseol seemed to like telling stories and Jae enjoyed listening to them, especially because he seemed to make little things seem so much important and it was really interesting “I can’t even imagine what you’d be like drunk” he admitted with a shake of his head “You already have no filter so” he chuckled softly, perhaps the star would be one of those people who got really excited and danced a lot, that seemed like his speed. The pout that came on his lips when he talked about being ID’ed made Jae chuckle again, Hanseol had a very rounded and young looking face, it was easy to mistake him for being under 21 “Well I only just turned 21 so it’s only in the last few months I’ve been legal” he chuckled “I feel your pain” though being immortally under 21 must be a pain for the celestial.

Having grown up with a dog in his life constantly it did feel strange for Jae to live without one, he missed the old german shepherd who still lived in the home he was raised, she was patient and sweet and always came to his room to cheer him up whenever he was down. “I just think it’d be unfair to him to take him on when I’m still so unsure about my own living situation” he bit his lip gently, he’d definitely been giving serious consideration to the celestial’s offer, that was for sure “Any animal deserves better than half hearted promises” though knowing Jae he’d probably put the dog’s welfare before his own regardless “Not to mention that my roommates would almost certainly rat me out after I got their party crashed the other night” he pulled a face, that was a whole mess right now. Looking down at the small sleeping bundle however, it was hard to resist.

Jae liked the way that Hanseol seemed to make nothing of something so big, your average person wouldn’t just agree to caring for other people’s animals that was for sure and yet Han spoke of it like it was the obvious thing to do, though it did flare up thoughts once more of people taking advantage of the celestial’s kindness and naivety “So basically you’ve created your own adoption center without even trying” he teased with a smile, it was admirable, trying to save all the animals that needed his help but he imagined it was a lot of responsibility and cost a fair bit too “Why does that not even surprise me?” he added, it was just so like the other male to always put the animals before his own sanity.

Jae’s eyes moved to the sleeping husky that Hanseol introduced as Byul, she was a soft soul from what he had seen so far, making her way into Hanseol’s lap without sound and then falling asleep, she also hadn’t stirred when he had whistled the others back to their beds, he could tell just from looking between the two of them that a certain bond was there “Seems like she’s got a real shine for you” he mused as he snuggled his head back into the pillow, he was comfy here, strangely this place reminded him a lot of home, surrounded by animals and having such natural conversations, well except the moments the celestial caught him off guard anyway. Just like when the fallen star called him handsome and the dhampir had to blink a couple of times in disbelief of what he thought he heard, was Jae reading way more into this than he should? Because every time the dark haired male said things like that he felt his heartbeat quicken in his chest and a soft blush would appear on his complexion and he had no idea how to stop. 

Jae froze after he realized the words he had said and how Hanseol had decided to take them, his mouth fell open as he was going to protest that he didn’t mean it like that but then Han took it one step further and pressed it even further, Jae could tell he was joking but the dhampir couldn’t stop the way he reacted, his whole face turning a shade of red as he turned and pressed his face into the pillow he had been leaning against, his hands raising to shield himself from the embarrassment he felt. Until now he’d just been able to brush the shyness he felt because of the fallen star as social expectations but this, this was so much more than that, this was exactly the way he had felt when he was 13 and the cute girl from next door had smiled at him. This was trouble. He knew it was just a joke but the realization was very real to Jae as he dared to move his gaze back over to the celestial, his eyes taking in the curve of the other male’s lips and the way he looked so confident in that moment “You’re certainly making me question everything I thought I knew” he admitted, though his voice was soft and confused and that was all he managed to say on the topic right now.

He was glad when the conversation moved on, it was easier to talk about all the little things, though the little things still felt significant, it was nice to talk about something a little lighter, like music, Jae really liked music and he remembered Hanseol telling him he was fond of singing and dancing so he was curious about his tastes “I’m all about the lyrics” he affirmed with a nod “It doesn’t matter what genre the music is as long as the words matter to me” he shrugged softly, English major after all. He was about to ask about the artist Hanseol mentioned when he heard his phone ringing. Jae quickly fished the device out of his pocket and gave the celestial an apologetic smile before pressing the accept button and leaning it between his shoulder and his ear.

The male spoke with his father in Korean for a few minutes, the elder male updating Jae on the situation back there in Seoul, Jae found himself chewing on his lower lip as he listened, taking everything he was saying “하지만 그녀는 괜찮을까요?” (But will she be okay?) he questioned, his tone sounding a little desperate before he got the answer of, we don’t know. Jae could feel tears threatening to spill in his eyes but he blinked them back before ending the conversation and setting down the phone in silence. Looking up at Hanseol he knew he should probably say something now “My mom…” he voice struggled a little “She’s in the hospital”.

If it was up to everyone else to look over the two and spot their differences, they would mostly find it easier to lose by 90%. He remembered when he first came in work and met everyone else, they never pegged him as the type to be a bright persona who enjoyed talking to other people. The phrase comes back around-- don't judge a book by its cover. But back to it, if someone was to judge between Jae and Hanseol, whether one is the introvert or the other was the extrovert, he was sure he would've won the intro part. Despite Jae's exuberant air and kind look, Hanseol tends to wear a lot of serious faces, which sometimes made him to be very hard to approach. He's improved better than before, obviously. While it might be true that the Celestial doesn't talk much outside, with the people he's comfortable with? Definitely a yes. Hence, the outcome of the conversation that took place so late today between the two souls.

Shaking his head at the thought of the nostalgia hitting him harshly, he shuddered involuntarily before wagging his finger while saying no. “You do not want to see me drunk, at all. Like ever. For real, Jae. I'm a bad drunk. Like you mentioned earlier, I already spout most things because I don't have a filter; which I probably should be installing now. But I'm not the destructive kind of bad drunk? I dance.. And sing.. But on the other scale of being a hopeless idiot who sounds like he got rejected 12 times that night.” At the mere remembrance of the incident that took place 2 years ago, he couldn't help but to cringe. He couldn't even think about it. “I still have nightmares about it until today. Luckily we went out of town, so.. Seeing as I'm staying here for god knows how long, I don't think that'll haunt me until the part where others will point me out to be that lovesick fool who sung nothing but heartbreak songs all night.”

Being regarded as someone young wouldn't exactly be a sudden occurrence for the Celestial, who looked no more than 18, because of his baby-like boyish face. It also depends on his choice of clothing sometimes. “Well, congratulations you're 67 years younger than me, which makes me your hyung-- wait no, is it 아버지 아니면 할아버지? (Father or grandfather?)” Shaking his head in response, the fallen star chortled in the thrill. It was somewhat funny now that they think of it, all those ages and immortality wandering around the globe. Despite being older than Jae by a few decades, he was sure that the dhampir held more depth in literature and philosophy a lot more than him. Although if they were counting technical terms, Hanseol would be the younger one. “You'll feel more of that pain once you switch your immortality on.” He guffawed softly.

“That's why I said-- moving in with me sounds like the best choice. Not that I'm pushing but I'm sure my place is spacious enough to accommodate a few more animals, much less a person like you. I'm serious though, the offer still stands whenever you feel like you want them. And even if you don't, let's just think of my place as your personal mini petting zoo? That sounds a lot more viable, no?” To say he was adamant into convincing the dhampir to accept his previous offer would be an understatement of the century, seeing as Hanseol really favored his company and wanted to see him live his life comfortably. The amount of care and tenderness he held towards the younger male was honestly quite shocking. However, upon hearing that he got himself a job helping out at the shop nearby his place, Hanseol smiled fondly at his beam. “That's good to hear. Your first job is usually the most memorable. Doesn't matter if it's good or bad, it'll always leave an etch in your memory lane for sure.” He could remember his first time getting a part-time job. At an old library where he had to sort out the books, though he spent most of the time reading them instead.

Maybe he does like getting praised or complimented, come on, who doesn't? But he also noted the difference in the air surrounding them whenever he was in the company of Jae. It was so much more different. He could never get angry when he's around, with that one exception he had when Jae was hurt. “I feel like you've gotten used to my rather exuberant self who literally shocks and surprises you every single time. Maybe that's why.” he teased just as equally back, but even more cheekily. Much like how Jae thought, it was quite pricey for everything. Especially when he treats them, all the equipments and tools needed for the procedure cost a fortune when counted in the tally, but as a veterinarian, he's paid handsomely too so he was able to use a big part of them to invest on the well-being of his pets.

Hearing Jae talk about Byul made the Celestial beam, as he caressed the husky endearingly with a look of tenderness in his dark hues. It was obvious that his two most official pets were Byul and Hanseol Jr. A husky and a bunny makes an odd combination but nothing else is more weird to the Celestial so might as well go along with the flow. He wasn't blind to see the soft blush making its occasional appearances on the dhampir, which earned a few chuckles from himself. He looks cuter that way. All these sudden thoughts honestly made the star feel equally as conflicted as the dhampir felt secretly. But more so to the other male because he had more experience in that section while the star is still confused. He's never truly fell for anyone actually. He didn't have the time to connect any strings to produce any form of relationship nor did he actually had the chance to experience that type of ‘first love’. He wondered if Jae felt the weird sensation settled itself on the pit of his stomach too. Possibly.

But he managed to divert all attention on his thoughts and feelings steered away clear when he dived into the pillows on the couch, and covered his face with them. That sudden cute act had successfully resulted a boisterous laugh emitted from the star who almost woke Byul from her sleep because he wasn't able to refrain himself from laughing. Upon hearing the soft utterance from Jae however, the Celestial stopped laughing briefly as his expression softened and pondered the same too. Though he wasn't sure what that remark really meant. Was it supposed to bring any meaning that he thought was true? Right now, the Celestial was debating with his inner self as it too, struggled to find the meaning in everything that was happening. That seemed to be a normal occurrence to the male these days, everything that came up into his life recently made an impact that needed explanation. This, wasn't exempted too.

As if he hadn't successfully mesmerized the Celestial before with his words on dreams alone, now he's really tugging on the silver lining connected to Hanseol. He sounded smooth, and the star had no idea how to comprehend what he was actually feeling now. He almost lost grip on the sense of having the ability to converse verbally for a brief moment before he was brought back to reality as Jae took his phone call. A worried look etched itself on his bunny-like features and his eyes softened the moment he heard the words coming out from Jae. Is that why he had ventured so far to his place? How he must've been so worried on his mother, especially when the two were basically half way across the world.

He lifted Byul's head and placed it on the pillow before making his way to take a seat next to Jae, who sat across him. “Is that why you came here tonight? You must've been so wrecked and worried..” he mumbled, and placed a reassuring hold on his shoulder gently as he tried to use his words to assure the dhampir to think only positive thoughts. “You can stay over tonight, Jae. I told you my place is always open. I don't think I'd let you go anywhere with the worried look embedded in you, especially so late. You can talk, if you want. But I won't prod you..근데, 재성아, 울어도 괜찮아. (But Jaesung-ah, it's okay to cry.)" Hanseol knew how heart wrenching it could be to await results from the hospital. The same thing happened to his adoptive mother. 

When Jae had first met the celestial he had come across a little standoffish and smug but the more the two talked the more he realized how much of a front that was, something to keep those who threatened him away, really Hanseol was very thoughtful and caring. Imagining a drunk version of him though? Much harder, since most people turned into a completely different person when under the influence, the dhampir erupted into laughter as he heard Han talk about his encounter with too much drinking “12 times?” he exclaimed with widened eyes “So you’re a flirt when you’re drunk then” he mused with a chuckle, but damn, 12 was quite the number. Jae pursed his lips “I tend to fall on either the way too honest for my own good or fight everyone drunk” he shrugged “depends on the day” he ran his tongue over his lip remembering the first time he had gotten drunk and then ended up having a brawl with someone who hit on his sister, not his finest moment. He’d hedge a bet that Hanseol was actually a pretty good dancer though, drunk or not.

Jae widened his eyes shaking his head in response to Hanseol suggesting the terms father and grandfather “I think hyung is perfectly fine” he stated with a wave of his hands a little defensively “Though I look older than you do, so perhaps you should be calling me hyung” he chuckled softly, of course he wouldn’t dream of mislabeling someone back home but here in the west it wasn’t exactly expected or necessary. Though when Hanseol mentioned the immortality switch the dhampir quietened again, the laughter dying out for a few seconds “If” he corrected holding his index finger up “If I switch my immortality on” Jae didn’t want to lead anyone to false hope, to him, choosing to be immortal was a huge thing and he was still unsure it was what he wanted, he wasn’t sure when or if he would be sure.

It was still surprising to Jae just how easily the celestial offered his home out to the dhampir, though now he had seen it for himself he could tell that it was a very big place for one person, though he supposed that being a vet probably paid well enough to afford such luxury, plus this place was quite far from the city “Believe me I haven’t forgotten about your offer” he assured the other male, really every time something bad happened at that dorm he’d wanted to run here but the dhampir was still a little worried about becoming codependent, something that scared him, but getting a job was the first step “And the animals are a total bribe card by the way” he teased, getting the feeling that Hanseol wanted him to take it up. His comments on a first job made Jae nod a little “The owner is a kind old man, I noticed he was struggling with lifting some of the stock so I helped him out and he offered me a job in return” Jae ran a hand through his vivid colored hair “Sometimes things feel like they just fall into place huh?” he was proud anyway, even if it was just a few hours in the evenings every so often.

Jae had a strange relationship with compliments, on the one side, everyone loved to be told nice things but on the other he was pretty humble and didn’t know how to take them, they made him nervous, perhaps with some it was because he wasn’t sure if the person doing the complimenting him wanted something from him but with Hanseol it was purely because he didn’t think he deserves such praise “You have no idea” he responded, thinking of the sheer number of times the dark haired male had sent his head spinning since he had met him “Though I think it’s mostly because it’s just you, everything I’ve ever seen you do, you’re worrying about someone or something other than yourself, you’re probably the most selfless person I’ve ever met” he had to wonder if the male actually did anything for his own self, because from what he’d seen, his life revolved around everything around him.

As he spoke about Hanseol’s relationship with Byul he watched the way the celestial looked down at the sleeping animal with such contempt, there would never be any doubting how much that the celestial loved animals, it was written all over his face, much like an open book ready to be read. The dhampir was a little better at putting up walls, he’d grown up in a society that liked to judge and that had made him learn how to keep things hidden. With Hanseol though, Jae felt somewhat like a kid again, he wanted to tell the truth with him because he didn’t fear what the other male would think of him, which was strange, because he hadn’t felt like that with anyone before, not even his friends from Seoul or his parents or siblings.

Jae found a certain joy in hearing Hanseol laugh, he had such a pure and unfiltered laugh that just made you want to laugh too, it was addictive to the dhampir, he found himself wanting to make the other male laugh even if it was at his own expense. Jae scrunched his nose a little knowing the male was purposely trying to make him embarrassed, he supposed it was only fair considering the amount he teased him too, they both seemed to enjoy catching the other off guard, though Hanseol, being as oblivious as he was, was much harder to fluster. One thing was for sure though, the celestial had him questioning a lot of things, like the social expectations he held for himself and more alarmingly, whether it was attraction for another male he was feeling.

The phone call was hard for Jae, especially because the tone in his father’s voice and his lack of answers did nothing to settle his mind or worries, if Jae had been standing he probably would have been pacing the floor as they talked but he didn’t want to wake the little pup that was nestled into his side. He did his best to keep his eyes to the floor as he struggled to hold back the tears, it was so hard, not knowing for sure his mother was okay and not being able to be there to see with his own eyes. The moment he ended the call he allowed his eyes to move to the celestial, he saw the concern in them which only made it harder for him to hold back his emotions.

The male didn’t know how to word everything he was feeling so he nodded in response to the celestial’s question of why he came here, the fallen star’s voice was soft and soothing as he spoke. Jae worried a little at his bottom lip as his gaze moved to his phone and then back to Hanseol, though he leaned in to the male’s touch against his shoulder for comfort. It wasn’t until Han spoke to him in Korean that the dhampir’s lip trembled and tears rolled from his eyes. Taking in a long breath he leaned his head down against Hanseol’s arm closing his eyes for a moment. Jae’s voice was weak as he spoke “I never realized how hard it was to be away from them until tonight” he admitted as he reached up to wipe away the tears, though he kept his head down.

Jae chuckled softly shaking his head as he gathered himself together and looked up once more “Sorry you don’t need me soaking your sleeve” he rubbed at his eyes a little as he glanced at the time on his phone, had they really already whiled away an hour? “I’m probably worrying over nothing but I guess I just knew you’d be able to take my mind off it” just like Hanseol had calmed him when he was annoyed at his roommates, it was a little selfish he supposed, especially considering how late it was.

If there was a way to make someone laugh and smile every single second, he was sure he probably would’ve found the root to such way to solve their problems by presenting a rather viable solution that was just as equal as everything else were. Hanseol was a bright persona who wanted nothing more but to bask within the delightful intricacies the world has to offer them, but alas, his identity would not be able to present him with any soluble ways that were possible. Nodding vehemently at the dhampir’s earlier remark, he also laughed at the fact that he really did not sound like the person he was while drunk. “Apparently, that’s what my coworker told me I sounded like. I found it hard to believe him the first time, mainly because that was my first and LAST getting so drunk irresponsibly with no one to help me. Until he showed the video he recorded. It left a mark on me, I can still remember the cringe-worthy video in my head replaying in a tally.” The goosebumps it gave the Celestial really was impactful as he shuddered involuntarily. “Eh, I’m a flirt either way. Showering one with compliments and flattery, who wouldn’t want that, no?” He teased lightly, knowing fully well the impact his words brought the dhampir.

Maybe it was somewhat cruel, but hey, it’s all in good terms, and it was a friendly banter. It also helps that it literally drives another wedge between their harsh lifestyle and this world that they seemed to create when they were within each other’s presence. Had it been up to him, he would’ve opted for this any day. “I guess it’s somewhat fortunate that my first drunk side is just me being extremely flirtatious and funny self, rather than the other part where I honestly don’t want to venture while sober, much less drunk out of my wits.” Truthfully, regardless of the trust level he had with the dhampir, he still found it conflicting to tell or show him such a side. He detested every single negative trait he had, though he understood it was all the ‘humane’ side of humanity to receive and manifest flaws as they grew into the world. That was the only thing keeping him on the stability.

“Hey, I won’t mind if you fall on me. Better yet, fall for me.” He wheezed lightly before eventually covering his face with the plushie next to him. Hanseol has been refraining himself from spouting such remarks, but there was only so much a person could take, no? He’s never had anyone else call him hyung honestly, maybe it’s due to his physical appearance that gave him the look of someone who looked no more than a mere tender age of 18-19. Even though it doesn’t bother him most of the time, it gets very troublesome when he needed to get through a few procedures that required ‘legal’ age to do so. Thank you to his current ID card now. “Looking older doesn’t give away anything, dongsaeng.” he playfully exclaimed as he chastised him. “In literal terms, I’m still older than you. Hell, I’m older than your father too, aren’t I?” Seeing him contemplating whether to switch to his immortality switch or not made the Celestial offer him a reassuring smile. “It’s okay not to switch it on so early, or even ever. Some people don’t want to be one, believe me, I know. What good is living as an immortal if you would only fill it with suffering as you watch one by one of your loved ones age away with the wind?”

This wasn’t the first time Hanseol had indicated how he held a distaste over being a Celestial. Nothing personal against the species as a whole. It’s just him being him. He couldn’t protect, so he wouldn’t want to cause anymore problems by existing in this world, only to bring destruction on the wake. However, as the male recently jumped into his life, maybe there would be slight changes being made around to mold himself into a better person than he was, initially. There’s always room for improvement, after all. “Well at least you know where you can go to when you need to escape.” he mumbled softly, trying to piece up every single optimism radiating in the living room. “Yeah, you say that. Until you get the taste of Tannie’s paws as your alarm and waking up personnel. Or jumped by Byul. At least Hanseol Jr knows how to behave.. At times. Then, you’d regret ever saying animals are the fluffiest bunch that would smother you to death-- because they literally would. And not in terms of cuteness only.” At the sudden mention of them, Byul yawned from her sleep before resuming shortly. “Also, they can understand you. I doubt they haven’t gossiped behind my back.”

The fallen star was glad to hear that the younger male had settled in comfortably with his new job, especially since the owner happened to be someone who was very decent and kind. You don’t get a lot of those these days. “They said, good things happen to good people.” he mused lightly and smiled fondly at the quote that has been within his hold since 88 years ago. “And you are, indeed, a good person, Jae.” It was something that his late mother told him.  Coming from a kind and nurturing person like her, he doubted it wasn’t true, even when he got washed off by the tempting waves that kept hitting him in the face. Clinging to the last memories of her seemed to be the sliver of hope he had on getting back on track. He also noted how shy Jae seemed to get whenever Hanseol threw a compliment his way, or really, just teasing the tip off him for fun. It was a small contrast between the two, seeing as Hanseol really liked being praised. It meant he’s done something good, and for someone who’s lived his entire life being alone, it brings a whole new level of significance to him. “Thank you. I’ve heard it plenty of times but never had someone actually called me selfless before. Just more to naive and dense.” He wanted to know what it feels like to belong. Somewhere. Anywhere.

He’s always had a way with showing himself like an open book to everyone else, but that was what him really good at concealing what’s underneath. Because everyone else only saw the exterior he put on, when there were a few more they have yet to unlock inside him. Maybe he never wanted to release them anywhere. Hanseol found himself to relate better with the dhampir despite their differences. It was like a refreshing breath of air-- something new. While he wasn’t always on to try everything that were new, just maybe, this would be one of his few exceptions. Jae was really making him doubt a lot of things, such as the thoughts he had regarding the dhampir. Was this truly what he’s been feeling around friends? No, it was deliberately different when it comes to Jaesung Moon.

He had a fixated look trained on the dhampir who eventually took up the space on his sleeves and stained them with his tears, not that the Celestial minded at all. He told him that he was there for him, and he wasn’t kidding nor was he about to go against his word; which meant everything to the star. He wanted to be there for Jae. He knew exactly how hurtful one’s heart could experience at times such as these, as he had no one to comfort nor console him even after his mother passed away due to sickness. What’s more devastating was that, he had the hopes that his father, who was a doctor, would be able to save her. So Hanseol knew better than to talk about hopes if he had no idea on it. “아까 울어도 괜찮다고 했잖아..진심이었어. (I told you earlier that it was okay to cry. I meant it.)” he pats his shoulder and pursed his lips. Knowing fully well the last thing he would want to do is to let the dhampir steer into the thoughts of worriness, he decided to change their subject, coming back to the brighter topic they were having before all that. “So let’s not talk about that. You still haven’t asked me your 3rd question.”

Jae found it incredibly amusing that Hanseol had gotten drunk once in his life and it had put him off so badly that he never wanted to do it again, it was especially funny because of the people he currently lived with almost constantly being drunk or partying. Drunkenness was just something completely normal to the younger male, trivialized even “Okay well the first rule of drinking is to only drink around people you trust” he commented with a shake of his head, if his friends had been filming any of the stuff they did whilst drinking he would have been very annoyed, it took courage for people to let themselves go and for others to exploit that was kinda sad. Jae wasn’t the kinda guy to get drunk every night like his roommates but there’d been a few occasions where he’d allowed himself to get a little out of control  Jae felt a little bad for laughing but it was pretty cute seeing the other male embarrassed over something. His comments about being a flirt made the dhampir press his lips together though, it did make him wonder just how many people Hanseol flirted with, regardless he swallowed the idea down and spoke “People who don’t know how to take a compliment?” he suggested with raised brows, most people got shy when other people said nice things about them didn’t they?

He might have gotten flustered almost every time it happened but Jae did actually like hearing nice things being said about him, though he tried to give the impression he didn’t, the dhampir did often worry and wonder what other people thought of him, especially those he was closest with, other people’s opinions mattered to him. The way Hanseol spoke gave him the impression that the male did worry some about that too, especially the way he kept referring to another side of himself, one he clearly feared. Jae nodded softly, he understood wanting to hide parts of yourself, he did it often, especially when it came to strangers “Flaws are part of every person Han, you can’t let their existence eat you up” he assured, Jae accepted that he was reckless and at times insecure, he knew he could be a pushover and that when his temper took over there was literally nothing that seemed to be able to talk him down but those were all parts of the whole person he was.

The celestial’s words on falling would have shocked the dhampir if it wasn’t for the fact that the raven-haired male burst out laughing almost immediately afterward and hid himself behind a nearby plushie, Jae was half tempted to grab a pillow and hit him with it because he was just doing it on purpose for the reaction now “You’re the one who does the falling around here” he jested back pointing out the fact that Hanseol was, after all, a fallen star. The playful chatter they were going through as they argued back and forth about who was the older of them made Jae smile, he didn’t really mind what people called him if he was honest though it was a nice reminder of home to be spoken to with Korean honorifics, when Hanseol insisted he was older Jae chuckled “And yet you have the social tact of a 10-year-old” he commented with a chuckle, kids were super upfront and honest, just like the celestial was. Jae returned an appreciative smile in response to Hanseol’s words on immortality “My father is a vampire and my siblings are half-vampires like I am” he explained softly “But my mother and nearly every friend I have ever made are human” immortal beings weren’t quite so common where he used to live. That was where he was torn, his father and him have never been all that close but he did have a close relationship with one of his brothers “My family all think I have mine switched on, it’s only so long until they find out otherwise” and man was he going to get an earful for that. Jae sometimes wondered if he’d ever been free to make his own decisions.

But then Jae couldn’t really talk because he still disliked the fact that he was supernatural and struggled with accepting that he was, it was hard to accept that you were half a species that was connected to so much bloodshed. His father was a very disciplined vampire but Jae had seen gangs of reckless vampires who didn’t care for human life at all himself, it scared him, knowing half of that same nature ran in his veins “If only everything was escapable” he commented with a slight shrug, there were some things that were always there in the back of his mind. The way Hanseol talked about the animals with such an endearing voice made the dhampir smile, even when he was complaining about them it was with a tone that spoke far more than any words could “You could tell me you thought they were plotting to kill you in your sleep and I still wouldn’t believe you thought any less of them” he teased as he met the male’s bright eyes, it was like a parent when they complained about their children really “You really love them huh?” he surmised, who wouldn’t? Animals were far better than people deserved after all. As if on cue the little pup sleeping against him shuffled a little in his sleep and Jae looked down at him with a wistful smile on his lips.

The strangest thing about coming to America, or Evermore specifically, is that Jae had only intended to come here because it was the simple best place to study the language he loved so much, what he hadn’t expected was to like it here so much, to be able to imagine him having some kind of life here after his studies ended. Hanseol’s words about him made him smile softly, once again searching the eyes of the fallen star, he found himself constantly getting caught up in his gaze, so sincere and open “Thank you” he responded in an equal tone “I’m always trying my best to be one” and he knew sometimes he would slip but for the most part he felt like he was setting a good example. Jae chuckled as the male reacted to the words he had used to describe him “You’re still a little clueless” he caveated with a chuckle “But I think your intentions are always in the right place” except when he was purposely trying to make the dhampir blush, that was just unfair.

Jae was usually pretty good at keeping his emotions in check, his father had always told him from a young age that men weren’t supposed to cry and so he always kept that more vulnerable part of himself locked away, it wasn’t like him to lose it this way and yet he didn’t feel wrong as he leaned into the other male’s arm, it was warm and comforting, a reminder that he wasn’t alone which he really needed at that moment. That simple gesture was a full look at the trust he held in the star, letting him see the part of him he preferred to keep behind closed doors. As he wiped at his face he heard the star prompt him for another question “You can ask me questions too you know” he stated as he pondered what he wanted to know “Let’s see” he thought with raised brows “What is something you’ve always wanted to do but never gotten around to?” he tilted his head to the side slightly.


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