A trip may just be for entertainment for others, but this trip was going to be the gift of a lifetime. Christmas was the wonderful season of when they first met. They started out as friends and kept in touch over the years. When they reconnected one time she reached out and did something that was very unlike Katrina.

She kissed her, that one kiss led to the start of a relationship between the two. Katrina and Sapphire were a perfect fit, and Katrina enjoyed every moment. After hundreds of years, she had been alone and suffered through the trials and tribulations of the earth.

In the beginning, they had mentioned they wanted to wait for marriage for a while, but with the idea of seeing the roots of Italy from Sapphire while the roots from Katrina in Scotland she was wanting to propose in between. She had done her research and knew she wanted to ask this woman to be her wife.

Since the world allowed it now, she wasn't going to wait, she wanted everyone to know just how much they loved each other. She had given a beautiful sapphire envelope with gold peacocks, she cursived her name and then inside it held everything they would need for the trip.

Their flights, her freedom from both of their work and it would be the time they could get to know each other further. She wanted to then tell the woman of her marriage proposal idea. If it was a good idea or a bad idea she didn't know but she knew that it would be one exciting ride.

She looked around the house making sure everything was locked and turned off. She had gotten someone to pet sit the pups for her and she had texted her earlier to make sure someone did for Sapphire. This year 2021 was going to be the best for them, she hoped but also felt it.

She wore light makeup with a light blush and pale pink lipstick. She wore a black tank shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She had brought a coat for it was cold out but when she was moving about she got hot at times. Her hair was curled and neatly in a bun with loose curls wrapped around her head. 

Grabbing her suitcase she made sure the black velvet box was inside and then quickly brought her car to Sapphire's house. She was excited for their flight to Scotland first, and on the later part of the trip a week in Scotland and a week in Italy, in Italy she found the perfect spot she would ask for her hand in marriage.

Knocking on the door lightly wearing the beige coat loosely on her shoulders as she was warm with excitement already. 

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Sapphire looked at Katrina as she smiled softly at her.  "You know I would of been fine with any plane ride as long as I am with you." She said as she giggled and smiled at her as they followed the attendant to their seats. Holding onto Katrina's hand, Sapphire couldn't help but look around at the plane's interior as she wasn't really used to being in a plane much except for when she moved from Italy to Evermore. Once they got to their seats, Sapphire smiled and waited for Katrina to sit before she would. The phoenix glanced out the window as she smiled and looked at Katrina. The more they talked about it and now that it was happening, Sapphire couldn't help but be more excited about seeing new places and visiting old ones. 

As they kissed, Sapphire held her glass and smiled as their glasses clinked to the toast. "I agree on that my love." She said as she then lifted the glass to her lips and sipped it as she let out a small sigh. Sapphire got comfortable in her chair as she held onto Katrina's free hand with her own free hand. "I am just so happy to go on a trip with you and you know this will be a memory that I will never forget and I know you wont either." She said as she looked over at her girlfriend. The phoenix smiled as she could just look into Katrina's eyes and tell the amount of love she has for her which the phoenix's eyes would match as she was in love with Katrina and will never stop loving her. She even mentally thanked the gods for her to meet such a wonderful, beautiful and amazing young woman. 

The phoenix smiled as she looked back out the window as the two waited for their plane to take flight. Sapphire sipped more of her drink as she grew a little nervous about the flight. She even remembered the last time she was nervous during a flight....it was when she first moved to Evermore and her stomach did flips in nervousness of the turbulence and also being in a new place. But now, she wouldn't change that day for anything as she met someone she wanted to spend her whole life with. But the flight still made her alittle nervous as she was already used to flying with her wings after all the years she had been in Evermore. 

Katrina looked at the woman and nodded. "Well you are very good at being content, but I like spoiling you.
I like giving you good things in life. You will just have to put up with it. As long as we have the means to do so. I plan to." She stated before placing a gentle and playful bop on the nose. 

Taking a sip of the champagne after their toast she relaxed a bit in her seat before mentioning that it would be as she put it 'a memory they never would forget'. Part of her wondered if it was wise to even propose on a trip like this, if things didn't go well then they would look back always in memory of this being a negative experience. She shivered at the thought before giving a nervous laugh and taking another drink. "Sure will." She stated before squeezing the other girl's hand. Holding onto it not wanting her to be afraid for the flight ahead. 

She sat in the plane comfortably and awaited the journey ahead of them. Her body getting used to the feeling of being airborne before noticing how beautiful her partner looked. She wanted to memorize every feature from the other woman and take in every little detail, in case she said no. That way, if she did she would have these memories in her brain. "So what do you want to do first when we land in Scotland?"

Sapphire smiled as she listened to her talk as she giggled. "I guess I will have to deal with it but at least let me spoil you some." She said as she giggled and smiled when she booped her nose. As they sipped champagne, the plane was taking off as Sapphire relaxed. The phoenix relaxed as she smiled at her girlfriend. This trip was their first and hopefully not their last trip together as Sapphire knew this trip will be memorable for the two of them. She smiled as she could look into her love's eyes forever. As the plane started, Sapphire couldn't help but smiled and held onto Katrina's hand as they drank champagne. 

The phoenix smiled as they relaxed on the plane ride. As they got more drinks, Sapphire smiled as the plane finally got into a nice smooth ride. Sapphire smiled and kissed her girlfriend as they held hands during the flight. After a few drinks, Sapphire smiled. "I will be right back." She said as she went to the restroom on the plane and smiled as she felt giddy of the trip as she was excited to be on this trip. Once she was done, she came back to their seats and got comfortable as she noticed Katrina looking at her. "Like what you see?" She asked teasingly. As Katrina asked about what she wanted to do, Sapphire smiled and giggled. "Well maybe see where you grew up?" She asked as she looked at her and smiled.

"You sure do." She said as she playfully smiled, scrunching up her nose before giving her another bop on the nose. Realizing how weird she was being she stopped and looked out the window for a minute. "Looks like another day of clouds." She laughed at her cheezy joke before relaxing a bit, the alcohol hadn't even been coursing through her veins. 

When they settled in and had a few drinks, a few kisses and holding of hands. She then left and she noticed her absence right away. After this trip, it was a good thing they planned on getting a home together. She watched her return and smiled.

"Yes, but I always love what I see." She reached out to touch her face, pulling her in for a kiss before hearing her mention what she wanted to see. "I don't even know if anything is a like but I will do my best to explain and hopefully it makes sense." 

Sapphire looked at her and smiled, letting out a giggle as she looked at her. "Looks like it." She said as she looked out with her. The phoenix smiled as she sipped her drink more as she relaxed and looked over at her girlfriend. "This is going to be the best trip ever." She said as she leaned forward and kissed Katrina on the lips lightly. "Thank you so much for taking me on this trip love." She said as she smiled at her and kissed her cheek and down to her neck alittle to tease her as she smirked and winked at her. "So what should we do on this plane ride." She said as she looked at her.

After she had came back and smiled as she settled back into her chair as she smiled and held onto her lover's hand as she closed her eyes alittle as she could relax more being with Katrina as she looked at her and listened to her. Feeling her pull her face close for a kiss, Sapphire smiled and kissed her back before they talked about what they were going to see. "Well if it is different it would be nice to just see it anyways." She said as she smiled at her and held her hand 

Katrina could only look at her and wonder what was running through her head.
Sapphire and her were both waiting for marriage for anything more than kissing and that was fine with Katrina as she would admit the history of her previous love life was shy in comparison to most. She reached over and kissed her cheek. "Well if we are being young and mischievous, did you want to make out?" She said with a small giggle, wondering if that's what she was hinting at, or if she had too much to drink already.

"Yes it will be different but I want this, I want to do this with you. I am just hoping it all goes well. I like plans to go exactly as is, but they normally don't." She commented, to no one in particular. She glanced at her softly for a moment feeling the weight of her hair flowing down a bit.

She looked at Sapphire and nodded. "What do you think we should do? Watch a movie? Read?"

Sapphire looked at her and smiled as she felt her kiss her cheek as she giggled. "I would love to make out with you but I am sure that we can just cuddle and enjoy the flight." She said as she smiled and kissed her cheek back. "Plus I feel that I can tease you on this flight too." She teased as she winked and smiled as she downed her drink as the alcohol didn't really affect her as she was a phoenix so the alcohol was technically burning off from her body heat. She then smiled as she looked at her as she felt her heart beat hard as she was close to her girlfriend and smiled. Her mind was wondering as she couldn't help but think about Katrina and how their lives will be after this trip as this was their first big trip together but Sapphire knew that she couldn't stand being apart from Katrina unless Katrina didn't want her anymore. But she knew that her and Katrina were in love due to talking about their future together.

"I am hoping it goes well too. I am so excited for this trip as this is our first trip together since we started dating." She said as she smiled as she talked about plans going exactly as is. "Well love some plans end up changing for the best." She said as she smiled and noticed her hair flowing down a bit. Sapphire smiled and moved the hair alittle as she looked at her. "Hmm lets watch a movie." She said as she smiled and cuddled close to her as she looked through the movies on the tv screen.

Katrina couldn't help but chuckle at the young girl's comment. "True. It was just an idea." She didn't know if she was young enough to pull off making out in public. Even though Katrina didn't physically age. she did mentally and at this age she had a hard time doing anything that was deemed inappropriate in public. She was old-fashioned as well and wanted to keep some of the old values through her. Other ones she was glad they dumped. 

Leaning close to her she smiled. "I know you are excited, we both are. But don't worry even if the plans change. We are together and that's all that matters." She muttered before holding her as close as they could, while she scrolled through the movies. "Do you want a romance movie? Or maybe a comedy?" She asked knowing that watching some videos would help pass the time. It seemed to be going slow it was complete and utter agony waiting for it to pass.

"Whatever you choose I will be fine with." 

Sapphire giggled alittle before smiling at her. Being a little younger than Katrina in age even though the two didn't age physically, Sapphire didn't want to make Katrina uncomfortable with making out on a plane. Plus she didn't want the attention from the passengers who may think that  two women shouldn't be together. Even though the times have changed, Sapphire knew that some people didn't like seeing to girls kissing or being together in a romantic way because of their religion or thinking that it was disgusting to see two women together. Sapphire smiled as she knew that Katrina wouldn't be comfortable with making out too as she knew that Katrina was a old fashioned woman and wanted to respect it. 

The phoenix listened to her girlfriend as she smiled and nodded. "I agree on that." She said as she cuddled close to Katrina as she looked at the screen for a movie. "Romantic? Oh I love both options." she said as she listened to Katrina name off some genres as Sapphire looked. "How about Titanic? Its romantic and plus its a long movie with good music. It is sad but at least has a good story." She said as she looked at Katrina before smiling softly and playing Titanic for them to watch.  

Katrina glanced at Sapphire and knew that the making out in public seemed to be something neither was eager about. 
Gently she reached out and gave her hand a small squeeze. "I love you, I hope you know that." Giving her a small smile she spoke about the movie for the romance. Titanic. She couldn't believe how long it had been since watching that film.

"I haven't seen that movie since it first came out. I remember the day it sank still." She whispered, not wanting others to hear her comments. "It's crazy how fast time has gone." She muttered before kissing her cheek. "I think you picked a perfect film." She responded loving how she looked, knowing that the two of them had a bond that hopefully would continue to strengthen.

Watching the movie had time passing quickly.  Things were happening faster than she cared to admit. But she loved sitting close to her girlfriend on a trip to their old home countries. She wanted to make this trip a memorable one. "How are you doing?" She asked after some time had passed. 

Sapphire smiled as she felt her hand get squeezed alittle as she looked at Katrina. "I love you too, and I know you love me." She said as she smiled as she had turned the movie on ready to watch it. Sapphire looked to Katrina as she spoke and smiled alittle as she listened. "I saw the movie when it first came out but wasn't born when the ship sank." She whispered back. "Its so sad that all those people lost their lives when they didn't have enough life boats." She said as she looked at her and felt Katrina kiss her cheek. "I agree on that." She said as she smiled when Katrina told her that she picked the perfect film.

The phoenix smiled as she kissed Katrina on the lips softly before laying her head on her shoulder to watch the movie as it started to play. As time and the movie passed by, Sapphire had tears falling down her face from the end of the movie. She had looked up at Katrina and wiped her eyes. "I'm good, sorry the ending always gets me." She said as she wiped her tears away as she smiled. Sapphire know that things were happening faster than Sapphire would admit but she was madly in love with Katrina and wanted to show her where she lived in Italy, but also wanted to know more about where Katrina lived in Scotland.

"Point out your youth, why don't you? I aged myself again." She winked, reaching over and placing a chaste kiss on her cheek before giving a small squeeze on her hand, wanting her to know she was teasing. She tried to be young, to feel hip and cool but it was tricky at times since she had the olden roots deep within. 

"If only someone was magical on board and tried to help, I'm sure if they were on there. But after everything of the witch trials in the past, I am sure they were far from helping humans ever again." She said quietly to Sapphire. She loved having someone she could talk to about these things. She was quiet about herself and what she was. She didn't like to talk to too many people in case it didn't end well.

Once the movie slowly came to an end and she saw the tears, how she wiped them away she grabbed a handkerchief out of her pocket and handed it to her. "I know it's sad, but they are in a better place now, aren't they?" She asked her softly, holding her close wanting to comfort her.

"Why did we pick this movie, was it Kate Winslet's drawing scene or were you just wanting a good tear jerker?" 

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