A trip may just be for entertainment for others, but this trip was going to be the gift of a lifetime. Christmas was the wonderful season of when they first met. They started out as friends and kept in touch over the years. When they reconnected one time she reached out and did something that was very unlike Katrina.

She kissed her, that one kiss led to the start of a relationship between the two. Katrina and Sapphire were a perfect fit, and Katrina enjoyed every moment. After hundreds of years, she had been alone and suffered through the trials and tribulations of the earth.

In the beginning, they had mentioned they wanted to wait for marriage for a while, but with the idea of seeing the roots of Italy from Sapphire while the roots from Katrina in Scotland she was wanting to propose in between. She had done her research and knew she wanted to ask this woman to be her wife.

Since the world allowed it now, she wasn't going to wait, she wanted everyone to know just how much they loved each other. She had given a beautiful sapphire envelope with gold peacocks, she cursived her name and then inside it held everything they would need for the trip.

Their flights, her freedom from both of their work and it would be the time they could get to know each other further. She wanted to then tell the woman of her marriage proposal idea. If it was a good idea or a bad idea she didn't know but she knew that it would be one exciting ride.

She looked around the house making sure everything was locked and turned off. She had gotten someone to pet sit the pups for her and she had texted her earlier to make sure someone did for Sapphire. This year 2021 was going to be the best for them, she hoped but also felt it.

She wore light makeup with a light blush and pale pink lipstick. She wore a black tank shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She had brought a coat for it was cold out but when she was moving about she got hot at times. Her hair was curled and neatly in a bun with loose curls wrapped around her head. 

Grabbing her suitcase she made sure the black velvet box was inside and then quickly brought her car to Sapphire's house. She was excited for their flight to Scotland first, and on the later part of the trip a week in Scotland and a week in Italy, in Italy she found the perfect spot she would ask for her hand in marriage.

Knocking on the door lightly wearing the beige coat loosely on her shoulders as she was warm with excitement already. 

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Sapphire listened to Katrina as she smiled and took in all the words she spoke. The phoenix smiled as she heard her talk about how she could finally relax when she was with Sapphire. As Sapphire talked about adopting and volunteering to get animals adopted as there were so many animals in shelters that sometimes never get adopted and end up put down, which made Sapphire so devastated about it. Noticing her hand, Sapphire smiled as she squeezed her hand lightly as she then giggled when Katrina took a cookie from the bag. 

When Sapphire asked the question, she watched and listened to Katrina as she then mentally face palmed when Katrina mentioned that she was never a child. "Oh right... Sorry.. I shouldn't of asked that." She said as she then listened to her as she then blushed at her last words she spoke about how the best thing that ever happened was when she met her.  "Aww love." She said as she smiled at her. "But still I just kind of forgot alittle bit of falling from the sky part." she said as she smiled and looked at her as she kissed her lips softly for a minute as she then heard Katrina's question.

"Hmm Ice cream flavor...? Hmm I would have to say birthday cake." She said as she looked at her. "Because, I love birthday cake but also its sweet and beautiful with the swirls of icing in the vanilla ice cream. And the sprinkles!" She said as she giggled and smiled at her as she looked at her. " Hmm if you can be any animal in the world, including extinct and mythical, what would you be and why?" She asked as she looked at her with a smile. 

Katrina quickly shook her head and kissed her cheek. "My thoughtful Sapphire. Did I look like a human child growing up?" She whispered softly before smiling. "No, but technically since I was learning I was much like a child, trying to fit in. I lived and that's all that matters. Don't apologize at all. We both come from different lives, I think its very normal that we forget the small differences. I'm not a single droplet of upset or anything. You don't need to worry about it." She smiled as she felt the soft press of her skin on hers.

"Birthday cake ice cream. Interesting never had it. I stick the plain flavours." When she heard the next question she laughed a little bit. "Animal would have to be a bird. They can fly anywhere and are always singing, enjoying nature." Looking at her she smiled as she tried to debate on another one. "Okay, are you happy with where we are going? Or do you wish we had planned something different?" 

Sapphire chuckled as she felt Katrina's lips on her cheek as she listened to her. "Hmm I bet you would of been a cute child." she said teasing as she looked her, listening to her as she talked about things. Hearing her telling her not to apologize, Sapphire looked at her and nodded as she smiled as she felt her skin touch hers. Sapphire couldn't help but lean into it as she looked at her and smiled as she then talked about how she had never had Birthday cake ice cream. "When we get back we are definitely going to get some birthday cake ice cream." Sapphire said as she giggled softly. 

"Hmm good answer on that." She said as she looked at her and smiled as she listened to her question. "I am more than happy on where we are going. I get to see where you grew up and you see where I grew up. Plus I have never been to Scotland so I am just happy being with you where ever we go." She said as she smiled and looked at her. " Ok, my turn to ask a question. Are you happy that we finally get to have a trip to ourselves?" She asked as she smiled softly at her

Katerina loved to touch Sapphire. The softness of her skin caused her to smile, running her fingertips along her cheek. 
When the woman nuzzled into her, it brought her comfort. She liked seeing little things, such as this. Watching the girl softly she smiled. "Birthday cake ice cream. Well, Italy is known for Gelato, right? I could be mistaken, I just... I think I read somewhere about that." She asked the young woman who sat beside her.

Their age difference scared Katrina sometimes. She didn't want the girl to get unhappy with her, and age sometimes could be a playing factor. Hearing her personal excitement for the trip made her smile.  Leaning closer, she place her forehead on Sapphire's. "Look, travelling is fun, lots of stress too. But I could be sitting in my PJs watching a movie and I'd be happy. I've never, ever, been happier than when I spend time with you. So yes, I am more than thrilled. I'm ecstatic." She leaned closer and kissed her, pressing her skin to Sapphire.

"I love you." She said upon breaking the kiss. "Now, what is one thing you most definitely want to do, and something you don't in life?" 

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