A trip may just be for entertainment for others, but this trip was going to be the gift of a lifetime. Christmas was the wonderful season of when they first met. They started out as friends and kept in touch over the years. When they reconnected one time she reached out and did something that was very unlike Katrina.

She kissed her, that one kiss led to the start of a relationship between the two. Katrina and Sapphire were a perfect fit, and Katrina enjoyed every moment. After hundreds of years, she had been alone and suffered through the trials and tribulations of the earth.

In the beginning, they had mentioned they wanted to wait for marriage for a while, but with the idea of seeing the roots of Italy from Sapphire while the roots from Katrina in Scotland she was wanting to propose in between. She had done her research and knew she wanted to ask this woman to be her wife.

Since the world allowed it now, she wasn't going to wait, she wanted everyone to know just how much they loved each other. She had given a beautiful sapphire envelope with gold peacocks, she cursived her name and then inside it held everything they would need for the trip.

Their flights, her freedom from both of their work and it would be the time they could get to know each other further. She wanted to then tell the woman of her marriage proposal idea. If it was a good idea or a bad idea she didn't know but she knew that it would be one exciting ride.

She looked around the house making sure everything was locked and turned off. She had gotten someone to pet sit the pups for her and she had texted her earlier to make sure someone did for Sapphire. This year 2021 was going to be the best for them, she hoped but also felt it.

She wore light makeup with a light blush and pale pink lipstick. She wore a black tank shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She had brought a coat for it was cold out but when she was moving about she got hot at times. Her hair was curled and neatly in a bun with loose curls wrapped around her head. 

Grabbing her suitcase she made sure the black velvet box was inside and then quickly brought her car to Sapphire's house. She was excited for their flight to Scotland first, and on the later part of the trip a week in Scotland and a week in Italy, in Italy she found the perfect spot she would ask for her hand in marriage.

Knocking on the door lightly wearing the beige coat loosely on her shoulders as she was warm with excitement already. 

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Sapphire listened to Katrina as she smiled and took in all the words she spoke. The phoenix smiled as she heard her talk about how she could finally relax when she was with Sapphire. As Sapphire talked about adopting and volunteering to get animals adopted as there were so many animals in shelters that sometimes never get adopted and end up put down, which made Sapphire so devastated about it. Noticing her hand, Sapphire smiled as she squeezed her hand lightly as she then giggled when Katrina took a cookie from the bag. 

When Sapphire asked the question, she watched and listened to Katrina as she then mentally face palmed when Katrina mentioned that she was never a child. "Oh right... Sorry.. I shouldn't of asked that." She said as she then listened to her as she then blushed at her last words she spoke about how the best thing that ever happened was when she met her.  "Aww love." She said as she smiled at her. "But still I just kind of forgot alittle bit of falling from the sky part." she said as she smiled and looked at her as she kissed her lips softly for a minute as she then heard Katrina's question.

"Hmm Ice cream flavor...? Hmm I would have to say birthday cake." She said as she looked at her. "Because, I love birthday cake but also its sweet and beautiful with the swirls of icing in the vanilla ice cream. And the sprinkles!" She said as she giggled and smiled at her as she looked at her. " Hmm if you can be any animal in the world, including extinct and mythical, what would you be and why?" She asked as she looked at her with a smile. 

Katrina quickly shook her head and kissed her cheek. "My thoughtful Sapphire. Did I look like a human child growing up?" She whispered softly before smiling. "No, but technically since I was learning I was much like a child, trying to fit in. I lived and that's all that matters. Don't apologize at all. We both come from different lives, I think its very normal that we forget the small differences. I'm not a single droplet of upset or anything. You don't need to worry about it." She smiled as she felt the soft press of her skin on hers.

"Birthday cake ice cream. Interesting never had it. I stick the plain flavours." When she heard the next question she laughed a little bit. "Animal would have to be a bird. They can fly anywhere and are always singing, enjoying nature." Looking at her she smiled as she tried to debate on another one. "Okay, are you happy with where we are going? Or do you wish we had planned something different?" 

Sapphire chuckled as she felt Katrina's lips on her cheek as she listened to her. "Hmm I bet you would of been a cute child." she said teasing as she looked her, listening to her as she talked about things. Hearing her telling her not to apologize, Sapphire looked at her and nodded as she smiled as she felt her skin touch hers. Sapphire couldn't help but lean into it as she looked at her and smiled as she then talked about how she had never had Birthday cake ice cream. "When we get back we are definitely going to get some birthday cake ice cream." Sapphire said as she giggled softly. 

"Hmm good answer on that." She said as she looked at her and smiled as she listened to her question. "I am more than happy on where we are going. I get to see where you grew up and you see where I grew up. Plus I have never been to Scotland so I am just happy being with you where ever we go." She said as she smiled and looked at her. " Ok, my turn to ask a question. Are you happy that we finally get to have a trip to ourselves?" She asked as she smiled softly at her

Katerina loved to touch Sapphire. The softness of her skin caused her to smile, running her fingertips along her cheek. 
When the woman nuzzled into her, it brought her comfort. She liked seeing little things, such as this. Watching the girl softly she smiled. "Birthday cake ice cream. Well, Italy is known for Gelato, right? I could be mistaken, I just... I think I read somewhere about that." She asked the young woman who sat beside her.

Their age difference scared Katrina sometimes. She didn't want the girl to get unhappy with her, and age sometimes could be a playing factor. Hearing her personal excitement for the trip made her smile.  Leaning closer, she place her forehead on Sapphire's. "Look, travelling is fun, lots of stress too. But I could be sitting in my PJs watching a movie and I'd be happy. I've never, ever, been happier than when I spend time with you. So yes, I am more than thrilled. I'm ecstatic." She leaned closer and kissed her, pressing her skin to Sapphire.

"I love you." She said upon breaking the kiss. "Now, what is one thing you most definitely want to do, and something you don't in life?" 

Sapphire smiled as she felt Katrina touch her cheek and felt butterflies in her stomach as she felt her soft touch. The phoenix smiled as she listened to Katrina talk about how Italy was known for gelato. "Yes they are known for Gelato, but when I moved to America I had that ice cream and fell in love with it." She said as she looked at her and smiled as she giggled. "Even though the chocolate Gelato at a place in Italy was very nice before I had Birthday cake Ice cream." Sapphire said as she smiled and looked at her as she couldn't  help but look at Katrina and fall completely in love with her over and over again as she smiled and nuzzled her as she noticed she was thinking about something as she smiled alittle. 

Feeling Katrina move closer, Sapphire smiled and looked at her as she spoke. Sapphire felt her heart swell as at Katrina's words as she smiled and kissed her back when Katrina kissed her. The phoenix couldn't be happier with anyone else, sure she had other relationships in the past but Katrina was the one for her and she could see her life with her for many many years to come. The age difference wasn't a big deal to Sapphire as age was but a number, the thing that mattered about a person is their personality and how much you trust this person with your life. Sapphire could trust Katrina with anything and if she wouldn't change anything about her. 

"I love you too." She said as the kiss broke. Hearing her question, Sapphire smiled and looked at her as she tapped her chin alittle. "I would love to dance under the moonlight or dancing in the rain." She said as she smiled and looked at her. "I have seen so many movies with that and I find it so romantic." She said as she looked at her. "I know this question is different from the others, but what is an urban legend about Scotland?" She asked as she looked at her and smiled.  

Katerina chuckled and looked at her. "Well then you must help me find some chocolate gelato if that had your heart before this birthday ice cream." She said with a small laugh at the thought of the different types of frozen dessert. An image of her wearing some on her nose came to mind, being cute and quirky.

Glancing her over carefully she felt the way she kissed back. Enjoying every little moment and embrace. "I am so glad you do love me. It makes me so lucky. I've been given a wonderful gift in this world and having you in my life, Sapphire. I have never known happiness until I had known you. she watched her, the idea of proposing soon was begging her too. She hated that she had chosen the perfect spot in Italy and Italy was last on the list.

But the reason she did that was to make sure Sapphire and she had the trip. If she said no, they at least had the trip. Glancing at her she smirked. "Dancing in the rain under the moonlight. Good to know." She smirked at the idea of them dancing under the moonlight. "I don't know if you believe in it. But I am pretty certain 'urban legend' is the loch ness monster. I will admit to not knowing much about it. I was focusing on survival most of my time there."

Looking at the aisle way she wondered when the flight would be over, the idea of going on this trip with her was more than exciting than anything else she had experienced. "Okay, my questions are starting to dwindle from my brain here. Are you happy?" She asked, pausing for a moment before continuing. "I don't mean like happy in this moment but happy with life?" 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her, "I will definitely show you that place to get chocolate gelato." She said as she smiled and giggled as she looked at her. The phoenix looked at her and smiled as she was growing more excited about showing Katrina her home when they get to Italy. She was also excited to see where Katrina lived before moving to Evermore. Even showing Katrina where she had a hiding spot for herself to get away from her family sometimes. "Katrina you are a gift in my life. I thought I would never find love again and I guess fate bought you to me. I couldn't be happier to be with you. Heck I cant imagine you not in my life." She said as she looked at her and smiled at her.

The phoenix couldn't help but look at her girlfriend and see their lives together for a long time. Sapphire smiled as she laid her head down on her shoulder as she looked up at her as she spoke about dancing in the rain under the moonlight. "I have heard of that legend and I kind of believe that something must be in there." She said with a giggle. "Well I can understand focusing on something else than on urban legends. Plus I have heard so much about the loch ness monster that I may think it would be slightly real." She said as she giggled and smiled at her. 

Hearing her talk about how questions were dwindling made Sapphire giggle and smile. "I am happy with life. I am happy that I have finally found my brother, I am happy that I have a wonderful, beautiful, amazing girlfriend in my life." She said as she leaned in close and pecked her lips. "I am so happy I couldn't see anything else." she said as she smiled and then tapped her chin. "I agree my questions are dwindling too. But I can at least think of one more question." Sapphire said as she looked at her. " What book or movie characters do you think we are similar to? Like couple wise." She said as she smiled and looked at her. 

Katrina watched as the girl spoke, twinging with excitement at the thought of this girl being her wife.
She was the most fortunate woman and she didn't even realize it. Looking her up and down, her hazel eyes flowing from one sight to the next. "I know, I can't either. I've never been happier, sweet and darling, Sapphire." She glanced the girl up and down before settling into her chair, getting squirming having never sat this long.

She was a doer that was for sure. She stared as she spoke. "But, it's like... I believe it's out there, look at us and how special we are compared to others, compared to each other. But, no, no this is I do agree with you there. I just have been hectic." She said with a laugh before listening to her question. "I don't know... I am an outgoing person and want to help people. I am unusual and unique, I have my flaws and sometimes my patience sucks. But I don't know, I haven't read many like that. I have read a lot of classics, and like my favourites, little women or pride and prejudice. But none the same, I don't know. What about you, would you know?"

Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina as Sapphire talked about how excited she was to go to see where Katrina lived and show how she lived in Italy. The phoenix noticed her girlfriend looking up and down at her as she smiled and looked at her. Listening to her as Sapphire noticed her squirming in her chair from the long plane ride. "We should be there soon." She said as she held her hand as she settled in her chair next to her. The phoenix was used to being in a chair for long periods of time as she was a game developer and normally worked on her games for hours on in. 

When Katrina spoke again, Sapphire looked at her and listened. Sapphire let out a giggle and smiled as she listened to her as she answered her question. When she asked her a question, Sapphire looked at her. "What character for you?" She asked as she then smiled. "Well with all those attributes, I think you would be kind of like Katniss from the hunger games." She said as she looked at her. "For me I think I would be more like Zoey Redbird, from the house of night series." She said as she looked at her. "Even though I know about the vampires in real life, those books are interesting and Zoey is very protective of her friends and her lover." She said as she looked to Katrina. "I am very protective over you and my friends and family." She said as she smiled and looked at her for a moment.

"Katniss, from The Hunger Games? I think that's very interesting since I know barely anything about the film or movie. But I love the relationship between me and her. I love it. You're so amazing." She complimented, grabbing her hand and giving it a small squeeze. 

Katrina knew that she was old enough by now to stay still but it was ever so difficult when she was normally moving like crazy.
She kept her eyes softly on the girl, not wanting to be rude. She smiled longingly at her. "I have never read those books. But I will trust your word for it. You seem to be a good judge of character. You found me, obviously." She teased leaning into the girl smiling. 

"You are very protective. I love that about you. You have this beautiful, outgoing approach but also I just... you're incredible. There are so many things to love about you, I don't even know if I can list them all."

Sapphire giggled as she looked at her.  "We are definitely going to watch Hunger Games and read the books." She said as she looked at her and smiled softly. She squeezed her hand back as she smiled and looked at her as she giggled. The phoenix looked at her as she couldn't help by looking at her girlfriends face as she loved seeing her smile and everything about her. She noticed that Katrina was getting alittle bit restless in her seat as she smiled and moved so the two can get up. "Lets walk around the aisles." She said as she smiled 

"They are good books." She said as she smiled and looked at her. "Thank you, and I know you have a wonderful judge of character since we were meant for each other. " Sapphire said as she smiled and got up as she took Katrina's hand. Listening to her she smiled and giggled as she looked at her. "Well I protect what is special to me. And I think I love everything about you, from your caring nature to your beautiful smile of yours." She said as she smiled and kissed her on the lips as she pulled her up gently. "Now lets move alittle since I know both of us are kind of tired of sitting on the plane. We can walk around alittle hopefully and maybe order a drink from the bar back there." She said as she smiled softly.

"Then it's a date." She said with a smile looking at her quietly, staring calmly at her girlfriend. She loved her and how everything just seemed like its own paradise. She listened to the compliment and nuzzled closer to her. "Aww. Well I think you are a great judge of character as well." Things were amazing with them. She wondered if any of what she had planned was smart, but it was too late now.

Feeling her lips pressed against her, she kissed back and enjoyed the way it felt. Always making butterflies start in her belly. She nodded. "Yeah, sounds like a plan." She replied, taking her hand and going to the bar. The flight went well and she was grateful it had went the way it did. 

When things finished they landed and now were in Scotland. Her old homeland. She didn't know what to do but stare in amazement at how different things looked. Getting their stuff out of the plane she walked to the car rental place and got one, so that they could travel the place in peace.

"Come on, we must go to the place I rented for us to stay at. This week." One week touring the great place of Scotland and another in Italy where she would propose and hopefully have it turn all well. Opening the car door for her she nodded gently. "So how tired are you?" 

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