A trip may just be for entertainment for others, but this trip was going to be the gift of a lifetime. Christmas was the wonderful season of when they first met. They started out as friends and kept in touch over the years. When they reconnected one time she reached out and did something that was very unlike Katrina.

She kissed her, that one kiss led to the start of a relationship between the two. Katrina and Sapphire were a perfect fit, and Katrina enjoyed every moment. After hundreds of years, she had been alone and suffered through the trials and tribulations of the earth.

In the beginning, they had mentioned they wanted to wait for marriage for a while, but with the idea of seeing the roots of Italy from Sapphire while the roots from Katrina in Scotland she was wanting to propose in between. She had done her research and knew she wanted to ask this woman to be her wife.

Since the world allowed it now, she wasn't going to wait, she wanted everyone to know just how much they loved each other. She had given a beautiful sapphire envelope with gold peacocks, she cursived her name and then inside it held everything they would need for the trip.

Their flights, her freedom from both of their work and it would be the time they could get to know each other further. She wanted to then tell the woman of her marriage proposal idea. If it was a good idea or a bad idea she didn't know but she knew that it would be one exciting ride.

She looked around the house making sure everything was locked and turned off. She had gotten someone to pet sit the pups for her and she had texted her earlier to make sure someone did for Sapphire. This year 2021 was going to be the best for them, she hoped but also felt it.

She wore light makeup with a light blush and pale pink lipstick. She wore a black tank shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She had brought a coat for it was cold out but when she was moving about she got hot at times. Her hair was curled and neatly in a bun with loose curls wrapped around her head. 

Grabbing her suitcase she made sure the black velvet box was inside and then quickly brought her car to Sapphire's house. She was excited for their flight to Scotland first, and on the later part of the trip a week in Scotland and a week in Italy, in Italy she found the perfect spot she would ask for her hand in marriage.

Knocking on the door lightly wearing the beige coat loosely on her shoulders as she was warm with excitement already. 

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Sapphire smiled as she looked at her as she listened to her talk about how she was a good judge of character. She smiled as she looked at her as they had kissed before pulling away. Sapphire took her hand as they headed to the bar to get a drink as the flight continued. The two girls sat at the bar and talked, having a few drinks as the were tired of sitting on the plane but they were happy to be together. As the plane had finally landed, Sapphire smiled and helped get their luggage at the airport to get to their place were they were going to stay. 

The phoenix noticed Katrina staring out in how things looked different to Katrina since the last time she was there. She held her girlfriend's hand as they got their luggage and smiled as she followed Katrina to the car rental place to get a vehicle to head to the place they were going to stay. Sapphire looked at her and nodded. "Ok." She said as she smiled and put the luggage in the car before she got into the car when Katrina opened the door. 

"I am really tired, but I can get some sleep later. Show me your Scotland." She said as she winked. "Plus I am used to being up for a long period of time for deadlines for my work." She said as she then waited for Katrina to get in the car before finishing talking. "Also I am excited to be here." She said as she smiled and leaned and kissed Katrina on the cheek. 

Katerina took her hand and smiled softly. 
"How about we just take a drive? I am sure they have drive-through somewhere here? Then we go get food and drive around, you can take a nap if you want. We are here all week." She replied with a soft smile looking at her girlfriend. This woman was absolutely beautiful. How was she so lucky to receive such friendship? Let alone meet the love of her life.

"So right now we are in Aberdeen." She explained as she started the car and gave her a swift kiss on the cheek as she pulled out of the lot with the rental car. She took a moment to get on the busy street. "My camp used to live more in the highlands. It was all very different back then. Much more rustic and like villages, not these huge cities and towns that they seem to have. But when I looked on the website, it seems that there are still some of the rustic castles and such. I will have to take you there, to see them." 

She took her hand and kept it on her lap as she drove through the streets. "What should we get for something to eat before our drive? Did you want to go in, or like eat on the ride? I'm fine either way." She stated calmly as she took a glance at the girl. Waiting in traffic was most definitely new. 

Sapphire looked at her as she nodded.  "Sure I would love to see the scenery." She said as she smiled and listened to her and nodded. "I may take a nap later but right now I want to see Scotland for a bit." She said as she smiled at her. Sapphire couldn't help but smile at her girlfriend as she was beautiful and caring. And seeing her back where she lived made Sapphire alittle happier that Katrina can show her where she lived and show a lot of places in Scotland. She got comfortable in her seat as she buckled up and smiled as she listened to Katrina as she started the car. 

With the kiss on the cheek, Sapphire giggled and smiled as she felt the car move as Katrina pulled out of the parking lot in the rental car. Listening to Katrina, Sapphire looked out the window at the busy street as she smiled. "I would love to see the castles, I bet they have still a bit of history in them." She said as she looked at her. "I bet this is really all new to you since the last time." She said as she looked at her and felt her hand on Katrina's lap. Sapphire smiled as she kept her hand there as she listened to Katrina. "I'm fine either way too. But I am a bit hungry so lets get some food and eat as we drive. " She said as she smiled and looked at her. 

As the two were in traffic, Sapphire thought about things as she smiled. She was in the country where the love of her life had lived for many years before she had moved to Evermore. Sapphire smiled as she looked to Katrina before looking back at the window looking out at the sky as she thought about maybe flying when the two were alone so no humans would spot her.  "Do you know what the weather is going to be like the week we are here? I-I would like to spread my wings out while we are were if that's fine?" She asked as she smiled alittle at Katrina. Sapphire hadn't let her wings out in a while due to her working a lot and also getting ready for the trip that she had forgot to let her wings stretch before getting on the plane. 

Katrina looked at Sapphire and smiled softly. She understood the girl was tired from their very long flight. They had fun asking questions and no matter how much time she spent with Sapphire, she never got sick of her. Looking at the girl she couldn't help but smile. "Oh, I am sure it's just absolutely beautiful. There are a few who probably have gotten more run down over the years. History doesn't stay standing forever, I'm sure." She spoke to the girl as she mentioned her being hungry.

"Oh, I think we are good for most days one or two should or might be rain but I think we should be lucky." The idea of her maybe-one-day-future-wife, flying around the city made her eyes wide and a smile come on her face. The hand was calming as they drove through the busy part of the city. She found her way to a small burger joint. It had drive through which is exactly what she wanted. "Well, while we are here I need to get you some true homemade hagus." She remembered the first time she tasted it, the revolting flavour, it wasn't her favourite but she would eat it if she didn't want to starve. "Don't worry, burgers for dinner."

When they made it to the drive through she looked at the menu. "I will take one regular burger with everything on it, extra ketchup and mustard. I will also take a strawberry milkshake and a water. What would you like, Sapphire?" 

Sapphire looked at her and smiled as she couldn't help but just look at her girlfriend. Her mind started to wonder about how exciting this trip was going to be as she was happy to see where Katrina was from and was excited to show Katrina where she grew up in Italy. Sapphire listened to Katrina as she smiled. "Still there is still history from where they stood." She said as she then mentioned about being hungry to Katrina. Sapphire smiled as traffic moved more as she listened to Katrina talk about the weather that would happen in Scotland. Noticing Katrina's reaction to Sapphire asking to go out flying while in Scotland made Sapphire smile and giggle alittle. 

As they drove to a burger joint, Sapphire smiled. "Hagus? Well I don't know about that, but I am willing to try for you." She said as she smiled and giggled. "Well I'm glad we are having burgers for dinner." She teased as she giggled and smiled as she looked at the menu to see what she would want. "I would like a double cheese burger with everything but no ketchup, a chocolate milkshake and a water." She said as she smiled softly as she knew being a phoenix burned calories fast due to her being a fire bird. 

"There is history from where they stood. True. Well, hopefully, I remember places well enough for you.
I admit it's been a very long time since I've been here. Technically I'm not native from anywhere but up there." She said, pointing up to the sky. She looked at her quietly. Approving everything happening between them. "You don't have to have hagus. I just... I didn't even like it... but shh." She said pressing a finger to her lips. When she explained her order she then went to the drive-through window and waited for their order.

She handed her the things she wanted and smiled. "Maybe we can find parking near a cliff, I can show you the sights, get out of the car, sit on the hood of it? I saw it once on a film, I have no idea if it works, but it might be nice to look up at the sky settling into night. It seems twilight is upon us here? What do you think?" 

The phoenix looked at Katrina as she smiled and listened to her. She giggled when she talked about hagus. "Ok that's kind of good, I was worried that I had to." She teased as she giggled and smiled as she giggled more as she looked at Katrina. As Sapphire explained her order, Sapphire smiled as the two waited for their order by the drive through window. Sapphire's stomach growled alittle as she blushed and giggled as she looked at Katrina. "Guess I was really hungry. " She said as she then helped with the food as Katrina handed it to her. The phoenix held it in her lap as she used her hands to keep the food warm as she was always warm due to being a phoenix.

"That would be nice." She said as she smiled softly when Katrina mentioned to go park and see the sights. "I would love that, and I have seen that on movies too, I think we would have to make sure that its stable enough to keep our food from sliding off." She giggled as she smiled and looked at her. "Lets go." She said excitedly as she held the food and also held the drinks as she waited for Katrina to pull out to head to the spot to look at the sights. 

She laughed and smiled. "Sapphire. I'd never force you to do anything and you know it. Right?"
She smiled at the girl noticing how she was giggling. "You are the cutest. I just... I love your giggle and everything about you, Sapphire." She said with a smile as she heard the girl's stomach growl. "Its fine. I'm hungry too." She said as her own stomach made a small noise. When their order came she handed it to the girl and smiled. 

"Well the idea of laying atop a car hood, looking out and with you by my side. I am the luckiest woman alive." She drove with the girl. Going through the busy parts of town, and left it, hoping to find a way closer to the cliffs. Something overlooking the water. Thankfully she was finding a place. In the sight was an old castle that could be seen on the edge. 

She then looked and saw a space to park. "I am so glad we are getting to do this, Sapphire. You really make me the happiest I have ever been. IN all my days." She stated as she parked, opening her own car door to run after hers, opening it for her to allow her to come out. "Now I'm not trying to sound patronizing but do you think you can climb the hood? I think maybe if we use the tire for leverage? I don't know if this is a bad idea or not but lets try." 

The phoenix looked at her and smiled as she giggled. "I know but I would try it because it was something you used to eat when you were here." She said as she looked at her and listened to her. Listening to her talk about she loved everything about her as she blushed alittle at her words. Hearing Katrina's stomach growl as well made Sapphire giggle and smile as their order was handed out of the window. Sapphire helped get the food as Katrina drove. Sapphire listened to her as she smiled and nodded. "Well I think I would be the luckiest girl in the world being on a car hood with you." She said as she smiled as she glanced out the window to look out at the busy parts of the town.

Noticing the difference as they got closer to the cliffs, Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina as she then looked around and saw the old castle close to the edge of the cliff. "I am so excited to do this too." She said as she smiled. "I am so happy to be with you anywhere." She said as she smiled softly at her when they parked. Noticing Katrina ran to her door, Sapphire giggled and got some of the food in her hands and the drinks as she got out of the car. She looked to Katrina as she asked her about getting on the hood. "Hmm I would say that we can use the tire for leverage instead to climbing from the the front of the car." She said as she moved and placed the food on the hood along with the drinks as she used her foot to get up on the hood.


Katarina looked at Sapphire and smiled, there was something so
special about this girl that she couldn't understand how she was like this. Looking at her carefully she laughed softly.  "Well no one is gonna force ya, especially me." She commented as she watched the girl get out of the car and get eager to jump on the hood. She was a force to reckon with. Noticing how she did it she went to her side of the car and tried climbing up.

She was thankful she wore a tank shirt with blue jeans. She then climbed on her tire and jumped on, she sat down and got comfortable, leaning her head against the glass. "Not a bad idea, maybe a crazy one, but not a bad idea. I may not be super smart, but I offer you crazy ideas, that probably have a spark of danger involved." She said with a laugh looking at her carefully. "Let's eat." 

Sapphire giggled and smiled as she looked at Katrina. "Well I'm glad you weren't going to force me. But I would of still tried it if you wanted me to." She said as she giggled and smiled as she got onto the car and looked at her girlfriend as she moved the food and the drinks over so Katrina could get on the hood. Sapphire was thankful that she wore something that wasn't revealing or something that would make her really cold as it was a bit cold for the phoenix even thought it didn't bother her.  Sapphire smiled as she watched her girlfriend get onto the hood and got comfortable. 

The phoenix smiled as she leaned back on the glass as well. "Well I wouldn't let you get hurt if there was danger. But crazy ideas are fun to do when you are with the right person." She said with a smile as she looked at her girlfriend before sitting up and getting the food out. Sapphire handed Katrina her food and drinks before getting her own. As the two ate, Sapphire looked up at the sky and smiled as she could imagine herself flying around in the sky while Katrina watched. 

She laughed slightly, giving her a wide smile. 
"I don't know if I'd give it to my enemies even. I was more just teasing. I'd like you to keep on loving me. Not wanting to poison me when I wasn't looking like revenge." She said with another chuckle. Climbing on the hood proved to be a bit difficult, jeans were important and she was enjoying noticing the water, the sun hovering in the sky and slowly lowering. Looking out at it before turning to Sapphjire. Moving a hand on hers just to touch her.

"True, well I don't do crazy things. I find myself pacing it. Then you came into my life and I can't wait to do things. Like that picnic, I took you on out in the woods. God, what was I thinking, I never do things like that." They sat up a bit and began to eat. She loved looking out and seeing it, noticing how Sapphire was looking at it all.

"I'm glad we decided to do this, Sapphire. I have always wanted to go back, but it never would have been the same if you weren't with me." 

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