A trip may just be for entertainment for others, but this trip was going to be the gift of a lifetime. Christmas was the wonderful season of when they first met. They started out as friends and kept in touch over the years. When they reconnected one time she reached out and did something that was very unlike Katrina.

She kissed her, that one kiss led to the start of a relationship between the two. Katrina and Sapphire were a perfect fit, and Katrina enjoyed every moment. After hundreds of years, she had been alone and suffered through the trials and tribulations of the earth.

In the beginning, they had mentioned they wanted to wait for marriage for a while, but with the idea of seeing the roots of Italy from Sapphire while the roots from Katrina in Scotland she was wanting to propose in between. She had done her research and knew she wanted to ask this woman to be her wife.

Since the world allowed it now, she wasn't going to wait, she wanted everyone to know just how much they loved each other. She had given a beautiful sapphire envelope with gold peacocks, she cursived her name and then inside it held everything they would need for the trip.

Their flights, her freedom from both of their work and it would be the time they could get to know each other further. She wanted to then tell the woman of her marriage proposal idea. If it was a good idea or a bad idea she didn't know but she knew that it would be one exciting ride.

She looked around the house making sure everything was locked and turned off. She had gotten someone to pet sit the pups for her and she had texted her earlier to make sure someone did for Sapphire. This year 2021 was going to be the best for them, she hoped but also felt it.

She wore light makeup with a light blush and pale pink lipstick. She wore a black tank shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She had brought a coat for it was cold out but when she was moving about she got hot at times. Her hair was curled and neatly in a bun with loose curls wrapped around her head. 

Grabbing her suitcase she made sure the black velvet box was inside and then quickly brought her car to Sapphire's house. She was excited for their flight to Scotland first, and on the later part of the trip a week in Scotland and a week in Italy, in Italy she found the perfect spot she would ask for her hand in marriage.

Knocking on the door lightly wearing the beige coat loosely on her shoulders as she was warm with excitement already. 

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Sapphire felt her love squeeze her hand when she spoke. "Yea that is the worst." She said softly as she looked at her. "But still I get to have the wonderful memories of them even when they are gone. Plus I also get to share to their children about their parents or grandparents." She said as she smiled as she drove. The phoenix drove and smiled softly as she glanced at Katrina. "I know its hard to see them go but I always look at the brighter side, I have seen where they were in so much pain that they didn't want to continue but to see them not in pain anymore makes me a bit happier that they don't suffer anymore. As she drove towards the river, Sapphire smiled and parked in the parking lot next to the restaurant and where the gondola would start the ride. She got out and went to get Katrina from the other side and smiled. "Want to eat before the gondola ride?" She asked as she looked at her and held her hand out. 

 Once the two got out of the car, Sapphire smiled as she waited for an answer for a moment before pulling her gently to the restaurant, "We are going to eat, since we haven't ate since we got here." She said as she lead her to the restaurant. Once inside, Sapphire smiled and spoke to the hostess in Italian and told her a table for two. The hostess nodded and lead them to a table when she realized who Sapphire was. "Sapphire?" The hostess spoke as Sapphire looked at her in a confused look for a moment. "Its Ramona. Fernando's granddaughter." the hostess spoke before Sapphire gasps and smiled. "Oh how have you been? The last time I heard you were in America?" Sapphire asked as the hostess waved her hand. "I was for a man but came back after my grandfather passed." She said as Sapphire frowned. "I'm Sorry to hear that." She said softly which Ramona smiled and touched her cheek softly. "Let me go get Sicily and Luca." Ramona said as she quickly ran to the  back. 

Sapphire blushed and smiled at Katrina. "Sorry about that, I tend to baby sit a lot when I was here and I sometime visit to see how everyone is doing. " She said as she held Katrina's hand. "If you look at the walls, you will see the whole family that owns the restaurant." She said as she smiled. Sapphire pointed to the picture close to their table which show Sapphire and also some of the kids. "Wow I remember that. Thats when Ramona was just a girl and her grandfather was still a flirt." She said as she giggled and smiled. Her eyes looked at herself as she noticed that she didn't change much except for her hair 

"I guess, memories are better than nothing. We can be grateful we don't have to forget them when they're gone. It would hurt so much more." Glancing at her partner, she tried to focus on the beautiful area where they were.  At the mention of food, she rubbed her belly and smiled, licking her lips. "I'm starved, yes please." 

When she was gently pulled towards the restaurant she smirked, noticing how her Italian was spot on, beautiful, knowing how badly she wanted to propose and that it was coming closer and closer to the moment.

Any day now we would find the perfect spot and Katerina would ask her, and the trip had progressed in a way that made her feel like she would be just in the right headspace, that a possible yes was in order.

Slowly they were led to a table while an English-speaking lady came and spoke about being a grandaughter of someone from Sapphire's past life. listening to the onslaught of conversation she stayed silent, while the woman left to find others.

"Doesn't bother me," she says, listening to the woman speak about the photos. Turning her head, she scopes out the images, noticing the family aging from black and white to colour through the years.  She smiled when she pointed to an image with Sapphire in them.

Seeing how the image showed a replica of the girl that sat before her she smiled. "Aren't you scared someone will recognize you... what will people think, or have you been open about who you are to them?"

Sapphire smiled as they sat down and looked at the menus for the restaurant. The phoenix looked at her girlfriend and smiled as she listened to her as she was glad that it didnt bother Katrina about talking about her past. As they looked at the pictures, Sapphire heard Katrina ask about the picture. "Well they dont as I tell them that the woman in the pictures was my great great grandmother and my great grandmother." She said as she smiled. "I never told people about it as they think I get my looks from a long line of genes. They only recognize me now because I came to visit about two months ago for my mother's birthday." She said as she smiled softly. Her eyes had a bit of sadness in them as she remembered when she came two months ago and placed flowers on her mother's grave.

She then smiled at Katrina as she then looked back at the pictures. "I am not that open with everyone around here but I tend to visit less just incase they start to ask questions." She said as she then noticed Luca and Sicily came in on canes. "Oh my dear Sapphire!" Luca said in a old Italian accent. Sapphire smiled and got up to hug him gently as she smiled. "Come va?" She asked as she looked at him as his smile slowly faded. " Oh mia cara, non durerò ancora a lungo." He said as Luca started to frown as well. Sapphire looked at him and shook her head. " Cosa intendi?" She asked as she then noticed that she was speaking Italian in front of Katrina. Sapphire looked at her girlfriend and frowned. "Sorry they tend to speak more Italian than English." She said as she kissed Katrina's cheek. 

Sicily and Luca noticed this and smiled. "Quindi questa deve essere tua moglie?" Luca asked as he looked to Katrina. This made Sapphire blush and shake her head. "Oh no no. This is my girlfriend, Katrina." She said as she smiled. Sapphire translated the question to Katrina saying, "He was asking if you are my wife." She said with a giggle. Sapphire looked at Luca. "Maybe in the near future she will be." She said as Luca nodded. " Ora cosa volevi dire che non avrai molto tempo?" Sapphire looked at the two of the sternly.  The men looked at each other and look at Sapphire as they kissed her cheek on both sides. "We are dying sweet girl." Luca said as he smiled at her.  "What when?" She asked as she looked at them. "We found out that we both have stage 3 cancer in the lungs and cant be fixed due to our ages." Sicily said.

The phoenix frowned and shook her head. "Thats why my grandmother did tell you to stop smoking." She said as she smiled softly. Luca and Sicily look to Katrina for a moment before Sicily walked away. "I must go tend to some cooking." He said as Luca walked over to Katrina and took her hand gentle. "Take care of our sweet Sapphire." He whispered before walking away to the kitchen. Sapphire sat down and sighed as she looked at the menu as she just smiled. "Well I know they lived their lives to the fullest." She said as Romana came back with wine and also some water. "You two need more time?" She asked as Sapphire nodded.

She stared at her companion, smiling at the woman, and glanced at the images again. "Great genetics, practically identical..." she teased, staring at the woman for a moment before they noticed the few people coming over to them and speaking in what she could only assume was Italian. 

She stood in silence, Katrina soaking in the moment as Sapphire kissed her and apologized. "Not at all darling, enjoy your conversation." When she introduced her she smiled at the moment of speaking about her wife, knowing that one day she wanted to propose. Knowing that this place was her favorite and had memories, it hit her.

This is where she had to plan the proposal, above all she had to reach out to these people and explain her love for Sapphire and the need to propose here, get the best table with a view, the nicest bottle of wine, and whatever they recommended was her favorite. 

Hearing the whisper along her ear she nodded. Sitting at the table and looking at Sapphire she looked down. "It's the hardest part, right? I never really got too attached to people after everyone around left me and I was stuck here... that's why I deemed my life had to be to help others. Somehow." She looked at the menu and laughed.

"Is it bad if I ask them for the best pasta dish they recommend, I have no idea what half of this says, but I'd love to try anything you think is personally best?"  

Sapphire looked at her and chuckled as she smiled at her teasing as the two got to their table. "Yea it is the hardest part." She said as she listened as she looked at her. Sapphire chuckled as she looked at the menu again as she listened to her girlfriend. The phoenix smiled and gently took the menu as she smiled at her. "I have a better idea. " She said as she smiled when the waiter came up for their order and placed waters down on the table. "Ok what can I get you lovebirds tonight?" The waitress said in a Italian accent as she spoke good English.  "We would love to have Luca's Special with a few orders of chicken parmesan." She siad as she handed the menu to the waitress. "Also could we have a nice red wine?" She asked as she smiled and looked to Katrina. 

While the waitress went to get their order in, Sapphire smiled as she held Katrina's hand as she kissed her cheek. "I am so glad to show you my world in Italy. But the truth is.. You are my world now." She said as she kissed her lips softly. "I love you Katrina." She said as she smiled at her and held her hand tightly as she glanced at the other couples in the restaurant. "My mother actually met my dad here before they were married." She said softly as she looked around as she closed her eyes, taking in the smell of the food and also some of the wine near by. Sapphire soon looked back at Katrina and smiled as she moved her closer as she held her waist alittle. "This is so amazing." She said as she smiled at Katrina as she looked into her eyes. 

Moments later, their wine and food arrived to their table which had alot, two chicken parmesans sat infront of the two while other Italian dishes like homemade spaghetti was in the middle with a few others like a small bowl of ravioli with alfredo sauce and shrimp. "Wow, I didn't know that  his special grew bigger." She siad chuckling as Luca winked. "I added a few extra things on the house, Uccellino." He said as he smiled at the two. Sapphire giggled and smiled at Katrina. "Hope you are hungry." She teased as she watched the wine be poured into their glasses while Sapphire laid a napkin on her lap 

The idea of chicken parm for dinner was a good idea. Since they had done a lot of sightseeing in the day she was more than hungry enough to eat it. 

Watching the woman speak felt powerful, and exciting. Hearing her compliment about being her world almost had her crack now.

She wanted to drop to her knees and beg her to be her wife, but she couldn't do it yet, not when she planned to recreate their first real date, and the setting she had created here in Italy.

Glancing at the woman once more she smiled, "you're my world too, Sapphire." She didn't know something that wasn't cheesy. "I'm madly in love with you." 

When the wine and food appeared she was more than glad, only one drink would be good as she couldn't lose her inhibitions and say something that she shouldn't yet to the girl. Staring at all the food, she smiled at the woman. "All of this looks so good! I am starved! If not this can be breakfast tomorrow morning...." She said with a laugh.

"So, what should we see the last few days we are here?"  

Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina as they ate their food and talked alittle. Noticing as some have left in the matter of time they spent there. The phoenix guard couldn't help but smile at Katrina while sipping her wine. As the time went by, Sapphire smiled at Katrina's words as she leaned over and kissed her deeply. "You are my world, my stars, my universe." She whispered as she kissed her once more. "I am madly in love with you too." She siad as she smiled at her as she looked in her eyes before going back to eat and drinking her wine. Time passed as she then looked at Katrina as she spoke. Luckily Sapphire was a phoenix and normally burned the alcohol she drank.

"Oh it could be breakfast for tomorrow or we could give what we don't to the people in need around here." She said as she smiled as she noticed the owners getting food ready for the homeless here in Italy. Sapphire turned her head to Katrina when she asked about tomorrow. "Hmm maybe I can show you the house where I grew up, and maybe the beach where I used to ride the wild horses." She said excitedly as she then remembered the horses when she was there. Her smile didn't fade as she knew some were no longer with them but still knew that some where still there from what she heard from the owner of the restaurant. "I can also buy some carrots for the horses since they really like those and sugar cubes." She said with a giggle as she took a bite of her food.

Katrina was unable to speak, and a form of speechlessness came over her. Everything about this special moment was making itself known to her. Sharing a kiss and listening to the claim of love she felt an overwhelming need to propose now. But she knew it would ruin her surprise that would be happening at the end of their trip. Her determination to wait till the end was in case she didn't want to get married. She wanted a trip and she didn't want it ruined, these moments would live rent-free in her mind until she died.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard the woman speak. Nodding she smiled. "True that's a great idea." She mentioned, liking the idea of helping the homeless in the area. When she spoke about the house where she grew up she smiled. 
With the help of her brother, she had already done some research and her goal to see that was with her proposal, but now if the woman would catch on she didn't know. 

"I like the idea of the horses, let's do that. Going on a beach and riding would be a lot of fun." Mention of the carrots she smiled. "I will buy you all the carrots you could want for those horses," she added, knowing she wanted to make the girl happy and lead her away from the talk of her family house. 

The phoenix guard looked at her girlfriend and smiled as they kissed. Sapphire smiled as she ate some of the food as she watched her girl friend, admiring her. Sapphire also asked to make sure to get the boxes for the food they don't eat for the homeless. The owners of the restaurant nodded and got them ready along with making more as the homeless community was high during this point in time since some rent was being raised. The phoenix guard looked at her girlfriend again as she ate, thinking about how the trip was and how this was making memories for both of them as she wouldn't imagine anyone else to be with except for Katrina. 

When Sapphire finished her fill, she helped get the boxes ready as she drank more wine and also made sure to buy water bottles for the homeless for their food. The owner and the other staff helped as the restaurant wasn't busy and it was close to closing for the night. Hearing Katrina talk about the idea of the horses made Sapphire smile more as she nodded. When she mentioned buying all the carrots she wanted, Sapphire giggled and smiled as she leaned over and kissed her once more. "Man I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a beautiful, amazing, and adventurous girl like you in my life." She said as she smiled. 

Katerina glanced in her direction and smiled. She knew that something was going to be big for them. Hopefully with all her might when she proposed at the end of their trip she would hear a yes and they would be wives. The idea of it astounded her, especially since they lived free in this era to be who they were.

As they ate enjoying each other's company they finished it up as they slowly made their way out of the restaurant. "You're the luckiest, I feel quite the same way if not more. Sapphire, I'm madly in love with you. I'd get you the world if I could. Every time I spend a moment with you, I wish I could freeze time, knowing I might never get enough."

Thankfully, Katerina knew that they much time if they were to be in each other's lives for such a long time. But she knew that never would there be enough in her mind. Grabbing her hand she placed a chaste kiss upon it and slowly walked under the night sky with her back towards the hotel. 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her love. As they made their way out, the phoenix guard looked at Katrina as she spoke before she watched her kiss her hand. When they walked, Sapphire couldn't help but giggle as she held her close. "I think you might be the the luckiest. You have changed me a lot and I am madly in love with you as well. You don't need to wish to freeze time to spend a moment with me because I want to be in your life for as long as we live, which will be a long time." She said in a teasing manner at the ending part before she stopped and pulled Katrina close to kiss her lips lovingly while she held her waist. When she pulled away, Sapphire whispered softly. "I am all yours and that will never change." She whispered in her ear before kissing her lips once more before they continued to walk back to the hotel. 

Once at the hotel, Sapphire smiled as she had made sure that the family would deliver the food to the homeless before they headed to their home. She glanced at her phone to make sure before she looked back at her love and walk back to the hotel room. Sapphire smiled and plopped on the bed. "Man I am extremely full from dinner, I hope Luca was able to get the all that food to the homeless." She said as she smiled softly before sitting up on the bed and looked at Katrina.

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