It was another average Friday night. Every week Hyunjin and his colleagues from the precinct would head out to the bar for a few drinks, they'd sit and play a few rounds of cards, chat about work and what their weekend plans were, and then usually before long everyone would be on their way. Tonight however they were celebrating the recent promotion of a team member and so he had planned to stay for a few hours longer than normal, sharing a few drinks, chatting away, and generally having fun. He was about 4 drinks in when he spotted a pretty blonde sitting on her own at the bar. It didn't take long for his colleagues to catch notice that he had been shooting her little glances every so often and before long they were calling him up on it. 

He had been single for pretty much 4 years now and while he had dated since then, nothing had ever felt like the right fit. He definitely missed having someone to share a bed with and be close to but he was okay on his own too. It wasn't like it was lonely when you had a 6-year-old to return home to. His daughter Rosie was with her grandparents this weekend though so he was free to let loose a little. His partner kept telling him he needed to get out there again, be brave but honestly when it came to the ladies, he wasn't all that brave. He laughed off their comments but they became relentless, saying how he was scared to even talk to the girl. Just at that moment, she seemed to glance his way so he beamed softly as though to greet her which was only met with more jeers. He sighed getting to his feet and heading towards the bar. 

He called over the bartender and asked for a cocktail menu which he read and picked out the ones with the stupidest names and then headed over to stand beside the blonde. He wasn't sure she even noticed him because she didn't even move as he leaned closer. He cleared his throat to get her attention just as the bartender set the drinks down on the bar and he slid a bill over to him, telling him to keep the change as a tip. "Uh hi" he spoke softly greeting the female with a lopsided smile "So my friends over there have a bet on how harshly you'll reject me if I came over to talk to you" he spoke softly and reached to scratch at the back of his neck, "They think I lose my game and honestly they're probably right but" he hopped up onto the stool next to her, it was a spinning chair and so he let it spin around before it came back around to face her and he laughed.

"I thought you might be the kind of girl who wants to help me judge which of these two awfully named cocktails taste the worst" he laughed softly looking at the two tall glasses beside them and he raised a finger "And before you think...well...they're cocktails, how bad could they really be named" he chuckled point to the first "This one is a 'Sand in the Crack' and this one is a 'Hop skip and go, naked" he wished he was actually making this up but he wasn't. Well, he'd said his piece now and so he bit his lip and smiled waiting to see what she would say. It had been a while since he approached someone he didn't know so he felt a little apprehensive. 

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He could be right, she could be weak to his charms because so far tonight, things have been going well ever since she stepped her foot inside the bar. Her worries were still there, she wasn't dead drunk yet, but it's slightly hazy now that her head is preoccupied with something else. Or rather, someone else. "Either that or I'm just weak for any type of flirtation, though I'm willing to bet on the former" Irene isn't an easy woman, that's for sure. Most don't even dare stand in the same way as hed in fear that she would rip them to shreds if they stepped on the wrong tile. Miss Farley had a temper to her, after all. "No? I think you're doing just well and if you're this well at winging it then how can you be hopeless?" She was better off than most, she had the privilege to live her life lavishly and though it wasn't without working hard to build the empire it was today, she came from money and was more fortunate. Irene admittedly could come off as a big insensitive because of the way she is, or ignorant because she has participated in charity only indirectly, she has never really gotten down to do any work about it until recently after she met Leigh. 

He wasn't bad on the eyes, in fact Hyunjin was rather good looking, so to see him compliment his friend, she wondered just how humble this puppy really was. There's no way someone like this exists, right? The blonde remembered making the same assumption when she first met Leigh, she thought there was no way someone that kind and cute actually existed but he was real, and now he's a very good friend of hers. Would Hyunjin be the same case? Or was he just… taken over by his emotions since he was drunk? She might not see him again after today since that possibility is almost close to non-existent but that didn't mean Irene didn't want to know if people like this existed. "So he's the perfect guy who was probably not perfect at all" with the pressure he had from his parents, that guy probably wished to be far from what he has achieved. As someone who was neglected by her own parents, she couldn't begin to fathom how that would feel like; being the center of attention from your parents. "And what about you? What were you like in school?" 

His admission to being a police officer would've thrown her off any day but not today, besides, she has a think poking at the authority. When his face morphed into a bright smile after looking like a confused puppy, Irene couldn't help but coo over him, especially after he wrapped his hands over her wrists, acting like a makeshift cuff for her. Irene leaned over to whisper in his ear while he still holds her wrists, "You're right… I do have a thing for authority, who wouldn't like being commanded every once in a while right?" In bed, definitely. Irene didn't expect herself to go for that kiss, but she did and she didn't regret a single bit of it. She had practically melted against him and really wished it didn't have to end. It was impulsive of her to pull him in like that but she is drunk and has always been impulsive sometimes. That's the whole reason why she had to keep her temper in check. 

Before she could hear what he had to say, Hyunjin had already pulled her in for another kiss, but this time it was more passionate than earlier and lasted longer. She returned it with equal vigor and tightened her grip over his sleeves, going as far as moaning softly into the kiss. By the time he pulled back, the blonde was flushed and tracing her own lips with a giggle, "Kissing a stranger… checked. But making out with a stranger publicly… aren't you one scandalous man, sir" she teased. "Have you always been such a good kisser?"

He gave a low amused chuckle when she said that she might just be weak to any type of flirtation “Well in your defense for that case, you have had a few drinks” he grinned slightly and licked his lips, he had too, enough to take the edge off his nerves at least which is probably why the flirting was actually working in his favor. “Let’s just say I haven’t had a date in a long time” he commented with a shake of his head, mostly that was by choice and he had turned down offers here and there because he didn’t want to go but also because he’d been out of the game so long that it was kinda nerve-wracking to approach anyone.

Of course, Hyunjin knew he was a decent looking guy too but he did always feel a little like he was in Eun’s shadow when the two of them were friends back in school, not that he was really the jealous type or wanted all the girl’s attention, there was only one girl he was trying to impress at that time anyway. “As most guys are” he commented with a grin “We all wanna show our best sides but people are crazy if they think they don’t have a bad side too” everyone had their flaws and if they seemed like they didn’t, it just made them a good actor. “Pretty average...I felt like I had to work harder to keep up with everyone else but...I always did well at sports so I guess you could have called me a jock” he was sure his career choice made sense in that respect.

He widened his eyes a little when she leaned in to whisper in his ear, biting on his lip as he took in the words she was saying and the suggestive undertone behind them. He shivered and a smile appeared on his lips in response to that “Though you seem like you might be the defiant type” he teased back as his hands ran gently against her wrists and then finally let them go. Kissing her fireworks. His whole being felt like it was exploding as her lips moved against his, the way her hands felt against him as she pulled him in closer as though this was the only chance the two of them had and that soft, barely audible moan which caused his grip to tighten just a little.

When they parted, he was looking back at her with an expression of wonder, his gaze slowly tracing over hers as she giggled “It just kinda happened” he whispered softly, he wasn’t sure what he was doing until the two of them were locked in together and neither of them wanted to back down. He pressed his lips together and grinned when she called him a good kisser “For the right girl” he teased softly and tilted his head slightly before taking another sip of his drink “So are you going to tick off the rest of the list too?” he questioned playfully.

She stared at the empty glasses she had, that would be an understatement to say that she wasn't drunk yet but Irene herself wouldn't admit out loud that she already passed that threshold. A drunk person wouldn't admit they're drunk anyway, the same way an idiot would admit they're an idiot. "How long is a long time?" she was curious, so much she ended up blurting that question out loud without meaning to. Well, the cat is out of the bag now, no point in diverting it away, he would… answer it, right? "I don't do dates at all" she slurred, no Irene doesn't have the mindset that allows her to go on dates because they wouldn't last an hour with her, much less a day. What would they do if they were to spend longer than the given duration then? She might drive someone crazy unintentionally. "Everyone has a dark side to them, the difference is whether that person allows it to be the best of what makes up his personality or not. Sometimes they can be darker than they are nicer." 

Admittedly, the blonde spent most of her time being surrounded by so much negativity that it wasn't a surprise to have her be the former. "I think you're nicer than you are darker though…" She would probably add the part where she thought bad people know their type very well but refrained herself from doing so. "So you were a jock, figures" she chuckled, not that she had been eyeing him for a while now. Nope. Definitely not that. "You have the personality of a jock… humorous and fun to be around but also, quite shy? I don't think I've ever met someone from that category that's as shy as a cute puppy." She may as well let that compliment come out, Irene was pretty sure she has likened him to a labrador a dozen times tonight. Upon seeing the reaction he had when she leaned in to whisper against him playfully, the blonde diviner let out a small giggle, especially when he ran his fingers against her wrist gently like that. 

When was the last time someone treated her so preciously like that? Like she was ready to be broken if you dropped her. It felt nice if she was being honest. "I am the defiant type" she nodded in affirmation, "and I take pleasure in it. I have no particular liking towards authority in general. But maybe there's room for exception." There is a police officer standing right in front of her so how could she not? If there was one thing Irene learned after kissing him, it was that she decided she wanted more of it. One way or another. Maybe not at this current moment because god knows if they would kick them out for 'public indecency' but maybe… later. The way the two of them actually laughed afterwards showed it was something fun they just did, and she had subsequently ticked off one thing from her list. "I can't believe you still haven't hit off with some girl when you keep giving pickup lines like a pro" she pointed out, Hyunjin was smooth with his words. 

When he took another sip of his drink, she rested her head against the counter with her arm being her pillow before staring at the list, "Mhmm… I should tick it off no? You did go out your way to challenge me and write it on a… tissue. Are you sure you should be drinking more, just how tolerant are you" because she could not hold her liquor as well as she thought she would. "I doubt there's a safari open so late at night and I may end up causing internal disruption with the animals. And I don't think singing while… drunk is a good idea. Someone's gonna file a complaint and sue me for throwing up for sure."

He widened his eyes a little surprised when she asked specifically how long it had been since he had a date and he cleared his throat and blushed slightly, putting a number to it definitely felt a little exposing “Uh...4 years give or take?” sounded bad but he had lost his wife and had a young child to raise, he didn’t have time to go out on dates only for them to realize he was a single father and run in the other direction. He bit his lip and tilted his head curiously when she said she didn’t do dates “Never?” you had to try and go on a date to decide whether they were for you right? Personally, he had always enjoyed taking Lauren out and seeing how she would dress up all pretty.

He smiled when she said she thought he was nicer rather than darker “Well I will take that as the highest compliment” he jested with a soft smile. As for her, he got the feeling that she might let the darkness get the better of her sometimes, though it was hard for him to know for sure. He laughed at her comment about him being a jock “I guess you could say that” but the way she described him as funny and also shy made him grin slightly “I guess you could say girls have always made me a little nervous” he confessed, his filter was completely faded by now so she was getting pretty honest answers to whatever topic she brought up “Though I’m not sure if being referred to as a puppy is a good thing” he teased, enjoying the soft ringing sound of her voice when she giggled.

He tilted his head slightly when she said that perhaps there was room for exception, a smirk appearing on his lips because every time he thought she was going to push him aside she gave him another reason to be pulled in “Careful Irene, if you keep talking like that I might think you like me” he chuckled. After that kiss he was honestly wowed, the passion she put into it, the taste of her lips against his, he was completely lost. His gaze naturally kept dropping to her lips as they talked, thinking about how he wanted more of those kisses, god he could drown in them. He cleared his throat and laughed softly when she said she couldn’t believe he hadn’t found a girl “Honestly life has just been too crazy to even think about it before now” there was that honesty again.

She looked so cute as she leaned against the counter and read over the list, she looked like she was about ready to take a nap which was honestly adorable. He glanced down at his watch and was surprised to see how late it had gotten, his gaze drifted back to the table where his buddies had been earlier only to notice they had all headed home. “Well it seems wasteful not to finish this drink that…” he squinted to read the name of the bartender’s name tag from a distance “Geoff made for me...with his own hands” he was drunk, that was for sure, he was rambling like hell and she was probably right when she said it would be smart to stop. “Well then you’ll have to keep the list and work on it later huh?” and maybe he liked the idea of her taking something he gave her home.

Sometimes, he was bashful and that even made him even more interesting in her eyes. She couldn't recall if she has ever had this long of a conversation with a stranger without feeling like she wanted to strangle them even once. Except Leigh, who then also became her best friend. But unlike the kitsune, Hyunjin was openly hitting on her and flirting without caring, whereas her friend had no romantic feelings toward her whatsoever. "4 years? Wow that's been a while" she chuckled, she wondered how come nobody snatched him up until today, perhaps he wasn't as interested? Could that be it? He did say he's a father which meant he had a child, that would be quite the challenge for him to meet anyone else. She shook her head and hummed in affirmation, she never did dates, she never liked them anyway. "I find them useless, to be honest. I rejected them once and they never came back to ask, so what's the point? If they're not going to make an effort out of it then I'm going to do the same." 

Irene is a busy woman, she had no time to entertain their requests. "You should" she chuckled, she doesn't give out compliments easily, mostly because it would take an effort and the blonde decides what's worth her time. "Why not? A puppy is cute, no? Or is it a jab to your manly ego to be called something so cute?" she teased, perhaps he wasn't a puppy after all but from what she has seen tonight, everything he does resembled a lot like one. It made her want to keep him around longer. They were pulling each other closer back and forth, it wasn't really a game of tug of war when both sides are mutually attracted to one another. Whatever happens today, she had a feeling she'd end up thinking about him for much longer. She scoffed lightheartedly and tilted her head cutely, "But I do like you, why else would we still be having this conversation when I'm drunk out of my mind… and why would I kiss you if I don't? I don't kiss just anyone okay, especially not on first meeting" she hiccuped and ran her fingers through her flaxen locks casually. 

"Why? Don't you like me too? Or is this one-sided because I'm about to be very embarrassed if it was." No kidding. Even in her drunken state, the diviner would never allow herself to go through such an ordeal. "Your life must be interesting then. If it's hard then it's not boring…" she slurred, that's how she viewed things. She'd rather have an interesting life compared to a dull one. Her head feels heavy and the counter gave her a cooling sensation when she laid her head on it, not to mention it also gave her a good view of him. The lights made him look even more handsome and it wasn't fair. She eyed him momentarily and waved the tissue in front of him, "I will take this home with me and write it more neatly somewhere so that I won't forget. I can take your list home but I wonder if I could take the owner home too." She signalled for the bartender to make her a new drink and leaned over, her blue eyes flickering to his lips and back to his eyes, "If you don't pass out on your 3rd drink, I'm gonna take you home."

The thought that kept recurring in his mind was that he couldn’t believe she was still paying him mind after this long, he was honestly expecting a bit of nice conversation and a drink before they parted ways, not that he was complaining, she was very attractive after all. “Yeah, no kidding” he scoffed under his breath and bit his tongue slightly, mostly it was because he was too busy focusing on being a good father for Rosie but that wasn’t the kind of thing you mentioned to someone you just met so he would keep that to himself for now. He raised his brows when she said she rejected a date and people just gave in “Some would call that being respectful of a lady’s decision, you know” he gave her a wry smile, so she liked to be chased, good to know.

The pout resting on his lips as she asked him whether he didn’t like being referred to as a puppy was evident and he chuckled “Well you know...most guys would prefer to be called sexy or attractive by someone they...find equally attractive” he spoke candidly and shrugged slightly, his masculinity wasn’t at jeopardy of being shattered just because a girl thought he was cute anyway. He grinned slightly when she battled back by saying she did like him and that was the only explanation for her choice of actions tonight. He titled his head, just smiling at her with a placid expression on his face “Oh I know you do, I just wanted to hear you say you like me” he teased playfully with a soft grin.

He chuckled and leaned closer to take one of her hands in his and press a soft kiss against it playfully “I like you very much” he responded without hesitation, who wouldn’t like her when she was playful and adorable like this, he honestly had nowhere else he would rather be right now. “I guess you could say that” he agreed when she pointed out his life must be interesting “Though I think we’re all guilty for wishing we could have a break now and then” sometimes he just hoped the world would go his way and he could just have a chance to breathe for a while. He scrunched his nose, enjoying the view as she gazed at him with her head propped against the bar but his eyes widened in shock when she mentioned taking the owner home. He even pointed to himself and mouthed the word ‘Me?’ in a questioning manner before she confirmed it by saying it again. He stared at the drink the bartender placed on the bar and then to her, noting the way her eyes were hovering between his eyes and lips, he bit his lip softly.

Honestly, he wasn’t expecting things to get so far but there was a part of him inside screaming why not? It wasn’t like he needed to be home tonight and there was a beautiful girl here basically offering herself to him. “Deal” he responded before asking the bartender for another drink, when he brought it over, Hyunjin stared back at Irene before downing the entire thing, not losing eye contact the entire time, he set down the glass and gave a wolfish grin.

When she came here earlier, she was weighed down by the stress of her work and thought she was going to get a few glasses to ease her mind and forget about her troubles for at least one night. Perhaps, even take someone home with her so she has something else, or rather someone to focus her attention on instead of being a sorry excuse of a drunk and sleep at her couch until morning greets her. The sudden turn in events were interesting though, it made Irene stay longer than she initially proposed to herself. He was too cute of a company. "Maybe, but the people I’ve met don't have an ounce of respect in their bones." By that, she meant those spoiled rich brats who acquired their position due to nepotism. God, how much she hated those men who couldn't even do their job right and had the audacity to look down on her. "Besides… it's always nice to be chased sometimes…" Nobody seemed to be able to do that so far. 

Upon hearing his response to the way she described him as a puppy, the blonde chuckled and shook her head in amusement, "Oh you shouldn't have to worry about that, dear Hyunjin because you are still sexy" she bit her lip instinctively and didn't bother to hide the wry smirk on her lips. "And apparently you find me equally attractive, careful sir, one may think you were trying to butter me up." Well, it's working, that's for sure. She didn't think it'd bother Hyunjin that much to hear she finds him cute anyway, it's a compliment either way. When he said he knew she likes him and just wanted to hear her say that out loud, Irene scoffed playfully, "Look at you being all coy." What did surprise her was when he suddenly took her hands into his and kissed it, that was unexpected. "I wish I could take a break but from where I am, every moment is work, even outside of working hours." That's the thing about being the owner of your own company, things could go awry and you would have to get to the bottom of it. 

In order to ensure it doesn't go down that route, she had to be reachable at any time. "But… I could take a break tonight." If that didn't tell him anything, she didn't know what will. Another soft giggle escaped the diviner when he pointed to himself, "So cute" she quipped, who wouldn't be tempted to bring such a puppy home? Her grin grew gradually when he took on the challenge and cleared his drink, the way he didn't even break his eye contact with her while downing it whole sent shivers down her spine. She couldn't remember the last time she felt this excited, to be honest. She signaled for the bartender to refill his glass and then pushed it towards him with a look that said she was keeping her eye on him while finishing her own glass. "One down… two more, do you think you can do it? It's not too late to admit defeat" she purred.

He gave an effortless smile as he listened to her complain about how other people didn’t seem to give respect to her “Sounds like their parents didn’t raise them right” he commented matter of factly, despite the fact his family had basically cut him off and said they had no interest in being involved in their granddaughter’s life, they had raised him to be a polite and kind young man and that was worth something beyond the resentment he felt. “Everyone likes to be chased a little...means someone is willing to run that extra mile for you” which in a world where most people only thought about themselves, meant something.

He straightened up and couldn’t help but grin when she reassured him that he was sexy, biting on his lip slightly because that was a hell of a compliment from someone as attractive as her, he tilted his head “Would it be so bad if I was?” he questioned wondering if perhaps she wanted to be showered with compliments, it was nice to have someone say good things about you and despite people often swearing they didn’t need other’s validation, there was definitely a gratification there. He gave a sheepish smile when she pointed out that he was being coy and shrugged slightly. “So what you’re trying to tell me is that you want to run away for a little while?” he grinned and pursed his lips and raised his hand as though he was telling a secret “Me too” he slurred and grinned.

He smiled innocently when she called him cute “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you find cuteness….sexy” he giggled slightly between eyeing her and the drinks he needed to take care of. It felt crazy to him to be taking such a challenge and knowing the end result would be the chance to go home with her, he felt the urge to pinch himself because there was no way all of this could be real. But her smile when he finished the first drink only spurred him on, he picked up the second ready to down it when he suddenly hiccuped which then made him blush slightly and to distract from it he went for the second drink, tipping it back and drinking it down before grinning and reaching for her hand “For you I’d go for 5...though please don’t make me do 5” he commented with a grin, she was so pretty, he couldn’t stop staring at her and he was feeling a distinct urge to stroke her cheek.

A small smile passed by her features for a brief while upon hearing his response, "Maybe not… who knows what they taught them. Mine definitely didn't teach me anything good so I guess I could relate to them, not that I will ever find myself empathising with them but" she would know how it feels like to feel neglected like that. The side effects of a bad childhood could really bring the individual up to their own growth. With her, a lot of things are plain negative. "Are you willing to run an extra mile for the person you like?" She asked curiously, it was a general question, he obviously had someone before this and the fact that he still stayed says a lot. Would anyone really give up something for their significant other? Irene honestly wouldn't know because she has never felt anything like that before nor did she want it. Or at least, that's what she kept telling herself. 

When she was drunk, her lips are a lot more loose than usual, which was proven by how chatty she was being with the stranger she just acquainted herself with for the past hour. "No… not bad… just, don't you think you're a little forward here sir? You barely know me, don't you know it's dangerous to chase around a stranger who you don't know anything about? What if I'm a serial killer? Or a crazy stalker?" she leaned in and teased him playfully, teasing him the entire time has been somewhat a favorite thing of her to do. "When you put it that way, yes. I just want to run away from my life, to be honest… it's so tiring. All the work, all the drama. I'm surprised I haven't had a single grey hair yet…" as soon as she said that, the blonde quickly patted her hair as if she was in search of any of that. "Sounds irresponsible of us, doesn't it?" she giggled, well at least if she was going to do something more tonight, she would have someone to keep her company. That feels comforting, to know she's not going to be alone.

"I do find certain cuteness sexy" she exclaimed defensively and huffed, "something about people when they're being so endearing is so attractive." When she first issued the challenge, she didn't think he would go along with it. Of course, Irene already had intentions to bring him home with her regardless of the result but still, judging by how determined he was, she couldn't help but to see if he could really hit his goal. The moment she heard that cute hiccup, the diviner chuckled and covered her face with her hands, "Too much?" But he did finish the second drink, which leaves him with one last glass. "I wouldn't be cruel enough to make you do 5. Come on, only one more" she cooed and pushed the last glass to him, her bright hues beckoning for him to take a sip. "One more and we can go" she whispered and bit her bottom lip before sparing him a grin. 

He liked it when she smiled, not the fake one she had plastered earlier out of politeness but the one that kept creeping up on her lips when she let her guard down for a few moments “You’d think people would take the role of raising a whole new person seriously but a lot of them just...don’t care that much” in his case, it was the opposite, his parents had cared far too much about the wrong things to the point they became strict and controlling and left him little room to breathe. “Of course I would” he responded without hesitation, the drink was definitely making him more forthcoming and honest, enough to quite boldly admit he was a hopeless romantic “My late wife always said I was too much of a charmer” he commented and bit his lip.

That hopefully explained to her why he hadn’t been with anyone or had a date in a long time, but it wasn’t something he dwelled on in the conversation, she didn’t want to hear about the sad turns his life had taken a few years ago. He grinned when she called him out for being quite forward, especially when they didn’t really know one another too well. She was right, she could be a serial killer or a stalker “Shouldn’t you be more worried about me? I mean you’re tiny and I’m...well” he hadn’t actually stood up next to her yet so he hopped off the barstool and stood up straight for a moment. “Running away is fun sometimes” he responded and grinned, just to let everything go...stop thinking about all the bad things and be free” he rarely got the chance to do anything like that.

“Your blonde hair would manage to hide the grey pretty well” he teased and tilted his head when she asked if they were being irresponsible “Responsibility is exhausting, I wanna do something crazy” he teased slightly, it was definitely heavily influenced by the drunk, he was even swaying a little where he stood. “I can do aegyo too you know” he commented and grinned playfully, she probably had no idea what that meant. He widened his eyes when she laughed at his hiccup “It’s fizzy” he commented and pouted slightly, sure, that was definitely the reason he was hiccuping right? He stared at the last drink on the bar as though it was his ultimate nemesis before reaching out to curl his hand around it, he looked to Irene and then back to the drink before picked it up and toasting “To saying hell no to responsibilities” he teased before pulling a face and then lifting the drink to his lips to down it. When he was done he placed the glass down on the bar and grinned at her goofily.

She couldn't remember the last time she has smiled with someone so genuinely if they're not Leigh or her secretary who even then, rarely comes in to see her put on that pretty smile. Now she's laughing and goofing off with a stranger she just met earlier, she was either drunk or he is really that likable. Perhaps, a bit of both but she is strongly leaning towards the latter. Late wife, that's the word that really rings the bells in her head, no wonder he seems both inexperienced yet so casual with the whole flirting thing going on, "Explains your… flirtation." And that was a compliment. What a cute guy. She has met a few romanticists of course, even her good friend Leigh is one but to Irene, she usually detest them if they're not sincere. Which in her case, she's met a lot of those. The fact that she might be his first girl that he has hit on since his eife did bring a certain rise of pride in her, so he chose her. Irene felt honored, of course. Almost as if she felt the emotion of being cared for. Being someone's choice. 

"Ah yes, you're massive. Tall… but honestly not exactly the dangerous type. Didn't you say you were a cop? Would an officer really do something harmful to a girl like me?" But really she just didn't want to tell him that she could hex anyone who actually tries anything funny and nay actually enjoy it in the process. Knowing the diviner, she would even laugh at them for attempting such a thing. "I wanna try running away one day… just one day would be enough…" she slurred, her eyes drooping a bit, not because she was tired but simply because she could imagine herself closing her eyes and picturing herself somewhere nice where nobody would bother her with any problems. The blonde touched her light locks and twirled it in her finger before chuckling, "God it's been so long since I've had any color except blonde… I can't even remember how I looked in my natural hair color" It was hard to believe she was a natural redhead when she had been blonde for so long. 

"What kind of crazy? Can you even do anything crazy? You don't seem like the type… I mean aside from the kiss earlier, that one was nice" and she would believe if she told herself she made out with a stranger in the bar. Because god knows what she wouldn't do when she's tipsy. It didn't mean she didn't like it though. "Aegyo? What's that?" It sounded like something in another language, perhaps his own. His hiccups were so cute and she couldn't help but to coo at his reactions. By the time he finished the last glass, she clapped and hollered, patting his back supportively and leaned in to whisper in his ear, "I guess I get to bring you home with me after all" she grinned and finished her glass. "But the question is, would it really be wise… to go back with a stranger like me?"

He blushed slightly when she said that explained his flirtation and he shifted on the spot slightly “I think people like being charmed though...even if they won’t admit it out loud” he could be sweet on people and perhaps a little too much of a flatterer but he liked the chance to make someone feel special, there was far too much negativity in the world after all. Irene was the first person he had actually even tried to flirt with since Lauren, which was in a pretty long time so he liked to think he couldn’t be terrible at it if she was responding to him like this. She was funny and she had this really pretty smile that kept captivating him, he was sure most people didn’t get to see that side of her on first meeting.

He laughed when she looked him over as though she was judging him, agreeing that she was tall but also pointing out that he was far from dangerous, he gave a lopsided smile “Fair point, I joined the force because I wanted to protect people, not hurt them” he commented with a slight grin “Guess I can’t convince you I’m scary no matter how hard I try huh?” he chuckled under his breath and shrugged slightly. “One day of freedom seems more than fair, you could do anything you wanted...just 24 hours” he nodded in agreement, one day seemed short sometimes but he was reminded of times when he would go on daytrips with Rosie and those seemed to last forever. “You’re not a natural blonde?” he questioned in surprise, raising his brow “You could have fooled me” he commented tilting his head slightly.

He pressed his lips together when she asked him if he was capable of being crazy and he shrugged slightly “Well I might not look like it but I’m actually quite the adrenaline junkie, I jumped out of a plane three times” and he enjoyed the thrill that came with the falling before you pulled for the parachute. “Though that kiss definitely ranked on the list” she spoke softly with a coy smile in her direction. When she questioned what Aegyo was he blushed softly “It’s when people...act really cute” he commented before poking against his cheeks and pulling a cute face before laughing a little embarrassed “People go crazy for it back home” he confessed. He actually questioned his sanity as he downed the last drink but he didn’t have any time to regret it because she was already praising him.

He shivered in response to her seductive whisper and propped his chin up as he watched her with curious eyes “I’ll take the risk if you’re willing to take it too” he teased pressing his lips together, he wanted this, he really wanted this. He leaned in to close the gap between them, his lips softly brushing against hers.

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