It was another average Friday night. Every week Hyunjin and his colleagues from the precinct would head out to the bar for a few drinks, they'd sit and play a few rounds of cards, chat about work and what their weekend plans were, and then usually before long everyone would be on their way. Tonight however they were celebrating the recent promotion of a team member and so he had planned to stay for a few hours longer than normal, sharing a few drinks, chatting away, and generally having fun. He was about 4 drinks in when he spotted a pretty blonde sitting on her own at the bar. It didn't take long for his colleagues to catch notice that he had been shooting her little glances every so often and before long they were calling him up on it. 

He had been single for pretty much 4 years now and while he had dated since then, nothing had ever felt like the right fit. He definitely missed having someone to share a bed with and be close to but he was okay on his own too. It wasn't like it was lonely when you had a 6-year-old to return home to. His daughter Rosie was with her grandparents this weekend though so he was free to let loose a little. His partner kept telling him he needed to get out there again, be brave but honestly when it came to the ladies, he wasn't all that brave. He laughed off their comments but they became relentless, saying how he was scared to even talk to the girl. Just at that moment, she seemed to glance his way so he beamed softly as though to greet her which was only met with more jeers. He sighed getting to his feet and heading towards the bar. 

He called over the bartender and asked for a cocktail menu which he read and picked out the ones with the stupidest names and then headed over to stand beside the blonde. He wasn't sure she even noticed him because she didn't even move as he leaned closer. He cleared his throat to get her attention just as the bartender set the drinks down on the bar and he slid a bill over to him, telling him to keep the change as a tip. "Uh hi" he spoke softly greeting the female with a lopsided smile "So my friends over there have a bet on how harshly you'll reject me if I came over to talk to you" he spoke softly and reached to scratch at the back of his neck, "They think I lose my game and honestly they're probably right but" he hopped up onto the stool next to her, it was a spinning chair and so he let it spin around before it came back around to face her and he laughed.

"I thought you might be the kind of girl who wants to help me judge which of these two awfully named cocktails taste the worst" he laughed softly looking at the two tall glasses beside them and he raised a finger "And before you think...well...they're cocktails, how bad could they really be named" he chuckled point to the first "This one is a 'Sand in the Crack' and this one is a 'Hop skip and go, naked" he wished he was actually making this up but he wasn't. Well, he'd said his piece now and so he bit his lip and smiled waiting to see what she would say. It had been a while since he approached someone he didn't know so he felt a little apprehensive. 

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"Mhmmm who wouldn't like to be charmed? It makes them feel special to get the attention of another and even if you are the most introverted person ever, the thought of being special to someone… or significant enough to warrant their attention on you, could make your day" even Irene likes the idea of being paid mind to. She wanted to be taken seriously for everything that she does and she definitely likes being the center of attention. Of all times. And now, right in front of his line of view. That too. He wasn't terrible at flirting, a bit awkward and goofy but that's his charm so it makes everything cuter and much more acceptable. The effort was what mattered in the end. The amount of smiles she had done tonight could probably last her usual daily routines for the next year because she does not smile that often unless she's in a meeting with someone else. Even then, it's a fake smile and purely done for the sake of courtesy and professionalism. 

"Of course you did, no cop would say anything else aside from that" she scoffed playfully, not that she was trying to downplay his intentions but she has seen so many corrupt people in almost every industry, it was hard for her to trust people. Especially the authority. Well, there's still room for a few exceptions, he could easily be in one of them. "Nope" she highlighted the p in her word and grinned sheepishly, "You don't look like a scary person and while I'm sure you can be quite intimidating when you want to be, you can't convince me you're scary when you met me in a drunken state where all I can see is a cute… giant puppy." One that she wants to take home with her. Oh, that one is still in the works. "24 hours of freedom alone is already considered the kind of freedom I'll never achieve… so it would indeed be a dream come true indeed." Perhaps one day she could make that dream come to life. One day. 

Irene laughed when he expressed his surprise over her natural hair color not being blonde, "I don't think anyone ever thought I'm not a natural blonde. But it's been my hair color for almost the entirety of my life so I'm not surprised. I like the blonde." It makes her feel different and that was the reason for it in the first place when she decided to bleach her hair. "Three times?" She raised her eyebrows in surprise as she gaped in awe, "That's impressive. But not surprising, an officer like you would probably be very athletic and fit after all" she cooed, she could picture him jumping out of the plane. The diviner couldn't help but let the grin occupy her lips when he said the kiss was definitely included, it grew even more as her eyes lit up the moment he started acting cute. She wanted to squish those cheeks so badly. "Well if everyone is like that when they act cute then I can see very well why people would go crazy" because goddammit, he was really cute. 

And in a split second, all that cuteness dissipated and was replaced with a front she is also well acquainted with. With his lips softly brushing against her, the blonde couldn't help but close the gap between them impulsively as she pulled him in closer and deepened the kiss. The thought of them doing that in a public place was once again thrown outside the window because all she could think about is him on her. "Risk-taker aren't you? Then I guess I should… entertain the idea. Go wild for one night right?"

He grinned sheepishly when she agreed with him that it was nice to be made special by having someone’s attention all on you “And even if you know it’s all for sure, attention is attention right you can either shrug it off or make the most of it” Irene seemed like the type of person who could probably do both, depending on whether she actually interested in the person paying her mind or not. Thankfully it seemed like he was lucky enough to steal her attention away for a little while. She was an enigmatic person to him, there were moments when she seemed sweet and funny but others where he got a hint of why she was a CEO of her own company, there was an independent and almost intimidating vibe that she gave off.

He laughed under his breath “Hey we’re supposed to be scary to criminals though, who knows, maybe you’ve done something and you’re in trouble” he gave her a playful look because it was evident that he wasn’t on duty right now and his entire focus around flirting with her, she was fun to tease because she already returned with as good as she got. He bit his lip when she said all she could see was a cute, giant puppy “Hopefully you can see a little more than...that” he commented in a husky voice, he knew being cute was one of his main charms but he certainly also wanted to be seen as sexy by the woman he kissed tonight, otherwise he might fear she kissed him out of pity. He cocked a small smile when she said she couldn’t even spare 24 hours of freedom “Too bad” he responded with a bite of his lip.

Hyunjin naturally reached out to inspect a strand of her hair when she talked about it not being her natural color, no matter how much he pictured her with any other color hair it just didn’t seem to fit “Seems like you’ve got the whole world fooled then” he teased as he tucked it nearly behind her ear and let his hand fall to his side. “It makes you look confident...for what it’s worth” she definitely had a striking appearance, despite having youthful girlish features. He reached up to scratch at the back of his neck when she spoke about his experience with planes “Well the first one was military required, the other two were for fun because I remembered the first fondly” one of the very few things he could recall as good about his service.

He chuckled as he watched her reaction to his cutesy poses and chuckled a little embarrassed because it wasn’t exactly easy on a man’s pride to demonstrate something like that “The girls back home went crazy for it, I swear it was basically a requirement to date someone” he’d never really gotten it but whatever people found attractive he supposed. Kissing her the second time felt as good as the first time, he could taste the sweet liquor she had been drinking on her lips and the way they deepened it made him not want to let her go. But before long reality about their location set in and he pulled back with a flushed expression “One night” he murmured, he really couldn’t believe he was doing this but he got to his feet and grabbed his coat from on the stool and shrugged it over his shoulders "Shall we go?" he asked, offering his arm out to her.

He was smart and careful with his words, even if he was halfway down the tipsy land, it made Irene wonder how he would be sober. He wasn't that drunk since he seemed to still be able to form coherent words but still, she was curious. The blonde placed one hand over her chest and feigned shock, "Now officer how could you have known what I have done in the past?" Technically, breaking the laws here and there wasn't something she hasn't done before. Irene has bent them a few times to her favor but he didn't need to know about them, right? You don't suddenly spill about your dark past to someone you just met, especially if he's very likely to go home with you for the night. It's just counterproductive. 

She couldn't help but lick her lips instinctively upon hearing the slightly lower tone from earlier, well that was a shift. She realized his voice was generally husky, the kind you would love to keep hearing all day, even more so if he's whispering in your ears, but the shift in the air was too visible. "Oh I'm sure I am seeing more than that" she giggled, "believe me, nothing about you is unattractive" she wasn't lying, everything about him just screams that. While she is drunk, she could still make out what's real and what's not. "I can't spare myself 24 hours but I can… spare you a few hours" if that didn't make it more suggestive than she was already on board with, she didn't know what else would. Her eyes followed his hand when he picked up a strand of her hair, normally she would hate it if people didn't know their boundaries and started invading hers but he could touch her anytime he wanted. 

Her breath hitched silently when he tucked it behind her ear, her heart was beating fast tonight, "That's what I intended when I dyed my hair" she murmured softly, there's the truth. Irene initially dyed her hair because she wanted to shed her previous identity away and be reborn into someone she chose, rather than living the life she was born into. Who would want to live a forgotten life anyway? "You do look like the kind of guy who would do those for the sake of fun" she chuckled, it sounded appealing but not in her zone. Yet. Compared to her, he definitely had more fun moments, it made her envy him sometimes. What more has he done? And what more did she miss out on? "I don't think you need to be cute to date someone, you're naturally exuding that goofy air… it's cute already." 

When he got up, Irene couldn't stop herself from snickering because he looked so eager it was making her bite her lip. She took a hold of his hand and grabbed her purse with her, "Thankfully I still remember where I parked my car… Can any of us drive though? Not me for sure…" she didn't stumble on her steps as they exited but she did stop a bit and allowed her eyes to find her car that was parked just a few steps away, the red tinted color was gleaming. "Should we call for a driver?"

He grinned slightly at the way she played along with his teasing “I’ve just got a feeling that you might be a bit of a trouble maker” he jested playfully as he gazed back at her, she definitely seemed to have a mysterious side to her, from what he could tell anyway, perhaps twinged in a little sadness. It definitely occurred to him that he was doing far better tonight then he anticipated and she was certainly out of his league, especially if she knew he was a single father. But he wasn’t going to complain if she continued to show him interest “Nothing?” he questioned with a wry smile in response to her words “Well that certainly is a compliment” he purred softly.

He was definitely relying on liquid confidence at the moment to continue the back and forth they were doing “A few hours?” he raised his brow playfully, well it seemed like she was looking for someone willing to stick around for a little while, he licked his lips as his gaze lingered on hers. He’d already kissed her before and he couldnt already sense how easy it would be to get lost in her passion, it seemed like she didn’t do things by half measures and he was all for it. She looked almost timid as he reached for the strand of hair and he could sense the apprehension in her eyes when he tucked it behind her ear, he wondered if anyone had been gentle with her before “Beautiful” he spoke softly as he pulled his hand back slowly.

He chuckled and scratched at the back of his neck when she said he looked like the type “Not sure if that’s a compliment or not” he commented with a goofy smile adorning his lips. He shifted in his seat when she said you don’t need to be cute to date someone “I think it’s charming to have a little cuteness...especially if it’s reserved for someone special” though his goofiness certainly followed him around in daily life. When she took his hand he swore his heartbeat almost doubled in his chest, he glanced at her with a questioning look when she next spoke “You drove yourself to a bar?” he questioned curiously, that seemed like backward logic to him “We can call a cab, worry about the car retrieval tomorrow” the car park wasn’t going to tow her car and it saved them finding someone sober to come.

He pulled out his phone and opened the Uber app and then passed it to her so that she could put her address in, she did say she planned to take him home after all.

She bit her lip and giggled, was he wrong though? She does consider herself to be somewhat a troublemaker sometimes. "You got me all figured out, huh? Maybe there's a detective in you after all" which makes sense since he's a police officer, being attentive and whatnot. Irene hummed in affirmation and nod, "Mhmm nothing, your humor is well checked out and your physical appearance makes people think twice anyway… and you're a good drinker so that's a bonus point. You haven't introduced yourself as a pain in the ass either… that's all the more reason for me to like you honestly" her standards aren't too low neither are they too high if she was being honest. She wants someone who could see her worth, that's all. "If you know the kind of people I face daily, even their handsome faces can't save the day" admittedly she had her fair share of attractive investors and executives. 

"A few hours" she uttered the same three words once again to affirm what she said, she meant it. Despite her tipsy state, Irene Farley rarely goes against her words. The way he treated her so gentle and kindly was honestly slowly getting to the blonde diviner, who has never had a sum of people treating her in such a way before. Or most who tricked her for the first time only to turn out to be assholes afterward. But something about Hyunjin tells her he wasn't like that. Not that it would really matter after tonight, right? It's just one night. She could do that, it's nothing out of the ordinary. She gets to bring back an attractive guy back to her home and her night wouldn't look too bad after all. "It's a compliment, you better believe it" she teased, and he was exactly what she expected, a cute guy indeed. 

He genuinely looks like someone who would fit far better with a girl who deserves it, not her. But she wasn't looking for a relationship, only a one-night-stand for all that is worth. And he seems to be into that kind of engagement anyway, it's going to be a win-win situation. "Wow, whoever ends up with you must've been pretty lucky." He's definitely the type you would want to bring home to your parents. "To be fair, I just clocked out of work and was going to drive straight home but then I got a bad call and well… it turns to be a I need a drink night…" Logic be damned. Irene took his phone and typed in her address and gave it back to him while using him as her human support, pressing her head against his shoulder and holding his arm in her grasp. "You actually make good human support…" she giggled and before long the Uber they called arrived where they were. Irene almost tripped while trying to get inside, going as far as hitting her head against the car roof and whining in response.

His gaze hovered on her when she bit her lip and then giggled, he knew it was the alcohol talking for the most part but he liked how happy she sounded “Are you saying that it takes someone skilled to read you?” he questioned playfully, she definitely had a coy manner to her which he was sure could be seen as mysterious. Perhaps he could count himself lucky he’d gotten to know her when she was a little more relaxed. Hyunjin couldn’t stop the smile that came on his lips when she continued to compliment him shifting on the spot and blushing just a little “They must be really bad then” he commented with a teasing grin, though he did wonder if she was the type to judge people too quickly.

He bit his lip when she repeated herself, emphasizing that she intended to steal several hours of his time, he felt a little nervous honestly, it wasn’t like he was completely inexperienced but he’s been out of practice for a while now and she was really beautiful which definitely added some weight to it. “Okay” he agreed, allowing a wry smile to cross his lips, if that’s what the lady wanted then that is what he would deliver. He grinned sweetly when she said it was a compliment when she called him cute, he beamed bright enough to light up his whole face “I forgot what it’s like to feel...something” he commented and bit his lip, was special the right word?

He chuckled slightly when she said whoever he ended up being with was lucky “I’m not sure about that...I don’t usually have enough time in my life for dating and that sort of thing” he commented in a soft voice “Whoever she is...she deserves my full attention” being a single father definitely meant everything else tended to fall to the back seat but he was okay with that, Rosie was what came first to him. “So you decided to throw out the plan huh?” he chuckled slightly, he could understand where she was coming from, sometimes you just needed a break. He laughed when she said he was good support “I’m pretty sturdy” he commented, raising his brow as the car pulled up in front of them, he caught Irene, pressing his hand against her waist to support her when she tripped but he couldn’t help but laugh when she hit her head too.

“You don’t seem like the clumsy type” he teased as he climbed into the seat next to her, his hands were cold so he reached out to press it against her head where she bumped it “Ice pack” he teased softly as he closed the door and the driver pulled off in the direction of the address she had entered.

She pondered dramatically for a while and nodded afterwards, "It seems like it, nobody can seem to read me that well. Either they don't bother to do that or people are really that unskilled '' Or she's hard to read. Perhaps it was because she didn't feel like she needed to guard herself against him tonight that things were easier, any other days Irene wouldn't find herself sparing a stranger a moment of her day, no matter how nice they are and Hyunjin is really nice. At this point, the blonde didn't dare to tone down her advances, she was already this far into it anyway so what was the point of backing away from him? "Okay?" She couldn't help the grin that she formed upon hearing that, how cute. There were some instances when Irene wanted to stroke his hair and pet him silently from the way he's acting. Like a giant puppy waiting to be pet. 

"Me too honestly…" When was the last time she felt like this? Like she was worth the attention given? A while, that's for sure. "I can remind you how it feels tonight" she purred softly, that was definitely the alcohol speaking and the diviner didn't even mind, she'd let her mind be taken over by it any time, it still wouldn't change her current feelings anyway. "So you're another person who doesn't do dating but not because he doesn't want to… interesting, I don't date because I don't want to, not the other party." It wasn't something she should be concerned over, things like relationships won't even last for long so what's the point? "Plans don't work out always… so I decided to throw mine out for today" she nodded and sighed as she rested her head against him, it was nice. He held onto her pretty well, so well she swore she could fall asleep on him. 

"I'm not" she whined when he pointed out her clumsiness, "I'm not a clumsy person… That's just my heels making a fool out of me." When he used his cold hand as an ice pack against the spot she previously hit her head at, Irene beamed and stared at him, the night lights shining through the windows illuminated his face and made her stare in awe. Her brain was already taken down by the alcohol in her system but she knew the moment she leaned in while pulling him close to her, everything was consensual. "Can I kiss you?" She whispered. The car ride be damned. The driver was busy listening to the radio anyway.

He chuckled when she dramatically considered his words before coming to the conclusion that she must be hard to read “Well I’m sure you probably give out the impression you don’t want to be approached but do” he held her gaze with his and tilted his head slightly curiously, everyone wanted a little attention here and there right? What else was he supposed to say when a beautiful woman asked for a few hours of his time? He shrugged slightly and grinned shyly in response to her questioning “I think any man would be out of his mind to say no to you” he confessed, biting on his lip softly, she was stunning...not to mention sexy.

He looked back at her with soft eyes when she admitted she felt the same way, it seemed like they were both craving something the other could fulfill tonight. Her purring made him grin though, licking his lips when she said she would remind him how it feels “You already have” he admitted but bit his lip because there was denying that he wanted to see it through. “Why don’t you want to?” he asked out of curiosity, she didn’t owe him an answer obviously but he was curious what it was that put her off, she seemed like she was young, with the world ahead of her, he was sure she could find someone who completely adored her. “Throwing out plans is hard for me” he confessed “What if everything goes wrong?” he questioned with raised brows, he could be a bit of a control freak, he would admit.

Her little pouty face when she argued she wasn’t clumsy made him laugh, his and coming to brush his fingers against her cheeks to emphasize the point “That’s right, you tell me” he commented and giggled slightly but quietened when her eyes locked with him, his expression softening as he allowed himself to get lost in her gaze for just a moment. She really was beautiful and it felt like there was a thread that was tugging him towards her. When she started to lean in, so did he, his gaze dropping to her lips then back to her eyes, his hand slowly coming to rest against her cheek “Please” he murmured softly in response to her request before brushing his lips gently against hers.

She chuckled because he was a bit spot on with that analysis, she gives off the vibe that no one should approach her but really she was waiting for someone who feels brave enough to risk it. So far? Disappointment. Only a few actually did that so she didn't expect much. Until tonight, that is. "The people brave enough to risk it can be counted with two hands." Aside from her best friend, Leigh, she has slept with those people, even her business partners. Hell even Nadia had a one night stand before she became her secretary. His cheeks were slightly pink and she wasn't sure if it was the alcohol but either way, it makes him look extremely endearing. "Oh? You think so huh? What a flirt" she teased, but judging from how things are going to end up tonight, there's no harm in flirting anyway. 

They're going to end up in her bed one way or another so why bother playing the push and pull game? Especially with someone who clearly didn't deserve that kind of treatment? When he asked why she didn't want to date, Irene shrugged absentmindedly, "The many people I've met in my life have been… very disappointing so to say. I don't keep them around for a reason so… there's that. They don't see my worth and they think I come off as a bit too strong for them… fragile egos really does suck." Why bother searching for one when they're going to end up disappointing her and making her huff for the night? There's plenty of fishes in the sea that she could take a pick on… and they don't necessarily have to accompany her more than a night. "It's hard to find someone who truly adores you for you." She has seen people who ran away from her because they couldn't handle her temper and her need for vengeance. But the other part is another story. 

"You're so cute" she chuckled and poked his cheeks gently, "I'm not that spontaneous, I need to plan things since I have to lead… in my job. But it's more of an obligation to plan rather than me wanting to. That's why it's easier for me to throw it out when I can." It's not as if this was her first step into the world after a while. She's around her 90s already. He was so gentle with his touch, from pressing his hand against her sore spot to brushing his fingers against her cheeks, it was hard not to melt against him if she was being honest. He didn't even push her away or rejected her, instead he only leaned in and before long, both of them got each other entrapped in their own world once their lips were pressed against each other. Irene deepened the kiss while slinging one leg to his side, completely losing herself in the passion until she noticed the car stopping in front of her apartment.

"We're here…" she mumbled and was the first to get out. She wanted to get back home so bad. She pressed herself against the wall while waiting for the elevator to arrive and tried to search for the card that they'll need to use to get to the upper levels. But while she was fumbling with her purse, the card fell on the ground which made her huff.

His expression softened slightly when she said the number of people brave enough to approach her could be counted on two hands “And how many of those people actually stuck around?” he questioned in a curious voice, some people were brave for the sake of being brave but had no intentions of staying, he was sure there must be some who had stayed by her side though. He grinned slightly when she called him a flirt “I’m not even exaggerating” he responded and bit his lip slightly, she was so pretty, perhaps it was the alcohol making him sappy but he wanted to rant about how pretty she was with her golden hair and bright eyes, smile which lit up her whole face when she showed it.

It made him a little sad to see how easy it was for her to shrug off the idea of wanting to find someone to care for her, he had always been the type to believe in love and he’d experienced a great one that would have lasted if it hadn’t been for a sad turn of events. He believed eventually he could find it again, not the exact same but he wanted to be happy, everyone wanted to be happy didn’t they? “So they’re scared of the fact you’re more successful than them huh?” he could see that being a common issue, men could be pretty threatened by a powerful woman. Honestly, though, he found her success attractive, she knew what she wanted and she chased it, that was admirable to him. “Just don’t scare them away when they do” he advised her, because he was sure she may have had someone like that before but pushed them away.

He giggled slightly when she called him cute and pouted his lips slightly “Maybe you should schedule more things you actually want to do” he suggested as he stared back at her, if everything was such a chore for her that couldn’t be a fun or interesting way to live, she needed to throw in some things she actually enjoyed. Her skin was so soft beneath his fingers and she seemed so captivated by him that he swore his heartbeat doubled in his chest. When their lips finally met it didn’t take long for the kiss to deepen, the way she pushed herself against him made him let out a nervous breath because it had been a while since he’d been...intimate. Still, he allowed himself to get lost in it, the moments flying by until they were already parked outside of her place.

He cleared his throat a little awkwardly when she pulled away and allowed her to climb out before thanking the driver and bowing slightly out of habit before scurrying behind her as she headed into the building. He was feeling a little dizzy as they entered the lobby but surprisingly it wasn’t because of the alcohol. He stood close to her before he noticed her drop the card which he bent down to pick up for her. He remembered her complaining about her shoes too and pursed his lips “I can carry them for you?” he offered and tapped his hands against her shoes and then slowly stood up “Or...I can carry you” maybe it was a bad idea but she seemed tired.

She lifted both hands up as if she could recall the count at the back of her head and ended up shrugging, "Zero?" Was she wrong though? She barely makes actual friends, it was only by a stroke of miracle she met someone as nice as Leigh one day at his bookstore and now someone as goofy and kind as Hyunjin. One she would most likely forget and not meet again after tonight. "The fact that you say you're not even exaggerating makes it even more believable" she pointed out teasingly, but she appreciates the effort at least. It makes her feel good. The idea of being attractive in another person's eyes, who wouldn't want that anyway? So of course Irene feels flattered, especially considering how good looking the male before her is.

"People have this internalized… dislike towards others that are far more successful compared to them. I get it… I just don't have to respect it." After all, to Irene, respect goes both ways and while she'll remain 'respectful' it doesn't mean she will respect them until they've given her the reason to do so. "Which is so weird though… wouldn't you like someone who is successful? Like… I can't be the only one who finds success sexy…" she grumbled under his breath, "and people who are persistent…" there's nothing more attractive than a person who knows what they want and goes for it. "If they truly adore me for me… I mean that's already hard to find but I can't promise my incessant self wouldn't end up pushing them away… it's not as if I want to though." It's just hard to believe things as it is. 

The blonde stared at the taller male with an oblivious look when he said she should try scheduling things more and nodded slightly, "I'll try… I'll write it down just like what you did for me" she still kept that tissue he wrote on in her purse for a reason. A reminder. God did she want him so badly, when her lips were pressed against his, the diviner knew she was a goner the moment she lifted herself up to press her body to Hyunjin's. The warmth emitted from him was something she desperately craved. But she also wanted to get back up at her house before anything escalated, the soft feeling of her mattress was calling for her and she was wobbling so badly she actually dropped her unit's key card. How clumsy. 

When Hyunjin offered to carry her shoes by tapping against them, Irene tilted her head slightly and giggled, "That's cute…" Or he can carry her indeed. The heels were digging in her and she was really feeling the exhaustion washing down on her now that she could find her footing. "Only if you don't mind…" she cleared her throat as the doors to the elevator opens.

His brow furrowed for a moment when she said zero of those people she had counted had stayed around, that made him a little sad to hear, he was honestly expecting her to say perhaps 3 or 4. He didn’t have a lot of friends but the ones he did were really important to him and he was especially close with them, Lauren’s parents, Rosie’s nanny and a few old friends from school that he managed to keep in touch with over the years. “What makes it even better is knowing I’m drunk and that makes me stupidly honest” he confessed and giggled slightly, he swore it was like the ultimate challenge to lie while drunk and he would fail it every time.

He nodded slightly “I don’t think it’s a dislike so much as either jealousy or...a fragile pride” it was hard to see someone doing better than you and not want what they have for a while, but to treat them any different because of those feelings inside was disrespectful “I think people just need to be sensitive to other people’s lives, everyone is different” just because someone was rich and seemed successful didn’t mean they were fulfilled, similarly not everyone needed a lot of power to be happy. “Success is sexy” he agreed without a moment of hesitation and nodded his head slightly “But the definition of success can be very different” he nodded slightly, to him success came from being able to be a good father to his child rather than anything career-related.

“Well if you know you push them away then you must know where some of your mistakes lie” he teased slightly as he gave her a questioning quirk of his brow and licked his lips “Relationships can be complicated though, I get it” nothing was as black and white as two people liking one another, there were always people who thought they deserved a say, there was lingering feelings from previous experiences that could tarnish the view too. “I like writing lists so I don’t forget the important stuff” he smiled in approval when she said she would make one of her own like the list he wrote her “It’s kinda like a written agreement that you’re actually going to try and achieve it...rather than just pushing it to the back of your mind” which was admittedly very easy to do.

He was expecting her to scoff or shrug off his offer to carry her so his lips parted in surprise when she agreed to it “” he commented as he came in closer to her, one arm wrapping around her shoulders and the other tucking under the back of her legs so he could lift her and hold her comfortably. When the elevator arrived he walked inside “Which floor?” he questioned and stepped closer to the panel so that she could press the right button. He caught sight of the two of them in the mirror and laughed softly as he leaned his chin against the top of her head “You’re really small in my arms” he commented as he absentmindedly pressed a soft kiss to the top of her again against her hair.


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