It was another average Friday night. Every week Hyunjin and his colleagues from the precinct would head out to the bar for a few drinks, they'd sit and play a few rounds of cards, chat about work and what their weekend plans were, and then usually before long everyone would be on their way. Tonight however they were celebrating the recent promotion of a team member and so he had planned to stay for a few hours longer than normal, sharing a few drinks, chatting away, and generally having fun. He was about 4 drinks in when he spotted a pretty blonde sitting on her own at the bar. It didn't take long for his colleagues to catch notice that he had been shooting her little glances every so often and before long they were calling him up on it. 

He had been single for pretty much 4 years now and while he had dated since then, nothing had ever felt like the right fit. He definitely missed having someone to share a bed with and be close to but he was okay on his own too. It wasn't like it was lonely when you had a 6-year-old to return home to. His daughter Rosie was with her grandparents this weekend though so he was free to let loose a little. His partner kept telling him he needed to get out there again, be brave but honestly when it came to the ladies, he wasn't all that brave. He laughed off their comments but they became relentless, saying how he was scared to even talk to the girl. Just at that moment, she seemed to glance his way so he beamed softly as though to greet her which was only met with more jeers. He sighed getting to his feet and heading towards the bar. 

He called over the bartender and asked for a cocktail menu which he read and picked out the ones with the stupidest names and then headed over to stand beside the blonde. He wasn't sure she even noticed him because she didn't even move as he leaned closer. He cleared his throat to get her attention just as the bartender set the drinks down on the bar and he slid a bill over to him, telling him to keep the change as a tip. "Uh hi" he spoke softly greeting the female with a lopsided smile "So my friends over there have a bet on how harshly you'll reject me if I came over to talk to you" he spoke softly and reached to scratch at the back of his neck, "They think I lose my game and honestly they're probably right but" he hopped up onto the stool next to her, it was a spinning chair and so he let it spin around before it came back around to face her and he laughed.

"I thought you might be the kind of girl who wants to help me judge which of these two awfully named cocktails taste the worst" he laughed softly looking at the two tall glasses beside them and he raised a finger "And before you think...well...they're cocktails, how bad could they really be named" he chuckled point to the first "This one is a 'Sand in the Crack' and this one is a 'Hop skip and go, naked" he wished he was actually making this up but he wasn't. Well, he'd said his piece now and so he bit his lip and smiled waiting to see what she would say. It had been a while since he approached someone he didn't know so he felt a little apprehensive. 

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The moment she saw his reaction to her answer, Irene knew that kind of message was to be expected. She was used to it, of course. Though it doesn't mean it hurts any less to know that nobody would be there for her at the end of the day. It's very unlikely to find someone waiting for her anyway. "Liquid luck for a reason" she giggled, alcohol would often spring out the truth no matter how hard you try to keep it buried underneath. "I guess it was to be expected since it apparently lowers your inhibition" or else it would be hard to find her bringing up a conversation attempt with a stranger at a bar. Like what they did earlier. But perhaps the alcohol this time would end up making her night, after all. Which is great because that's exactly what the diviner was desperately seeking when she first set her foot inside the bar. "That's an interesting outtake" she pointed out softly, she didn't expect to hear that from him or anyone, but it was true, wasn't it? It's just something a lot of people don't want to talk about. 

"Nobody can define your own success" she slurred, "you make your own definition. If you think it's a success then it is your success. That's how the concept should be built around on…" she wished she had someone to tell her that once upon a time ago. Maybe then being a perfectionist wouldn't be ingrained in her, sometimes even making her close to a doll. Irene narrowed her eyes at the taller male, she did not appreciate being refuted like that or being called out on her wrongdoings but he had a point. A big one. "Maybe." Or maybe not, it depends on her relevance at the end of the day. "See even you say relationships are complicated… it's not a walk in the park thing… it takes so much effort and your time, you gotta wonder if it'll end up turning into something good or if it will bite you in the ass." 

The fact that he wrote them down on something makes it extra cute, she could recall how he focused intensely when he was writing those words on a tissue. "I usually have to really organise my plans even if I end up writing them down. But perhaps this is an initiative to get to that closer…" She could try it like she said she would. And it works, maybe she'll continue doing so. When Hyunjin actually scooped her up like that, with her head pressed against his chest and her eyes gazing into him from where she is. "God you are so attractive…" she mumbled absentmindedly and cleared her throat when he moved closer to the side, where she scanned the card at and pressed the level. It was the 77th floor which is pretty high but if there was one thing she likes about this place, it's that it's very convenient and the elevator is definitely smooth. 

It felt like her world stopped when he pressed a kiss on her head, causing the blonde to blush and cup his face from below, "I'm about to do something really… Really out of it" she murmured and it didn't take her long to pull him into a kiss. Maybe it has been a minute and she didn't realize the time but by the time the doors opened, she quickly got down from his hold and actually dragged him with her while she was still barefooted, leading the initia down the hall on the carpeted floor to the door that could be seen on the left corner. Due to her excitement, she dropped the key card once again in front of the door and whined to scramble for it. But once she got a hold of it she swiped it and pulled him in quickly before slamming the door shut.


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