Maybe it was the right call. Maybe it wasn't. At this point, Dae wasn't sure what's right and what's not anymore, which was saying a lot considering the male never really had a phase in his life where anything is unsure. That's the thing about him, he is always sure. It could be good or bad, but it is something he knows is sure to himself. Now? Not so much. 

He stared at the mirror in front of him and noticed how haggard he looks, he looks tired and sad. He remembered what Yeon said the night before, how he would leave everything and go with him. Of course, a man with that calibre wouldn't really have a problem dropping anything to do whatever he wanted. Yeonseok Lee is rich and well in his own, he has a whole business, a company under his name, a smile that would charm even the hardest rock. And that rock is him. He was fazed, he was shaken. It was why he had a whole luggage packed with his clothes and essentials. It's the reason why he's making sure he looks presentable. 

He sighed to himself and murmured "You can do this Daehyun, it's just a trip... how long could it be anyway? We'll eventually get bored and all of this will be over with... He wouldn't want a piece of heavy baggage like yourself, this is just him being nice... because that's who he is, Yeon is a nice guy..." He had reassured himself that the valkyr only wanted to do his part as a good friend. 

Dae closed all the lights at his place and dragged the luggage with him as he spared one last look at the living space. He had hoped that perhaps once all of this is over, he could come back to this comfort. Maybe he wouldn't die. By the time he went down from his unit, he noticed there was a car waiting right in front of the entrance. He had thought nothing about it if not for the striking blond who just came out, even after crying last night, Yeon looked exceptionally beautiful. Of course, he does. He's a valkyr but not everyone can be charming like him. "Why are you... here? I thought we'd meet at your place?"

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Yeon gave him a knowing smile but didn’t push the topic any further, it was enough for him that Dae had chosen to come with him, even if it was for a limited time, he was going to make the most of every second they had together. He was content which made the flight go by quickly, which he was grateful for because Yeon could be easily made antsy by a long flight where he wasn’t doing work to distract himself from the length of time.

Yeon shrugged slightly in response to his question “I think everyone gets bored when all you have to do is sleep or mindlessly browse the entertainment on the screen so food becomes a welcome break” he chuckled “Or maybe because you have to rely on someone to bring you food it makes you want it more…” either way he wasn’t wrong because Yeon often found himself eating far more food than he usually would on a flight day.

“Don’t you worry, there’s plenty of food waiting for us once we get into the city” he assured him and nodded his head “The cafes always have the best pastries…you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried a pastry from a real French bakery” he grinned playfully. He was honestly relieved to hear that Dae had some wishes for the trip and he wouldn’t just be dragging him from place to place.

He glanced over at the niveis and shrugged his shoulders slightly “They can be seen that way…but mostly it’s because they’re proud of their language and culture and they don’t like…obnoxious tourists” he offered a gentle smile as the flight attendants informed them they were coming in to land. His gaze drifting to the window to look at the city below them.

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