today was the day that the rec center was opening it's doors to more opportunities for the people of evermore, catering to the supernatural to get them more involved, Olivia had hung up many flyers around various parts of the city of all the new things that she implicated with the center. Olivia wanted to make sure everyone had place in the center even if they felt like they didn't have one in the world. It was safe to say that Olivia created these classes from a personal place, it maybe the fact that she had a time in her life where she was lost and wished she had a better outlet then alcohol. 

One class she was rather excited for was the herbs class, when Olivia traveled the world she encountered she met and seen many healers in her time that used them in many ways, it fascinated her that the world provided healing in ways she didn't think were possible. It was then she saw the world in a different way, wanting to learn she tried and made teas she grew addicted to drinking almost every day. Especially when she was hungover. Wanting to bring it home with her and learn more she hired a close friend from New Zealand who agreed to teach some classes for her.

When the day came Olivia walked the streets of Evermore with a pep in her step that resembled close to a soccer mom out for a power walk. She wanted to see the Rec Center thriving, and when she saw people one after another walk in she jogged across the street and walked into the place she thought of as her baby. Seeing people walk around and signing up for things Olivia wore a smile so wide, one she never showcased in a while, letting out a sigh she held in for what appeared to be for days. " okay... this is good... " Olivia tucked her hair behind her ears and walked up the steps to the classes and peeked in each one with a proud gleam in her eyes.

The last room on the left emitted lavender and eucalyptus which relaxed Olivia even more than seeing her rec center thrive with new citizens, she walked in and saw people filling in the seats and gathering herbs. She silently greeted her dear old friend and scanned the room with her earth hued eyes before spotting a empty seat. Olivia stood by a seat next to a young woman, with dark hair and kind eyes, clearing her throat she spoke with a bright endearing tone. " may i?... " her hand motioning to the bar like stool and smiled with a warm soft smile, her eagerness making her look at the spread of herbs before them, itching to touch and create something. 

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Katrina was in love with her herb garden. She was planning on helping teach an informational class on herbs at the recreational center. Olivia had reached out to her and the idea was so exciting she couldn't wait to help out. That morning she made sure to dress in something fashionable but also something real that she could help people with. She made sure to have handouts and some seeds along with her as a gift for those who joined.

Katrina made her way down to the center and looked at Olivia. "The place looks great darling, I am very excited to be able to help out with the class." She said as she placed down her material on the table in the front. "So how are you, Olivia?" Katrina said preparing her class material as she looked around the room as more people began to come in. 

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