With another shift finished at the Farm. Scott was covered in sweat from a hard day’s work. Feeling his muscles aching. He rubbed the back of his neck, as he watched the horses nomming on some hay, in the stable. “I’ll see you boys, tomorrow.” he patted one of them, on the side lightly. With the fall season and winter slowly approaching, there had been more work on the farm, than during the other seasons to keep everything stocked up and warm for the animals. Scott liked to be a bit ahead of schedule; so he wouldn’t have to rush around in the winter months with the farm owners, to sort everything out last minute. Leaving the stable...he picked up his things, saying goodbye to the owners for the rest of the day. Scott headed home. Needing a shower. He felt like he was a mess; sweat, grime, dirt. All a hard’s days work, visible all over him.

Once he got home; a reasonably sized apartment in the Initia territory; quite close to the main house and not far from work. Once he got home; he took a warm shower...washing off all the dirt and sweat. Feeling refreshed after his shower. Scott dried himself off and got changed in some clean clothes; leaving the dirty ones in the hamper. Running a hand through his damp hair. Heading into his mini kitchen, Scott made himself something quick to eat. Looking at the clock, it was still early. The night was still young and he had a few days off after today, to get some down time; as he had been working hard and overtime without being asked to. He had opted for some steak and chips at home. After he enjoyed his dinner. Scott headed out of his apartment, deciding to go out for a couple of drinks and just chill. Putting on his shoes and a warmer jacket. Scott was soon ready to go out. The evening breeze felt rather fresh. The air feeling cooler, with the fall season.

Making his way down to his favorite bar, in the city. He was relieved to see; it wasn’t overly crowded. Once he walked inside, Scott headed over to the bar. “Whisky, on the rocks.” he ordered. The Bartender knew Scott well, so added some extra ice in for him, Before sliding the drink over to him. As Scott received his drink, he spotted a female nearby, who was sitting all alone. He was surprised...she seemed like the sort of female, that’d have company. “And what’s a young lass, like yourself sitting all by herself?” Scott questioned boldly, as he walked over to her, a drink in his hand. His Canadian accent was rather prominent as he spoke. Taking a sip of the cold bitter drink, he felt it warm the back of his throat and insides.

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