University life had been a really good and interesting experience for Jae, he spent a lot of time here, mostly in the library, studying and just surrounding himself with information. Jae felt like since he came to Evermore a lot had changed for him, learning to live alone had been an adjustment at first because he had to do his own laundry and dishes, food didn't make itself so he had to learn to make sure he always had something to eat and while he was practically living at Han's now, he definitely felt like that independence had a good effect on him. 

But the study was also important to him, he got the freedom to explore his writing and how to expand it, to completely immerse himself in stories and their meanings and generally feel like he was connected with something he had always had a natural talent for. There was a lot of pressure to do well of course, that was the nature of the way he was raised but he finally felt like he had some independence from his parents and the ability to make decisions for himself. So he did his best not to waste the opportunity and use as much of his education as he could, so if there were extra classes he could take or further study he could do, he tended to try and indulge in it. Not to the level where he didn't have a life outside of university but he could definitely be found in the library till late.

It was about 3 pm in the afternoon and he didn't have any late classes today so he was wandering the aisles of the library looking for some stories to analyse for one of his papers, except he wasn't able to decide which one he wanted to use and so he had about 7 books stacked up in his arms ready to carry back to his table in the hopes of being able to pick one out after reading a few pages of each. He had just managed to balance all of them steadily enough to make his way back to the table and took a deep breath as he started the walk.

But of course, his clumsiness was something that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake and he didn't see the petite girl coming in the other direction before it was too late. With how tiny she was Jae didn't even realize there was anyone there until his stack of books went flying and he tripped over one of them until he found himself on the floor, rubbing his head because he whacked it against the shelf on the way door and then noticing the young female who had totally just ran into "Oh my god, I am so sorry, I probably should have realized that a bunch of books and this generally unbalanced guy wouldn't work but" he pulled an apologetic expression as he looked back at her. 

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She narrowed her eyes as if to retort yes you to him when he teased, despite having just met him, Taealha was getting good vibes from him and she knew plenty about vibing throughout her colorful experience in her university years. "Good karma will eventually come and shower on you soon" she reassured, she believes in them and she's positive Jae would be the type to get that kind of return. She couldn't help but frown when he talked about his family, she understood Asian culture and household problems aren't something anyone else could help with. Even if she wished she could give a word of advice, she couldn't. It's not as if she had much of a family to even talk on it, from what she knew, her family abandoned her and never looked back for her. "You're already good, Jae. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise" she grinned and winked playfully. "Oh? You have?" she raised her eyebrows sarcastically and giggled, it does seem like a cliche but everything good always started from there anyway. Taealha is a sucker for cliches. 

It was nice to meet someone like Jae and perhaps the human wasn't being too far in her hopes to maintain a good willed friendship with the dhampir. "You're welcome" she quipped softly and cleared her throat before tapping on her keyboard, "Do remember me as your gossip girl though. Send me details or pictures, I wanna fangirl too if you know what I mean." Pairing that with a hushed whisper gif, it clearly displayed Taealha's enthusiasm to see this relationship work and last. She is a hopeless romantic, after all. Maybe this could inspire her to find her own taste in one. If she's lucky anyhow. "So that's the route you're going for then? Headphones on and nose deep in the book? Can't say I'm surprised but cute. It does make people stray away further and they don't bother you then. I don't talk but people somehow find their way to me" admittedly, the female had a rather colorful university life when she was doing her bachelor's degree. She's slightly tamer now that she's busy with work and her thesis though. 

It sounded like Jae had a good environment to help him with his studies and a good partner to love him, she would lie if she said she wasn't even a bit jealous of that. "Ugh I want to have my own garden, I live in an apartment so only the balcony serves a place for that. Maybe in the future when I can afford a bigger place…" With how diligent she is on gardening, it wouldn't be a surprise if she ends up owning a whole space just for that someday. "Do you have any favorite flowers?" Giving up her secret spot meant a lot to her but she won't be able to venture there as much nowadays due to her crammed schedule, "It deserves more love. I'll be occupied at the lab more now so I can't come always… at least the place will be in good hands." She beckoned for him to get up so she can show him the said place, "You wanna go now?" When asked if she enjoyed studying there, Taealha beamed brightly, "It has been a good experience. I mean not everything is all nice and I have been tardy here and there, got chastised because I didn't do my work as expected and hangovers… frat parties are so not it. But I made a few friends, I find people who really befriended me for me and I met fake ones too. It's a refreshing experience for my 23 year old self." 

Jae chuckled under his breath when she gave him a somewhat exasperated look, letting a sheepish grin cross his face in response. She seemed to be on the same level as him which meant he found it easy to joke around with her, though he had to do so slowly as he processed what each of them were saying with their hands “I hope so” he agreed when she said good karma was going to come to him. He grinned a little playfully when she asked him if he had really read a story like that “Isn’t that basically the epitome of cliches, a meet-cute where two characters bump into one another” not to mention that wasn’t that different from how he met Dae either. Maybe the world really was quite literally throwing important people into his life.

Jae liked the idea of having someone to talk to about general stuff, he could tell Dae of course but he wasn’t sure if it was the same with him, Dae didn’t believe in love and all the sappy stuff he had with Han so he tended to change the subject whenever it came up “I will make sure you get every relevant update” he responded with a smile on his lips, he felt like he could trust her and that she had good intentions and he could use all the friends he could get in the city honestly. He glanced up to her for a moment between reading what she was saying, nodding his head as he took in the conversation “I don’t really like strangers coming up to me, it puts me on edge” he had an issue with them ever since Han had been attacked by the therian and his gang in the vet clinic, Jae always seemed to be on the lookout for danger now, it was essentially a switch he couldn’t turn off.

The way she expressed her love for the idea of a garden made him smile softly “I’m not exactly great at looking after plants but it’s one of my favorite places” he agreed nodding his head slightly noting the way she said she wanted one when she could afford a better place “You’ll know you’ve made it one day when you look out at your big, green, beautiful garden” he expressed letting a soft smile cross his lips, everyone had their own definition of success but they all had goals they wanted to achieve. “Tiger lilies” he responded without hesitation when she asked his favorite flower. Before now he would have shrugged the idea that he liked flowers off but since meeting Han he’d definitely grown a bias to them. “What about you?” he returned the question thinking she would likely have a favorite too. He raised his brow in surprise when she asked if he wanted to go now but he shrugged slightly “Don’t see why not, my studying can wait until later” he nodded before getting to his feet ready to follow her lead. He chuckled as she explained her university life “Well then it seems like you’ve experienced a lot” especially for someone so young, she was only about a year older than Jae after all.

"Those cliches don't usually happen in real life as much as we see them in the screen, very unfortunate" of course she didn't think everything was all meant to be happy like that but it's nice to know some people are really that lucky. "So what, you meet said people and form a good relationship with them? What does that make us then?" she teased, after all, they did bump into one another. Though it looks like any of those usual coincidences happening in such a public setting like the library, if they want to weave it into a better story, why not? "Good" she quipped enthusiastically when he told her he will let her know on any relevant updates on his love life. It was just another day for Taealha where she makes yet another friend in her contact list but unlike some others, Jae seemed very genuine and pure, like he was really eager to learn about new things and whatnot. It piqued her interest deeply. Perhaps they could have a different friendship compared to the others.

"I hope I didn't impose on you then" she mused upon hearing that he didn't like strangers coming up to him since it makes him uncomfortable. Nobody has ever told the human her presence was a bother, but then again some people can lie to her face too. So who knows? Maybe Jae can give her an honest answer. Admittedly, the girl could be overly enthusiastic when it comes to the things she had passion for, but isn't anyone? "When I have a big garden like that, once I have achieved it… I will invite you there. Maybe plant a few tiger lillies too in your honor" It seemed only fair to do so. Not everyone likes flowers, especially not men, or at least those she had the chance to meet anyway. She didn't expect the answer he gave her but was visibly enlightened to hear it. 

When asked what's her favorite flower, the human grinned sheepishly, "Sunflowers. Typical, I know. But they're so big with attention. You can't possibly miss them and everyone knows them." Much like the admirer herself, she enjoys the limelight on her. She adores attention. She was happy to show him her hideout, it felt as if she was passing a legacy down to him and instead of giving him books or handwritten notes she did during the hectic period of her studies, Taealha was showing him a place she made a home of. Before long, they had already exited the library, she led him to the said place which required them to go up two flights of stairs and pass a lone corridor, "It can be a bit eeiry here but not to worry, I don't think it's haunted. I mean… I haven't been disturbed by any malevolent forces yet and I doubt you would, maybe they like nice people" she joked and kept on walking until they finally arrived in front of a pastel colored door. She pulled a set of keys from her bag and unlocked it, sliding the door to the side and stepped in to show the dhampir her studying port. It was well furnished and decorated, clearly she made a few changes here and there throughout her degree years, there were even wallpapers covering the walls, two beanbags across each other with a wooden table in the middle. There was a big tapestry covering the walls alongside a few frames filled with words of encouragement, not to mention a rack with books. The floor was carpeted too. 

He laughed and shrugged slightly “Somehow it keeps happening to me...I guess the world is trying to tell me something” not to let important people pass him by perhaps? Jae didn’t really mind how important people came into his life as long as they stayed there and didn’t leave him behind. He struggled to find people he could really connect with so those he did run into were the ones he wanted to hold on to. Jae giggled, it was sweet how she seemed to be so invested in his love life and his story to tell “And you have to tell me if you meet anyone great too...can’t have things only working one way right?” he grinned playfully, it felt nice to meet someone he could relate with so personally with ease and he was sure Taealha appreciated having someone to talk to who she could just communicate with naturally.

“Oh don’t worry about it” he assured her when she expressed her concern for imposing “I wouldn’t still be here talking with you if I didn’t want to be” he was far too busy to be spending his time talking to people he didn’t like. If he wanted to do that he would go back to the dorm and spend time with his obnoxious roommates. He was almost certain they were glad he spent most of his time away from there and they could get away with doing whatever they wanted. His expression softened as she explained her goal of having a huge garden and planting lots of flowers and then inviting over people to see it for themselves “I’m sure it would be beautiful” he responded nodding his head to emphasize the thought.

He smiled the moment she signed the word sunflowers, honestly that made so much sense with her because she definitely had a bright and cheery presence which would pair well with such flowers “I think sunflowers are pretty, though they are hard to grow” because they were so big they took up a lot of space and would often branch out in weird directions which he was sure was a pain to maintain. He followed along with her as they headed through the school building, she wasn’t wrong when she said it was a bit creepy, though that honestly was just the general feeling he got from the campus at times. He had an easygoing smile on his lips as they explored before heading into the room she had mentioned. “It looks like an old study” he exclaimed as he looked around the place, it seemed dated and underappreciated but there was a certain charm to that “So this is where you hide when the world gets too much huh?” before long he was flopping himself down into one of the comfy-looking beanbags.

He's a nice guy. Jae was the type who you would pass through one day and think 'oh what a nice guy just minding his own business. He didn't seem like the type who would want to stand out either, which is probably the opposite of Taealha who loves attention, though her slightly timid nature in classes due to her limitations kept her at bay for a few years. She was far from being quiet though, not really. Her cheeks blushed momentarily as she covered them with both her hands as she tried to avert her gaze elsewhere, suddenly things felt hot there, "Please… that's a far fetched logic… it's hard to think I'll be able to meet anyone great" she chuckled, she wasn't necessarily being negative but it's just something the human went through before this. Obviously people will notice her solely because of her physical appearance, some realized how smart she could be if she counted the science majors she shared classes with, but most didn't stay long to date her another time past the 4th time because why would anyone want to?

"But I'll be sure to let you know if someone special sweeps me off my feet" she winked playfully, she'll say that for now. Taealha was glad that they would be able to further this conversation elsewhere, she didn't want to steal Jae's time away if he really didn't want to. Sometimes her dreams aren't that ambitious when you go past her main occupation, she just wanted to own a big garden of her own and probably end up being like Poison Ivy. Her ambition to succeed as a renowned biochemist did fuel her work though. "It most definitely would… it'll be like your own personal safe haven" she remembered wanting to get away from the world and just stay somewhere people wouldn't bother her. She always ended up going to the park and count the flowers there.

"That's the beauty in it, no? It's one of the most common flowers to exist yet they're so big and bothersome… hard to take care but when you manage, it gives you the biggest smile ever. Sunflowers always looked like smiling emoji to me." Perhaps because of the bright color itself. The hallway could use some redecoration, she would admit that. But once they stepped inside, it took their attention away from the outside. "I like the look" she quipped softly when he said it looks like an old study, "I like… vintage things sometimes. And it makes me feel at home." She took a seat nearby on the second beanbag and nodded in affirmation, "Mhmm, people never really bothered me here nor has there ever been any unpleasant noises made by stupid jocks. Probably because 90% of the campus is convinced this block is haunted when it was really just me cleaning up in here. What's your favorite classic novel?" She had plenty of them stored at the shelves alongside her biology books.

Jae had come to this university telling himself he was going to make friends and while most of the friends he had made in Evermore didn’t go here, he was happy to meet someone he could get along with well here. Taealha was the kind of person he could see himself hanging out with, even though they didn’t study the same thing they had similar personalities and interests “But you’re hoping you do right?” he responded noting the way she was blushing and grinned slightly “What’s your type?” he asked curiously, wondering what sort of partner she was seeking. He wasn’t the type to set someone up but he could definitely show interest in a new friend’s potential at finding her match.

He grinned when she said she would let him know if someone swept her off her feet “Well it shouldn’t be too hard, you’re tiny” he teased grinning as he signed out the words and tilted his head slightly. She was the smallest girl he had seen on campus honestly, but that didn’t stop people staring at her in the library, she was pretty, everyone could see that. “You’d have to take really good care of it though, always remembering to water them and where you put everything so you could plan what blooms when” he chuckled, his signing was slow because he was processing the words one by one before spelling them out, they might seem a little broken but Taealha seemed to get what he was saying.

The way she talked about sunflowers was so beautiful that he couldn’t help but smile over at her softly “So they reward your hard work in full” he responded with a knowing smile, nodding his head slightly as he thought about whether he should plant some flowers of his own, he was sure Han wouldn’t mind sparing a part of his garden to let Jae try becoming a gardener. “It’s peaceful, I feel like it’s just missing a big roaring fireplace” he chuckled as he finished the sentence, of course that wasn’t practical for a university building but it was definitely that vibe to him. He laughed when she explained how people thought the place was haunted when it was really just her wandering around while cleaning “Cheesy but Pride and Prejudice” he responded and smiled softly “I’m a romantic at heart” he added, blushing softly.

What was hse even hoping for? If she was going to ask herself that question, Taealha wasn't sure what type of answer she was going to give out. Was it probable for her to even wish for something that could be out of her reach? But you have to dream big, don't you? That's the sole reason why she had worked so hard for this thus far and got where she is today. When Jae asked her what her type was, her blush grew and the human shifted in her seat slightly, lifting up her hands a bit before she began to sign, "Someone who wouldn't stop me from trying out something new… someone who would accept me for who I am and open minded? And patient. I'm not that picky" the reason why she wanted someone patient was because she had disabilities, more than one, to be precise, so someone who was going to be her partner should be able to keep up with her. God knows they may need that card for a longer lasting relationship considering Taealha's attitude. 

"Why do you ask? You want to set me up hm?" She teased. He was right, she is tiny, Taealha is only 5'3" and wore a lot of heels. She also exuded plenty of tiny energy here and there. "What are you supposed to be? A lamppost?" She would've hedged a guess and thought him to be close to 5'10" since he's still growing. But she wouldn't say a lot, mathematics and arithmancy was not at all her forte. There's a reason why she stayed in chemistry and biology but didn't bother to dwell around physics. Jae is tall, and well proportionate honestly, his face would make people take a double look whenever they pass by him. He definitely wasn't the type of person others would brush over as they walk past him. But the humility he radiated made her amused, you don't see a lot of attractive people remain humble like that. "I have my schedules so I don't forget to do things. As long as I remember to jot them down on my planner the night before." Or else, she's toast. 

"Exactly" they reward her in full. She was glad that he found the place to be comfortable, enough for him to feel at ease instead of keeping him up on his feet for no reason. Taealha treasured this place and she still does, but unfortunately, it would be a waste to leave it because she wouldn't be able to come over as much anymore. Not with her packed schedule. She would mostly be at the laboratory working if she wasn't helping as the TA. She hardly goes back to her place to even relax and sleep, much less venture here; to a block that most people don't swarm over. And not to mention, it takes like 20 minutes of walking if you don't know the shortcuts from the library. "If there's a fireplace there, I might have accidentally set the entire place on fire while I was dozing off" she jested, there have been multiple occasions when that occurred, so she didn't even dare light up any candles of any sort. But they are stored in the cupboards. "Darcy or Elizabeth?" 

Taealha was really cute and sweet, he noticed that about her almost immediately, she would have been really popular back in Korea he knew that much, she had the kind of attractiveness that stood out and he was sure she would have had a lot of guys chasing after her. He grinned slightly when she pointed out that she wanted to find someone who would understand her and be patient with her “Someone?” he responded, raising his brow as though to question whether she had chosen a gender-neutral term on purpose. “But I think you can get a little juicer than that” he teased and grinned “Tall or short? Sexy or sweet?” it wasn’t really just a type to want someone kind.

He laughed softly when she asked if he was trying to set her up “I’d actually have to know people to be able to do that” he responded, chuckling at the thought of him being able to set anyone up. Jae liked being around people but he didn’t really have a lot of close friends, he always tended to keep to himself. He grinned when she mentioned him being a lamppost “I’m not that tall” he scoffed, maybe he was when it came to Korean standards but here in America he was probably considered more average height. He smiled softly when she mentioned how she had to make a plan to remember everything she wanted to do “Mine’s post-it notes, I swear it drives my boyfriend nuts because I put them everywhere” he laughed and scratched at the back of his neck.

He laughed under his breath when she thought she might end up setting the place on fire while she was dozing off up here “You sound like me...I swear if there is something I can do to break things or trip over things or set fire to’ll happen” he laughed as he finished signing the words and then shifted his position tucking his leg under himself “One time I actually set my sleeve on fire when I was having a romantic dinner” he confessed and let out a guilty laugh. When she asked whether he preferred Darcy or Elizabeth “Both? And I guess neither...I love their love” he responded with a shy smile. “Do you have a favorite love story?” he asked curiously.

It was fun when someone looks at you as someone more than a looker, don't get wrong, Taealha loves being appreciated, in almost all aspects. But she didn't want to be treated like a living doll the entire time either, the human wanted to be acknowledged for her work too. And Jae was probably one of the only people in a long while to see her as someone normal; someone he could see himself befriending. He also didn't judge her based on her disabilities either. That one right there was the deal breaker. She blushed when he teased how she could get a bit further into it than that, "The height doesn't matter… but, sexy… definitely sexy." And if they're cute, then that's a whole bonus for her. "What about you? I imagine your boyfriend checks out a lot" she giggled, Jae did mention the other male as if he really just met his soulmate, there must be something about him that just made the dhampir click. 

"You don't mingle around that much?" The fact that he was here alone instead of out with others probably proved to her that he was the type to keep to himself, but still there were people who are popular that way too. "I know there are still a few who are popular but still humble and keep to themselves." She had thought he would be one of those types too. "But if you do have someone in mind, don't forget to set me up" she winked playfully, if Jae finds them good then she should trust him on his judgment, right? "In my eyes you are. But so are a lot of people… it doesn't help that I am short too. Even with my 4 inch heels, I'll still pale in comparison to others." Fortunately for the human, she grew to be an avid fan of heels, so walking in them has been nothing short of confidence. Taealha could be defined as someone who is quite confident in the things she does, whether it was strutting down the hallway or coming up with answers to a quiz. 

"Define everywhere" she grinned wolfishly, she could imagine Jae pasting it literally everywhere in his residence. There was that one similarity in them, which was setting things on fire. "I tried cooking my breakfast and ironing my clothes at the same time, thinking I was decent at multitasking at household chores but obviously I was kidding myself… and to make matters worse, I couldn't even salvage one out of the two." Ever since then, she decided to just focus on one thing at a time. She was not cut out for chores. "I hoped you still had a romantic dinner even after that" she chuckled, it must've been endearingly hilarious. "A favorite love story? I can't say that I really do. I generally love love… or the thought of it anyway, I wanted to have what others do too… go on dates… kiss them, you know, all the things couples would do." Unfortunately, she never completed all of them. "It's either a date and a kiss or makeout and sex. Never all in one combination so it feels like I'm missing out."

Jae grinned a little, he didn’t have a lot of friends but the ones he did have he liked to be able to talk about anything with, it felt pointless to have a friendship that was based on superficial levels and he liked Taealha a lot, and wanted to befriend her “Oh sexy huh?” he grinned as he signed it, noticing the way she didn’t even hesitate with her decision on that “I’m definitely a guy drawn to cute and my boyfriend is basically the epitome of cheesy” he grinned just thinking about it “Though he can be sexy when he wanted to be too” very sexy, it was a dangerous balance honestly.

“Not too much...I’m busy trying to prove to my father than writing can be a real career, there isn’t time to be slacking too much” he explained thoughtfully, the last thing he needed was to be explaining to his father why he was getting a bad grade, that might make him ask more questions and Jae couldn’t risk him prying too much into his life in Evermore in case it led him to find out about Han. He giggled when she said he should set her with up with someone if he managed to find them “Guy or girl?” he questioned with a slight grin, with the friends he kept it seemed better to ask the question than to assume. “Hey that just makes you the perfect size for hugging” he teased and shrugged slightly, that was a positive right?

He gave a sheepish smile when he said to define everywhere “The desk...the TV...sometimes the Tupperware in the fridge...Han got annoyed when I left them on the dinner table while studying” he chuckled under his breath, he could be excessive but it really did help to remember everything he needed to do. He gasped as she explained how she ended up burning both her breakfast and her clothes at the same time “I’m not sure which one I feel sadder for” he confessed and chuckled slightly, “So no more multitasking for you after that huh?” he grinned slightly. “We did...he kept kissing the spot on my arm where it caught fire even though it didn’t hurt” that was his protective Han, it was rather sweet he had to admit.

He propped up his elbows and smiled as he watched her when she talked about all the things she wanted to do “You sound like me on the inside before I met Han” he confessed and grinned sheepishly “I think you’re gonna find someone great...god knows you’re pretty and funny, it’s only a matter of time” he encouraged.

Her cheeks were dusting red when he said it again, which had her nodding as she covered her mouth to stifle her giggles, "Mhmmm sexy." When he said he likes cute and his boyfriend is cheesy, Taealha is just squealing internally, how cute. And sexy too? "You need to show me how he looks gosh, I bet he's one wow guy" if he managed to score someone like Jae, then his personality must be good as well. The male in front of her just radiates pure and positive energy, something she would love to enhance even more. "Cute and sexy though? You sure are lucky, Jae… but I'm guessing the same goes for him too" Jae didn't look the cute part if she was being honest. If he was sitting from a distance away, take off his glasses and he would pass off as a jock. Until you get to know him anyhow. Another ambitious person, she could respect that, after all, she is trying to prove herself that she could rise above her disabilities and make it a unique trait to herself. 

"I'm sure you'll do great, hard work and talent won't betray you." It's the principle she has been living with since she was able to enrol herself in the university. That kind of mindset was carried forward until today, it's her life motto and it worked out well considering she was the valedictorian last year. When he asked her if it was between a guy or girl preference wise, Taealha grinned coyly and pretended to think but the smirk was obvious, "Girls make better company, and all the guys I've met, with the exception of you, did not make the list" even her junior wants to do more than just studying with her, so it says a lot. "Hug me first and maybe we'll see if I'm really the perfect size for hugging" she dared. That is a lot of places, indeed. "Wow… I mean if I had a roommate, they probably would've gone crazy if I do to that extent. Your boyfriend is either really tolerant or he just loves you that much." At some point, those post it notes will drive you crazy, even the person using it. 

The brunette grimaced because that incident really did seal her multitasking persona away, "The blouse probably… I mean I did with some sewing and cutting and it was now a custom made one but it was still tragic the first time." She was just grateful she had a liking to fashion designing as a hobby. "Not for cooking or doing any domestic chores, if I don't want to accidentally burn my home one day I need to be vigilant and that starts with me knowing my limit to house chores." She could challenge herself with science but definitely not house chores. "Okay that is just way too sweet… I want someone who would do that to me too…" her grin grew when he pointed out the resemblance between her and him when it comes to picturing, "Maybe a manifestation will set and I'll find someone as sweet as your boyfriend." She was flattered that Jae thought she was worth being a partner for but the human smiled sadly, "Not a lot wants to bother themselves with me in that retrospect." It's why it's always all sex and not relationships.

Jae giggled and nodded when he said that Han was both cute and sexy, when she said she wanted to see a picture he pulled out his phone and signed for ‘wait a moment’ as he scrolled through the gallery of photos he had put into a folder for Han, he picked out two of his favorites and then held them up, one was Han wearing his glasses looking adorable and sweet, he held it up to her and signed for ‘Cute’ and then he went through and found one where Han was wearing Jae’s biker jacket and posing with a sultry look and showed her ‘Sexy’. He grinned slightly “I feel very lucky” he confessed with a soft smile, Han was handsome and sweet.

“That’s what I’m hoping for” he confessed with a small smile “I know it isn’t the easiest thing to make it in...but every time I write, I feel so inspired and I want to be able to share that with the world” he hoped he could make people feel happy with his writing, inspire them to want to read more stories and immerse themselves in books. He raised his brows a little surprised when she affirmed she preferred the company of girls over guys “I see” he commented and grinned “Do you have a celebrity crush?” he questioned curiously wondering what her type was. When she said he should try hugging her to prove his theory he grinned “I’ll add it to my to-do list” he jested playfully. He pressed his lips together when she said Han must love him very much “It’s a game of push and pull...he has his annoying habits too but we work well” that was the point right?

He chuckled when she said she was sad about the blouse “Well at least you managed to salvage it, you probably can’t say the same about the food you were making” he pointed out. “So you could never be a housewife” he joked and shook his head slightly, she seemed like a very driven person and so he could imagine it would be too limiting for her to be tied down to a role in a house. He giggled softly when she responded that she wanted someone to kiss her where she got hurt “He’s so sappy sometimes but that’s what I love most about him” he commented and grinned. “Well, that’s their loss then...I’m manifesting you an epic love...someone who would make everyone else jealous of how lucky you were to get them” he grinned.

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