University life had been a really good and interesting experience for Jae, he spent a lot of time here, mostly in the library, studying and just surrounding himself with information. Jae felt like since he came to Evermore a lot had changed for him, learning to live alone had been an adjustment at first because he had to do his own laundry and dishes, food didn't make itself so he had to learn to make sure he always had something to eat and while he was practically living at Han's now, he definitely felt like that independence had a good effect on him. 

But the study was also important to him, he got the freedom to explore his writing and how to expand it, to completely immerse himself in stories and their meanings and generally feel like he was connected with something he had always had a natural talent for. There was a lot of pressure to do well of course, that was the nature of the way he was raised but he finally felt like he had some independence from his parents and the ability to make decisions for himself. So he did his best not to waste the opportunity and use as much of his education as he could, so if there were extra classes he could take or further study he could do, he tended to try and indulge in it. Not to the level where he didn't have a life outside of university but he could definitely be found in the library till late.

It was about 3 pm in the afternoon and he didn't have any late classes today so he was wandering the aisles of the library looking for some stories to analyse for one of his papers, except he wasn't able to decide which one he wanted to use and so he had about 7 books stacked up in his arms ready to carry back to his table in the hopes of being able to pick one out after reading a few pages of each. He had just managed to balance all of them steadily enough to make his way back to the table and took a deep breath as he started the walk.

But of course, his clumsiness was something that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake and he didn't see the petite girl coming in the other direction before it was too late. With how tiny she was Jae didn't even realize there was anyone there until his stack of books went flying and he tripped over one of them until he found himself on the floor, rubbing his head because he whacked it against the shelf on the way door and then noticing the young female who had totally just ran into "Oh my god, I am so sorry, I probably should have realized that a bunch of books and this generally unbalanced guy wouldn't work but" he pulled an apologetic expression as he looked back at her. 

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She chuckled when he said it would only work if he had a science background, "I have no idea what my parents would want honestly… I was raised in an orphanage so that's basically every orphan's backstop… But I know I wanted to make a change and we both know Evermore has plenty of things for us to study on" Such as the supernatural. There's a reason why she, as a human, worked hard to get where she is today so she could have information and access to other species. They're so fascinating. You never know who's who. Or rather… who's what. 

"Once I finish my masters… I'll go for  my PhD… but I need to know what I'm studying first." Thankfully, she's not studying for the sake of studying. She genuinely likes what she's researching. She beamed in delight when he told her she could use his pass to visit "That sounds like a plan…" The way Jae talks about his boyfriend made her swoon because she wants someone to care for her like that too. To have a normal life, the most normal life anyone her age would have. A boyfriend… or a girlfriend, whichever comes first to the girl. 

When he asked her what her ultimate goal was, she grinned and shrugged "Not necessarily terminal illness… Evermore's a mysterious city… filled with so much enigma, I want to learn more about that. I want to see if the supernatural's physical biology would alter what would also heal the humans' diseases… it could be the first step in vaccines or medicine for some deadly diseases… maybe not cure… but if it could make people better, that is better than nothing." Their healing properties piqued her interest. "So what are you?" She raised her eyebrow and eyed him properly "From your physique… you're fit… so someone who is physically strong… therian? Oh… let me guess, dhampir?"

He nodded slightly “You must be really self-motivated” he pointed out, she didn’t have anyone to push her a certain way and yet she seemed so sure about what she wanted to do “But in the end…you can make yourself proud right?” and she should be after working so hard, he knew from his own classes and schooling that none of this was easy and yet she had her eye on a masters already “That sounds like a long road ahead of you” it almost seemed a little daunting honestly.

“But I’m impressed…you’re not just following the status quo…it sounds like you’re trying to change the world” he wondered if he could ever do that with writing, it wasn’t easy to make something meaningful and few writers managed to succeed. But he really wanted to follow his path…he wanted people to meet the characters he invented in his head…believe in their stories, follow their triumphs and heartbreaks, the idea of it was all so exciting “I hope I can do something as meaningful” he wasn’t saving any lives in the literal sense, but if he could comfort someone…that would mean something.

“Sounds ambitious…though wouldn’t it be amazing if something like that were possible?” he pressed his lips together “I’d be first on the list to offer my help if you think one of my kind could help” dhampir bites could heal so surely there was a way to use it for good right? Jae wanted to be able to do everything he can for others, it was the least he could do in return for the power he wielded right. He raised his brow, wondering if she could guess and when she did he grinned slightly “Right the second time” he pressed his lips together “Spotting one of my kind is almost impossible…you must be well-versed” he pointed out.

She beamed and giggled when he pointed out she must be dedicated because she is. Taealha is a hard worker and she knew exactly what price the world would demand for certain things. Fortunately for the human, she already knew how to play her cards. If you are to survive, you need to know how to play the system very well, after all. "I can make myself proud, yes, I know what I'm good at and what I'm bad at, it works well when you know your own flaws..." It definitely helped her to navigate her hectic life as both a student and a worker.

"The lab gives me access to everything I could ever need though so I would never leave..." She was grateful she was selected under the protege program the first time and now here she is, working well under the organization that funds her studies. "It's long but not impossible, right? I'll get there one day... I'm sure of it." Everyone wants to leave a footing in the world and she is one of them. Taealha didn't know how many people are actually being genuine about it but she knows she is. She gave him a playful nudge and beamed "I'm sure you will and you can, you sound like a bright young man, Jae. Not everyone has to be a doctor or teacher to change the world. You contribute to society on your own." And while it may look insignificant to others, it really isn't.

With what he has told her, she was sure Jae could comfort someone. The human scanned the dhampir standing before her from head to toe and grinned "I will let you know for sure. It'll be helpful to get a dhampir to help me with my research..." Dhampirs have self-healing properties, she would love to study that in more depth. "Any chance you have other supernaturals as friends?" she teased, because who knows, right? It would be a mind-blowing discovery if she could really make it work. From a measly theory to a whole creation. "I've been around supernaturals for a while and the types of equipment as well as information I am able to get... they are almost limitless."

A therian would be very sharp in their senses and sometimes even when they don't realize it, if you are perceptive, you'd notice their ears perking up at times, which Jae didn't do. But then again it was also a lucky guess. "How many supernatural friends do you have?" It was clear that Taealha knows about the other world but studying and monitoring are two different things. 

Jae raised his brows when Taealha explained how she never wanted to leave her work place because she had access to everything she wanted “You sound like a very hard worker” he signed and grinned slightly “But sleep is important too you know” he teased softly, he knew the type of person was because he was similar, when he got his mind on something the world could just disappear as he was so focused on that specific thing. “I’ll get your autograph before you become a scientific legend” he responded and smirked “Might be worth something one day” he teased softly and opened his notepad, pushing it towards her.

“I want to make people have that amazing feeling you have when a story really…connects with you” he expressed and nodded shyly “I want people to stay up late just wanting to read one more chapter” that was the type of work he aspired to create, that was the kind of joy he wanted to spread into the world and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially without his parent’s support or blessing. “I have more friends than I can even count anymore” he responded and chuckled “Though they might not be as trusting of a crazy scientist than I am” he bit his lip softly “What use do you think supernatural blood has?” he asked curiously.

Jae shifted his seat and tilted his head “Many” he responded and nodded “I think I have more friends who are supernatural than human” he confessed, perhaps he was magnet for them or perhaps being part of that word just opened more doors to finding them “But honestly, I don’t feel like I’m anything special compared to most…dhampir are half human after all” which in some ways he felt like was a blessing sometimes, he preferred being ordinary.

She couldn't help but blush when he pointed out she sounded like a hard worker "I've been told that plenty of times so perhaps I am..." It was a nice compliment because for once, people looked past her physical appearance and realized she had brains too. Not that she was bothered by it honestly. Taealha likes getting praise either way, whether it is for her physical appearance to her cute tidbits. "I have beauty sleep too, Jae. How else did you think I maintained this face hm?" She puffed her chest and tapped her face dramatically. "Though sleep means nothing if I have something on my mind and have to get it done first."

She was sure he could relate to that too. Most people could. Unless they were grade S procrastinators. "You can ask anytime, I will give it to you" She sent a big heart emoji to him. When he pushed the notepad towards her as if he were serious, Taealha raised her eyebrows and signed them. "The signature is as pretty as the owner herself right?" She was confident, If there was one thing Taealha could say she had, it was confidence. Everything about her now stemmed from the days she was insecure. Those days are no more.

The idea of the man before her being an author made sense "Well I think that's great. We can't have too many people being scientists or doctors right? Or else who would be the authors that made our day hm? You have to promise me that you'll send me a manuscript if you are going to publish anything... Just like how my signature might be worth a fortune one day, I need your manuscript to mean the same thing."

When he asked what she thought supernatural blood meant she grinned widely because she was hoping he'd ask. The human likes being given an opportunity to show how smart she is. "Healing and regenerative abilities... that's my main focus. Besides, we find our their DNA cells are... different. So similar yet so different depending on the environment we exposed them to. We had a valkyr blood last time and I swear the cells didn't even split... it was astonishing." As a human, she didn't have such abilities but she envied the supernatural who did. "Dhampir can be special you know. Your DNA is more human than most which makes it easy for you to blend in. But your affinity is something else... If we had the time I'd show you my studies." She offered him a candy and tilted her head to the side "What supernatural friends do you have? What about your significant other?"

He chuckled softly “That’s true, couldn’t maintain such perfect skin without proper rest” he had a skincare routine of his own too so he knew how things went, it was a lot of work to maintain. He pushed the notepad closer to her when she said he could ask any time and grinned slightly when she went ahead and signed it. He took back the notepad, gently placing it into the pocket of his backpack “Are you sure you aren’t a celebrity, because I’m definitely getting the idea you practiced this one a lot” he teased playfully and grinned.

He gave a playful smile and nodded “If anything like that ever happens then I’ll make sure you get a first edition” he wasn’t sure where his path was going to take him honestly and as much as he wanted to make it as a novelist, he knew that there was a small space of opportunity in the world to make it as one. Still, it was his dream and he owed it to himself to chase it right? “It would make me really happy if my story really could bring someone a little happiness after a long day at work…” maybe in some way he could save the world a little too.

The dhampir listened intently as she talked about what she was studying and what had been found so far, even if he didn’t understand every premise she was talking about, he felt sucked in by the way she was describing it and how clearly passionate she was about the topic “Cells splitting is a bad thing?” he questioned in a curious voice, not really understanding what it all meant but the impression he got is that they could do some pretty groundbreaking this with this information and that was key.

He took one of the candies she offered and put it into his mouth but the gave her an apologetic smile “I think that’s their secrets to share, not mine” he confessed softly, he was especially protective over Han as a celestial because the more people who knew what he was, the higher chance he could be targeted and Jae couldn’t risk that.

“I want to be the most famous scientist… so kinda of a celebrity no? A public figure.” She likes the idea of being known by many people but she also wanted to be known for her contribution to society. She always loved searching for people’s smarts, so to find out the journalist and author inside Jae, her new-found friend was something amusing. “I could never truly write something so creative… even my notes are not pretty. I used to take cursive classes just to make sure my handwriting was actually readable.”

The two of them hit it off pretty well, it helps that they seem to have the same objective in life too. “You want to make them happy after a long day and I want to make them happy in life… when our technology advances even more, people will have more access to things…” People wouldn’t be struggling so much.

“I won’t bore you with the details but basically it means your cells are resistant. To any outside force… no anomaly will be detected in your blood stream because of these. It’s no wonder you need blood to constantly regulate them… it’s groundbreaking. If we could reverse engineer it, perhaps it could be used on someone who was hurt… like how you would bite to heal them, minus the bite.” She was excited to explore all the endless possibilities.

“Sorry if I was prying, I didn’t mean to. I just find supernaturals so intriguing… as a human I have nothing special that makes me stand out from the rest, you see.” She saw a stand that was selling some keychains and dragged him nearby, showing him a few cute ones, one that looked like a tiger “I feel like you’d suit this… a tiger.”

He smiled slightly and nodded “In a way…maybe not the kind who would be bothered on the street by those passing…but the kind who everyone waits to release a new research journal and is highly respected by those in their field” which was just as valuable in the industry she worked and held onto more privacy than perhaps your average celebrity would have.

“I always liked writing, though I can’t say my cursive is particularly beautiful, I did plenty of writing in journals but nowadays I tend to type most of it…don’t want to lose what I have to say if I happened to lose the papers which…knowing me would happen” he was clumsy in many areas and misplacing stuff was often part of the list too. “In both ways…we want to help people huh…” a lot of people chose their work for those reasons, at least those who chose a career rather than just chasing paychecks.

He watched her with a curious expression as she explained how supernatural blood could be used to help others, it was really fascinating to him even if he couldn’t quite understand how it all worked or how it was even possible, but just like diviners were experts in magic. It seemed like Taealha was an expert in this “You will be able to help a lot of people” he signed and smiled softly.

“It’s okay, it’s just that supernatural people tend to be quite…private about their identity” he responded and nodded his head apologetically. He looked up for a moment when she pointed out a nearby stand and followed her over to it, investigating the cute little crocheted items and grinning before eyeing the tiger she showed him “Well if I’m a tiger…then” he looked through before picking out a bunny for her and holding it up “Pink bunny fits you” he smiled slightly.

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