University life had been a really good and interesting experience for Jae, he spent a lot of time here, mostly in the library, studying and just surrounding himself with information. Jae felt like since he came to Evermore a lot had changed for him, learning to live alone had been an adjustment at first because he had to do his own laundry and dishes, food didn't make itself so he had to learn to make sure he always had something to eat and while he was practically living at Han's now, he definitely felt like that independence had a good effect on him. 

But the study was also important to him, he got the freedom to explore his writing and how to expand it, to completely immerse himself in stories and their meanings and generally feel like he was connected with something he had always had a natural talent for. There was a lot of pressure to do well of course, that was the nature of the way he was raised but he finally felt like he had some independence from his parents and the ability to make decisions for himself. So he did his best not to waste the opportunity and use as much of his education as he could, so if there were extra classes he could take or further study he could do, he tended to try and indulge in it. Not to the level where he didn't have a life outside of university but he could definitely be found in the library till late.

It was about 3 pm in the afternoon and he didn't have any late classes today so he was wandering the aisles of the library looking for some stories to analyse for one of his papers, except he wasn't able to decide which one he wanted to use and so he had about 7 books stacked up in his arms ready to carry back to his table in the hopes of being able to pick one out after reading a few pages of each. He had just managed to balance all of them steadily enough to make his way back to the table and took a deep breath as he started the walk.

But of course, his clumsiness was something that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake and he didn't see the petite girl coming in the other direction before it was too late. With how tiny she was Jae didn't even realize there was anyone there until his stack of books went flying and he tripped over one of them until he found himself on the floor, rubbing his head because he whacked it against the shelf on the way door and then noticing the young female who had totally just ran into "Oh my god, I am so sorry, I probably should have realized that a bunch of books and this generally unbalanced guy wouldn't work but" he pulled an apologetic expression as he looked back at her. 

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She's never met a linguist quite like Jae, and even if he was focusing on English, the efforts alone made him an enigmatic person. "I don't think I'm all that good with language. I remember learning Chinese characters and Japanese when I was little but that couldn't do me all that good. I only took French for the requirement here and English has been the only language I've used most of my life, though it's safe to say I can't utter those sentences quite as well" It makes sense considering she either grew up in North America. "I would love to say those words one day though... " Was it a far-fetched dream for Taealha to want to utter je t'aime at least once. When he took the offer, Taealha was beaming enthusiastically because she found someone else to hang out with. Even if that meant just teaching him sign languages, that was more than enough. As it was known, she didn't exactly have a lot of friends, to begin with. 

He was trying to mimic something but Taealha had no idea what it was, so she had to squint her eyes and lean closer to capture what he's trying to send. A look of realization was displayed across her face when she noticed he was trying to say emoji, "You have to see how funny and ridiculous you look, Jae. No kidding." He was pulling such silly faces so much that the human couldn't hold the laughter in. "I want a happy ending too, not as fairytale-like but… close enough. It's fine to fantasize, right?" Has she ever fantasized being a princess waiting for her knight in shining armor to come and save her? A lot. "Happily taken, gosh, I'm jealous." Could she be like that? Could she have something like what Jae seemed to have? One day, maybe. 

"Anything to make university life easier? Well, I can tell you that there are plenty of shortcuts here. Good cafes nearby to escape some awful cafeteria food. Library codes to find the perfect aisle for your wanted materials. And how study groups here can be such a myth. You're welcome to study with me, though I'm not sure how helpful I'll be if I'm not writing down the instructions" she grinned sheepishly, "Student life is hectic. Hell, I'm working and completing my thesis at the same time but I feel like I'd drown if I have to go through my degree years again." Taealha nodded gently as her response when he pointed out how busy she would be, "Mhmm, I think once I take in everything, memory loss didn't seem to be that big of a problem. Especially when your family doesn't want you. I was thrown away so what's there to really remember except bitter things, right?" She had a far better life now, a happier one where she knew what she wanted. "I think I'd rather stay here than go back to Korea" And she knew those words carried a lot of weight, indeed. 

Taealha couldn't help but to gush and coo when Jae said his boyfriend is his light, she actually squealed, "That is so cute of you... " Her love life? The second he asked her about that was when she flushed so deeply, "I… no. Not really… nobody's been that interested in me for long. I get occasional admirers or people leaving things in the locker but, I don't think they're serious." 

“I like learning” he responded and smiled a little shyly “But most things I’m okay at, but not great at” he laughed softly wondering if that made any sense at all to her “But learning language comes easy to me, everything feels like putting together pieces of a puzzle together as I learn more” a poetic way to describe it but that was how he saw things. He could understand why she might not feel the same way given that she couldn’t actually speak the words though, that seemed pointless he supposed, though she had learned two languages through sign language which definitely said a lot. “I hope one day you can” he responded with a gentle smile, he didn’t know much about her situation given that they just met but it seemed like she was determined enough to learn and therefore if there was a possibility to gain her speech back, he was sure she could.

He laughed softly when she finally realized what he was trying to say with his actions, he sighed softly and when she commented on how his face looked he smiled, he liked being able to make other people laugh and brighten their days, it was something which essentially made him the class clown back when he was in school. “Oh, I know I look funny” he responded and grinned “I don’t know all of the slang words” he signed out and then nodded slightly, given that he didn’t use it day to day he didn’t really pick up on new things like someone who used it every day would. “I think a fairytale is overrated” he nodded a few times “I just want someone who makes me happy and gives me a reason to smile every day” which he had now with Han, he was content with the understated love the Celestial and he shared. “Don’t be jealous, I’m sure there’s someone out there for you too” he wouldn’t have believed the whole one person who makes your whole life different thing if it hadn’t have been for Han.

He pulled a face when she mentioned the cafeteria food but smiled when she mentioned study groups, he had learned that the term study group tended to mean a codename for a party someone wanted to throw without the housing knowing about it and he definitely wasn’t the type who wanted to go to a bunch of parties. “I definitely find myself really busy, but that’s also because I don’t stay on campus much” he responded with a laugh “The rooms are small and the rules are” he pressed his lips together “Harsh” which was why living with Han was definitely a relief for him, he had much more freedom, didn’t have to put up with loud obnoxious roommates and he got to eat good food every night “Do you live off-campus?” he asked curiously, she seemed like the type to live elsewhere. He gave her an empathetic look as she described how her family didn’t seem to want her back home “You seem to be making good progress alone” he complimented thinking how she was doing her degree and seemed to be doing well for herself in spite of the fact her family abandoned her “Being happy is important, I see that more every day” back home he thought his idea of happiness was making his family proud and bending himself to his father’s wants, here he saw things differently.

The way she squealed at the way he described Han made him blush slightly, dipping his head and pressing his hands against his cheeks as though that would make them less red from embarrassment, since when did he become such a hopeless romantic? He saw the way she got flustered when he asked about her love life right back, only seemed fair right? “Well what do you consider serious?” he asked curiously because he was sure people wouldn’t leave her such letters unless they really were interested in her and he wasn’t blind, she was really pretty “You’re pretty, smart, caring and kind, there’s probably someone out there completely in love with you and you don’t even know” he chuckled slightly, maybe a dose of compliments to give a boost to her confidence would be what she needed.

Her eyes lit up at the sudden mention of learning, it's always refreshing to find someone else who shares the same interest as you do, even if it wasn't that vast. "You don't always have to be good at everything" she quipped softly, people often mistook that as a notion to be incredibly good at everything, "You can enjoy learning and just be fine with it. It doesn't have to take an excellent set of skills to measure your level" she loves telling that to people. "I look forward to speaking one day, I've been like this for as long as I could remember but… I'm not giving up just yet. There's still so much time left" Taealha was rarely pessimistic, the human was known for her optimism and vibrant nature. Sometimes, she was too bright, which enabled some people to take advantage of that enthusiasm. But most of the time, it works well in her favor to be the person she is today. The dark-haired female raised her eyebrows in contempt as she clicked her tongue playfully towards Jae, "So you know you look funny and attractive while doing so?" she teased, Jae looks like a ball of light, it was impossible not to like the aura he exuded.

 Perhaps, this was a friend she wanted to keep close for a long time. It hasn't even been an hour yet she's already happy with the company she made earlier today. "A realist too, huh? Wow, that's a 2 in 1. I'm surprised you're a real person right now." Taealha still stood by her fairytale-like dream, if you're going to have a big dream to work towards, you may as well make it high as the sky, right? Wishes were made to come true but dreams weren't necessarily in the same department. "It seems like he makes you smile everyday from the way you talked about him" How special that person must be. "I would like to believe that there is someone out there for me" she nodded and sighed dreamily, how she would love for the day to come and prove her right. Someone who would love her unconditionally, that's all she would be asking. 

When he mentioned he didn't stay on campus, Taealha gaped in awe, "You don't? You're living independently outside? Wait- oh are you living with your boyfriend?" she enquired, since Jae was probably on a student visa, she was wondering how comfortable he'd be to live outside of campus alone but remembered he had a boyfriend. "I used to go back and forth when I was doing my degree but that's also because my place isn't that far" It would take her a few stops by bus, considering she doesn't take her bicycle with her. But then again, she was a resident here, that makes it a bit different. "Roommates can be a pain so I get you, I didn't even live on campus but I remember having a roommate for years long at the orphanage, that's still a pain" Especially when they couldn't respect her personal space when she's supposed to be studying. But Taealha couldn't take it up herself to tell them that. What if they were offended? 

"I live off campus because I am already working and only have 2 to 3 classes per week. But yeah, I didn't live on campus during my degree either." If it was up to her, she wouldn't want to be alone but since she couldn't so much to change that, she tried to make herself comfortable with that fact. Judging from the way he was trying to cover his cheeks because of the pinkish hue on them, Taealha knew he was deeply in love with his boyfriend, she's really excited to find someone that she could talk to and it helps that Jae was very open-minded and relatable. When asked what she considered serious, Taealha shrugged, "I don't have that high of a standard but I hardly doubt people leaving notes only to do a few dares as something serious. But I've never had any relationship so I don't think I know what's serious and what's not." Perhaps, a committed relationship? Her cheeks flushed considerably when he complimented her, "You think so?" Was there really someone who fell for her? 

She was right, you didn’t need to be good at everything, you just needed to always work hard regardless, he did believe that even if you were the absolutely worst at something, with enough time and practice you could improve enough to be considered good at it “I like to think if I practice a lot then one day I will be good at it” he responded and grinned sheepishly, it might take him a lot longer to get there admittedly but he would get there in the end. “I bet you have a really nice voice” he encouraged with a smile when she said she wanted to be able to speak one day, she seemed really headstrong and determined which he liked a lot, being around passionate people was something he really enjoyed “I like your determination” he signed back and nodded his head slightly “More people should work that hard” he added and laughed softly under his breath.

When she said he looked both funny but attractive at the same time he laughed “I’m not sure those go together very well” he commented with a shrug but it was a nice compliment to have so he wouldn’t complain. “Do I look fake to you?” he responded when she said she was surprised he was a real person, raising his brows in a questioning manner. The way she surmised his and Han’s relationship made him smile slightly though “He does, he came along and changed everything for me and I’m not even sure he realizes it” that was what was best about their relationship, it had changed so much for the better and made him feel like he was a better person just because he had known him. Jae felt freer and more honest with himself, he felt true, like he had never felt before when he was always doing what his parents told him to “If I can find it so can you, keep on dreaming, dreamer” he encouraged with a goofy smile.

He blushed slightly when she so quickly guessed that he was living with his boyfriend “Yes, he has a place of his own and after everything go...frustrating, we decided it would be better just to be together” now the two of them were always together and he felt so much happier with his living situation. “Mine is quite far but it’s worth it to me” it did mean he had to leave Han quite early in the morning though which usually made the Celestial pout because he didn’t want Jae to leave his arms. It had become somewhat of a routine with time though. “I don’t think I have met a single person who can say good things about living with randomly assigned roommates” he responded to her with a laugh, shaking his head slightly “Maybe the system is flawed?” he questioned with a gasp.

“It’s nice having your own place right? The dorms are so small” of course he knew that he didn’t own Han’s place and the star was nice enough to let him stay there for a very small contribution but it was nice to have a place to go back to that actually felt like home, the dorms felt entirely temporary and so it was hard to settle in there because you knew it wasn’t going to last for long. “But maybe they weren’t dares, maybe they only said that so it wouldn’t hurt so bad when the pretty girl decided to turn down their advances” he shrugged his shoulders, perhaps she was afraid of becoming a joke and didn’t notice “The thing I always noticed about the smart pretty girls, is that they were always so busy saving the world to notice they were someone’s world” he had seen a few like her back in school, so focused on studies that they never took any advances that seriously “Maybe next time someone asks you on a date you should try saying yes and see what happens” worst comes to worst you just didn’t go on another right.

A positive guy with an equally optimistic mindset. Taealha didn't expect to find someone so similar here, of all places. Don't get her wrong, Evermore University library is famous for its connections it does to others but she didn't expect to find someone who would be more likely to hit it off with her here. At this point, the compatibility rate is weighing heavily on the right side. "That's a good way to see things" she complimented, most would often lean towards the other side and wouldn't believe until they've seen it for themselves. Hope didn't thrive as much on people like that. "I hope to find that out one day, hopefully sooner rather than later but I'm in no necessary rush either. It's best to take in every good thing in your life slowly, right? Or else, you wouldn't be able to enjoy them." She's probably forgotten how it even sounds like but that didn't mean she was going to forget she wasn't born with this condition either. It could be cured, in time with proper resources and medication. She was sure of it. Until then, Taealha only needed to be patient and progressive.

 "I don't know about you but I think anything could go well with a person if it's their best traits. Maybe you're naturally goofy and the looks just added up? That's not entirely impossible, no?" When he asked her if he looked fake to her, Taealha leaned forward and poked his left cheek and reclined back to her seat with a satisfied smile, "Nope, I think you're really enough. It's hard to find someone decent these days, okay. My expectations weren't… as high." Like anybody else, who wouldn't dreamt of a good and stable relationship? Especially at her age? She was young and free, there were plenty of things she still has yet to do and wanted to do. Hearing this cute story of how Jae's relationship was going only made the human sigh dreamily, oh what one wouldn't give to trade for something like that. "Oh I can keep dreaming, I just don't know if they'll come true" she narrowed her eyes at him playfully, she's always been a dreamer but she's also known from experience that nothing good comes easily. 

"Moving out of the dorm with noisy roommates and getting to live together with your boyfriend… oh if that isn't what every student's dream is like... " Thank god she didn't have to go through that kind of dormitory ordeal. "It's always worth it if it makes you happy" she pointed out giddily, everything matters when you're happy, anyway. It's every individual's goal in life to make themselves happy. "Putting a person with two or three more people with different personalities that you have no idea would clash or not… in one small space, yeah the system is definitely flawed because psychologically, that's a bad call to cultivate their lifestyle but I'm no psychologist so I wouldn't know" She does know that it wouldn't work if people are too different because they would come strongly. "It's nice to have your own safe place, nowhere better than my humble abode, of course. You'll be prouder when you know you've worked for it and strive to make it your home instead of a temporary shelter that puts a roof over your head."

 A house is a house. It could be a home or it could not. Now that he's said it like that, Taealha wondered if she never thought of the possibility before rejecting politely, "It's not like I've never given them a chance but maybe I haven't been giving the right ones the chance." Hid compliment made her blush, Taealha had both her hands pressed against her cheeks as an attempt to hide it,  "That's surprisingly cheesy but so sweet" It was. It sounded like something that came out of the book. "I'll do that. Next time someone asks me out, I'll accept. It wouldn't be so bad right?" 

He nodded slightly “We always wish one day was sooner” he commented and chuckled, he wanted to be a real writer one day and show his work to people all around the world but he knew that goal wouldn’t be met in one day and he had a long way to go to get there “But sometimes you have to remember you have good things right now too” he nodded thoughtfully, sure he might want to skip forward in his life and know how his career turned out, whether people liked his writing but then he would miss all the moments with his friends and with Han, who knows what he would get to experience along the way “Besides the journey wouldn’t feel worth it without going through the hard parts” he nodded, he did hope that she could overcome it though, it seemed like something which really mattered to her.

Jae couldn’t help but chuckle when she pretty much hit the nail on the head when it came to his personality “Damn, did you just manage to read me like a book from the very first moment?” he raised his brows curiously, it made him wonder if he was too easy to read and gave himself away or if it was because she was really perceptive. He puffed out his cheek when she poked against it though and then grinned slightly “Most people seem nice enough to me” he responded nodding his head slightly “But a lot of people are selfish, they don’t realize how their actions affect others” for example being scared to approach someone or not knowing how to communicate with them because they were different to you. Jae had just always been the kind to ignore that feeling and try anyway. He gave a wry smile when she said she would keep dreaming “Well that’s the start” he spoke softly nudging against her shoulder slightly.

He laughed under his breath for a moment when she pointed out that moving out from the dorm was like living the dream “I suppose, though it’s a lot more challenging than you expect it to with someone you care about” he had thought it would be easy given that he and Han got along so well but there were still difficulties, times when they would frustrate the other with laziness or get on one another’s nerves because they needed space and alone time, it was a whole new situation he had to learn and get used to. He nodded in agreement to her explanation of her thoughts “Exactly, it’s hard to make people with completely different interests and lifestyles work, if you have one person who prefers quiet nights and another who likes to party a lot then you already have a problem” he laughed softly shaking his head slightly “Is your journey into the university far?” he asked curiously with raised brows.

He smiled softly and shrugged when she called him cheesy, he could see the blush resting on her cheeks though so he knew it meant something to her to hear that “Well that’s the problem, you have no idea who the right person is right?” he had to admit he never pictured Han when he envisioned who his partner would be and yet they had found one another and it had felt right, it had taken him a while to admit that but that was his truth now. “Hopefully I didn’t just give you the worst advice you ever received” he responded and grinned slightly. He pressed his lips together, he normally didn’t feel attached to people he just met but there was something about her which made him feel a little protective over her “So how would you like to be friends?” he asked with a shy smile.

Everyone had their ambitions set into place, Taealha wasn't excluded from the lot. She's worked very hard to get where she is today, and there wasn't a second in her life where she thought was wasted. All of that hard work was surely going to pay off, she believed the same would happen for Jae. "You're right, we have a few good things happening right now. We're still young, aren't we? We have… many more days to enjoy our youth... " As a human, she intends to live the best of the best. She was an ordinary person, one day she's going to die too, and maybe she's the same with those who clock in from 8 to 5 but at least she believed she was doing some good for the world. There was a certain superhero complex somewhere, whatever works she's concocting in the lab, they were going to be used for the betterment of human evolution. "Well I'm 23 and I feel like I've gone through enough hardships and obstacles to last me until 30. I think I'll slack a bit on the whole… falling thing" she chuckled, she would love to be able to enjoy the scene a lot more though. Perhaps, with a special someone too. Who knows?

 "Not quite like a book. It's just that it's a little something I'm used to doing. I work at a lab, I can't afford to make mistakes as that could mean potentially blowing up the entire building so… perceptiveness is a trait." She just likes to think she could read people better than people thought she would. "But there seems to be more to you though, maybe I'll finally be able to dig deeper once we're much more acquainted." The two of them seemed to have a fine time together, she's always been outgoing but it only works if the other party was willing to partake, "Selfish people are always going to me u still everywhere we go. Unfortunately, those things are inevitable… but we can be the better person right? I believe it takes one to crack the entire system because then it'll be a chain reaction" If one does it, maybe the others would soon follow suit. "I've lived by myself for as long as I could remember after graduating from the orphanage but I can imagine living with someone you care about is a lot different than just sharing bunk beds with your roommates. Does it feel daunting?" 

She was curious, how it was like to live with someone who you know had a place in your heart. Would you blush every morning when you see them? Would the love grow stronger or would it falter? Taealha wondered how it'll be like if the couple were arguing and they couldn't exactly not see each other when they're residing in the same living space. When he asked her if her journey was far, she tried to calculate the distance but ended up shrugging, "I don't usually use public transportation because I like to ride my bicycle… since I live at the heart of the city, it's a lot nearer compared to everywhere else. But you have to be mindful of traffic too" Peak hours are always something she made a mental note on. "Do you have any trouble getting here?" He seems so different to all the boys she's met, some of them are polite but Jae had a very reassuring aura that makes her feel at home, like she didn't have to pretend when she's around him. "I thought we were already friends" she jested and pushed her phone towards him, "Like any other girl, can I have the honor of saving your number in my phone for any possible future hangouts?" 

Sometimes he felt like he was in this unnecessary rush to get to some sort of goal but then others he was reminded that he had only been an adult a few years and there was time for him to figure everything out and to live his life piece by piece, to find the things which made him happy and the things that didn’t, to change his mind over and over until he found some sort of truth “Exactly, we have time to find what our path is” he nodded his head slightly, as much as his parents pressured him to have everything figured out, he didn’t, but that was okay as long as he was still searching for it right? He grinned slightly when she spoke about her experiences and how she felt like she needed a break from everything she went through “Well hopefully luck will be on your side” he responded and nodded his head, it sounded like she needed it.

Jae gave a shy grin when she admitted she was good at figuring people out and being perceptive “I would say I’m the opposite” he responded and smiled slightly “I tend to be pretty clueless about people until I get to know them” which was probably why it had taken a while for him to figure out his feelings when it came to Han. Jae was still quite good at telling what someone would find entertaining though, he had a bit of a reputation for being a class clown when he was younger, always trying to make people smile. He nodded in agreement “Good things don’t always come to good people, but I feel like good people are drawn to other good people” he responded and smiled shyly because he had signed the word good so many times “And good people help you get through the hard times” he was sure he wouldn’t have managed to cope this long without having all the support he had in Evermore.

Jae pursed his lips at her question about living with someone you cared about “It’s hard at first...because that person is the person you always try to show your best side to but you can’t always be your best side” he nodded a few times “But if things are meant to be then soon you realize they still love you...even when you’re not your best self” it had taken a while for him and Han to fully open up like that. He grinned when she said she rode her bicycle to college “I like cycling” he signed and grinned brightly “But my journey is too far, I have to use the subway” he didn’t mind though, even though it took about 40 minutes it was only a case of hopping on the train and waiting for the right stop. He looked down at the phone she pushed over and smiled “I didn’t want to assume” he responded and smiled before taking it and typing his number into the contact and then sliding the phone back over to her “I’m bad at remembering to reply, so be patient with me” he added and laughed.

He was a lot more open-minded from most people she’s met, which struck her as a surprise considering a Korean who was born in their soil were mostly raised in a rather conservative manner, Jae was in between the scales of Korean American and Korean. Perhaps he had always been a rather open-minded person since younger and now he’s adapted well to the setting in America. “No need to rush to find something that would not run away from you” she quipped, Taealha was enjoying her early twenties without a worry in the world, even when she lacked plenty of things. One of them was the ability to converse verbally with others, which was a shame considering how friendly the human is, but alas not every person could have good things all to themselves without suffering a bit of misfortune on their part. She spent most of her past years studying diligently but that was all because she genuinely likes studying science. Terrible at time management though. Not everyone can be perfect, after all. 

“I hope luck will be on your side too” she beamed. “Nothing wrong with that” she pointed out when he said he was the opposite of being attentive or perceptive, “Just make sure you don’t let people stomp on your kindness and take it for granted. There’s a lot of that going around, unfortunately…” Even she wasn’t excluded from the list of victims having to suffer from that. “But I believe that good people would eventually end up meeting good people, just like themselves” From how Jae had described his boyfriend earlier, she was sure the dhampir found someone good for him. “You like to take your time in getting to know someone and there is nothing wrong with doing that. You never know what lies behind their exterior, right?” It only sounded plausible if they were depending on that kind of logic. Good people help you through your hard times, she couldn’t help but to smile at that sentence, it resonated well and Jae obviously knew what he was saying.

 “But even with all of that, you would still stay in the same vicinity as him? Nothing would change that?” Maybe Taealha was a bit naive when it comes to things like this, which meant the human was a lot more curious to know what an experienced person would say. The others either told her the opposite or made her frown because it was nowhere near the situation in hand. “But the people you love… no matter how hard it is, they will accept you amidst all the hardships, no? If they love you, they won’t mind seeing you not being your best self…” she trailed and fiddled with the keychain on her phone while glancing over to the male sitting across her attentively. When he said he had to commute using the subway because he lived far away, her ears perked up instinctively, “Where do you live at?” Once he had typed in the number in, she quickly sent a text message with a cute cat emoji and a gif that says howdy partner, “I tend to spam a lot so you’ll have to bear with me too” she chuckled and tapped her chin before she thought of something, “Is the library your best studying spot?”

He nodded slightly, when he thought about his future he wasn’t sure exactly how it looked or where it would take him, it was scary to think about sometimes but what he could deal with right now was the things that inspired him and made him happy and then hopefully life would unfold along with it and give him the opportunity to pursue those passions “I like to think when the doors are presented to me, I’ll know and be able to reach for them” he nodded thoughtfully as he dropped his hands into his lap. He was enjoying practicing his sign language and talking with Taealha, she seemed like a really sweet and positive person. `

He nodded thoughtfully “I think I have been pretty lucky to meet good people so far” he responded thinking about the people who had walked into his life since he had come to Evermore, they had all brightened his life in one way or another. “My family however, tend to be my weakness” he added, he knew he was a pushover when it came to his parents, if they told him no then he would always take that as hard law and never try to argue it. “I’m working on that” he added and smiled shyly, gaining that confidence was very hard for him though. He nodded slightly when she surmised he liked taking his time to get to know someone properly “Some people only want to be your friend because they want something from you” he signed it and nodded solemnly “You seem like a good person though” he added and smiled softly, he got a good feeling about her anyway.

He nodded when she asked about his living situation with Han and how he felt about it “It’s challenging but that’s what makes it real” he responded, pressing his lips together in thought and smiling gently, that was how he saw it anyway “Being close with him, it helped me to learn new things to love about him, things I never got to see before” of course there were harder things to accept too but part of being in a relationship was learning to accept the good and the bad. He nodded in agreement to her sentiment about people loving you regardless of the hardships “Sometimes it can be really hard but then you remember how important that person is to you and getting through it, makes your bond stronger” he couldn’t say he and Han would be as close as they are now if it wasn’t for the things they went through and overcame together. “I live on the other side of the city, where the big castle is” he nodded, everyone knew where Evermore castle was.

He laughed when she sent en emoji and a gif to him, he responded with a gif which said ‘Why hello there” and grinned slightly as he looked up at her, he nodded slightly when she said she spammed a lot “I like getting messages, I just sometimes reply in my head and forget to actually reply” she laughed twiddled with his thumbs for a moment “Yeah, it’s quiet here” he laughed “Which I can’t say about my dorm or my home most of the time” he chuckled “And you?”

It wasn't often Taealha would find someone who is as open minded as Jae is, which was surprising considering she lives in America. "You sound so optimistic, it's almost endearing if you weren't already" she pointed out wryly, he was the kind of person she would find herself engaging in a long conversation with. Despite the speech constraints presenting a verbal barrier between them, Jae didn't look fazed by it. That would be one of the many firsts. "If you've been meeting a lot of good people so far then that must mean your fortune is looking fine this year" it was almost unsurprising to see the human believe in fortunes. Life is filled with luck, she'd say. Though hard work and due diligence will persist, luck is always there somewhere. 

She believed both is what enabled people to live a good life. After all, bad karma wouldn't exactly allow the worst to live happily without any consequences trailing behind them. "Your family? Why? Are they strict? Or are you just completely loyal and devoted to them, you don't want to disappoint them?" His character seems to display a certain wariness, she wondered if it was related to his family. When he said he was working on it, Taealha spared him an encouraging smile and even gave him the fighting gesture by fist pumping the air playfully, "Keep up the good work." Her eyes softened the moment she heard him say most people only befriended people to reap their benefits, it's always the same. "I am a good person" she beamed in delight, "and I think you're a good person too. Seems fitting, no? Two good people befriending one another?" Ever so the romantic person, this wouldn't be the first time Taealha found herself swooning over someone's love life. 

What Jae has with his boyfriend sounded very genuine and sincere though, it didn't feel superficial. Either the other male was very good at story-telling or that was simply how their relationship is like. Nevertheless, it filled her heart with butterflies. She could only dream of having something real like that. "I hope things will go well between you two, may your relationship last eternally." It would be a shame to lose something so pure like that. The look Jae displayed when he was talking about him made her believe that this guy is a real one. "Oh that is quite far from me, I hope commuting wasn't too hard on you. I imagine you would have to get out very early to make sure you arrive before people start swarming the subway" at least she was lucky enough to live nearby to only ride her bicycle rather than having to commute from the other side of the city. "I heard things in the west side is peaceful. Not as noisy?" 

Since they were in the middle of the city, things were bound to get quite noisy but the further they are from the heart of it, the more serene their surroundings would be. If there was one thing Taealha learned today, Jae has a good sense of humor. "I only ever come here to find materials to help with my paper, it's not my best studying spot" she pursed her lips and grinned mischievously, "there's an empty spot nearby but it's quite… uh, chilly? I mean it hasn't really been used for years and it was basically my spot for the last 4 years. No disturbances there and I cleaned the entire class so it's not dirty either. I usually don't share my studying spot with anyone but consider yourself… special" she shot brightly. "Would you like me to show you where it is? I still use it but I don't have as many classes as I used to since I'm in graduate studies now. So you can use it."

He smiled when she called him endearing and titled his head slightly “Who me?” he responded in a teasing tone, he liked people seeing him as a charismatic and approachable person and that was how he aimed to present himself to others. Jae shrugged slightly when she said he must have good fortunes this year “If those sorts of things exist then maybe I’m owed a little good karma” he responded and nodded his head slightly, after all, until now he hadn’t really been able to make meaningful decisions for himself. He grinned sheepishly when she hit the nail on the head with his family “All of the above” he responded and sighed “I feel like I’ve spent too much of my life trying to be the perfect son I could never be” he confessed shaking his head slightly.

He grinned at the way she immediately responded that she was a good person, she seemed very sure of herself which he liked a lot because it made him feel like she was open and upfront with him, which was a feeling he didn’t get from everyone and was definitely a compliment to her. “After colliding in a library, I swear I’ve read a story like this before” he commented and then laughed, perhaps a little bit of a cliche but he didn’t mind gaining new friends, Evermore had become the center of his life so it seemed only right he spent it with people who mattered to him. He swore he practically swooned at the way she sent her wishes for his relationship because the idea of a perfect eternity was the kind of thing he daydreamed about and while it wasn’t realistic to be constantly happy with your partner, he liked to thing he and Han could be happy for a very long time “Thank you” he responded and bowed his head a little towards her.

His commute was admittedly quite far but it was worth the trade-off when he got to spend so much of his time with Han, he wouldn’t give it up for anything and therefore he didn’t mind going through an extra hour of his day if it meant he could be with him “Yeah it can be a little crammed sometimes but people mostly leave you alone if you have a book in your hands and headphones on” which was usually how he got through the day, he actually quite enjoyed having the chance to read something here and there “It is quiet, more in the suburbs so the houses are more spaced out and actually have gardens” he laughed, the middle of the city mostly consisted of apartments with strict rules and no real space.

He raised his brow when she actually revealed that she did have a secret studying spot and he couldn’t help but feel excited to get to see it, especially when she said that no one else really knew about it “Letting me see it even though we just met, this really must be an honor” he beamed brightly and got to his feet excited to see where her top-secret place in the university might be, he had been here for about a year now and learned some of the go-to places himself but he was sure someone who had been here for many more years would have even more insight “Do you enjoy studying here?” he questioned, wondering what the experience had been like for her overall.

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