Mei had finally arrived in Evermore City, and settled into her new apartment. She had been thinking about how to find the Celestials in the city, if there even were any Celestials in Evermore. It’s not like she could just go out and ask somebody on the streets if they had seen a Celestial, more so when the supernatural was more like a fairytale to humans. Mei had spent the majority of the day thinking about how to find them, and she could only think of one idea that could work. The big problem she faced now was that the plan she had, could also potentially bring danger, or even death her way. However, it was a risk that she was willing to take. She had very little knowledge of her powers, and she was tired of hiding in fear, she didn’t want to worry anymore about mistakenly using her abilities because she didn’t have control. Taking a deep breath, Mei decided to try and have a nap before putting her plan into action.

The young brunette’s nap went much longer than planned though, and by the time that she woke up, it was already dark out. Cursing slightly, Mei began getting ready to put her plan into action. Once she was ready, the young Celestial headed towards the woods outside the city. Her plan was simple; she would use a power she recently discovered to basically create a beacon and HOPEFULLY attract any Celestials in the city to her location. Getting in her car, she headed outside the city limits and entered the woods. Mei was quite nervous to say the least, she had no idea how this night would turn out, and she was slightly shaking.

Finding a clearing in the woods, the young brunette pulled a knife out of her pocket. This new power she discovered, she didn’t have complete control over it, and it only happened a couple times. Each time it happened, there was one common factor; pain. Mei wasn’t exactly sure that this plan would work, but it was now or never. Mei used the knife to cut her hand, and just like the past two times, the young Celestial began to glow and the pain she had caused herself was gone. Wrapping her hand in a bandage, all she could do now was wait, and hope.

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✧ Celestial Beacon ✧

Rashesh had been working late into the night, being back as the chief of the morgue in evermore lead to some interesting cases waiting for him. He had been pulling more hours to catch up on paperwork leading him to get home to Cora even later than he wished. Good thing she was the queen of darkness and the night was actually the time she preferred to be awake like himself. Looking at the time on his watch he realized how late it had gotten. He packed his bag and moved out the back door locking it when he saw it out in the distance.

He knew the light well after all it was something he could do himself. “Oh no!” he said out loud fearing a fellow celestial had gotten themselves hurt. He tossed himself into his car and peeled out of the drive towards the glowing he had seen in the distance. Well the only hope he had is that his sisters have yet to visit him so it couldn’t be them hurt in the woods. Once he drove as far as he could get with his car he was out of it. The glowing was a good sign that the fellow celestial isn’t dead.

He pulled his crowbar from his trunk before making his way into the woods. He stumped his way towards her not being quiet whatsoever in case it was an animal who attacked the Celestial. Only to pause seeing a young girl glowing in the middle of the field. Was this a trap? He wondered as he moved closer towards her, raising the crowbar like a bat. “Are you okay? Who attacked you?” he asked, looking around the smell of blood, one he knew well. “Are you hurt? Well of course you are. Where are you hurt?” he asked in a hushed tone.

As her glow slowly diminished, Mei Su began to wonder if there were even any Celestials in the city. Maybe she had just gone too far outside of the city for the other Celestials to see her glow. She decided to rest on a nearby fallen log, and give it just a little more time before packing up and heading home. The young brunette didn’t have to wait much longer before she heard a rustling in the distance. She began watching the area that the sound was coming from, and she soon saw a man approaching her rather quickly. She was hoping that he was friendly, and not someone who wanted to lock her up like her father and the Ailwards. As he approached, she heard the male speak.

“There’s no need to be so quiet” she responded to the man with a smile on her face. “There’s nobody else here, I hurt myself intentionally” she continued calmly. She showed her hand to the male, the hand which she had intentionally cut to activate her glow. “I’m kind of lost, and I’m sorry for dragging you all the way out here. You did come because of the light right?” she questioned curiously. She didn’t want to outright say the word Celestial, because she wasn’t sure who or what this person is. “My name is Mei Su,” she said with a soft smile. While she did have her guard let down, she was also aware that the situation wasn’t fully clear yet, so she stayed wary of the male’s movements.

It was the start of another New year. Another year living in Evermore City. It felt like only yesterday when she among others first called the City their home. She was one of many who decided to stay and settle down. Making and creating their own stories and new lives. Some have even found happiness. She was still yet to find her true love and happiness. For now she was happy finding love in a good book. Still the Celestial was working all hours at the book shop where she’s worked at for a good few years now. She loved her work and everything about it, especially the part where she could spend most of it reading. Sometimes she would find herself wrapped up in a good book not noticing how late it had gotten until she would look out to see the light outside were from the street lamps and it was no longer daylight. That was how she found herself tonight. After closing down the coffee shop part of the shop she went to finish another chapter that led to a few too many than she planned. Luckily for her it was her turn to lock up so she wouldn’t have to worry about Leigh telling her off for staying late. She had a habit of losing track of time. 

Soon as she finished the next chapter she called it a night. Putting the book in her bag so that she wasn’t tempted to read anymore. The Redhead got up from the comfortable sofa that was in the main part of the shop. She went to double and triple check everything was all turned off and things were locked up before she went to unlock the front door and head out of the door. Locking it behind her she turned and headed to the direction of home. Willow still lived at the castle with the other Celestials. Still she wasn’t ready to move out and find a place of her own. Feeling more safe and secure in a place with other people than if she was alone. Still Willow was hoping and waiting for the day that her brother would return back to her. Everyday she misses Elias but she knew and understood his reasons for leaving that he wanted to travel and wanted freedom after all that happened to her. 

Walking some blocks the Celestial noticed something strange yet bright in the distance that took her by surprise. A becon of light. More specifically a beacon of light that would only be created by other Celestials. They all knew it too well but knew the golden rule to do it out of plain sight. Not for the whole city to see. It was why they were only to train and mastare their skills in the castle. Willow didn’t know what or who it could be. Only for her to wonder and worry if one of them were in danger. So she did what any other Celestial would do and that was to look for danger. Willow knew she was going to regret it but she found herself quickly heading to the direction of the woods where the light was coming rather than doing the normal and safest thing of going back home. 

Willow was hoping that she was going in the right direction, seeing as her path was getting brighter the closer she was getting. Soon she found herself near a field that was all lit up. She had noticed a car that was parked, it was a car that was familiar to her. Shelley. Rashesh battered up beloved car. Where Shelley was he was never too far behind. As she got closer she could see two figures of two people knowing one was him. Willow tried her best not to sneak up on them but she was curious to find the glowing. “What's going on here?” She cautioned as she appeared on the scene to see already her fellow celestial and friend was already ready to go full gun blazing. “Rashesh, why do you have a tow bar?” Raising her brows almost to say if he was trusted to use one. Willow soon turned to the young brunette recognising her to be a celestial, she could sense that she was having trouble managing her celestial energy. “Hey there, I’m Willow. You can trust me, and you can trust my friend over there too” Willow introduced herself smiling warmly showing and letting her know that they weren’t a threat. Even if one of them was holding a crow bar that they didn’t know how to use properly. “We’re here to help, if you let us”

The beacon she had created started working better than she had expected. As she was talking with the male that had first appeared, another person appeared in front of her. This person was female, and seemed to have a much different approach than the male had initially taken. Given the situation though, Mei probably would have been a mix between the two. Up front and cautious. Giving the new female a smile, Mei decided to let her guard down completely. If she was going to go to such lengths to alert the Celestials of her presence in the city, she was going to have to at least try and relax when people came to her beacon.

“Hello Willow, my name is Mei Su. I’m guessing you came here for the same reason as…” she began with a pause. “ Rashesh. That was your name right?” she asked the male. She wanted to make sure that she had heard the female correctly when she spoke to the male earlier. “I hadn’t expected my so-called beacon to work this well, but I am indeed in need of assistance that only people like me can provide” she continued with a slight frown. “You see I heard talks of others like me living in the city, but I had no idea where to start looking. So I injured myself to cause the glow that brought you both here” she spoke truthfully as she showed the both of them her cut hand, which was now covered with a cloth. “I’m new, and I have no idea what I’m doing,” she admitted truthfully.

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