The sun was beginning to set as Venetus walked out on to the patio the breeze was cooler than  it had been during the day as he looked around  the manor was quite  apart from some on that was in the kitchen  as he  walked over to a stone table and chairs as he looked out into the view of the city as he leant forward  grabbing a glass from the silver tray on the table  as he lifted up the jug he began to  fill his glass the pings of the  ice cubes hitting his glass sounded like  a tune  as it reacted to the warmer water as he   placed the  jug back as he leant back in thought .

It had been a while  since Aurantia had returned from her assignment  that he had no issue with  that it was the fact she refused to have a guard go with her  much to his annoyance  and the argument  they had   he was wrong to lose his Temper   but Venetus knew how much danger that could be out there  his mind drifted  onto Aurantia’s body guard as he took the glass from the table taking a large  gulp as he   placed the glass down   before he rose to his feet as he walked towards the stone railing  as he looked at the ground  then to the sky before his mind  was distracted by the light from the kitchen as he decided to  to see  who was down there .

Walking from the stone balcony Venetus made his way down the hallway  of the manor  every few walls he could see that a guard or other Aspect  had made  an impression on there home as h smiled gently stopping as he looked down the hall seeing a lone figure  watching  out of a window  as he made his way closer he noticed it was Edward  he was  one of a few guards that stuck around  the manor unnecessarily  “ Edward  go have some 

fun   have a drink enjoy yourself “ Edward nodded as he replied” yes my  lord”  , Venetus laughed as he turned on his heel as he continued towards the kitchen “ Edward i was never a lord so don't call me one  “ he laughed as he ran his fingers  along the texture of the  wallpaper before cutting across to the bannister of  the stairs  as his heels  echoed   as he made his way  down the stairs

 The kitchen  was the next door to the stairs  Ventus slowed his steps as he grabbed the door opening the door stepping inside he saw no one  but the light was on “ Hello anyone here ? “he called out 

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Sapphire looked at him as he spoke and smiled. When he talked about ever going on a mission that she needed to just ask. "I will do that." She said as she smiled and cleaned up while listening to him about the fall of Skye. "Yea it has effected many people." She said as she cleaned and listened. "Thank you Venetus." She said as she smiled and helped him clean the dishes. As time went by as Venetus spoke about Edward. "I will, I will make sure that he comes to you about anything." She siad as she smiled at him and looked at the timer as they finished dishes

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