Christmas caroling has been a tradition for mankind for some time. Even though Katrina was quite old and had seen many years on earth. She did find that Christmas caroling was a tradition of such that must continue to be upheld. She was excited she found on the internet that her town would be holding with whoever would like to attend to sing some Christmas carols. To say the least she was excited. It was something that she could continue on through her lifetime however long she should live yet. 

She would like to imagine she was an expert on the situation and she knew quite a few of them if not all the songs, in verse and in tune of the piano. 

A common phrase she continues to say among her days. "If you have an eternity what would you do with your time?" Learn was something she continued to do. She would continue to gather information and practise things. 

She still had saved an outfit from that time period and decided to dress in it and go ahead. In those day and age with all those layers you were quite warm in christmas the reproductions just weren't the same nowadays. 

She began by deciding she would walk into town. She didn't know if she would dare it with the looks but when she thought it would be good for her to do. 

Smiling while she walked. Music was a key instrument in her life and singing it was something she enjoyed. She was more then excited to be performing with the group this evening going around from house to house. It would be an interesting site to see. She was happy when she was realizing the time and realized if she did not pick up the pace she would not be there on time. She began to walk a bit faster almost running to reach them.

She seen them waiting in the area where they were meant to meet up. She was disappointed in herself for walking slower and had not meeting them when she was supposed to. For that she began her entrance with a huff of a breath and directed an apology towards them all. "I would like to apologize for my appearence that is in fact late. I hope we can continue on without much further delay." She than found a spot in the back more and looked at them gently. 

She was quiet as the director spoke about the playlist and began to hand out the song books. She was not the type to be quiet or mild but she did keep to herself. Not shy but closed off concealing herself from emotions.

She did not wish to become to close to anyone. She would live and they would die. She continued to think that most of the towns around this city were filled with supernatural beings that therefore said could live for eternity on this earth just as she had been living there for quite a long time. 

With the opening and closing of her mouth watching the cold air slip she looked towards a beautiful woman with blonde hair. She glanced at her only for a moment. Not long enough to be caught and thought being rudely staring. She wanted to say hello but her mouth refused to budge. She wondered if the girl might say hi. And if she should. She was looking probably pretty ridiculous wearing her outfit not a traditional online carolers outfit but one where it looked vintage likes its truth to the time. 

She was excited as they began to walk towards their first victim, client, customer what was the word to someone who would get the holiday joy from a song? 

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Sapphire quickly walked up to the group of people as she spoke to the music director about being alittle late even though she was just on time. Her blue eyes looked around as she walked over and stood next to a very beautiful woman. "Hi there, I am Sapphire Rizzoli." She said as she held out her hand. Sapphire's eyes looked at her outfit and thought it was very pretty. "By the way I love your outfit. I like vintage outfits." Sapphire said as she pulled her own coat closer to her as she walked with the others to go to their first house to sing at. As the music director got in position, Sapphire got ready as she stood straight as she wanted to sing. 

As the group moved from house to house, Sapphire smiled as she was feeling the Christmas spirit in their songs they sung. The cold was getting to the as their noses were turning red from the cold, except for Sapphire. Being a Phoenix had its perks, Sapphire had been keeping herself warm with her powers. After about an hour or two, the group finally got a break to get warm and to get a drink at the small cafe not far from them. The group filed inside to get coffee or something to warm them up, while Sapphire stayed outside for a bit to look up at the sky before she walked in to get a hot chocolate.

She looked at the young woman who introduced herself. "Well hello Sapphire, I am Katrina O'Sullivan." When the woman spoke about her outfit she smiled looking at the woman. "Well thank you, it's very old." She smiled she didn't know if the girl was supernatural or not and she didn't plan on saying anything.

They began their walk from house to house. She was enjoying and having fun the Christmas spirit was sure in the air and she really was trying to have fun with it all. When about two hours were already finished she ordered a hot chocolate on her break and sat outside on the bench. She was warm and enjoying the fun. She was hoping that girl that introduced herself would sit beside her and talk to her.

She was quiet and seemed like she was very busy with other things. She sat and drank her hot chocolate remembering her past. She enjoyed it by having a smile on her face and waiting to hear about anyone or anything that was going to come to her. 

Sapphire got her hot chocolate and sipped it as she sighed. She then headed outside and smiled as she sat down on the bench next  to her. "Sorry I didnt talk much before we started Katherine." She said softly as she sipped her hot chocolate.  "So Katherine tell me about yourself." She asked as Sapphire wanted to make a new friend that was part of the caroling group. The young blonde phoenix looked up at the sky as she sighed softly before taking a slip of her drink before she looked back at Katherine.

She looked towards the girl who came to sit beside her. "No problem it has been busy singing and everything." She blew gently on her hot cocoa. She looked towards the girl and smiled. "I don't know where to start. I am a midwife. I have a degree in medicine and midwifery. What about you what for work do you do?' She said looking at the young girl with a smile on her face. Sometimes knowing her real age made her feel old against all these younger broads. 

She smiled looking at the girl. "Tell me some things about you maybe I can think of some things to tell you. I just live a very simple life and I never know what is interesting and something is good. Or if something shouldn't be said." 

She looked around at the night was upon them and carols had yet to be sung to bring some Christmas cheer towards the different people around Evermore City.

Sapphire smiled as she listened to Katrina. Her eyes widened when she heard about Katrina being a midwife. "A midwife! That sounds like an amazing job." Sapphire said as she smiled. "I work with video games. I own my father's company after he passed so I mostly develop the games." The phoenix said as she smiled.  "Some things about me? Well I have two dogs, a white husky puppy named Akira, and a black pug named Nala. Hmmm I also work in the guard." She said as she looked at Katrina. 

As the day slowly turned into night, the group was gathered up to continue caroling. Sapphire got into her spot as they walked to the house they were going to caroling next to.

She smiled towards Sapphire. "Wow, you seem like a very busy lady with all your beautiful animals and working in video games. I am not really good at that I must admit." She smiled as the girl sat quietly. "I never had any pets so I find it very fascinating you have two." She smiled looking at her gently. A smile graced her lips gently. 

They began their next round of music. This girl made her more curious. She was not the type to sit and chit chat for hours on end. But she was going to make sure that she learned more about the girl. She was not the type to chat and make new friends but maybe it was time. She would sit for hours, sometimes day with not many people to talk too. Except for when she was working which could be a helpful distraction. 

Sapphire smiled and nodded, "Yes I am a very busy lady but I still have time to have some me time. As for not being good at them, that is fine." She said softly. When they went to the next round of music, Sapphire continued to sing as she was curious about Katrina. Katrina was every kind and it made Sapphire really curious about her since Sapphire didnt get out much for a while so she was glad to see new faces in the city plus being a guard, she would need to know who everyone is.

Katrina smiled at Sapphire. "Yes, you must be but as long as your happy." She smiled and stood up as they began to sing again. Some of her favorites the oldies that the church sang. But then there are "oldies" from the 50's from Elvis and Bing Crosby and her most favorite song of all Merry Christmas Darling from the Carpenters. Which was simply her favorite. 

She smiled as songs were going so fast and time was her mortal enemy. People like her lived forever. Yet everyone around her died and would die leaving her to make new friends every now and then which drove her crazy. 

Sapphire smiled as they sung again. Songs flowed through Sapphire's head as her favorite was Last Christmas by Ashley Tisdale. It was kinda a sad Christmas song but she loved it no matter what. She had other favorites like Santa Baby and All I want for Christmas is you but it didnt matter what song was her favorite, Sapphire only wished that everyone would have a great Christmas. As the group continued to sing as it grew darker. Sapphire smiled as she sang before noticing the snow falling down on them.

The young phoenix looked up at the snow and smiled as she thought about her friends. Sapphire really didnt have many friends until she came to Evermore. Now she has a few friends that would continue to be her friends for a while, even though she was able to be reborn as a different face but the same person.

(I am so sorry for very late reply don't hate me :(  )

Katrina was amazed at how fast the singing was going by. She was getting cold. But she was used to it. She had so many winters, and so many times she celebrated Christmas. She had friends in the village in the past. But now as time went on she was more alone than anything. She was needing to have friends but the modern world was different from what she has experienced. 

She looked at Sapphire when the singing was over. "Did you want to do something before we go home?" She offered the young girl who she decided to find something there... well if she could. 

(Its ok I dont hate you :) )

Sapphire went on singing before everyone was done with caroling. She sighed as she looked around as she felt warm. Her eyes turned to Katrina as she spoke. "Sure I would love to do something. What do you have in mind?" She asked as she was glad that she was making a new friend. The people that were caroling were spreading out, heading home as Sapphire stood there with Katrina.

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