Christmas caroling has been a tradition for mankind for some time. Even though Katrina was quite old and had seen many years on earth. She did find that Christmas caroling was a tradition of such that must continue to be upheld. She was excited she found on the internet that her town would be holding with whoever would like to attend to sing some Christmas carols. To say the least she was excited. It was something that she could continue on through her lifetime however long she should live yet. 

She would like to imagine she was an expert on the situation and she knew quite a few of them if not all the songs, in verse and in tune of the piano. 

A common phrase she continues to say among her days. "If you have an eternity what would you do with your time?" Learn was something she continued to do. She would continue to gather information and practise things. 

She still had saved an outfit from that time period and decided to dress in it and go ahead. In those day and age with all those layers you were quite warm in christmas the reproductions just weren't the same nowadays. 

She began by deciding she would walk into town. She didn't know if she would dare it with the looks but when she thought it would be good for her to do. 

Smiling while she walked. Music was a key instrument in her life and singing it was something she enjoyed. She was more then excited to be performing with the group this evening going around from house to house. It would be an interesting site to see. She was happy when she was realizing the time and realized if she did not pick up the pace she would not be there on time. She began to walk a bit faster almost running to reach them.

She seen them waiting in the area where they were meant to meet up. She was disappointed in herself for walking slower and had not meeting them when she was supposed to. For that she began her entrance with a huff of a breath and directed an apology towards them all. "I would like to apologize for my appearence that is in fact late. I hope we can continue on without much further delay." She than found a spot in the back more and looked at them gently. 

She was quiet as the director spoke about the playlist and began to hand out the song books. She was not the type to be quiet or mild but she did keep to herself. Not shy but closed off concealing herself from emotions.

She did not wish to become to close to anyone. She would live and they would die. She continued to think that most of the towns around this city were filled with supernatural beings that therefore said could live for eternity on this earth just as she had been living there for quite a long time. 

With the opening and closing of her mouth watching the cold air slip she looked towards a beautiful woman with blonde hair. She glanced at her only for a moment. Not long enough to be caught and thought being rudely staring. She wanted to say hello but her mouth refused to budge. She wondered if the girl might say hi. And if she should. She was looking probably pretty ridiculous wearing her outfit not a traditional online carolers outfit but one where it looked vintage likes its truth to the time. 

She was excited as they began to walk towards their first victim, client, customer what was the word to someone who would get the holiday joy from a song? 

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She looked at her gently. "Yeah its such a wonderful thing good food." She said smiling looking at her gently. She thought this young girl was quite interesting. "So your work keeps you quite busy?" She asked the young girl looking gently. 

She smiled and nodded as she sipped her wine alittle. "It does keep me quite busy but I still am able to have time with friends and my pups." She said as she smiled at her. Sapphire smiled as she thought Katrina was very interesting and wanted to know more about her.

(Sorry for taking so lot I have been under the weather sorry)

She looked at her gently. "Well, thats awesome. It's nice when you get that chance to just be out there and still have fun.  When you have a good job its hard to sometimes do your work and have a bit of life. I have worked so hard for so long on work. I never really went out with friends etc. And now I want to do that more." 

(Its ok, I have been under the weather also.) 

The phoenix smiled and nodded. "I agree with you on that, but I always want to make time for friends." She said as she smiled. "I am glad that you want to go out more with friends." Sapphire said as she sipped a little more of wine as she then took a few more bites of her food.

As Katrina was completing her meal she looked at the girl. "I lived a long time in a cabin in the woods that had no running water, no indoor plumbing, and no oven or anything it was all based on the fire." She looked at the girl gently. "That was an adventure that kept me busy from spending too much time with friends." She was busy talking about the way in the past when she really was first around on earth. But she lived a long time like that before the day has become now. 

Sapphire listened as she had finished her meal and was taking a few sips of her wine. "That must of been hard living like that?" She said as she sipped more before she then smiled and looked at her. "Well I am glad that you are now able to spend time with friends." Sapphire said as her mind started to wonder about her past. Being a Phoenix was difficult along with already being reincarnated into a different person with the memories of the past life. Sapphire remembered her first rebirth when she was in the car accident at eighteen and then waking up with barely any wounds.


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