It’s the time of year when the nights are staying warmer, only just cooling off enough to be nice to be out in. It’s a nice change from the bitter cold of a couple of months ago, when Miles had to wear a couple layers just to tolerate going out for a walk. He prefers this time of year, being able to go out in a t-shirt and jeans instead of a couple layers of coats. He’d been inside most of the day at work, working an afternoon shift instead of a morning one, but when he’d gotten off he’d decided the night was warm enough to warrant walking home instead of grabbing a cab.

At this hour, the nightlife is really just starting to come alive. Neon signs are lighting up, people are starting to mill about in their clubbing clothes, and the general excited chatter from people out in groups or in pairs are reaching his ears and only growing louder. That’s one thing he can say about a city, is that it never really gets quiet. Back home nothing would be heard except the occasional car and the crickets at this time. Miles finds it’s not so bad either way though, both have their benefits and he’s not the type to get all caught up in which is better. He doesn’t have much purpose to his direction, somewhere along the way deciding the night was too nice to waste going straight home and taking a more meandering path that way so that he can spend more time in the fresh, for a city anyway, air.

As he walks, his feet taking him past a bar that’s been open for a while, he starts to notice something outside the usual din of people on the street. He pauses, head going up and he looks around, trying to find the source of what he was hearing. He catches sight of the disturbance a little bit up the road, a group of people herding someone away from the main road and into an alley, which is always a sign of people just enjoying their night. A frown taking over his previously content expression, Miles heads straight for them. He can hear them before he can see them, male voices jeering and bodies jostling and when he turns the corner he sees that they have a couple of young teenagers backed against the wall. They look like some low life gang, their faces covered, and at first he figured the group of about 9 were just being assholes, likely high on something. Then he sees the glint of a knife in one of their hands.

He doesn’t give them the benefit of a warning, instead immediately going after the person closest to him. He’s socked him in the jaw hard enough to knock him out before any of them even realize they’re being attacked, but at the sound of their buddy hitting the ground like a rag-doll, Miles officially has their attention. “Unless you want to end up in the hospital, I suggest you move on with your night.” As he looks them over, he comes to a very sobering realization. If this is a gang, then it’s not a human one. It looks like there’s a group of supernaturals facing him, a mix of valkyr, therians, and humans staring back angrily at him. Fortunately he’d managed to drop one of the valkyr, but since he hadn’t killed him that means the heap at his feet will be back up before too long. One of them curses at him, the rest joining in with shouts that echo down the alleyway and into the street, before they all rush at him. He’s thankful that his initial guess that most of them are on something seems to be true, because they’re tripping over each other in a way that anyone sober wouldn’t be doing. That’s to his benefit because otherwise he might end up hurt. The first couple that reach him Miles dodges out of the way of, returning their sloppy blows with quick and powerful strikes, not bothering to hold back his strength thanks to the sudden dangerous nature of this encounter. With most of them coming at him from the front though, he doesn’t see the one that managed to get around him.

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With the weather warming up. Elle knew the warmer seasons were approaching. Whilst the Therian generally had a liking for Winter; It was nice keeping cool in the winter. Especially with her warmer body heat, from being a Lycanthrope. But it was always nice to see the flowers, trees and life in general blooming in the springtime. It always symbolized a new start for the female. And she needed that, especially after the hectic start to 2020, that she had had.

Having spent time in the hospital; in the earlier months. Elle had been tired of the bad hospital food, the small uncomfortable bed, and in general; nurses and doctors prodding her for tests. But luckily, she was a fast healer. Elle had bounced back pretty quickly. Now, feeling like her usual self. Or almost. She was still dealing with some emotional turmoil; in regards to her ex. Whilst she knew Bap, wanted to try and fix things between them;to at least be on friendly terms. Elle was finding it hard to move on. But she couldn’t stay hung up on him forever.

She had been enjoying the warmer evening; leaving her brother’s house. As she had been over at Phoenix’s for dinner. Elle had always been on close terms with her elder, half brother. That bond grew; since they had been reconnected in Evermore. The slight breeze ruffled through her locks. As Elle walked down the familiar streets, towards her apartment in the city. Her ears picked up on what sounded like a fight. Stopping in her tracks; she turned towards the direction; where it was coming from. “What on earth?” she muttered to herself.

Just then, she heard a panicked scream. Running towards the scream; she saw a pair of young teenagers looking scared. And a tall blonde male fighting off a gang of low-lives. One of them was approaching the stranger from behind. From what Elle could see, he looked armed.

Elle was quick on her feet. It seemed like the one gang member was distracted; so didn’t see her approaching. With a forceful kick. Her foot collided with the attacker’s spine. The gang member groaned in pain...dropping to his knees. The piece of weapon dropping from his grip. Kicking the knife away. Elle looked towards the scared teenagers who were still pressed against the wall. “Run.” she urged them. Whilst they still could. It was best for them to get away.

Her arrival, however, caught the attention of the gang members. Splitting the attention between Miles and her. Elle dodged their attacks; having fast reflexes herself. With a small jump. Elle landed on someone’s shoulders, her legs wrapping around their throat, as she used the motion to flip them over to the ground. Knocking another gang member over in the process. Thuds and groans could be heard, from both of the members; she was fighting off. Throwing powerful punches at one of their chests. When the other one came behind her. Elle’s elbow flew back...getting him square in the nose. With a loud crunch...the drunk and high male, started cursing. Blood poured from his nose; yep it was very much broken.

It seems like Miles is always getting himself caught up in messes like this. He has since he was a kid, always managing to get himself into fights because he just happened to be in the wrong place... or the right one, depending on how you look at it. He just knows that he's not about to let a couple of teenagers get killed because he walked right on by and didn't bother to check things out. He was raised better than that and in fact, he's fairly certain his family would wring his neck if he didn't step in.

Still, as he looks at the crowd in front of him, he has a moment where he regrets all his life choices leading up to this moment. Yeah he's pretty sure he can take them on his own, but backup would be really great right about now if only to help keep the kids safe and keep him from ending up in the hospital too. Oh well, he can't worry about that right now, not with several people snarling and charging at him. They all have faster reflexes than him, but thanks to his training with the Guard, he's used to dealing with that. His timing is good as he manages to dodge several blows from the two immediately surrounding him, making sure to stay grounded so that they can't just send him flying. He can hear the crunch of bone as his fist collides solidly with one of their stomachs, the ribs breaking under the force. He grabs hold of the guy before he can collapse, throwing him into the next one running his way and causing them both to go rolling down the alley.

He's so focused on trying to keep from getting swarmed that he doesn't notice the person coming up behind him until it's almost too late. He turns just in time to see someone run in from the street and knock the would-be assailant to his knees with a painful looking kick. He blinks once, then offers her a nod in gratitude, knowing that they don't have much time to stand around and chat right now. The woman's arrival splits the remainder's attention, six left in the alley. Three each. Miles finds he likes those odds much better.

The two teenagers start to run at the woman's urging and Miles quickly moves to put himself between the gang and the retreating backs of the teens, grabbing a discarded pipe from the ground on his way through. The one he'd knocked over before is now back on his feet and it looks like none of them realize the danger they're in thanks to the drugs they're obviously on. Maybe he can clear their heads. His eyes take on a bright purple sheen as he focuses his powers, sending a spike of white hot pain through the minds of several of the gang members. It's enough to give them both an opening and Miles rushes forward, bringing the pipe down hard on one of their heads and turning to catch one he didn't manage to blast a second ago with his elbow to the man's face, feeling the bones crack beneath his arm. The valkyr in front of him seems to be made of tougher stuff though, as the pipe blow didn't manage to knock him out. Miles is using the makeshift weapon basically as a staff, bringing it up to help deflect the man's blows and catching him solidly in the stomach with it so that he can turn and grab hold of the last of his attacker's fists before it can collide with him. It seems both of them are holding up well in this fight and Miles is quite impressed by the woman's spinning flip that she pulls off. Now that there's fewer to worry about he figures it's safer to talk. "Thanks for the assist!" He smiles her way before turning and knocking one of the remaining assholes in the face with his pipe, sending him flat onto his rear.

Growing up, as the middle child of three; with two brothers. Elle learned how to defend herself, from a fairly early age. Karate classes, combat tips from her own elder half brother. The Therian was pretty bendy; guess that also acrobatics class at school and dances classes that she had been taking over the years. Anything to keep herself fit and active. Elle enjoyed going to the gym every so often and punching out her frustrations on the bag. She never seemed to shy away from dangerous situations. And if someone was in need; Elle would do her best to help them. Just like the two innocent teenagers, right now. They needed help.

The smell of alcohol; was reeking from each and every member of the gang. It made her nose scrunch up, in disgust. Who knows, what else they had consumed. But it wasn’t looking good.

Elle noticed how surprised, the tall blonde had looked. Compared to him, her own medium height felt rather short. He was about the same size as her elder brother, if she had to guess. Giving him back a nod, in return.

With her being a Therian, Elle was quite alert and had fast reflexes. It came in handy, when facing off members of her own species and Valkyrs. From the corner of her eye, she saw one of the gang members, running towards the car that was parked a few meters away from the alley-way. Must have been their car….if not, stolen. Running after him. If he got inside, he’d most likely drive after the young kids, she wouldn’t let that happen. Elle used her weight against the slam against the drunken male; knocking him backward. With a strong blow to his jaw. His head hit the side of the car, knocking him right out.Unlike the Valkyr, this one wouldn’t wake up so soon, being seemingly human.

Feeling a pair of strong hands grab at her from the behind. Elle pressed her foot against the side of the car, using it as leverage. Freeing herself from the male’s grip. Swinging down low...she got him right, where it’d hurt the most. With a pained groan, he dropped to his knees. No matter how strong and agile a man looked; that move would send anyone to the ground, in a second. Hearing the tall male, whose eyes looked somewhat purple. Elle figured she was fighting besides a Nephilim. She smiled back in his direction. “You’re welcome. Looks like two against the whole group is a better mix, then one against them all.”

She felt something grabbing at her ankle. One of the Valkyrs that had been knocked over was trying to bite at her ankle, which was in view. A deep growl rumbled from the back of her throat. With a swift kick to the jaw. Her leg was free from his grip. “I suggest you boys, get some common sense, before more bones get broken!” It was a bad idea to piss her off. Elle could have quite the temper; when people pushed the wrong buttons. Elle usually didn’t have anything against Valkyrs. Her ex was one, heck even her elder brother Phoenix was one. But this drunken one, was playing with fire. From the corner of her eye; one of the members was coming back for some more. Dodging his attack. Her legs hooked through his, flipping him over with ease. Slamming him hard against the concrete ground. Of course, Elle didn’t want to kill anyone. She wasn’t a killer. But if the gang ended up in hospital or jail; she wouldn’t feel guilty. They had it coming for them.

Compared to Miles many people are on the short side. It’s something he’s gotten used to over the years and now he barely notices it, after all in a world full of supernaturals it’s not like size matters as much as a lot of humans seem to think. He’d be willing to bet on his tiny sister over most anyone in a fight any day. Especially over these punks. Judging by the look on the woman’s face they must really reek and, not for the first time, Miles finds himself thankful that nephilim don’t have an enhanced sense of smell.

Drunks are less coordinated but in some ways they’re actually more dangerous. Their inebriated minds don’t register pain as acutely, making it harder to incapacitate them without knocking them out. Especially when put in tandem with a valkyr or therian’s healing ability, it means they’ll just keep coming at you, making dodging them a must.

That’s where Miles is at a slight disadvantage. He’s trained in combat all his life, nephilim make it a point to do so and his father having been a cop made it even more important, but he still doesn’t have enhanced speed. His training works as an equalizer on that front. He’s making sure to keep an eye on the woman, just in case something goes wrong, but he’s having to trust her to mostly handle herself. Sure enough it appears he didn’t have to worry about her at all, she’s wiping the floor with them. If he wasn’t currently locked in a struggle over the pipe in his hands, he’d be quite impressed by her take-downs. The valkyr had managed to grab hold of the metal, attempting to wrench it from his grasp and the only thing more dangerous than a crazed rogue valkyr, is one that also has a weapon. As the two struggle over the pipe, Miles takes a step forward, twisting his body around so that he can wrench the pipe from the valkyr’s grip. In the same motion, he brings the bottom of the pipe up and he can hear it when the metal collides with the valkyr’s chin. The clang is followed immediately by the sound of the body hitting the ground, he’s pretty sure the guy’s ears are still ringing even in unconsciousness.

“No kidding. You just saved me a lot of potential pain. I appreciate that.” That means there’s only one left of his three. Now where did he go? Miles is about to turn around when a sharp pain lances through his head. He can feel the blood already starting to trickle from the place on his temple where the bottle had just busted. It’s enough to actually blur his vision and make him take a step back, bringing a hand to his face as he attempts to shake the haze away. He’d almost be impressed at the sneak attack if it wasn’t so useless at this point. The last one knows he’s fucked up when Miles grins instead of going down and the panic causes him to mess up. He swings wide, allowing Miles to grab his arm and throw him into the wall, the brick actually buckling under the force. If that had been a human instead of a therian, they’d probably be dead instead of just blacked out from that knock to the head.

Unlike his new friend, Miles doesn’t actually have much of a temper, at least not over things like this. If anything, he seems to have found this whole situation entertaining more than anything to get upset about. He wipes the blood from his face as he walks over to her, raising a brow as she flips the last one hard into the concrete, though she probably doesn’t miss his grin. “Nice work, remind me not to ever piss you off.” He’s pulling his phone from his pocket as he speaks, already texting a friend of his in the police force to come and handle cleanup so that they won’t have to worry about getting pulled in for questioning. These guys will be spending a nice little stint in jail. “Don’t worry about rounding these guys up, I have someone on the way to take care of it. Name’s Miles by the way, didn’t really get to introduce myself with all the commotion.” Despite the fact that he still appears to be bleeding his smile is quite friendly and he doesn’t seem to even feel the cut at all.

Sometimes being shorter than men in the city had paid off quite well. Elle could take them by surprise, with her agility and speed. But still under-estimating someone because of their size wasn’t exactly wise. Not in a city filled with Supernaturals. As most of them,could indeed surprise you.

If people didn’t know that Elle worked in Publishing as a book editor; they could mistake her for an assassin with some of her combat moves. But killing people for a living, wouldn’t exactly be her forte. But the female did take pride in her skills and knowledge in combat. Having been in plenty of dangerous situations over the years herself; guess being a supernatural, she was somewhat a magnet to them. She learned her lessons, luckily with her enhanced senses; it helped her keep tabs on the attackers. Making sure, she wouldn’t be caught off guard. Or then, she’d be in trouble; especially if the set of Valkyrs and Therians would over-power her.

From the corner of her eye; she noticed how the Nephilim was fairing against his own set of attackers. Seemingly a natural fighter.

“Guess, I was just at the right place, at the right time.” Elle mused honestly. God knows, what would have happened if she wasn’t around the area, or ignored the screams from the teenagers. More than one person would have ended up hurt. Situations like this, always made her blood boil. Innocent people getting hurt. It was something, she couldn’t stand.

The sound of glass shattering caught her attention; as she knocked out the last of her three. Seeing the Nephilim was bleeding; he didn’t seem to be bothered by it though. But it did look quite painful, from where she had been standing. She caught his impressed grin. Turning her attention to him fully. “You got quite the impressive moves too.” she complimented. A slight laugh escaped her, at his comment. “I think the way I handled my own, just now, warned you itself.” Looking down at all the knocked out, gang members. Elle couldn’t help but wonder what they would do about them. Raising a slight eyebrow, as he mentioned a friend of his would handle it. “Does this ‘friend’ of yours, need a statement?” God, she hoped not. Or it’d make things complicated on their end.

Getting his name, Elle held out her hand towards him. “Elle-Mae. But everyone calls me Elle.” The Therian preferred just Elle, finding her full name was a bit of a mouthful.  “Nice to meet you, although not the best circumstances to meet.” But you couldn’t exactly pick what moments you’d meet new people. Especially not moments like these. After shaking his hand in greeting, her hand dropped back to her side. "You alright there?" she gestured to the wound on his head, that was still bleeding. But he seemed pretty unphased by it.

Miles knows better than to judge a book by it’s cover. After all, looking at him no one would assume that he’s actually a giant science geek who works in forensics, most people look at him and assume law enforcement. So when he looks at Elle he makes no snap judgments about what job she may have, only the judgement that she seems unwilling to take someone’s life which is a sentiment he completely agrees with.

“Your timing is impeccable then.” He is genuinely thankful she showed up. With her help he didn’t have to worry about those kids getting hurt and now they won’t have to worry about this gang hurting anyone else either. If nothing else she’s certainly kick-ass, which is something he can appreciate. It seems like a lot of people in this city are quite capable of handling themselves which is both a good thing and a bad thing when one is tasked with protecting people. Good because it means less danger to random people he comes across, bad because it makes his job decidedly tougher.

Her compliment widens his grin, turning it playful as he gives a mock bow. “Why thank you ma’am, I do my best.” Adrenaline is still running through him from the fight, which is an explanation for why he’s being a giant dork but really it’s just that he’s a dork. “Yeah, you sure showed them,” he turns his gaze to the two knocked out at her feet, “I think you broke that one’s face.” His eyebrow raises when he says that which sends a slight twinge of pain through his head, causing him to wince. He ignores it in favor of answering her question, pretending that didn’t just happen. “I already texted him mine, I’ll worry about making all the paperwork official when I go in tomorrow. You don’t have to do a thing if you don’t want to, far as this is concerned you were never here.” Officially what he’s doing here is against the law but when one deals with supernaturals and the world at large is unaware, there are different policies in place. They have to keep this under wraps as best as they can, which means only certain people are allowed to handle supernatural cases and that they follow different rules.

He shakes her hand when it’s offered, letting out a laugh at her comment about the circumstances. “Nice to meet you too Elle, circumstances aside.” It’s true that people can’t really pick the times that they meet, but Miles finds that these moments always make for better stories later on anyway. He doesn’t seem to know what she’s referring to until she gestures to his head and his hand goes up to gently touch the cut, which has finally decided to stop bleeding. “Ah, yeah I’m fine. I heal fast. How about you?” She doesn’t look injured but it can be hard to tell and he’d rather make sure than just assume. “Tell you what, as thanks for saving my ass back there, would you be okay with me treating you to dinner?” He doesn’t have to be in to work for a while tomorrow, he can take the time to thank her properly with food. It feels only right after all.

If anyone asked her to guess someone’s working profession, Elle was bad at guessing. Her assumptions would be way off; as most of the time;someone ended up having an entirely different job all together. So Elle didn’t want to try and guess; even if she would peg him to be a law enforcement type of guy; he certainly had the built and skills for it.

Elle could sense his gratitude for her showing up, when she did.  They made quiet the duo; when it came to dealing with the drunken/drugged-up, criminal gang. If anything, she was relieved she had been able to help. If living in Evermore has taught her anything is that in a city full of Supernaturals and strange doings; one has to be able to defend oneself if possible. Or help protect the weaker ones.

His mock bow caused the Therian to let out a slight giggle in amusement. It’s been a hot minute, since someone new genuinely made her laugh. And him being a cute dork, despite the moment would do it. “For someone, who’s sporting a head wound, you sure are being goofy.” Elle spoke, but the smile was genuine and warm.  She figured it was all down, to the adrenaline that was rushing through him. But she didn’t miss, him wincing in pain. Glancing towards her feet. “Ehh...I am sure he’ll heal...eventually.” It seemed like all 10 members were sporting either ridiculous concussions right about now, or some sort of injury. For a few moments, Elle wanted to pull him up on the illegality of his move. But by now, it was clear that neither of them were human. So different rules applied. “So, you want to tell your friend that you took down all 10 of these guys and came out with minimal injuries?” Elle’s brows furrowed. “I am not sure if I should be worried or impressed.” Not that she was judging his skills; he would have handled himself fine. Just sporting a few more injuries if he had been alone.

After their hand-shake. Elle’s hand drops back to her side. Noticing how it takes him a moment to notice his own injury after her comment. Looking somewhat relieved; that he didn’t need medical attention. “Thank God for being fast healers.” That always helped, in situations like these. When he turned the question back at her, Elle quickly glanced over visible parts of herself. Checking herself for injuries. “No, I am all good.” The least, would probably maybe be a light bruise or scratch on her ankle, from where the Valkyr latched onto her earlier on. But that would be about it.
The moment he wanted to thank her with dinner took her by surprise. Maybe the surprise was very much evident, from the way she just stared at him for a few seconds. Blinking, like her mind had to do a double take. Elle couldn’t recall, the last time someone offered her dinner, as a thank you for her helping out with something. For a moment, feeling out of touch. ‘Words. Come on Elle...just say, words.’ Scolding herself mentally. Despite having had dinner, at her brother’s house. Elle wasn’t sure if it was her quick metabolism system, or the fact she worked a lot of calories off, in that fight. She felt like she could eat something again. “I...sure, that’d be nice.” She managed to breathe out. ‘Sure, that’d be nice?’ She repeated back in her head, mentally slapping her forehead. That did not sound smooth at all. “Sorry, you just caught me a little by surprise.” Elle admitted, most likely looking a bit flustered and embarrassed, by her less than smooth response to his sweet offer of thank you.

The sound of her laugh brings a wide grin to his face, apparently having been exactly what he was going for with the goofy gesture. He certainly seems to be in a good mood for someone who was just in a fight. He straightens before answering, chuckling at her joke. “Well if it makes you feel better, you can just blame it on the head wound. I’ve taken several knocks to the head over my life, they had to fuck me up eventually.” He notes how his wince seems to cause her concern which probably has the opposite effect of what she wanted as he is now determined not to cause her to frown like that again, injury or no.

He follows her gaze around to the gang members that are still sprawled out across the alley and gives a small shrug at her question. “He’ll believe it. So will the superiors. That’s what matters and besides, most people prefer to be left out of this type of crap anyway. I just happen to have little choice.” Being a nephilim does at least give him the option of claiming he managed it by causing them to start suffocating, he has options here. They don’t tend to look too closely into gangs being taken out by one of their own anyway, especially when there were no deaths involved so he has no doubts this will be handled quietly and Elle will never have to worry about it coming back to haunt her. Even if one of the guys does decide to say there was someone else no one would believe him. At least not anyone important. Her confirmation that she’s okay eases his mind a great deal and she may notice some of the tension leave his shoulders as he gets confirmation that she hadn’t gotten hurt helping him.

At first he thinks that he’s managed to offend her with his question. While it would be a first, her sudden silence is concerning. He’s about to backpedal and assure her that he meant no disrespect when she seems to overcome whatever she’s thinking and, instead of chewing him out like he was bracing for, actually accepts. Now it’s his turn to blink, but he doesn’t stay quiet for long. His smile turns lopsided and he scratches at his neck when she clarifies that he took her by surprise. “Ah, sorry about that. It was a bit sudden huh?” Knowing that they really should get out of there before his friend shows up since Elle doesn’t want to be mentioned, he holds his arm out to her, a silent offer. “Do you like French food? There’s a really great place nearby.” Sure enough it’s only a couple blocks over, the garden outside the doors a welcoming sight to him, decorated with lights and keeping a very welcoming atmosphere. He’d found this place soon after moving to the city and taken to it because it reminded him of a place back home that his family liked to frequent.

The place isn’t too busy, but there’s enough other people there to give the place a nice sense of chatter. The wait staff apparently also know him, considering they don’t even glance twice at the blood that’s made itself at home down his face and instead immediately start into teasing him about getting into yet another brawl. “You’ve gotta watch out for this one ma’am. He’s like a bull in a china shop.” The good natured teasing, accompanied by an eye roll Elle’s way, just causes Miles to laugh. Once they’re settled he catches sight of his face in the mirror, finally realizing just how bad the wound actually does look. She can see the instant it happens due to the shock that lights up his eyes. “Oh, no wonder that made me dizzy... Sorry Elle, excuse me for just a minute?” He decides to blame his lapse in judgement about not cleaning up immediately on the blow to the head too. That’s exactly what it was. He’s a bit surprised she didn’t laugh at him, not that he’d blame her. He looks ridiculous. He takes a minute in the restroom to clean the blood off his face and when he returns he looks far less like he just got bashed over the head with a glass bottle.

His wide grin was infectious, it was hard not to smile back at the Nephilim. His comment was somewhat amusing. The Therian scrunched up her nose cutely, as she laughed. “I am not entirely sure that head wounds make people goofs, I have a feeling, you might be a giant goof already, but using the head injury as an excuse. But if you insist...I'll try and take your word for it.” she said teasingly. If anything, it was probably just his personality that was shining through. And honestly, he felt like a breath of fresh air. It was unusual for someone to amuse her, in such a situation. But he had certainly done it.

When Miles assured her that his friend would believe him and that she had no reason to fret Elle nodded. For some reason, she felt like she could trust him on that matter. “As long, as you’re sure. I’ll let you handle it.” It was probably a good thing, he had friends that high up to sort the thing out. The Therian honestly didn’t know anyone in law enforcement, that’d have her back like that. Since Miles seemed to have more experience around that area; she didn’t have to worry much. Hopefully these goons wouldn’t remember, she was involved from sporting serious concussions. She couldn’t help but notice, as he seemed to relax, when she said she was unharmed. Seems like the situation caused them both some mutual concern over the other. Even though he was covered in blood; the sight didn’t phase her. Hopefully, not much damage was done, that’d make itself known later.

It wasn’t often that Elle froze up like that. Nor did she really mean to. It seemed like her answer surprised him, as much as his question took her by surprise. “You can say that.” Elle nodded, as he mentioned it was sudden. Her cheeks are still pink, from embarrassment.  “As odd as it may sound, it’s been a long while since someone offered to take me out to dinner, as a thank you.” Whilst most people might not admit that. Elle was straight-forward a lot of the time. Sometimes her outspoken nature didn't fit well with some people.  Her arm linked with his, walking by his side as he led her away from the alley-way. “I love French Food.” If anything, Elle enjoyed all sorts of different cuisines. “You know, it’s a pleasant surprise. Finally someone else mentions French Food, rather than Italian or the likes.” Italian just got predictable, despite her likeness for it.

“Have you lived in the city long?” Elle questioned curiously. Surprised, she hadn’t run into him much earlier.

The walk to the restaurant wasn’t far. Elle could smell the French Food, from blocks away. Due to her heightened senses. The scents called to her. Elle didn’t recall ever visiting that particular restaurant in Evermore; but it looked welcoming.  As one of the waiters teased Miles. Elle looked amused, giggling at the comment. Trying no to laugh harder at Miles’ reaction. Yep, it’s been a while, since she had been highly amused. “I might just have to keep an eye on him, then.” She jested. As they headed over to a table. Once they were sitting down, Elle noticed his wide eyed; shocked expression. “Of course.” She smiled softly, as he excused himself. In the meantime, one of the waiting staff dropped off two menus for their table. When Miles returned, Elle smiled softly. “Looking human again.” she joked. Not that he looked bad before, just rather bloody.

“I take it, you come here often? People seem to know you around here.” Elle had to admit, this place had a nice, welcoming feel to it. Handing him one of the menus on their table. Elle then began to flip through her own, looking at what the place had to offer.

Miles looks quite proud of himself as he gets her laughing, finding the way her nose scrunches up to be really cute. When she says he’s using the head wound as an excuse he brings his hand to his chest, gasping as though she just mightily offended him. “Why I would never!” A slight pause before he cracks up, not able to hold a straight face. “Okay fine, you got me. Though I’m sure getting hit in the head as many times as I have has messed me up.” At least that’s what his family always says before immediately making a joke about his thick skull. He’s never been one to shy away from making jokes about himself, so their teasing never did bother him.

The fact that she’s still blushing, only just noticeable thanks to the street lights, would have made him comment on it if they knew each other better. Since they just met he figures he’d better ease off on teasing her too much, reserving the jokes for picking at himself instead. Her admission doesn’t seem to throw him at all, in fact the smile remains. “Then you just confirmed that people are rude idiots.” He says it so simply, like that’s the only logical explanation for it, her straightforward way of addressing it matched by his own. As they walk away from the alley he can hear the distant sirens of his friend’s car approaching and they turn the corner just in time to avoid him getting tugged into an hour long ‘chat’ that can wait until tomorrow. He seems to be alternating his attention between her and where they’re walking, as though he’s keeping an eye out for something, but that doesn’t stop him from chuckling at her comment about Italian food. “I love Italian too, don’t get me wrong. But all of those places around here are super fancy and I’m not exactly dressed for the occasion. This place is more of a mom and pop restaurant, it’s family owned.” Miles is one of the least picky people when it comes to food and he enjoys trying different things often.

“A couple years now, though I visited plenty before I officially moved,” he had been here on Guard business before the comet fell and after the Isle blew up had joined the others in officially moving here. He supposes he should be thankful that he was in the city and not on the Isle when it happened, but it’s still a rough spot when it gets brought up among the Guard. “Here recently it feels like I’m at work all the time though… But how about you?” Those blue eyes of his remain quite friendly, almost scrunching in the corners when he smiles.

When Miles has to excuse himself he’s not really worried. He knows as much as the staff enjoy teasing him that they’ll make sure she’s taken care of and they already know what drink he’ll order. Sure enough the cup of coffee is waiting on him by the time he makes it back along with a menu. Thankfully their waiter seems to be okay with leaving it at the one joke for now, not wanting to embarrass him further, though seeing Elle laughing was more than worth it. As he slides back into the booth, her teasing comment makes him chuckle and he winks at her. “Ah good, my disguise is working.” He takes the menu she offers him before he answers her, opening it up to flip through. This place is known for its desserts but it also has a nice selection  of wines and cocktails if she’s interested in those. “I come here pretty regularly since I moved. Turns out the owner is the son of someone from my home town so it’s good for catching up on news.”

His mocking offense to her comment, made the Therian amused. Raising a slight eyebrow at the tall male in front of her. Not believing his comment. “I just have a thing, for sussing people out, easily.” Elle lightly shrugged her shoulders. Guess she figured him out pretty quickly. But that was okay. She was already liking his company. “Oh come on, you look tough. Pretty sure your heads got a pretty good skull. It can’t be that bad.” Elle commented, as he was still certain getting hit on the head messed him up. “If it makes you funnier, it’s good in my book.” Elle did enjoy a good sense of humor; and being able to have a laugh with someone. Maybe the fact is, he already got her laughing. A total stranger in a way; made her feel at ease around him.

Elle knew that her admission was probably a bit of a long shot. It probably would make some people think twice; but much to her surprise, the way Miles handled it, came as a  bit of a surprise. Being equally as straight forward in his reply. “I guess, that’s one way to put it.” Or people just didn’t have the decency and kind manners like Miles, to actually offer a thank you like that.  It was a relief that they were around the corner when his friend had arrived. Or Elle would have dreaded, what was to come. Elle smiled, as he spoke. “I love Italian too. It just gets a bit predictable, when people keep suggesting it.” It was nice to have a bit of a change. “If you can get a discount for two people, then it’s not so bad. Otherwise, it can get a bit pricey.” The Therian was a lover of food. She was always down for trying new meals and different cuisines; liking the difference in culture. Elle liked experimenting in the kitchen, when she was cooking. It made for fun new combinations.

As he told her, he lived here for a while. Elle nodded. Noticing the way his eyes creased, with his smile. His already sweet, adorable smile, looking that much cuter. “I am surprised, we haven’t run into each other before.” The city might have been a decent size; but they both lived here long enough. Nodding at his admission about work keeping him busy. “Ah, very demanding job huh?” That might have a part in why they haven’t seen each other around before. “I’ve been in Evermore, about 6 years ago for a short while. But I officially moved here, last year, during late spring.” Having her brothers in town, made it more of an anchor for her to stick around, in the long run.

Elle tilted her head slightly, at his disguise comment. Smiling at him. “Disguise huh? What are you Superman?” She questioned, raising a slight eyebrow. As her eyes scanned over the menu; Elle knew she would be in trouble. She had a weakness for desserts. “Ah, suppose that’s a bonus for you then.” It was always nice, knowing someone from your own town, having those catch-up sessions. Pursing her lips slightly. The Therian was humming to herself absentmindedly, in tune with the music that was playing in the background, whilst trying to pick what she wanted from the menu. Yep, this was going to take her a few minutes. Elle was still engrossed in the menu, that she didn’t notice the waiter return to take their order. At first, she didn’t hear the waiter address her; until a ‘miss?’ got her attention. “Huh...what...sorry?” Elle’s eyes snapped up, towards Miles. Registering the Waiter at their table. “Oh right, in my own little world there, with the menu.” Elle admitted, before she processed in ordering. “I’ll think I’ll go for the Coq au vin, with a side of the Salade Niçoise. And a glass of red wine.” Her french accent to a tee, with her order. Yep, she ordered tonight's special. It sounded good to her. Elle was somewhat classy, opting for Wine rather than cocktails. She didn’t drink much; cocktails usually were reserved for a night out, if she needed to forget her troubles. Or special occasions. Wine was more tasteful.

It’s very true that Miles is generally a good natured, friendly guy. It’s really not that hard to figure that part of him out, especially since his good nature is just heightened by virtue of him being a nephilim. None of that is saying that he doesn’t have a serious or even angry side, but he prefers not to be that way unless the situation calls for it. He finds being friendly serves him far better in most situations, it allows people to feel at ease in his presence which is useful for several reasons, especially considering his job. He smirks at her teasing jab at him, raising an eyebrow. “Are you saying I have a big head?” There’s a brief pause before he chuckles, obviously not taking offense. In fact the joke is so close to what his family used to say that it’s even funnier to him. “Well hey, if brain damage makes you like me more, then it’s worth it.”

Although he found her comment about people not inviting her to dinner odd, it’s more a reflection on others than her if you ask him. She’s obviously intelligent and a good person, so their loss. She also probably doesn’t miss his rather devious smirk as he looks behind them as they round the corner, all because he’s glad to be out of there before his buddy showed up. Yeah he likes the guy, but he likes to talk way too much and Miles is hungry. “Discounts can be hard to come by in those places..” which sucks. It tends to lead Miles to going to other places to eat if only to save money on the nights he doesn’t have time to cook at home because he has to work over. “I don’t think they’d take kindly to a guy with a bloody shirt walking in anyway.” Which is quite true, even if he does say it as a joke.

Her comment about being surprised they hadn’t met before brings a small smile to his face, as it’s a fairly common comment directed at him. He really does work too much apparently, it’s cutting into his social life. “I work pretty long hours so I don’t get to go out as much as I’d like. When you work in forensics a lot of cases depend on you getting results back as efficiently as possible.” Which wouldn’t be a problem except that in a city the size of Evermore there’s a lot of cases, and since Miles is a supernatural himself it means he’s expected to handle the supernatural cases as well as the normal ones. He turns a smile back at her when she says she officially moved in last year. “How are you enjoying the city?”

He leans in closer to her when she asks him if he’s Superman, a secretive grin on his face. “Well, don’t tell anyone this, but I’m actually an alien from Mars. Just pretending to be normal to fit in.” That ‘secret’ knowledge imparted, he leans back in his chair, grinning as he looks through his menu. He’s distracted from his browsing by the soft sound of her humming along to the soft music they have playing in the background, her focused face bringing a small smile to his face. When the waiter shows back up he decides to give her just a minute longer and go ahead and order. “Can I get the Truite aux Amandes with a side of frisee aux lardons?” He turns to Elle, only to see her still reading over the menu. The waiter’s gentle “miss” finally gets her attention and he smiles at her when she looks up at him. Once the waiter’s gone he turns his attention back to her. “You speak French really well. I take it you’re fluent?” As far as his goes, it’s passable at best, he speaks it with a very recognizable accent.


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