The news of Emily's body being found was one that rocked Rashesh world. He remembered the phone call as if it was yesterday when in reality a year or so had passed since he was to make his return to Evermore. He remembered backing a bag quickly and leaving without a word, not even telling Cora the woman he had grown fond of, even started moving on from Emily with. Yet when Emily's parents called her to explain that her body had been found in Florida.

Rashesh flew down to meet with her parents, it was clear whoever had Emily took their time in killing her. Rashesh gained access to observe the autopsy, yet all answers pointed to a run of the mill so to say serial killer. Nothing supernatural stood out about her death. After her funeral, the finality of how she was no longer alive hit him harder than he expected it too. Coming from an immortal life he felt lost to the storm of his own emotions. He stayed in Florida for a long while trying to settle the estates and everything that came with the loss of Emily. She had left a lot to the star child. More than he felt he deserved.

After time had passed and he was unsure how much time had really passed he made his return to Evermore to the life he had placed on hold. His job understood what had happened and welcomed him back with open arms. His apartment was never a concern as he paid the full lease in advance. Yet with the return, the dust that covered the floor of his home it was clear he left one person behind that may never forgive him for how he left and never got back into contact. He looked at the picture of him and Cora taken on their first date that sat on his shelf covered in dust. “Always a fuck up Rashesh.” He muttered to himself before setting his things down.

He picked up his phone and set a message to Cora, ‘Hey, I know I left without a word. Emily was found, well her body was. If you want to talk more I am home now. I hope you are doing well Cora.’ his finger hovered over send as he knew there was so much more to say but couldn’t bring himself to send it in a text. He wasn’t even sure if she would show up but all he knew is he needed to clean up his apartment and return to some sense of normal.

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Cora raised a brow a little, catching him in his words. “Vastly in love with,  huh?” She teased softly. “You wanted to protect me” The Ailward knew that he’d always want to protect her just like she would always want to protect him. Even if he had broken her heart when he’d left, still she would fight for him. The Aspect didn’t really understand the difference in all of the random junk that Rashesh collects but insists are valuable and collectable. To her they all were just culture or were kids toys. “Still looks like dolls to me” She pointed out shrugging her shoulders as he was complaining as she continued to insult nerd stuff. “Why don’t you take them out of their boxes?” Thinking it was a shame for them to be untouched not knowing that you should never take anything collectable out of their boxes. Luckily for her Rashesh had come up with a clever idea for them to meet in the middle, which made her happy. “That sounds like a better idea. You can have some stuff at ours then keep the rest in the apartment. Then you can come back whenever to see it” She didn’t hate his nerdy stuff but she knew how much he had of it and secretly she knew that it didn’t match her asthetic but she wouldn’t tell him that.

The Aspect rolled her eyes as he was speaking about Shelly the car. “Shelly is looking a bit worse for wear” The car was a classic but an old one at that. A type of car that is normally stuck in someone's garage covered because it’s never fixed. “Okay okay Shelly can stay” She laughed a little before smiling at him knowing that he was right that they’ve shared many memories in Shelly. “They won’t beat you up” She reasured him softly only one of her brothers knew what had been wrong with her the others were too busy with their own lives to see that she had been sprialling. “You might be taken on a hike for a talking to by Virideus” 

“Wait till it’s our proper home” She smiled hinting at what the future could bring with moving in was the first step. “You know me, I can’t go anywhere without heels” Rarely would she not wear heels even on her off days she’d still manage. “Maybe a little” She admitted blushing a little, only Rashesh would make her swoon. When they got to their table, he pulled out the chair for her like always. “Are we having our usual?” Looking over to him wondering if they needed a menu, sticking to what they usually have. “Unless it’s changed since you’ve been gone?” She was sure that he hadn’t. It was like everything was the same that no time has passed, that maybe it’s gotten stronger. 

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