The news of Emily's body being found was one that rocked Rashesh world. He remembered the phone call as if it was yesterday when in reality a year or so had passed since he was to make his return to Evermore. He remembered backing a bag quickly and leaving without a word, not even telling Cora the woman he had grown fond of, even started moving on from Emily with. Yet when Emily's parents called her to explain that her body had been found in Florida.

Rashesh flew down to meet with her parents, it was clear whoever had Emily took their time in killing her. Rashesh gained access to observe the autopsy, yet all answers pointed to a run of the mill so to say serial killer. Nothing supernatural stood out about her death. After her funeral, the finality of how she was no longer alive hit him harder than he expected it too. Coming from an immortal life he felt lost to the storm of his own emotions. He stayed in Florida for a long while trying to settle the estates and everything that came with the loss of Emily. She had left a lot to the star child. More than he felt he deserved.

After time had passed and he was unsure how much time had really passed he made his return to Evermore to the life he had placed on hold. His job understood what had happened and welcomed him back with open arms. His apartment was never a concern as he paid the full lease in advance. Yet with the return, the dust that covered the floor of his home it was clear he left one person behind that may never forgive him for how he left and never got back into contact. He looked at the picture of him and Cora taken on their first date that sat on his shelf covered in dust. “Always a fuck up Rashesh.” He muttered to himself before setting his things down.

He picked up his phone and set a message to Cora, ‘Hey, I know I left without a word. Emily was found, well her body was. If you want to talk more I am home now. I hope you are doing well Cora.’ his finger hovered over send as he knew there was so much more to say but couldn’t bring himself to send it in a text. He wasn’t even sure if she would show up but all he knew is he needed to clean up his apartment and return to some sense of normal.

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It’s not the first time she’s found herself having to battle her own demons and it probably wasn’t going to be the last. Feeling that she’s going to hell and back. Forever falling back, losing herself. Taking a few steps forwards then a few steps back. Finding herself going back to her old habits and old ways that she thought were long put behind her. Something that’s not happened for many decades or centuries at that. Yet all her hard work was gone. Feeling that she’s back to where she started off right back to when she became an Ailward Aspect. On the brink of a breakdown. With constant feeling of people all looking at her. Expecting for her to break just to explode for no reason. That it was like people were walking on glass around her all of the time.  Nobody really knew what she was going through. Choosing not to let anyone else in. With the one time she did, she ended up getting her heart broken. Putting her to where she was right now. Broken. Feeling hurt. All because of one person. Wishing she could take it all back, that she hadn’t fallen for him. Yet she couldn’t forget about him or let him go. All making it worse for her. 

Trying her best to forget about him and everything but it wasn’t so easy. Finding herself spiralling. Not knowing what way to turn. Nothing she does is the right thing. Feeling that she’s being looked down by her other siblings, with none of them understanding what was happening for her. Most nights she would spend out going to different parties with her bodyguard Peyton. Then waking up the next morning remembering nothing but just hungover. Still she was in Virideus’s bad books having stolen and used up his stash of weed whilst he was in one of his ‘staying cooped up in his room for a month’ moments. Now she was trying to repay him back. Helping to re-plant to water his new stash, promising not to take any without asking. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice. Her adotpive brother was trying to help her even if it was months too late but at least he was trying. That was something. 

Still she was nursing a hangover, which was nothing but the usual for her. She picked up some painkillers she kept on her beside side table, taking a few then her water. Hoping it would help to get rid of her hangover. A text appeared on her phone. Before she’d not looked to see what the time was. With how dark her room was, it was hard to tell what time of the day it was mostly. Picking up her phone she looked to see who it was then she was instantly regretting it. Seeing a text from someone who she hadn’t spoken or heard from for over a year. Someone who she tried so many times to delete from her phone but each time she couldn’t bring herself to go through with it. She felt anger fill her body reading the text with after all this time he chooses to message her. No goodbye or apology. That now he was back he was probably expecting for her to run back into his arms. How much he was wrong. Cora sat staring at the phone screen wondering what she was going to do. If it was best to just ignore it and carry on that nothing happened. Or to go and confront him. With all her anger and hurt having bubbled up in the last year, it's time to let it all out. 

Cora knew what she wanted to do. What she’d been thinking of doing in the last year. Wanting to give him a piece of her mind. That he’d regret hurting and crossing the Aspect of Darkness. Cora quickly got out of bed and changed. Not caring if she looked half like dead. Taking Erytherus for a run of his money or that she still had the make up she was wearing from yesterday. Too focused on wanting to confront him rather than caring on keeping up appearances. Soon leaving the manor and heading to his place, remembering where to go. When she reached his apartment she could remember all of their happy times spent inside but to her now it all caused her pain. Knocking at the door she waited for him to open it. When he opened the door she didn’t bother to look up at him choosing to stom in, all guns glaring.  “So you think that now your back that I’ll come running back like nothing happened?” She stared to say or more like yelling. “You left without a word, no goodbye. Not even a phone call or text. You just up and left” Cora wanted for him to know the pain he caused her with how much of a dickhead move it was. “Were you embrassed of me? Was that the reason why you never wanted for anyone to see us out in public? Was I just a dirty secret?” With all the sneaking around. “Did you even take a moment to think about me? What would happen to me? And to think that I loved you…” Wanting to show him how much he hurt her, that he did this to her. That he had broken her. Not even realising that she admitted that she was in love with him. Something she had never said out loud or admitted but it was what she felt only making herself hurt more. “Was any of it real?” Tears started to fall down her face, feeling broken wanting for him to see that he did this to her. 

As Rashesh cleaned up the apartment, placing all the photos of Emily in a box, collecting the last of her things he didn’t box up before leaving, placing them away. Lastly taking the ring that was meant for her tucking it in his bag. He would sell it. Maybe it would do better for another. Once the dust was cleared and he pulled the shades up to let the light of the setting sun paint the apartment in a purple pink light. He found himself standing with a cup of tea checking his phone often enough to curse himself when nothing was sent back. He knew it made him a coward to reach out to her how he had after all, a year with no word, then a text instead of a call was a coward move.

Yet a knock came upon the door which caused him to turn and look towards the door. He moved setting his cup on the counter and moved to the door. He didn’t bother looking through the peephole. He could be assured that she would be the one on the other side of the door. So as he pulled it open he took her in, she seemed to look beyond exhausted, almost as if she was ill. Yet the fire she had as she pushed passed him into the apartment. He closed the door and turned to accept whatever lashing she planned on giving him.

Yet when the word love left her mouth he felt the tears touch the edge of his tear ducts blinking them away. “Cora.” He said softly as he moved towards her, his hands came to cup her face and pull it up to look him in the eyes as he wiped away her tears. “Of course it was and is real, what I feel for you. No I was never embarrassed of you, nor were you a dirty secret of mine. You wanted to keep it as hidden as I did in the beginning because we both were afraid to admit that we loved each other.” Neither of them had said it. Yet he thought of it many times when they were together. Yet he felt it was wrong to love her waiting for Emily to end things with her. To do things right.

“I was selfish, I know what I did was wrong. I don’t expect you to forgive me. Hell I didn’t expect you to show up or even message me any time soon. I expected you to make me have to show up outside of your room with a boombox over my head in the rain just to get you to talk to me. I was an asshole. Nothing I can ever say will take that fact away. I should have never left how I did. Can I do anything to make up for it?” He asked gently as he looked deep into her dark eyes.

The Aspect had a lot of time to reflect on everything in the last year. Imiagining what would happen if he would one day return wanting to see her. Just like it was happening now. For what she would say or do. Feeling that she deserved to let him know how much he had hurt her. Hoping that he would relizse what he had done. That he deserved to hurt as much as she had been hurt. That was the least she deserves. Wanting for him to know that he had broken her heart by leaving, pushing her to a downward spiral. She knew she wanted to storm in making a scene like always. Having been told she always likes to make everything dramatic but it was part of who she was. Soon as she stepped into his apartment, she gave him a piece of her mind. Not letting him get a word in edgewise. Until she let out all she had held in for so long. Putting and letting her walls down feeling vulnerable. She felt a pair of hands cupping her face sotly, wiping away her tears. Cora looked up Rashesh for the first time, seeing his dark eyes that too had tears nearly nearly falling out. It was all real. That they had felt the same but never before until now has neither of them outloud admitted it. “I did want it at first when we were starting to hook up but… then it all changed” She started to say. Their relationship was a long and complicated one at that. Starting off as enemies then turned lovers. “Then suddenly it all changed, the feelings and emotions all became real and more” Cora knew that it was the same for him too, that at first they didn’t know it would come to something more than just a casual fling. 

Cora didn’t know what she was going to do. If she was going to forget and forgive so easily. That he had hurt her heart and all. She held back a laugh as he spoke of that he’d stand outside with a boombox. “This is not The Breakfast Club” She mused back softly remembering the reference to one of the films he had made her watch.  Was she going to let him get away with it so quickly? The Aspect took a few moments to think it through how she was going to go about it all. What could she do to test his loyalty? She could easily take him flying but that was too easy and he’d probably enjoy it. Then one idea came to mind that he could say no to with how it would be the opposite of hiding. “What about you come and live in the manor with me for a few months. To see how it all turns out. We wouldn’t have to hide our relationship anymore. Nobody would care anymore now” Cora kept gaze locked onto his waiting to see what his reaction was to her idea. Almost testing his loyalty and promise of making it up to her. “That too means walking Dawn in the mornings and night, I’m not the only one you got to make it up to” Quickly adding letting him not forget he had left her with the puppy they shared. Remembering how Dawn who now was no longer a puppy but still looked like one was sad when he had left. She knew that dogs knew when something had happened when someone had left.  At the start both of them were too paranoid wrapped up in worrying for what other people would think but now she could see they didn’t need to be. Seeing how slowly Aspects and Celestials were slowly making amends. That Artemis was one who played a main part in putting light in it all. In all this she had one of her friends back now she was hoping that she wasn’t going to lose Rashesh over this. 

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