The news of Emily's body being found was one that rocked Rashesh world. He remembered the phone call as if it was yesterday when in reality a year or so had passed since he was to make his return to Evermore. He remembered backing a bag quickly and leaving without a word, not even telling Cora the woman he had grown fond of, even started moving on from Emily with. Yet when Emily's parents called her to explain that her body had been found in Florida.

Rashesh flew down to meet with her parents, it was clear whoever had Emily took their time in killing her. Rashesh gained access to observe the autopsy, yet all answers pointed to a run of the mill so to say serial killer. Nothing supernatural stood out about her death. After her funeral, the finality of how she was no longer alive hit him harder than he expected it too. Coming from an immortal life he felt lost to the storm of his own emotions. He stayed in Florida for a long while trying to settle the estates and everything that came with the loss of Emily. She had left a lot to the star child. More than he felt he deserved.

After time had passed and he was unsure how much time had really passed he made his return to Evermore to the life he had placed on hold. His job understood what had happened and welcomed him back with open arms. His apartment was never a concern as he paid the full lease in advance. Yet with the return, the dust that covered the floor of his home it was clear he left one person behind that may never forgive him for how he left and never got back into contact. He looked at the picture of him and Cora taken on their first date that sat on his shelf covered in dust. “Always a fuck up Rashesh.” He muttered to himself before setting his things down.

He picked up his phone and set a message to Cora, ‘Hey, I know I left without a word. Emily was found, well her body was. If you want to talk more I am home now. I hope you are doing well Cora.’ his finger hovered over send as he knew there was so much more to say but couldn’t bring himself to send it in a text. He wasn’t even sure if she would show up but all he knew is he needed to clean up his apartment and return to some sense of normal.

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Cora raised a brow a little, catching him in his words. “Vastly in love with,  huh?” She teased softly. “You wanted to protect me” The Ailward knew that he’d always want to protect her just like she would always want to protect him. Even if he had broken her heart when he’d left, still she would fight for him. The Aspect didn’t really understand the difference in all of the random junk that Rashesh collects but insists are valuable and collectable. To her they all were just culture or were kids toys. “Still looks like dolls to me” She pointed out shrugging her shoulders as he was complaining as she continued to insult nerd stuff. “Why don’t you take them out of their boxes?” Thinking it was a shame for them to be untouched not knowing that you should never take anything collectable out of their boxes. Luckily for her Rashesh had come up with a clever idea for them to meet in the middle, which made her happy. “That sounds like a better idea. You can have some stuff at ours then keep the rest in the apartment. Then you can come back whenever to see it” She didn’t hate his nerdy stuff but she knew how much he had of it and secretly she knew that it didn’t match her asthetic but she wouldn’t tell him that.

The Aspect rolled her eyes as he was speaking about Shelly the car. “Shelly is looking a bit worse for wear” The car was a classic but an old one at that. A type of car that is normally stuck in someone's garage covered because it’s never fixed. “Okay okay Shelly can stay” She laughed a little before smiling at him knowing that he was right that they’ve shared many memories in Shelly. “They won’t beat you up” She reasured him softly only one of her brothers knew what had been wrong with her the others were too busy with their own lives to see that she had been sprialling. “You might be taken on a hike for a talking to by Virideus” 

“Wait till it’s our proper home” She smiled hinting at what the future could bring with moving in was the first step. “You know me, I can’t go anywhere without heels” Rarely would she not wear heels even on her off days she’d still manage. “Maybe a little” She admitted blushing a little, only Rashesh would make her swoon. When they got to their table, he pulled out the chair for her like always. “Are we having our usual?” Looking over to him wondering if they needed a menu, sticking to what they usually have. “Unless it’s changed since you’ve been gone?” She was sure that he hadn’t. It was like everything was the same that no time has passed, that maybe it’s gotten stronger. 

Rashesh blinked a few times as he stared at her as she repeated his words back to him. Noting her teasing tone made him relax more than he had in a while. “Vastly in love with.” He confirmed for that moment as he only nodded at the next repeat of his words. Of course he knew out of most people she didn’t need his help staying safe. After all she had her siblings, was one of the most powerful beings in the world along with having guards. Yet he still wanted to protect her. “I know the notion may seem foolish since you don’t need protection from a mere Celestial like me. I still was trying my best to do so. Because I couldn’t stand the thought of you getting hurt because of my past.”

As they talked about his collections it gave him a chuckle at the fact that she simply couldn’t understand the notions of collectables. “Well if you think about it this way. Why do museums keep things in glass boxes? To preserve them allows others to enjoy them from a distance because they are worth more than most people's lives.” He spoke in a matter of a fact tone before clearing his throat. “Though, I keep them in boxes because I was saving the opening and putting them on display for when I owned a home and could put them in proper display cases so they don’t get damaged. My apartment wasn’t big enough for all that and I never planned to stay there forever.” He gave a gentle shrug for a moment before taking her compliment on his idea to leave most of his nerdy stuff in the apartment he paid for so that it wasn’t taking up space in the Aspect manor that was shared with her siblings and many guards. “I like to think I am a mostly smart guy with dumbass tendencies.” He gave a hearty chuckle.

Rashesh thought of Shelly for a moment and sighed. “You are right. She is looking a bit worse for wear. She needs to be worked on and restored. Though, I am not sure my hands are the best for that. I will have to find someone who will help me put her back together.” He thought about it knowing he had been saving up to restore her. The smile came to his lips as he agreed that she could stay. Seeing that look on her face. “I knew you liked Shelly.” He teased her. Rashesh raised an eyebrow towards Cora at that moment. “Virindeus takes people on hikes to have talks with them? That isn’t a scary thought at all. Sounds very murdery. Just throwing me off a mountain side.” He laughed softly to her.

It was crazy to think he was taking these steps to have a real future with her, especially because he was sure she would never talk to him again. All he could do was smile for a long moment at her. His gaze flicked to her heels and back up with a soft chuckle. “I wouldn’t have you any other way.” He said softly as he reached over to trace his thumb along her blush softly. “I am craving our usual. I have missed it since I have been gone.” He said with confidence as he winked to her waving over the waitress ordering for them and focusing back on her.

“Is that so?” She spoke softly with a smile on her face. Lifting her hand she placed it under his chin making him look over to her for a moment as she leaned in to kiss him softly. Both of them were making their feelings known, able to take each other's breaths away just like that. By now they didn’t need to say how they felt that they knew from each other's gazes.  “I’ll be fine” The Aspect reasured him once again, Cora knew that he was worried for her. “Us Ailwards are very difficult to be killed, nobody has ever stood a chance against us” Well apart from Ophelia’s Celestial power but he already knew that but. 

Personally she didn’t classify his plastic dolls as valuable but she knew they were to us. “Jewels yes but dolls no” Back at the manor they had a few rooms that they had things locked away in glass cabinets, all security protected. Many of them were Malva’s, she tended to keep her own cursed objects locked away. Hearing him speak about wanting to display she could help to feel sorry for him wanting them to be displayed all properly but he couldn’t do it as he didn't have the space for. “You can still keep them in the boxes in your apartment then when the time is right and we both have more space you can have them all displayed how they want to in their own room” Giving into him and his own hobby knowing that him collecting all that stuff makes him and she wants him to be happy. Too telling him she was planning and wanting a future together. “You’ll fit just in” Chuckling with him. 

“Shelly makes you happy so she can stay” She knew it was ruining her ego a little admitting she liked the old beaten up car. An idea came to her as she spoke of restoring her. “How about we both do it together?” It couldn’t be that hard to put a car back together, she worked on restoroing and cursing objects for a living. “I make some of the guards weapons. I can always ask Dominic for help, he knows how to put a car back together” That way they can spend time together and nobody else is touching his ‘baby’. Still the Aspect hadn’t recovered from her hike in the mountains. “Try when you are hungover too then he makes you jump off a clif into a waterfall” Just an average day for her family. She waited to see what Rashesh’s reaction would be. “We have a lot of catching up to do for the lost time” Lots of things they’ve missed out on.

As her fingers hooked under his chin pulling it up, he melted into the soft kiss feeling his body relax finally. Not realizing how tense he had been moments ago. His hand moved to cup her cheek as she pulled back from the kiss she had placed on his lips. “You know even though you say you will be fine. I worry deeply about you, my love. Not that I was the best at showing my concern in my actions. But I was forever filled with worry and concern.” he gave a soft sigh knowing everything she meant. “But still even if you are very difficult to kill doesn’t mean you can’t be in the end.” He said softly as his finger moved along her cheek.

The nerd chuckled softly as he rolled his eyes for a moment. “What if I gave you a doll that was made out of jewels?” He questioned for a moment but the smirk on his lips was massive as he was wondering if she would struggle to answer in that moment. His brows pulled up in surprise as she spoke of allowing him to display his things in the future. “Well I honestly figured it would take another hundred years and ten star wars movies later for me to convince you to let me bring one to display. I really am okay keeping them in the apartment till I have the proper space to do so with them. You know we could make a room just for your shoes and stuff to be on display also.” He pointed out knowing those were things that made her happy also.

He thought on it for a moment and smiled to her softly, “I think Shelly would love her parents working on her together.” A chuckle leaving his lips as he shook his head for a moment. “I would honestly rather it just be us no guards involved so that we can bound and learn a new skill together, if you don’t mind?” She asked softly as gave a gentle awe past from his lips. “Now why did Deus make you go hiking while hungover? Did you wrong him?” He was honestly curious at that moment. “We do. I hope we can spend some time catching up without your siblings bursting in on us.”

It was the first time in a long time that she felt normal, happy. It was no secret that she was heartbroken after the celestials departure. Falling back to a downwards spiral and to her old ways. Keeping herself locked all away. Not wanting to see anyone or to accept that she needed help. It was the first time she’d had her heart broken just when she was ready to open up her heart. “I’m sorry that I never said how I truly felt about you. I knew back then I was catching feelings but never said it out loud until it was too late” She admitted biting the inside of her cheek being the first to open and talk about it. They were both to blame not wanting to accept that they were catching feelings to what started out as a casual fling but soon turned into something more. “I’m not the lovey dovey person  but I want to be better for you… for us” Not wanting to lose him again. “We’re stuck with each other even, no running or hiding” 

She could see the worry on his face when it came to her safety with the unknown darkness about them. “I promise that I’ll be careful and not put myself in danger, if you do the same. '' She reassured him softly, taking his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. Emphasising a little on that he had to promise to be careful too, knowing how Celestials are normally drawn danger. That and she knew that he wasn’t the fighter type. “This isn’t our first Bad Wolf and probably won’t the be the last” 

“You’re such a nerd” Rolling her eyes at him knowing what game he was playing and it worked. “It’s still a no.” Something she’s sure he’s accepted by now. “It would ruin my aesthetic anyways to have all your crap laying out” Being best hidden away. “I already have a walk in closet remember” She teased softly reminding him but then forgetting whether or not he’d actually seen her room back home or not. It’s been that long.  “You are forgetting that we have a puppy too or do you just favour Shelly” She reminded him. Working on the car was a good idea but there was just one problem: neither of them knew how to fix cars. “What could go wrong?” She laughed a little, almost imagining that it would be more her fixing it whilst he’ll be standing there looking through a pile of books to figure it out. 

When Rashesh asked why Deus made her go on a hike hungover she couldn’t exactly tell him the truth of what she’d been like since he’d been gone. Not wanting him to feel bad and blame himself for how she dealt with her pain of him leaving. “Umm you know what siblings do with each other” Shrugging her shoulders thinking best to leave it. “I can’t promise that they won’t all burst in on us. I would be lying that it’s not happened once or twice” Most of the time they’d forget themselves and walk in. “Let’s just hope that you first meeting they probably won’t be them barging in on us” The Aspect looked over waiting to see what his reaction would be but he knew what he was in for.

He just watched her, they both had regrets they would want to correct now. The beauty though is they both had a long life ahead of them to make up for the regrets they had over the last few years of their lives. “Well all we can do now is try not to leave things unsaid in the future, huh?” he teased in an asking manner knowing he himself has to be better at this as well. “I know how hard it is to be open about feelings and emotions. I can see how it’s vastly harder for you to open up as well. I hold you in no fault, so you shouldn’t hold yourself in fault.” He gave her a soft gaze reaching out to trail his fingers along the back of her hand. “I am a guarded person who doesn’t believe in good things. I want to be better for us as well.” he said softly to her with a soft smile trying to explain that he was in this just as much as she was. “I like to think we are choosing one another not stuck.” He brought her hand to her lips for a soft kiss.

He watched her for a long moment as he gave a nod in agreement. “I promise that I will be careful also.” he looked at her for a long moment, he could see the dark circles no matter how he was trying to ignore him. It was clear for him that she has been throwing herself into destructive habits. He paused for a moment before a big smile across his face. “Did you just make a Doctor Who reference?” he raised a brow at her. “Yet you are calling me a nerd.” With a chuckle he shook his head softly towards her. “Fine, fine. The non nerd aesthetic for your place. Nerd aesthetic museum for myself.” he gave a teasing roll of her eyes before thinking for a moment. “I have never been to your place. Since we were kinda keeping this secret from all sides before I up and left.” he gave a gentle shrug of his shoulder

He gave a sheepish smile and grazed his teeth along his bottom lip. “Well, I am bad at being a dad dog. Guess I will have to make it up to the no longer puppy, puppy.” He gave a defeated sigh in realizing just how much more he left behind before laughing with her softly. “Oh just blowing up ourselves but that is a vastly more extreme option. After all we have youtube and so many other resources on your hands I feel like we can do it.” He gave a positive nod of his head. Already planning to collect a few books on Shelly in the morning.

He watched her think, she often had an answer already on the tip of her tongue so when she was paused he knew there was something deeper than just being a sibling thing.  He did think of his sisters for a moment before giving an understanding nod. “Well if you want me to beat him up sometime just let me know. I am gonna get my ass handed to me but I would do so for you.” He gave a slight chuckle before sighing. “Keep a robe close by got it.” He rubbed the back of his neck softly “We could hold a ‘moving in’ party and cook them dinner and introduce me as your boyfriend officially so that the first meeting isn’t just me naked in your room.”

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