Erythreus had been pacing up and down the halls of the manor, finger to his chin, completely struck down by the unknown. No matter what they had all done so far, had been to no avail. Vladimir was still gone, and the Aspects still had no answers to give. Being impulsive and irrational wasn't an option in a situation as intense, and sensitive as this one. Today he had decided to bring everyone back together, to discuss their next move. He knew this would be yet another tense meeting. The last time they had all been in the same room, tension was thick enough to cut it with a knife. 

Erythreus sighed as he walked in. He had been the first, and this time he made an exception to come in without smelling like alcohol. His attention needed to be in the right place, so it was safe to say, he hadn't shown up without effort. The Aspect of Death walked around the large table, positioning enough seats for everyone, though he knew some would be standing, pacing for that matter. 

Erythreus had been attempting to collect himself when footsteps approached from a near distance. It was time for everyone to start piling in, so he didn't bother approaching anyone specifically, but averted his gaze to Damien, before inhaling and folding his hands together; standing before them all. The Aspect knew this would be yet another hard day on everyone, but they had to move forward and get answers. "Today is the day we come together to get answers. As you all know Octavia gave us what she could, which don't give us much at all" he started, running a hand across the back of his neck, doing his best to keep the fact that he was stressed, just under the surface. 

"We can't waste anymore time, and I know we're all ready for answers, so with that being said, it's time to send our Guards back out." his voice full of dread as he spoke those words. Erythreus didn't want to lose anymore of their own, and he knew for some of them, that going out on these missions would be hard enough.. but they all knew it was what had to happen. "While that happens, us Aspects will do what we can as well. Vladimir is gone, but he didn't enter the realm of death, and that has without a doubt floored me as the Aspect of Death, but I'm sure everyone has ideas on what they can do to put the pieces together. My suggestion, is that we waste no time here. Damien, I think sending them out in groups would be the best approach, but your thoughts and opinions are needed too, so the floor is yours” he added.

Erythreus himself had a few burning questions for the time being. “Have any of you had anything strange happen? saw anything, heard anything, out of the ordinary? The more information we get / give / the easier this will be for us to figure out.” he stated, but even if none of them had experienced anything strange, it's exactly why the guards would be going back out. Ery knew something bigger than any of them was in this city, but he also had the feeling that this, was only just the beginning. 

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Nowadays one of the most nerve racking things were waiting around for people to come back from missions. Years ago missions were never a worrying time. With all their skilled guards. Now it was all different, lower in numbers. Unknown threat that was still looming to knowing what it was. It's been quite some time since losing contact with both Vladimir and Octavia. At first Damien thought it was nothing to worry about, something that happened from time to time when location and communication were low. This time it was different, it lasted for longer. With as each day passed the more concerned he was becoming for his friends and comrades. Now it was time for both himself and Erytherus to get everyone to come together to figure out a plan of some such to see how they could get some sort of communication with them. Their efforts have not been successful so far, he knew it would be better with more people. On his way to the meetings room, Damein watched as Erytherus was pacing up and down the halls. For himself he had different ways to think, his wasn’t to pace up and down with nervousness. Deciding to wait till Erythreus to walk in before following him in knowing not to get in between the Aspect of Death and his pacing. Walking in and taking his place beside Erythreus who was taking the task of being the main speaker for the meeting. 

Damien already knew what he was going to say as they had discussed between the two of them how they were going to bring what they already to others who may not know or weren’t sure of the details. With more time starting pass the more people starting to wonder what was happening. Why they haven’t done anything yet but truthfully they have, their efforts have all failed so far. Damien knew that sending out guards back out was a hard decision for them to make but something that needed to be done. Having kept guards from going out to missions for a long time with all that happened with Isle of Skye. They put a halt in the number and type of missions, they were letting their people the time and space to heal. Now it’s been long enough, Damien knew that people were thinking the same. Now it was his turn to address the meeting. “Following with what Erythreus was saying. I agree that it's time that we send people back out but this time it’s going to be different. Me and Erythus think it’s better for people to be sent out in groups where there’s people who specialises in different fields so we’re ready for anything that comes our way” Something he’d spent some time looking into figuring out how and who.  

It was no secret that something was coming that what happened with Vladimir. Losing connection with Octaiva too was starting to point in a way. Something that never happened before have happened. Nobody knowing what or who it was. “Keeping the city, the humans and our people safe is our top priority like it always has been. We want to make sure that it stays the same. For us to do anything we can” Damien knew that they weren’t being clear on their orders. To order people to be ready for something that nobody knows about. “Has anyone got any objections to me and Erytheru’s ideas of what to do next?” He prompted letting other people have their chance and say. Open to the good and the bad.

Sapphire was called to help with the search for Vladimir as she could take the sky in certain parts of the city without getting seen. She glanced at the two men as she continued to think about ways to find the missing person. Sitting and listening to the plan was a good thing for Sapphire as she did still have to protect her charge on some times even though finding Vlad was important to the Aspects. She listened more as she shook her head to Erytherus's question. "I havent really noticed anything weird lately." She said as she then looked to Damien as he spoke. Sapphire continued to listen as she would listen to the other guards to hear about anything weird that they saw. 

Knowing that she was in a group made Sapphire little at ease as she liked working in groups for searching for people or clues, but the two guards she was paired with were new to her as she was indeed the last phoenix in the guard and the Phoenix really didnt meet many of the guards except for about a few. As Damien and Erytherus explained the plan to the group. Sapphire nodded as she stood up and was ready to start the search. Plus getting to now her fellow guards were a plus so she could see how they are on missions.

Waiting on the dismissal, Sapphire glanced at Crane and Dominic for a moment and smiled at them as she then went back to the group and listened to what peoplehad  to say. 'Clues on his whereabouts are good if we can find anything.' She thought to herself as she then shook her head to Damien's question about objections on the plan.

It was inevitable that there would be another meeting, especially after the terrible turn the last one had taken. In truth he still sympathized for Octavia since there was no way this was easy for her and at the moment there was no closure since no one understood what had happened let alone what was happening. Since he had taken on being Cora’s personal Guard, he was making an effort. Not that he hadn’t been before but she still seemed to think he was a mess up. Listening as both Ery and Damien spoke he nodded along far from falling asleep at this meeting since it was an overly serious matter that they were all invested in.

“Things seem to have gone missing from a few of the occult shops in town. A lot of herbs and crystals have come up missing from the shop I sometimes work at.” But that was all the weird things he really knew about, “As far as specialized fields I guess herbal remedies and healing but then who’s going to watch over…” He motioned to the Aspects, “No insult, I know you guys watched over yourself long before any of us came into the Guard. But if someone’s targeting you how many of us should really go out?” He asked still very shocked over the fact that Aureus had spoken to Ophelia alone and seemed unharmed and alive.

Though the words seemed to echo in his head and he didn’t know anything helpful but that knowledge along put him on edge. He couldn’t help but imagine those he had grown up with going at one another let alone killing one another. Catching Sapphire’s small smile he tried to smile back but it was hard with the darker thoughts that he didn’t want to be having. Chewing on the inside of his cheek he tried to remain calm.  

Dominic leaned his back against the counter in the kitchen, staring blankly out of the sliding glass doors that lead out onto the grounds of the estate. His mind was far away as he relived the events that had lead up to the mystery which plagued over the manor. Closing his eyes, Dom tried to recall the events of the day they were tracking Octavia and Vlad; Tried to remember every minute detail to see if there was something he missed. Perhaps something out of place on the trail besides the slaughtered diviners whose bodies were left littered on the ground. It had been a disturbing scene and yet, he couldn't pick up the trail of their killer nor the missing couple in his human form or lycan to see passed the possible magical illusions that remained.

He placed the beer bottle against his lips and took a sip of the cold beverage just as the alarm on his phone went off indicating the meeting was about to begin. With a sigh, Dominic downed the rest of the drink before he made his way through the hall and to the meeting room where he hoped something of use would be shared in order to figure out what in the hell was going on. Sitting around wasn't ideal for him. He needed a direction or a purpose because the idle hands he was having to deal with when his mind was overworking on this mystery was making him stir crazy. The more ground work they did, the more answers they could be getting.

Sitting down on the large table that made up most of the room, Dom looked to Ery and could see the weariness he was pushing aside in order to present himself as strong as he could. He'd known the man long enough to see his habits and recognize the stress that lined his features. Comforting words weren't exactly Dom's forte, but they seemed to cope well enough together when they were sharing a drink even if they hadn't spoken a single word between them. Listening to him now, Dominic tried to recall anything out of the ordinary that may be going on in Evermore. Not that there ever seemed to be normal in a city like this, but nevertheless, any little thing may be of use. He was glad to hear they were planning on getting the guards back out.

Dom's eyes flitted around the room as people began to speak up and he was shocked to hear Aureus had met up with the wayfinder who had brought down the isle. Despite its recklessness, knowing that this wasn't some form of retaliation by the celestials was good news. The history between the factions was still something that felt wrong in his gut, but it was the next thing that Aureus said which made his lips part slightly in surprise. Guards going at one another while Skye was falling? It had to be some form of dark magic. What else could possibly cause so many to go against their own? He knew all to well what it was like to be under a hex and it didn't matter what loved one was in front of you while being under it. The magic behind the hex was all encompassing of a person's mind.

"Crane's right," he spoke lowly in agreement after the fellow guard was done. "I'm not exactly keen to the idea of thinning out our numbers while you guys are here waiting for us to report back." He pointedly looked to Erythreus for a moment before continuing. "There's been some talk in the shadier parts of town about a buyer looking to purchase powerful amulets and talismans on the low. I can check that out further."

These days, nothing has been kind to Malva. Not even nature itself can mend what she's broken so far, thankfully it didn't have anything to do with the rift of magic itself. The persistent brunette would not stop until she finally finds out what's going on with her magic and why the entire world seemed to be against her when she tried to mend or fix even the smallest branch. Ever since she started having trouble controlling her own element, Malva has been isolating herself from other parts of civilization that is her family. The only people who had access on seeing the Aspect of Magic herself for the past month had been her former personal guard and now commander, Damien, Ben, a human she developed an attachment for, and of course her maternal figure, Octavia, who had also been inducted as a part of her own private personnel security detail. There was nothing warranting anyone's worries when it comes to protecting her seeing as Octavia one of their finest. 

The purple dragon always went to the same places, people can either find her in the manor's library, greenhouse, Evermore's local apothecary, or her room, most of which she does try to evade from any public eye. Nobody needs to know what she's going through, at least not everyone. It's not the right time to take a megaphone and yell it into existence that the current Aspect of Magic is slowly losing her sanity and rational thread. She's been thinking about embarking on a pilgrimage in Greece accompanied by Octavia, something the two of them had been talking about ever since the Russian born Aspect let Octavia know that she wished to do that after having abandoned the practice for over four centuries. Mal has been keeping to herself ever since. She wouldn't talk to anyone else, and some even felt uneasy whenever they pass her room. Nobody knows what's going on with her except Octavia, who also seemed to be keeping her lips sealed for now. 

Whatever happened to her, now's not the best time to talk about. Which is why she found herself attending the meeting, sitting at one of the seats with her back leaned against the chair and her head tilted to the side lazily while scanning the entire room. There were plenty of them already here. The only con Mal disliked while having a big meeting such as this is when she had to be overwhelmed by the responses hitting by every corner. It only just started and she could already hear countering remarks from respective individuals of the guard. She decided to respond to Ery regarding anything weird happening, technically she wouldn't be disclosing the entire thing if Malva herself doesn't even know where the root of the problem came from anyway. 

"The flow of magic worsening and I fear if we don't find the problem to this rift, it's not gonna leave us with much time to prevent the entire world from descending into chaos. No balance, no order, no rules… we can't afford that to happen especially now. Small to big problems, diviners forgetting what they've done to my spell books going missing from Middle East to North America, I don't even know where to start fixing it" The irregular practice of magic disrupting her focus and inner peace of mind had made it her biggest problem because Malva couldn't control her own energy. "We don't have the number anymore, Ery…" she pointed, "Sending people in groups would prevent them from getting hurt or at least lower the risks but how many of them would be left here to protect the city?" Admittedly, Evermore is not the only city that needed their supervision but it is one of the hottest places to draw supernaturals in. 

The thought of guards fighting each other resulting in the Isle's fall really did impacted Mal because she couldn't find any magical properties being used on their bodies, not even a debris. "It wasn't a hex, there's no reading on their bodies when we buried them. And if it was, then I'm afraid it's something even I can't read." Crane's remark struck her as being similar but she was more worried about the city's well being instead of themselves, "We'll be fine on our own. It's not the first time we've been left behind without our guards, we'll just keep in mind to not stray too far… is it possible for us to call for the Organization's aid? Their responsibility lies within the city, after all."

The Ivokav’s family had been one of the few guards in trusted with missions while after the fall. Aurelia herself had done missions for Virindeus until their falling out and Malva. It wasn’t until her daughter almost died on a mission, then Aurelia herself stepping in to keep that from happening did things start to become clear to the Valkyr. There was something darker at play going on. When she woke up from her body healing and Tatiana expressed that she was taking a break from the guard she encouraged it. In an effort to keep her daughter safe. She placed Tatiana in a portal and set her far away from the manor and Evermore altogether with the Deo family who were the Dhampirs that helped Tatiana though her ceremony.

Aurelia had kept herself in the Manor to be there for her sister, while Aureus dove into her memories but even Aurelia could see something was troubling the aspect beyond the words he would speak. She went between Octavia room and Argent’s to make sure the two of them were safe at different points. All the tension was causing the Valkyr protective nature to kick into overdrive. Even Iris was getting the affects of her aunt’s overbearing nature. As the meeting was getting started Aurelia eyes scanned the room noticing a lack of Bexley which was no surprise lately. What did surprise her was the lack of Theo. Ducking out of the room just as the meeting started she moved to Theo room in the manor. 

She knocked on the door and when no answer came she used the shadows to portal herself into the dark room. “Theo?” She called into the dark room and then flipped the lights on, her eyes went to the opened draws and how the room was a mess. Something she had never known Theo to be like. She moved over to the desk in the corner and saw a note resting on it. Picking it up reading over it she let a growl past her lips. She moved from the room moving through the hall with haste as she reached the meeting room again and pushed open the door having it bang against the wall.

“I’m going to…” she cut herself off from finishing that thought taking a deep breath and moving towards Ery as she handed him the note she found on Theo bed. “Theo has taken Bexley having her cloaking them to keep from us tracking them.” She looked to the room and the guards and aspects in front of them. Her eyes resting on Crane for a moment because she knew that he was the closest to the dark diviner. “Theo has gone looking for Vlad, he believes that we just missed something and didn’t want any of us to stop him. Bexley being a diviner who has trained under Malva makes her skilled enough to keep us from tracking them easily.” Aurelia tried to do her best to keep her cool as she spoke, looking to Ery to know what his next move was going to be.

When Zandra heard about the meeting that is going to take place everything changed within seconds. There without a doubt for her to miss this, hearing the words, a Guard is missing scared her to death and it was not a good feeling to her. Anything can happen but really happened when was bring her father back to the city. Zandra wanted to know what is going on. Since she missed the first meeting it was only right for her to join and see what's the next move if there is a plan for one. It's not like they will stop what they plan to do something that needs to happen or at least something to give them a clue. 

Walking into the room, hearing everyone talking Zandra took a seat in an empty chair. It looks like she is a little late to the party but it's alright she can sit there until the real talk started. She looked to Malva who spoke about the Isle. She remembered the uncomfortable feeling of something is very wrong but at that time she didn't know what it was about or if it was her stressing out from the weeks and day she was gone. She should've stayed then to leave. 

Her hazel eyes watched the blonde handed something to Erythreus, hearing the next part of words brought a chill down the human guard's spine. She could understand death in the family or a member who is like family is hard to accept so finding answers is that they can do and Zandra hopes something will come out to have it easier for them to find out who did this act. Looking at Erythreus wondering what he will say, even with her just not being around for long she has no place to talk or say anything but listen and sit there.


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