The Aspect of Darkness was someone who never opened her heart or self up to others. Keeping all the things that made her human kept hidden, locked away. The part of herself that has a heart and feelings. Always the fear of finding herself being broken and left vulnerable again. Especially now with all her power she has at her control, the worse the outcome would be for whoever or whatever would be in her way. All the reasons why she chooses to keep away from other people, thinking it’s all the best to keep everyone else around her safe. They always did say Necromancers were unhinged, that one bad thing was to happen that would be it. All hell would break loose. That's what it was like for her in her past life. A broken person who nearly killed her own people because she wasn’t stable and was unhinged. Forever worried that something like that would happen again. Now all her emotions were all over the place just like before. All that kept her sane and good things in her like we're starting to unravel with just one person having an effect on her was to put everything all wrong. For the first time in her life she was starting to open up her heart, feeling things that she’s never felt before. Even becoming a better person because of this person. Seeing a future together and being happy. Something that she’s never had before. Feeling and being loved by a person. 

Now it’s all gone. Her heart was all broken and felt like it was ripped out and stomped on. Just soon after she opened her heart to Rashesh he up and left. With not many explanations. Cora knew all his promises were broken along with all the trust that they shared. He’s gone and left. Leaving her feeling empty and vulnerable. Since then she’s felt the darkness inside her starting to take over a little each day. With her emotions being over the place didn’t help. Lately she’s been starting to be up to no good. Starting off with Peyton, her new bodyguard. Partner in crime. Cora often worried what Damien and Aureus were thinking , allowing them to be put together. Especially with how similar they were to each other. Almost all of them were wishing for trouble to come their way. Her and Peyton stumbled across each other when she found herself in a tricky situation which often happened to her. Being at that time not having anyone there with her for protection or to sway her from stumbling across things like these. Both her and Peyton worked together to get themselves out and herself being her she took Peyton an outsider at the time back to her home. At that time Cora could already see how much Peyton reminded her of herself. Thinking she’s someone she needs right now along with seeing the skills and potentials. All that made her want her to be her new bodyguard. The Aspect was surprised by how quickly the others took to it, with how normally they only assigned guards whose have served years been offered the job. Yet she could tell that they let Peyton in and become a guard and her own personal guard. With how difficult she was and nobody else ever wanted the job. 

After that she’s been up to no good but was enjoying being around Peyton. She was a breath of fresh air whenever she didn’t have Julian, her other partner in crime, about. Cora tried to keep away from Julian not wanting him to know about her heartbreak. So to keep him safe she kept away from him. Especially him being an angel and all with pure intentions whilst she’s found herself on a dark path. Cora was slowly slipping further and further away and letting the darkness take over but still what was stopping her was her feelings and emotions she still had for Rashesh. All she wanted to do was forget it all but still she couldn’t. Cora knew there was a way around it yet it. One that could go all wrong for her that if others knew what she was going to do they would try to stop her. Cora wanted for it all to go away but for it to happen magic would need to be involved. Going to Malva would have been a lot easier yet she already knew her sister was struggling at the moment herself without needing her making it all worse. After a few weeks of doing her research to search for a person who would be the right person to do what she wanted. She’s found someone right in Evermore. A Dark Diviner who specializes in dark magic. Cora found his name and a little bit about him from one of Malva’s notes she left lying about. How she knew she was someone who never did well at hiding things leaving it in plain sight for someone like her to come in and steal. The last few days she’s been trying to find where this person Abraham Maddox could be. Cora started at his shop but there was no one in, with it getting late she went to a place where you would find most people. In a pub. Maybe it was a long shot or the perfect place. 

Cora headed to one of the pubs that was nearest to this Instar’s shop. Taking a chance. Soon as she stepped into the pub, she was greeted by the smell of alcohol and body odor coming from the local drunks. It wasn’t one of her typical bar stops with how she tends to go to one of the fancier ones at one of the more expensive parts of the city. Cora walked right in and passed all of them middle aged men. All who stopped and was watching her, with how memorising she was. Easily able to make men fall to her feet. Already she was starting to charm the bartender as she ordered her cocktail. Now all she had to do was to hope and wait to see if she was right and he would be here then all her plan would fall into place. 

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A black portal slowly appeared in the slightly cluttered living room; the black hole continued to grow and overwhelm the room as it began to engulf some of the furniture which decorated the room. Soon enough, once the daunting black hole had reached a certain size, the Diviner walked through; once the black hole had coughed up the man, it shrivelled up as quickly as it came. It was quite the miracle that it didn't suck in the furniture as it did so; the small gust of wind it created caused Abraham to quickly sort out his hair. "Home sweet home" He muttered and fell backward onto the sofa; an evening with the Maddox family was always of tiring nature, not to mention the food baby which he was currently nursing. His Mother always seemed to argue that he was consistently losing weight and that he was not eating well now he lived alone in Evermore. Abraham recalled the conversation and groaned as his eyes passed the clock; it was still fairly early for a Friday night in Evermore and a slight curl of a smirk appeared at the corner of his lips. 

Within moments, Abraham was in the bathroom trying to attempt to freshen himself up; after an evening with a lovable but slightly overbearing Mother, a drink was certainly needed and perhaps to have another girl on his arm to take his Mother's concerned comments about his life off his mind. He changed into a black button up shirt and black jeans; no one would ever assume he was a dark diviner, would they? Abraham sprayed on his favourite cologne before he grabbed his leather jacket. Once freshened up, the Diviner made his way to one of the hotspots in Evermore which thankfully was not far from his shop; the bar was not fancy in any shape or form and it was, at times, filled with slightly questionable characters but nevertheless the drinks were cheap and they certainly did the job. 

The music beat around him, the air was heavy with alcohol, sweat and lust; all the sins which Abraham enjoyed. He stood and watched the crowds for a moment, and winked as he caught the eye of a blonde haired woman who was dancing with a group of her friends. Unfortunately for her, Abraham was not one to dance and moved over to the bar; not truly giving a shit on who got there first, Abe barged himself through the crowd and rested his forearms on the somewhat sticky bar. "Rum and coke." He shouted above the music and the moment the drink was put in his hand and the liquid coated his taste buds, Abraham exhaled; he turned and escaped the swarm demanding drinks and found himself a table where he could brood for a moment or two to enjoy his drink. As expected, not that Abraham was that egotistical, the girl who had caught his eye when he walked in approached him and took the seat opposite him which caused him to smirk; he favoured a confident woman. 

Cora wanted to take the easy way out. For it to be all over with already. So she couldn’t have second thoughts so soon if she’d put a stop to it all early on. Choosing to make the wrong decisions when she wasn’t in the right frame of mind. There was nobody around to stop her. It didn’t come to a surprise to her really with nobody around her to see how she was struggling. The Aspect could feel the constant feeling that she was drowning. Life was trying to swallow her up. All she knew she wanted for it all to stop. Her siblings never were the ones to notice her struggles. Lately they’ve all been too busy with their own problems to take notice of her. She’s always been the one more distant to others than the rest. Cora knew that there was nobody to stop her from going down the dark path she was already heading to. Ready to let the darkness take over rather than keeping it down and pushing it away. Finding for the first time in years she wasn’t scared of her powers, almost welcoming it in a way. Cora knew that soon she’ll be able to reach her full potential with nothing there to stop her. To do so she had to seek someone who was just as dark and twisted as her, or was more evil. Seeing the name pop up several times in the books Malva keeps locked up but not enough to keep people like her from prying in it. Making Cora think her sister had started to slip up it was the same as everyone, all was too distracted to see what was happening around. 

In the last few days she went back to her old ways, something she’s not done in a long time because she was trying to keep the darkness under wraps for so long. Trying to be better but now it all was changing not having someone there who has a hold on her heart. Turning back to the darkness where she belongs even back to her past life it was where she felt most safe at. The Aspect has been trying new things, starting to curse objects again. Something she’d done many decades ago. Back when they had captured and kept Celestials locked up it was when she used her powers the most. Using her powers to their advantage because they could do the most damage straight away within seconds or even one touch. Making sure before she went to seek out this Dark Diviner to lock up all she had been working on. Using a new trick she had learnt. To curse the lock so if someone was to even attempt to take her dark objects they would be cursed just at the touch. Adding the extra protection that others hadn’t thought of. Before leaving she took one last look in the mirror, checking her reflection. Something that's always kept her sane was her love of clothing, to keep up appearances. Loving to have the more expensive and extravagant things. Almost making herself be noticed, for people to be memorised by her. Making people be under her spell. 

She wasn’t the one to shy away from making her presence knowing. One to take things in her stride, that's what she’s doing tonight. Soon as she walked in the bar and spotted the man who she was looking for. The Aspect confidently walked over to his table without saying anything, taking the seat opposite. Watching his expressions closely seeing he was surprised, yet he had a smirk on his face. “Abraham Maddox, right?” Matching his smirk. His name was the first thing she said to him, waiting to see he was surprised that she knew who he was. That he probably didn’t know who she was but knew him. 

The pads of his fingers drummed against his glass as he took in the atmosphere of the bar; for him, it was stereotypically too many people shoved into one place for his liking, and he would have much preferred a run down, end of the mill corner pub which only served the same old five members. Alas, that was not the vibe he wanted this evening, he wanted a distraction from his own thoughts which were triggered by the events of the night with his family; and for the fact that he braved the city when Christian still ruled over that land. It was a brave and reckless move and Abraham did thrive off it, and it was well worth the danger for his Mother’s home cooked meals. Abe mumbled to himself and brought the drink up to his lips, the drink within moments eased any tightness in his muscles and he soon relaxed into the wooden chair when the woman approached and sat opposite him. 

Abraham allowed a smirk to curl at his lips as his gaze wandered over her countenance; her face was incredibly familiar, he had a strange feeling in his gut that he had seen her before, perhaps even spoken to her. Yet he couldn’t place the raven haired woman, and that just added to her allure; however, the way she composed herself, it was like he could see the darkness radiate from her. It was the first thing that he noticed about her, and because of that, it took him a few moments to process the fact that she had uttered his name; his name being drowned by the loud music which surrounded them. Abe took a swig from his drink and exhaled. “How is it you know my name?” He questioned. “I mean, many know it and often given a rather good explanation on how they’ve come about it” Abraham leaned forwards so that his forearms rested against the table. 

“Yet, I feel with you, you’re not exactly going to tell me, and if you do - you’ll make it worth your while” He knew the type, and more often that not, he couldn't resist a woman who held her own and knew what she wanted. He exhaled and eventually leaned back again, a smug look appearing on his features as he quickly stole a glance at the dancing pair just off to the right of her shoulder before turning his attention back to her. “I’m completely flattered that you’ve chosen to accompany me this evening, the least you can do is say more than my name” He teased. 

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