It hasn't even been that long since she's been roaming her hands around the tablet that was laid to rest on her mahogany desk. The countless notifications that kept popping up every once in a while however, did bother her. Slightly. Because it it has obviously took her mind off the actual problem she was trying her best to solve. "Unbelievable little thing.", she grumbled in distress and swore she would throw the gadget out the window if it bothers her again. Malva wasn't a fan of the modern day 21st century, that much she was sure everyone knew. She expressed her distaste on their dependency being solely on a piece of trinket, and the rules of technology that was left wide spread around the world wasn't helping. Though it was helpful for their guards and them just as well to keep a well furnished and neat record of tracking, it didn't mean the Aspect of Magic had to have a particular liking to them. 

The only thing she finds to her liking was the fact that they no longer needed to deal with the lesser side of civilization. It hasn't dispersed altogether, clearly. But at least, it was at a tolerable rate, better than their early centuries. At least, their manner of a civilized lifestyle was rather nice and stable, instead of barbaric and twisted as Malva would 'eloquently' put it. The amount of sarcasm has made herself out to be a salty person. When she took her time of the day to see if her family of dragons were coping well or not, after going through Cora's 'life', she divulged in her other younger sister's, Argent. The redheaded Aspect of Light led a peaceful and simple life in Evermore, and she was glad at least one or two of them had found serenity in co-existing in the eternal city, even if she, herself, hadn't. 

She did come across upon one guy. Donovan Hendrix. He owned a bar called Eternal Blues, just somewhere in the dhampir and vampire residency. And, he had somewhat a relationship with one of their guards, Dawn. She dismissed him easily, until she came across the part where he was also a connection with her sister that was Argent. Malva was rather interested and drawn into their conflict and whilst finding it amusing, she wanted the best for all her siblings, especially her sisters, the ones she doted upon. Being the eldest out of the 4, she felt the obligation to act out in their interest because of her nurturing caring and maternal self kicking in. Yes, surprisingly, Malva Ailward is a nurturing maternal person.

She might have given off the vibe that she couldn't care less but it was quite the opposite. One would think with her current state, she was actually someone who decided to take a left turn of life and turned every single emotion off by putting it somewhere that is not void of use. But contrary to other's belief, she was dealing with the same problem, only it was the opposite. She had too much emotions. And she had to place them somewhere safe because her magic was always derived off it. It has made itself to be the most dangerous component ever. Maybe paying a certain dhampir a visit wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't be the first for her to pay a dhampir one. Shrugging off the memory she had, the slightly flaxen haired Ailward made her way to the garage, so she could drive there. It was 11 pm. Quite late. 


After parking her car nearby, only a few blocks away from the said bar, she tucked both hands into her jacket and make her way in thru the entrance door. It was slightly packed, and she could already see all the auras they emitted. For the Aspect of Magic, she was able to see the natural status of every supernatural creature that she watches over; basically anyone associated with magic. Dhampirs were one of them due to their immortality switch and their runic magic. She couldn't find him within the crowd so she decided to go and ask around. To at least, one person. Making her way to the bartender, she took a seat and gave him a smile. A tight lipped one that managed to come across as a genuine. "Hi, do you have any idea where your owner, Donovan Hendrix, might be at?" Now, unfortunately, Malva does not know how he looks like. She's only heard of him. No more, no less. With that being said, if he ended up being the bartender she was conversing with, she still wouldn't know.

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Donovan gave a faint chuckled to Malva as she spoke. “Mostly anyways. Think she got a chunk out of me somewhere.” he shrugged as he looked to her for a moment. Giving a faint chuckle as he thought about the woman. “Some women are just crazy like that. They think because they look beautiful on the outside they should never be rejected. Even though true beauty is far below the surface.” He said as he looked to his drink for a long moment. “She had pushed away a lovely girl I was talking about music with. Because she thought she had a claim on me. She told me we were going to make a baby that night.” He looked to her again and gave a soft chuckle. “Told her she was a crazy witch lady. So yeah she proved me right I guess.” He shrugged and then gave another chuckle thinking back to his youth.

Donovan raised a slight eyebrow to the aspect in front of him for a moment. “Well you are a little bit of a cynical one I see.” He gave a short chuckled and then giving a gentle nod. “Though I can’t say you are wrong though. It is a never-ending cycle. Such is life.” He said as he swirled his finger in the air. “No awkward moment at all.” He said as he looked from her for a moment. “Well Dawn is lovely, but I guess it makes sense you wouldn’t know everything  going on in her life. It's a big home.” He said gently as he couldn’t even remember seeing Malva in the halls of it. It always seemed so empty when he was there but he knew that wasn’t the case.

Donovan eyes looked back to the aspect of magic as she asked the question. A question he refused to ask himself, “I won’t lie, we are very different from one another. I am not sure if it's just where I am at in my point in my life or what.” He hummed slightly. “I can learn to be happy I think with her.” He gave a gentle shrug. Argent made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him in that manner. “Argent wants to be friends, that I can do.” He said gently and kept her eyes for a moment. “I would gladly give you my heart if I hurt your sister. She has been through more than enough and doesn’t deserve anymore pain.” He eyes only hold sincerity as he spoke of Argent.

The Dhampir gave a slight laugh at the thought of the red haired aspect drunk. “I promise not to give her too much. Though she doesn’t really drink when she comes in.” he said as he leaned back and raised a brow. “Though I did spend many years around the world, I may be able to train her to hold it.” He gave a short laugh before holding her eyes for a long moment. “I am there for her as much as she will let me be. I want to keep her safe.” He spoke with a distant look in his eyes before taking a sip from his drink. “She is in good hands, scouts honor.” He gave a soft nod to Malva. “On my sister, she is in good hands.” he gave something more he believed in so she knew he was serious.

Hearing his story about a rather crazy witch lady gave Malva the kicks she needed to grin and chuckle, "I have to admit, that's quite a story. If I didn't much about it, I would say it was a made up one. But I guess we'll never know, huh?" Of course, she knew he had no reasons to lie to her, there wasn't anything indicating that particular emotion either. He looked laid-back and casual enough for her to strike a conversation with. "How long did she hex you, anyway?" Hey, she was curious lady, and a witch hexing another, that's a story to boot. "I mean, I can't say that I won't ever hex people because they piss me off but… I don't think I'm that psycho." Malva was known for her temper, and there wasn't much that could withhold it. If she could turn her own brother into a lizard or a rodent for the next 24 hours, she could so much more to people she had no intentions of befriended or entertain. "Cynical is the least of the words people would use to describe me" she gave him a sheepish grin, Malva is a lot of things. Even the Aspect of Magic knows that.

"Our home may be big but the people inside aren't all too accustomed to actually stay inside. I would say I'm one of them but I actually stay cooped up in my room more times than I could myself going down to the kitchen to get coffee. Things haven't been too cheery as of late and it's understandable." Though, perhaps she'd make enough effort to go and find out more about this Dawn. It doesn't hurt to do her readings, right? Donovan doesn't give her the impression that he would dare to mistreat her sister, and that is more than good enough for a first impression if Malva could say anything. They've lived a long time and she's seen her sister with people she claims close to. Not many stayed around. Of course, the Aspect only ever wanted to keep an eye out for her sister. 

His words alone was enough to tell Mal that he didn't intend to hurt her, "Good. Because I would actually hunt you down if you were to do that." How Mal managed to keep a straight face without giving off anything while saying those words were beyond her. "Teaching my sister to hold her liquor? Damn, Don… now that is something I did not expect." Mal couldn't hold her liquor as well, but she was better than Argent to say the least. Ish. It was probably hard to find her tripping because the Aspect of Magic doesn't like to drink, in general. "I think people would be grateful I won't get drunk… because I would probably end up hexing people or turn them into something." 

Leaning back against her seat, Malva tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips, "How often do you see her? Not that I'm trying to pry or monitor… it's just that I've seen her going out a lot and I wonder if it's all to see you or… someone else? She doesn't bring her guard so... I wonder if there is something going on with her. My siblings are hard to crack, if I ask them, they'll turn it back on me."

Donovan chuckled and gave a slight shrug. “You should hear about the time I got kidnapped with a crazy ice controller dude. That was quite the night.” He chuckled as he thought back on his life for a moment. “Maybe my parents should have worried about me more then Ayla.”He shook his head for a moment and thought “A few days, my brother manage to notice and stepped in, convincing her to remove it. Then I made my way the hell out of that town with my brother under my arm.” He chuckled as he looked her over for a moment. “I imagine your hexs can be far worse than a newer light diviner who was in fact psycho. Yours would have a reason behind them. I don’t want to be on the other end of that at all.” He snorted softly as she said that there where many more words people use to describe her. He looked her over for a moment and hum “Well I think you are much more than Cynical you are full of a range of words but many more good than bad in my eyes Malva.” he spoke honestly with a lightness in his tone to show he was serious.

“I had noticed a shift in things with Dawn and Argent. Though when I ask what has happened I get a wall of, it's guard business from Dawn and well with Argent I often just try and take her mind off those things.” He looked to her for a long moment. “I wish I could read peoples minds to know what they truly needed from me. Kills me I can’t help sometimes.” Donovan gave a slight smirk for a moment. “Well glad you don’t wish to hunt me down, means I can keep my lovely skin to myself.” He gave a weak laugh as the aspect of magic held a serious face. 

“Well she comes to the club a lot now and well sometimes hops behind the bar and helps out so I pay her with drinks and she seems to hold it just fine.” He chuckled lightly, knowing the last time he was the one to lose control more than Argent had. Yet it was after a huge fight with Dawn after she erased messages on his phone the club needed him. “Well remind me to give you a candle or something magical and not alcohol when it's time to gift give.” he chuckled softly towards her.

Donovan raised a brow slightly and leaned back in his own seat for a moment as he ran his finger against his glass. “A bit, I am teaching her guitar, and she is helping me try and record some stuff to drop some music even though I think it's gonna flop. She is very much encouraging though.” He chuckles and then picked up the glass. “But I am not the only place she goes when she leaves the house. I know that much. Though I assure you, her guard isn’t far behind. Aurelia has threatened me a few times herself.”

"Wait, did you just say ice controller? Do we have a ice controller manic going around all this while and I didn't hear anything about it? I sure feel like I missed the loop of fun then... " It was clear that Malva likes being on point with gossip and rumors, and this wasn't anything different. "Maybe. I mean… ice controller dude. That sounds… exciting, and interesting?" Scary? Not quite. She would love to get an audience for sure. "What happened, anyway? With that… ice controller guy?" Leave her be, she was being a curious soul, per usual. "What got you in trouble with that guy,  anyway?" Malva was always a sucker for stories, given her period of centuries being cooped up in her room almost all the time. She does sneak out, but that's like 13 out of 1290. 

A chuckle escaped her when he mentioned her hexes would be far more fatal and whoever stood against her paled in comparison, she does like hearing that, admittedly. "I'm… not really a trouble maker though I have to say I'm a trouble magnet. I get pissed… very easily." That's one word to go with it. Malva is quite temperamental and everyone who knew her knew that fact. The fact that the Aspect of Magic was very well within her mind to turn them into animals for a few hours. If she could turn her own brother, Deus, into one, nobody else stands a chance. "I'm glad you think I'm more good than bad. Most people don't share your views or perspectives. I guess I'm also not making it easier for my own self either." She can be a pain. Her eyes narrowed slightly when he mentioned there's been a slight shift between the two ladies, she wondered why.

 "You can't always help all the time, Don. The same goes for me. There are things that we simply can't interfere with, if they haven't said a word about it to you, perhaps it's best to stay out of it. Safe road, you know?" Or maybe she's the worst person to come to for advice like that, it want as if the Aspect of Magic had any experience in the said department. "I do like candles, especially scented ones, they're always good for meditation reasons. Keeps you all calm." It's probably why Malva had her room scattered with potpourri and candles alike, anything scented to keep the place groomed and well-cared for. She could be quite meticulous when it comes to those. As such, whenever she was brewing anything, she does need to keep a sound mind.

 "If it helps, you can do all of those just to have fun. Not everything needs to be turned into an advantage. Maybe you can keep all that experience in your head." The thought of Argent working on music wasn't surprising to her either, it wasn't the first time the Aspect of Light ventures to such genre, "Who knows, maybe she's worked with famous musicians before" she whispered silently, they are immortal, after all. Certainly, there must be some sightings. "Rei threatening people? Sounds like Aurelia Ivakov, alright. I'm just worried… things haven't been easy for us, as of late. Everything is slowly crumbling and something is coming… I just want her to know she has people she could trust and confide. I wonder if you're one of the people for that."

Donovan let out a small laugh for a moment and shook his head. “No no I was kidnapped alongside an Ice controller. It was some mad man who wanted to “Play a game” I was never sure what it was about. The moment we could escape I took them out. That was a few years ago now.” He gave a slight bob to his head as he thought about it for a moment trying to count the years. “It wasn’t much fun I was terrified, if it hadn’t been for the other man I may have shit myself. Excuse my none french.” Don gave a slight shrug of his shoulders for a moment. “I am not sure he said he had to get back to his family. So we parted ways. At this point I am surprised that I haven’t run into him. This city draws many of us supernaturals.”  he thought on and shook his head for a moment. “I didn’t stay to find out. I think it may have had something to do with my sister but honestly I am not sure.”

Donovan thought on her words and offered a slight smirk towards her. “Not a troublemaker? Did you not come here to casually threaten me if I hurt your sister? Even though we are not dating?” He gave a soft chuckle and leaned forward for a moment. “So to win I just need to avoid pissing you off. I have that as a mental note now.”  with a soft smile towards Malva he gave a soft nod towards her. “I like to think I am a good judge of character. Most people look for the bad far before they look for the good. I guess I have always looked for the good.” He spoke honestly.

As he thought about the changes between the two women in his life. He gave a large sigh as he leaned his head to the side. “Yeah I know I can’t always help yet it doesn’t stop me from always wanting to do so in the end.” his dark gaze held hers for a long moment. “Safe road?” He thought about it for a moment. “I have always been much more of a road less traveled kind of guy. I know when to push though and when to give space.” He thought about how he always took the safer road with Argent so not to lose her. He was lost in his thoughts for a moment as she talked about candles.

“That is how I am viewing it. As something fun more than a career choice.” He said as he chuckled and reached behind his neck and rubbed it softly. “Argent has so much faith in me I fear letting her down.” He said honestly as he picked up his glass and tossed the last of it back. “With all her dabbling I wouldn’t be surprised.” he laughed for a moment and thought back to how she was in awe of his music. “Though something tells me she hasn’t she enjoys my lame ass music far too much.” He chuckled, “Well Aurelia is a scary one but honestly if she was to kick my ass.” His eyes rested on her for a long moment and then he touched his chest lightly. “I swear on my heart and the life of Ayra, one of the Fallen Ailward guards and my sister that I am someone she can trust and confide in. I only want to keep her safe and happy, any way I can.”

"An ice controller… when I say technology scares us, I was not putting it on the understatement platter." The idea of an ice controller device would scare a lot of people out of their homes, sometimes Malva herself wondered who would know if things like that would turn out to bite them back when the time comes. "Sometimes I agree it's the only thing that could defeat the supernaturals but I also wonder… and what cost?" She wasn't biased, she's not supposed to be biased anyway, the whole reason why they tried to keep the supernaturals in line all these centuries had been because of that; to maintain solidarity and peace above all. "I can understand why you'd be scared... It's an ice… controller." They may as well aim a gun at their temple for the sake of it. Donovan gave her the impression that he wasn't the kind who would stick around to find out what was going on. It's a survivor's move, smart and simple. 

"Were you fine with the decision you made? I try not to assume anything but… some people try to live with the mistakes of their choices but it doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't want to go back and change it if they were given the chance? Would you?" It definitely says a lot about one's character, she'll admit that much. A scoff escaped Malva when the dhampir implied she came here with the same intentions he had in mind the moment she saw her walk through those doors, "I didn't come here to initially threaten you per se, just curious myself to see what kind of a mix did my sister got herself into, you all the gist; overprotective big sister and all. It's a classic move." The same thing most people would do for their siblings. "Most people try not to piss me off, true. I think that's a survivor's note, the last thing you want to do is trifle with something or someone that you have no idea about. Kinda like unsettling yourself on a very… uncommon ground." Fear of the unknown, most likely. 

"Though from what I've seen, you seem to be quite the smart one." Your brute won't save you from a life forever, but your head will. "If there was anything that I have learned all these years? Your mind does the whole work for you." It didn't take much for her to realize that he has a lot more character than he lets himself on, "Ah, so you're a bit of a risk taker, huh? Wouldn't be the first time I've encountered one… or a dozen. But I guess it helps that you know what you're getting yourself into" And by that, she means Don knew exactly who and what Argent is. Normal is as normal as it gets for them, only a teensy bit crazier.

 "You won't let her down" she quipped casually, her nails tapping against the wooden table as she spared him a small smile, "If there is someone that my sister likes, it's someone who wouldn't give up. Relentless, that's what some people would put it. But I'd like to think she has a soft spot for passionate people. And I know for a fact that you've got a little bit of that going on for you." Mal was glad her sister found someone to share her burdens with, it's not easy leading their lives as who they were, they have an amount of enemies waiting to take them down and that made most of them stark to a lot of changes. "I trust you, Don. Let's make sure it stays that way." She leaned against her seat and crossed her legs, but this time she had a more genuine and wider smile, "I have to ask though, do you know anything about me?" Hey, she's curious if people have spoken about her too. 


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