Since coming to Evermore, Jaesung had had a fair bit of luck, he’d managed to snag a weekend job at a local convenience store with a kind old man who tended to give him extra shifts when he asked for them. His student loan covered most of his rent so the extra paycheck meant he got to semi-live his life the rest of the time. But when Jae had seen an ad in the paper for a tutor in English needed he had jumped at the chance, really Jae needed all the money he could get if he was going to ever afford to live a life without the influence of his parents.

And he knew that day was probably going to come sooner rather than later with how fast his life felt like it was moving right now. If there was anything the dhampir hated it was not being in control of his own life so you could bet if there was something he could do about it, he would. It took him a fair bit of wandering around with his GPS held in front of him before he eventually found the house he was looking for and he wandered up to the door. He heard bickering on the inside which was never a good sign.

Regardless the Korean male reached up to knock on the door a few times and then stepped backward while tucking his phone into his pocket. He’d never done something like tutoring before but he figured it couldn’t be too hard considering he was studying English on a degree level and had already passed his high school examinations with a high grade and he figured if he was terrible at it then he could just show up for one session and then never agree to another one.

After a few moments with no answer, he knocked again until he heard a grunt behind the door and it pulled open. The dhampir gave a soft smile in greeting to the face who greeted him “Hello, my name is Jaesung Moon and I’m here for the tutoring session” he commented, though it was pretty clear to him at this point that the person being tutored didn’t seem to want the help. Jae frowned, well this just got more difficult than he was expecting.

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Jem knew that it may be he harder for him to find a place of his own with how he had no credit score at all. Still trying to finish school along with not having a paying job were the start of it all. It wasn’t his fault that all his trust funds were gone, all spent without him able to touch it at all. All thanks to his Aunt and Uncle. He was trying to work out how to get hold of his fathers and step mums death money with it being told it still was going to take a while. “So your saying maybe wait out at home for a few more years” He joked pointing out something that was a reality for people their age with how everything was expensive. Listening to Jae he could almost tell straight away that he had a plan and everything all figured out in a way. “So you never have any time for yourself?” Feeling sad for him that he’s already losing the opportunity to enjoy his life while he’s still young. “I have yet to find a job, I hear that coffee shops are always wanting to hire young people in part time jobs” Thinking a part time job might do him some good and to help him to get money without the need to rely on others. “Of course after I finish all my exams and all” He quickly added with how he knew he wouldn’t be able to cope with a job and exams at the same time. 

“You know the weather in this city is rather unpredictable” Jem jokes to try to keep that he slammed the door in Jae’s face on purpose just to keep out of studying.  Like anyone else who found themselves in the same type of situation. “Maybe I’d do better in my studying if a computer doesn’t crash out every time I’m using or trying to save something” Learning soon it was easier to bring in his own laptop to use and take notes on rather to use the outdated school technology. “I’ve been trying to do some online tests using those study websites” Yet each time he usually end up getting distracted watching youtube videos or scrolling through social media then ending up not studying at all. Defeating the purpose. Jem knew it all was bad habits. He did want to do good in his exams and pass not wanting to be held back and repeat another year of high school again. Jem didn’t want for others to pity the orphan boy and all. Wanting to prove others wrong. 

Jem was relied at least one person found it funny with his brilallant idea that he ended up getting told off by Clarrisa who did find it funny at first but then told him it was a stupid one. One that he could end up getting arrested for. “Maybe next year I’ll look into getting hired at some haunted house or mase” Almost looking forward for doing something like that next year with how it was already too late to do it this year. “Who knows maybe next I’ll see if I can scare you to death” Jem grinned teasing his study partner already distracting him more putting off studying. “I think I’ll be one of those people who would fall in love quickly like romeo and juliet but without the whole dying part.” All to wrapped up in trying to figure out what love was finding himself falling quickly in love. Not knowing what was real or not real. There were times he would shows with subtitles on but that was when it was in another language and if he didn’t he wouldn’t understand anything. “There’s a good show on Netflix you should watch, it’s all in Spanish. Elite” Suggesting one of his favourite netflix shows along with Stranger things that he currently was hooked on watching. “Along with all the gripping storylines, my spanish gets better”  Although he wouldn’t say he was any better. 

At least he knew he wasn’t the only one who was eager to get out of high school so he could choose what he wanted to do and how he wanted to. Without teachers saying what was best for him whilst really it was the opposite. Jem was trying to focus both on playing the game whilst trying to answer the questions at the same time. Until finding himself getting stuck on one, giving up soon straight away. Listening in to Jae’s explaining now remembering being time something back in english class. “Oh yeah all the sentences are short so they all rhyme. Now all was starting to make more sense. “Isn’t she 16 but Shakespere cuts off 3 years or something?” He probably had it wrong but Jem knew that both Romeo and Juliet were too young to really know what love was and why they died so quickly.

He chuckled and shrugged his shoulders slightly “Hey if you’ve got free living right now that gives you longer to save for a place you’ll be happy in right?” she responded with a nonchalant shrug, in his case, quite literally anything would probably have been better than staying at home but there were some people who were very privileged when it came to their home life and he couldn’t blame them for wanting to stay, it was hard in this economy for a young person. Jae grimaced a little when Jem pointed out that he rarely had time for himself because it hadn’t really occurred to him that he was working so hard until he pointed it out “Well my idea of free time is mostly getting to spend it with my friends or reading, both of which I manage to do most weeks so” he shrugged slightly “The job isn’t as bad as you think, especially not part-time” though it did eat up some of the weekends he could love to spend doing other things.

“Yeah, one minute a calm breeze and the next” he placed his hand up in front of his face to imply a door being slammed in it and chuckled under his breath “If there is one thing you can invest in to save your life when you go to college, it’s a good reliable laptop” he responded with a curt nod, he used his laptop to take notes in class, he took it to the library when he wanted to write out his assignments and when he wanted to avoid his roommates he was watched movies off of it from his room with big headphones on. “There’s actually a website you can use which locks down your computer so you can’t use certain sites for a while, I find a good way to motivate myself is by telling myself once I complete something I can then do something else fun” it worked for him anyway, the balance between doing something he wanted and something he had to was spaced out that way.

“You should, though I think I’ll pass on being a mall elf, somehow I don’t think the costume would suit me” he commented with a laugh, there were many seasonal jobs you could get if you were willing to swallow your pride and put on a stupid costume. Knowing his luck though, he’d end up working in a costume store where you had to wear one every single day. “Just come in a clown outfit and you’ll have me scarred for life” he joked but shook his head slightly because he hated clowns, ever since he read the original IT novel when he was younger the very idea of them freaked him out and he used to have nightmares centered around their mocking laughter. “Me too” he responded when he said he would probably fall in love pretty quickly when he found the right person “Just gotta hope that other person feels the same way” he spoke it softly and nodded. Raising his brows at the TV show recommendation he chuckled “Not quite the response I was expecting but thanks, I will check it out” he nodded slightly, sounded interesting at least.

Jae nodded slightly when Jem seemed to understand what he was saying about the poetry of the words “She was actually 13 at the start of play in the traditional version, though a lot of remakes have made the character older to avoid” he grimaced slightly to show what he meant about it making people uncomfortable “Back then it was normal to be married at such a young age but now not so much” thank god because the very thought of that creeped him out beyond belief. He continued to quiz Jem on things about the play while they played the game, he was sorely losing most of the time but he was slowly getting the hang of it and before they knew it, 2 hours had passed. “So the moral of the story is basically it’s good to be in love but don’t be dumb enough to die for it” he commented with a chuckle as he set down the controller after their match.

Jem was able to see that Jae was right again, seeing how he was good at giving people life lessons and advice. Seeing that he was already helping him out. “Yeah your right” He added nodded his head, knowing that he was lucky to be living rent free and all. That other people his age would probably be struggling to make ends meet, working and paying rent. Whilst he’s got out of it so far. Having yet to face reality just yet knowing that he’ll soon have to, with how he knew that he wouldn’t be able to live with Clarissa the rest of his life. Jem did feel for Jae able to tell that he’s always busy trying to keep his grades up in college whilst tutoring at the same time to earn money. “Just make sure you don’t burn out, I find that playing video games help me re-wind” He reminded him almost finding that he was one lecuturing him instead or corrupting him since Jem tended to spend more of his time playing video-games instead of studying so close to his exams too which was not the best idea. 

Not wanting to seem like he makes a habit of slamming doors in strangers first but truthfully, it wasn’t the first time he’s done it and sure it wouldn’t be the last. “Or you know the high pressure in the air when it’s cold” He added lying continuing to make up excuses but he was sure Jae knew why he had a door slammed in his face. Jem was not that good at making notes when he did they were just scribbled on random pages in his notebook. Nor was he that organised he mostly found forgetting the books or notes he needed because he just stuffed them in randomly. “That's something I need to get” Along with a long list of things if hopefully he got into college he’d need. Jem knew if he did get the grades and get in he’ll take it more seriously than he’s done in high school. “I’ll probably get a macbook or something” With how he already had an iphone so it’ll be easier to get something that links together. Jem haven’t thought of using an app or something to help him not get distracted from certain sites thinking that’ll help him when studying. “Like the cold turkey ones?” Thinking that parental locks and screen down time would only be thing to stop him from getting distracted. 

“I’ll pass from being a mall elf too. I don’t like the costumes they have” Agreeing with Jae on that one thinking that he’ll probably make a full of himself dressed in elf tights and with the pointy ears and shows. “Maybe I’ll look into a halloween job one year” Still wanting to do that job. Jem couldn’t help but laugh at Jae’s comment about anything but a clown outfit. “But their the best ones, I could come as twisty” He marvelled finding it funny how his tutor was scared of clowns. “I loved the whole cult and clown season of American Horror story” Finding fascination about killer clowns but knew it would be many people’s worst nightmares. “Don’t worry I’ll stick to Zombie’s if I do” Laughing softly stepping away from the whole clown idea. “We’ll have to wait and see” Sighing a little having yet to fall in love but hoping he'll find the right person. Sometimes he tends to get sidetracked easily able to change the subject to something else without noticing he was doing it. “I watch a bit too much tv” Laughing rubbing the back of his head a little bit nervously but sure that Jae already knew or guessed that. 

He knew he was right about reading somewhere that Romeo and Juliet were younger than what others think or preserve them as. “I can see why they made her older with how what all would have been a lot more illegal if she was underaged” Even so it’s a lot messed up. Jem thought that the whole studying game Jae was using was helping him. Already finding he was able to remember more being quizzed instead of reading words from textbooks. “Only if he checked to see if she was probably dead before killing himself it all would be avoided” Pointing out a loophole to it all, maybe thinking too much into it. “Your a good tutor, I’ve already learnt more than you than I have had at school” Wanting to let him know he was grateful for his help, that he’s opinion changed over the last few hours. Jem didn’t have many friends, more of a loner type. Even though he knew Jae was being paid to tutor him, he still thought that he was cool.

He chuckled under his breath when the other male warned him not to burn out because that wasn’t the first time and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last time that he heard that, Jae was a very hard worker and he didn’t do things by half measures which meant if something was important to him then he would invest everything he had into it. Which left little time for relaxing or even making plans for fun “I played video games over the years but I never really got sucked in by many” he admitted with a slight chuckle and shrugged “Probably because my friends were always better at them than me and it’s not fun to spend the entire time losing” which was pretty much what he’d done this afternoon but that was different because he wasn’t actually here to play games, he was here to teach Jem.

“You know it’s not a crime or wrong to take help when it’s offered right?” he commented with a wry smile on his lips after they talked about the incident where the other male slammed the door on him, or tried to anyway. Jae had always been good at feeding back when he needed help when it came to friends or those he was close with, but his father wasn’t the kind of person you ever showed weakness to, so in that respect, he always made out things were in a better place than they were. It would probably always be that way when it came to his familly, they always had these standards which were impossible to meet. “If you think about it, it’s a double investment, on the one side, it’s practical because you can use it to do your schoolwork but then on the other side it’s also fun because you can play games on Steam with it” he let out a low chuckle and shrugged “Yeah kinda, anything which sets you a focus time limit to give you an end time is good, that way it doesn’t feel endless” which studying often could.

“Believe me when you realize it’s a choice between a stupid costume and having the money to do the things you want, being an elf might not seem to bad” in Jae’s case he had been pretty lucky because he found a little corner store with an elderly gent running it and offered to help him out. It paid minimum wage but the environment was nice and he got to meet many interesting customers, it also meant he had his own money to spend on things he enjoyed. Jae shuddered at the very mention of clown outfits “Nope if there is one thing I cannot brave its clowns, nothing freaks me out more” he closed his eyes, shaking his head from side to side to express his dislike very clearly. He raised his brows and then grinned when he said he watched too much TV “Mine’s more like watching too many movies but I relate” he loved comic book based movies and watching anything with a superhero-ish vibe to it, he supposed he liked the idea of heroes going out and protecting others.

“Yeah, the times have definitely changed since then but that was what was normal back then” he nodded a few times, he tried not to think too much about the weirdness of history and instead appreciate the work for what it was. “True, but then the idea that someone would exist that made you seem dead but really weren’t seems a little farfetched for back then, it makes you wonder if Shakesphere knew more about the world around him than most, though I would advise you keep any mention of that out of your paper” he chuckled softly and nodded his head in thanks when he said he was a good tutor “Well I’m new to tutoring and you’re new to being tutored so we can figure it out” he grinned slightly, he thought it helped that they weren’t too far apart in age, enough that they could relate to one another’s struggles. “So what do you think? Same time next week? Before you know it you’ll have those finals aced” he smiled lazily as he gathered his things and headed towards the door.

Jem couldn’t see himself taking on so many different things and commitments all at once. Not knowing how Jae does it all. Making him wonder a way whether he was cut out for college itself when it comes. Thinking the whole studying aspect was bad enough then maybe taking on a part time job soon. Able to see if was in Jae’s position he’d soon burn and crash out no time. With how he has naps at the best of times when he has enough time for studying. “I tend to take gaming seriously, when I get a new game I’d find myself hooked for days” He admitted too shamelessly like anyone else his age. Too addicted to video games to be any good. Jem couldn’t help but laugh at Jae’s comment of always losing to his friends finding that was happening too. “I’m sorry man, I’ll try playing easy on you” He offered almost forgetting they were playing for fun seeing how he’s already mostly beaten his study partner in each game. Even when having to focus on thinking of the questions he’s being asked. Starting to get good at multitasking for once. Seeing the trick that was being used of keeping his mind active. 

Admitting defeat in a way seeing now he had been in the need of a long time for help only now accepting it all. “I know, I’m just not used to people wanting to help me” He admitted looking down for a moment to how he’s struggled over the years at school and life for not being given help. Thinking everyone avoided helping him till now when there’s people wanting and offering help. “Teachers where always too busy with the top students, I always went under noticed in school” Easily hidden and not noticed. Tending to go to classes then soon leave. “I should have gone to study lessons in school and after” He bit his lip a little seeing how he had some blame into not making an effort till someone else did. Jem haven’t even thought about being able to stream stuff used to watching things on his phone or tv. “There are some shows I’ve been wanting to watch thats not on Netflix” he went onto saying and turning to the idea of getting a laptop even more. “I can focus better if I’m not distracted” Cutting off everything around him so he can focus but finding the way he’s focusing playing games and answering questions were helping too. 

He’s not had a part time job before not knowing what type of jobs people do, having only done a few chores for people here and there to get some cash. ‘People all hate the holiday season” He joked a little but he knew it was a time where there were always jobs going but never thought to look into it. Maybe if he’s able to keep up with doing both if he gets into college. Needing to think of getting into college before getting a job. “I want to earn some money, I always feel bad taking money from my Aunt” Admitting that he knew he had to do something to earn his way but thankful that Clarissa looks after him even after everything. Jem still found it amusing finding out what Jae’s worst fear was. “Sorry, I can’t” Still laughing trying to picture it even he knew it wasn’t good to laugh about it. “I’m scared of frogs” He admitted sheepishly sharing his fear ready to be teased about it back. “I always get too tired watching a movie then i can binge a whole season a show in a day” Easily able to watch a whole series in no time but not able to sit through a movie without nearly falling asleep. 

Always finding it weird how things were back then and now. “It's still messed up” He commented still finding the whole prospect messed up but back then it was all normal thing like Jae said. “So that all not a good thing to write about” Trying to remember the dos and don’ts, trying to write down some notes to help him in his revising. So he could take practise writing tasks later on. He was surprised to hear how Jae was still knew to tutoring thinking maybe he’d done it for a while with how much progress he’s made in the last few hours with him so far. “Well I’ve already learnt more than I could have on my own” He grinned back to him, showing he was thankful for his help even when at first he didn’t want any of it. “Yeah, sure that’ll be great” Nodding his head, jumping up from the sofa to show him out. “Oh by the way, I’m sorry again for you know nearly slamming door in your face” He joked still laughing about it all now.


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