Coming to Evermore City had been a good change for Hyunjin, the past 4 years he had really managed to find himself in this city and start building a life for himself, it hadn't been easy of course but he felt a familiarity and a community here strangely. He had met many other single parents at Rosie's school and had even been through grief counseling for a while. There wasn't the same expectations and judgements here that he had experienced back home and that allowed him to be more comfortable with his situation. 

He thought about home and the people there a lot, he wondered how his parents were getting on and whether they were still keeping up their perfect appearance in society, sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if Rosie grew up there and every time he came to the same conclusion. She was with people who loved her and cared about her here and she didn't need to be exposed to unrealistic standards she could never meet. He was happy here in Evermore, he had Lauren's parents to turn to, he had friends on the force, he'd even managed a few dates lately and while nothing came out of them he was proud of himself for being able to move forward.

He was completely lost in thought as he was wandering down the busy street in the city, he was wearing his cop uniform so most people gave him a wide birth, he was early for work by about an hour because he liked to get in before everyone else and sort his paperwork so he was ready for the day. In the corner of his eye as he was passing he thought he spotted someone he knew. It made him pause in his tracks for a moment before turning back and sure enough, heading in the opposite direction was Sangeun Moon, an old friend of his from back when he was in school. He turned back before heading towards the male and tapping him on the shoulder with a somewhat wide eyed gaze "Uh...hey" he greeted him and once he confirmed he wasn't just seeing things he broke into a bright smile "Of all the people I expected to see in Evermore City it isn't Sangeun Moon" he greeted with a smile "Do you remember me?" he asked with a playful wink. 

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Eun hasn't been the same ever since he realized he loves Leigh. He was just sitting on his seat at the cafe, drinking his latte while reviewing the paperwork needed for his monthly report when he recalled coming to Evermore the first time. When he first came here, it was purely for work. Knowing he could meet Jae more often here was also a bonus. Meeting Leigh however, that was something he never planned. But was he happy with the revelation he had for the past month? Though he was overwhelmed and visibly shaken by everything, Eun was surprisingly taking this well. He realized after spending so many months in the eternal city with Leigh and his brother, he found himself making more excuses to stay here instead of going back home like he should. It was bad. He knew that but he still remained here and after the heated phone call he had with his strict father, he wasn't sure what to think about what's going on back home. What if his father takes the initiative to come here and drag him back? 

Of course he's a grown man, he's 30 years old already. But he wouldn't exactly put it past his father to do anything. His father could be unpredictable and he doesn't like taking no for an answer. Jae was an example of that. He sighed heavily to himself and covered his face with both hands while groaning in complaint, "this is harder than I thought…" In the cafe with only 4 people present, 5 including him, it was chilly. The paperwork he had was scattered all over the table and his latte was already finished. It was probably his second cup if he remembered correctly. He has been sitting at the same spot for a few hours now. His phone stared back at him while buzzing on the table, he's been getting a lot of texts from his fiancee and there were plenty of missed calls too. Eun felt guilty, he couldn't ignore her forever. It wasn't fair on Ahreum. He couldn't do this to her but he also didn't want to let go of Leigh. He loves the kitsune too much to push him away. For once in his life, he found someone who truly loves him for who he is. How could he look the other way? 

When he realized it was past 4 hours since he stepped into the cafe, he decided to take his mind off by walking. He placed the paperwork nearly inside his folder and left a few dollar bills for tip before exiting the premise, the cooling air of the day hitting him the first thing. He was walking across the street with his head over the clouds, not noticing anyone around him until someone called him. Or rather, when someone tapped his shoulder. It caused him to turn around to check who it was and saw an all too familiar face. One he never thought he would see again actually. He didn't expect to see his schoolmate here in Evermore of all places. "Well, likewise for me. What are you doing here?" It was then that he realized the uniform Hyunjin donned and a wave of realization washed over him, "You really went ahead and became a police officer huh?" He was surprised to find him here but honestly, Eun was also excited to see him again. It has been so long. Hyunjin looked more mature. "Of course I remember you. You're not easy to forget. Dude how long has it been?"

Hyunjin liked this city, it was busting and it was easy to lose yourself in the crowd here, he liked knowing he could do his part to protect it. He had even been branching out when it came to his supernatural side and learning how to control his element. He felt like he had begun to embrace himself here and it was a good place to start over. Rosie was doing well in her new school, she was a sweet and talkative girl which got her friends almost immediately. He was glad she was adapting well to the world around her, because starting over after losing her mom was hard for the both of them.

It made him miss home sometimes, or at least the idea of home. Sometimes he wished his parents had been more supportive of his choices and wanted to be in his daughter’s life. It was hard to explain to his daughter why her grandparents didn’t want to see her or even talk to her over the phone. Still, he was glad he could protect her from the strict and almost cruel upbringing he had gone through to make it here.

He had to admit, he didn’t expect a sudden reminder of his childhood and home to pass him on the street and yet here was his friend, right here in Evermore City “I live here” he responded and grinned sheepishly “You remember Lauren and I dated back in Korea” he spoke softly and blushed “Well I married her and moved out here” he commented and shrugged when Eun commented on his uniform “I always said I would didn’t I?” he chuckled “I expected it to be in Korea but plans change” he licked his lips and “And what about you? Did you make it into law school?” he remembered Eun being reluctant about his path and yet he was sure the other male followed it anyway.

When Eun asked how long it had been he paused pondering “It’s gotta be over 10 years now” he spoke in realization, perhaps that’s why he wondered if the other male remembered him “I swear I had you pegged as a Korea forever guy though” he commented with a raise of his brows.

Ever since he got to Evermore, life hasn't been the same for the dhampir. Though he would admit that it turned out for the better on the side note. He did face plenty of problems with his client as well as the issue with his family that he still has yet to settle but he found Leigh and his bond with Jae is stronger than ever. That was the minus two and added two in the same plate. Eun felt grateful to know he still had people who loved him dearly and was willing to wait for his decision. Still, who wasn't afraid of their family? His father is someone who had a huge influence on his life and he couldn't bear to disappoint his mother. Not to mention, he had a whole fiancee still waiting for his return home; a whole Ahreum Kim. Yes, how could he forget all about her, he wondered. Honestly if he wasn't wrapping things up in his mind and tried to calculate the possibilities today at the cafe, he probably would've forgotten that part too.

"Life is so complicated" he grumbled to himself, not realizing that he would later meet a friendly face amidst the busy city. When was the last time he met this guy? Hyunjin happened to be a very good friend of his when he was back in Korea. When he told him he lives here, Eun raised his eyebrows, surprised that he would pick here of all places. "Yeah I heard you moved to America but I didn't expect here of all places, you know?" What a small world. He was pleasantly surprised to see him adorning the police uniform but he remembered when they would talk about their future career paths back in school. The two of them always had something regarding law enforcement. "Oh ya, remember I would be the district attorney and you would end up being a police commissioner, we sure dreamt big" he chuckled. 

He nodded when Hyunjin asked if he made it to the law school, "Only the best I said I would, SNU School of Law. They totally beat the bar down to another less than 3% during my admission year but… I managed." He really did work hard for it. He never stopped studying for his entrance exam even during his military duties. "Seems like we started pretty well seeing where we are huh? I'm a criminal defense lawyer and you're a police officer" and if he returned home, he would've been in the line he had been studying so hard for. His acceptance as the current district attorney's assistant so he could learn closely. But he's not back in Seoul so that's another story. Eun rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and cleared his throat, "Me too honestly… I came here for a client initially but I guess things worked out the other way and now I don't want to leave…" More like a specific person. "Dude we should seriously catch up."

Hyun was surprised but so happy to see his friend, he had always meant to keep in touch and he did the usual things you did like sending the other male happy birthday messages and a meme once in a while but they hadn’t had the chance to really catch up properly. That was okay, life got busy and crazy and people had their own priorities he got that. But one thing he did notice is now they were together it almost felt like they could pick up right where they left off “Well it wasn’t here originally but I think all of our kind have been curious about the eternal city” it was a place of legend for everyone supernatural and he swore everyone had it on their bucket list to visit “I just happened to like it enough to stay” it had become somewhere that felt like home to him.

He laughed softly and smiled “Still working on the police commissioner part, though that might take up more time than I actually have” he chuckled sheepishly, they had been young boys who dreamed big about the life they wanted for themselves, that was a working ethic their parents drove into them. Perhaps ruthlessly but in the end it had made them hardworking and unafraid to try. Hyunjin found it amusing how Eun still spoke with his Korean accent heavily affecting his speech while the Initia had become so acclimated to living in America that he had an American accent of his own.

How much could change in the space of decade. He pondered it while watching the other male with an effortless smile “You worked real hard for it huh? Good for you, everyone knew you were going to make it big one day” Hyunjin chose a more understated career path but he found it interesting and stimulating enough. “I swear when most kids say what they wanna be when they grow up, it doesn’t usually happen” he spoke it in an amused tone “And then there’s us” he shook his head playfully “Right now my baby girl wants to grow up to be a princess...I like her spirit” he chuckled softly, he had been much less strict with her about what career path she wanted to go into.

“Life happened huh? I can relate to that” he had an interested smile on his lips which said he wanted to catch up too “Well I don’t start work for another hour if you wanna join me for my early morning coffee?” he raised his brows in questioning.

He was grateful to see this familiar face, if he was being honest. Evermore is no longer a foreign place to the dhampir since he has been residing here for quite a few months, enough to feel comfortable with the prospect of living here. Perhaps with Leigh. But that didn't mean the elder Moon hasn't thought about returning back to Seoul when he could, he's an adult sure, but even an adult feels homesick. At some point, Eun just wanted someone familiar from the past that wasn't his father and Hyunjin was exactly that. A slight tinge of the nostalgia that kicked in but also a bit of new to cover it. He chuckled softly upon hearing his response regarding the eternal city, "I agree, it's quite the infamous location that most of us would want to venture to." Though he didn't come here the first time with the same intention, he could see the appeal. "How long have you been living here?" He was curious when he heard him say he's comfortable enough to stay.

It felt like it was just yesterday when they talked about reaching the skies for their dreams, they were both ambitious in a sense. "Well, it's the progress that really matters no? Besides, you're still working as a police so that's… better than most." Eun is close to his reach, working as the assistant to the district attorney back in Gangnam would surely secure him a spot in the upper ranks, a good look on his resume when he's going to rise above as his superior. But that might not be possible when he's away. "No Korean accent, it's like you're a full fledged American already damn, look at you" he looks well and that gave him a reassurance that perhaps, he could achieve a similar feat here. Maybe. "Well we weren't particularly normal kids back then either. I would ask if you still bite ice cream but that's gonna hurt me more to know if you still do that" he joked.

When Eun heard what he said about his daughter, the dhampir snorted, "Ah yes a princess, hey at least she didn't say she wants to be an astronaut. I can still recall Ahri saying she wants to be a model slash astronaut just so she could introduce her own fashion line in space." It's nice to remember those memories.  "Must be a cute kid, obviously taking after her pretty mother" he smirked smugly. Coffee, he could do that, no? Besides, he didn't exactly have any prior appointment in his day so why not? "Lead the way, officer."

Honestly, his life back in Korea felt like a distant memory now, he had lived in America so long to get a citizenship and build a home here, the culture fit with the way he wanted to live his life and he had tried not to look back too much. He missed his family of course but the sad truth was that they didn’t miss him and he needed to move on from constantly questioning his worth in their eyes. He glanced up at Eun and offered a half-smile when he asked how long he had been here “9 years now” he responded honestly “Haven’t been back to Korea a single time since” which he was sure would speak clearly to the other male about the state of his relationship with his parents now.

Hyunjin chuckled under his breath when Eun pointed out he managed to make a step in the right direction in his career “ has this way of swaying you off the path you originally thought you’d have for yourself” he responded and nodded his head a few times, he didn’t regret getting married and starting a family, that was the thing which brought him purpose in life and he was lucky to get to experience real love and have a beautiful daughter. He grinned and shook his head slightly when Eun pointed out that he seemed like a full-fledged American “And there’s you, still sounding the same way you did when we were kids” he nodded his head slightly, it was honestly kinda reassuring to him. The younger male laughed and pressed his hands against his cheeks when he mentioned his weird habit “I was a really weird kid huh? Luckily that’s one I grew out of” he shook his head playfully.

He chuckled at the thought of Rosie wanting to be an astronaut and then dismissed the thought, didn’t seem like her thing, she was much girlier than he’d expected her to be given that her mother was always quite the tomboy “Knowing Ahri, she would have done it too, girl was going places last I remember” he offered a sweet smile “And Hyunsik? Jae?” he remembered meeting all of Eun’s siblings when he came over to his for studying. A slightly sad smile crossed his lips when he mentioned how Rosie must take after her mother “Light of my life” he responded and nodded before jerking his chin to lead him in the direction of the store he always got his morning coffee “What about you? Wife? Kids?” Eun always seemed like a family man so he was curious.

He looked so different now and in a good way, Hyunjin looked more mature and Eun probably wouldn't be able to recall that the last time they had met one another face to face like this was 12 years ago. It seemed so long ago. And he looked good. Hearing how long he has made this city his home, the dhampir widened his eyes in awe, "Damn, 9 years? That's quite a while… I'm guessing you're doing well if you're still living here huh?" Well, the city are many things but a bad place to stay at, is probably not one of it. He's been here for a while and even Eun didn't mind staying a bit longer. Granted, he would definitely choose to stay if he could. With Leigh. Maybe that's why there was practically no accent whenever the Initia spoke too. He has been accustomed to living here, things must've felt like it's nothing different for him. 

"You don't miss it there? How easy is it to find Korean food here or did your taste in food changed after moving?" he teased, he would rather talk about good things than make the other male reminisce the bad memories which became the reason why he hasn't gotten back ever since. Both of them didn't seem to have any regrets on the path they walk today, except for Eun, he's in a bit of a dilemma with his own family who was trying to decide his future down the line. It was frustrating honestly. "Hey, what's there to change if you're already good from before" he exclaimed defensively and shook his head before chuckling, he could improve the longer he practices, he supposed. "You are the weirdest kid but the good kind" after all, Hyunjin was his best friend when they were back in school and Eun didn't have that many of friends that are considered close to him. Of course, he knew who they were but did any of them spend their lunch breaks with him? Not really. 

School is school and personal life shouldn't come intervening, his father would tell him. However, he couldn't survive just being alone so somewhere along the way, he met Hyunjin and he just stuck with him ever since. "Oh yeah she's a vet now, I guess you can actually call her a fashionista with a doctor coat hanging over her." She was good at her job and proudly displayed that every second she could. "Hyunsik is working his way up to be in the good graces of the hospital director. Maybe to make himself look good in his profile so he would be considered to train under that position one day, you know? He's just as ambitious" he wouldn't fault him, Eun too, had worked hard and diligently to maintain a good picture to be considered for Gangnam's DA. Was he ready to give up all of that for his lover? But Leigh makes him so happy that he didn't even think of that. 

"Jae is here, studying literature at Evermore's University if I recalled. He's doing well, he seems so much happier here. Brat even found himself a boyfriend, could you believe it? He got himself in a relationship before his big brother even did." That should answer Hyunjin's question on whether he had anyone. But he had to clarify his situation, or else he might burst. "No kids. Not yet. What if I told you I have a boyfriend here but am also engaged to a girl back home… my parents kind of pushed me into that and I was going to go through with it until I met Leigh here."

So much had happened since the two of them last saw one another and while they had tried to keep in touch and had the best intentions it was clear that there was a lot for them to catch up on. Hyunjin had missed Eun, he was one of his favorite people to talk to because he was always so kind and thoughtful “You could say that, though it hasn’t been without its ups and downs” as life was everywhere honestly. “My parents told me not to come back after I married a foreigner so even if I missed it..there isn’t much for me to go back to” he shrugged his shoulders slightly, it was their loss and he wasn’t going to dwell over it any longer.

“As for the food, there is an amazing barbeque place down in the city center, I’ll take you there some time” he grinned and nodded, but being in America so long he had definitely adapted to “You could say my taste buds have grown accustomed to the bland food” he chuckled and shrugged “But kimchi is definitely always in the cupboard in case I need it” he tilted his head and smiled. Hyunjin laughed and smiled when Eun acted slightly defensive towards his comments “Oh it’s not a bad thing, you were always so level headed and’s hard to believe sometimes considering how…” your father was, he didn’t say the words but it was evident that’s what he was talking about. Hyunjin grinned slightly when the other male said he was a weird kid “I’ll take that, being normal is boring right...besides I made friends with one of the most popular guys in school so I must have done something right huh?”

“A vet huh?” he raised his brows and then smiled remembering how attached Ahri had been to the family dog “That makes a lot of sense” he was sure she was doing a good job with that, it was something she was passionate about. And Hyunsik being a doctor definitely resonated with him too “Everyone ended up following the path your father laid out for them huh?” he gave a slightly sad smile in response “Well you know how hard it is to make it up the ladder in Korea, I guess he’s doing what he has to” he nodded a few times “It makes me kinda glad things aren’t quite the same here...though it never completely goes away” people who were friends with the police chief tended to be the ones who got promotions, that much he was sure of.

Jae’s choice definitely seemed more adventurous though, Hyunjin raised his brow and grinned “He always was the rebellious one” he commented and chuckled as he watched the other male with a curious expression, especially because he heard the word boyfriend there and he was a little surprised by that admission given that Jae and Eun were from a very traditional Korean family. They had just headed into the coffee shop when Eun dropped that bombshell of an admission, Hyunjin was speechless for a moment, tilting his head for a moment. “Hold that thought” he commented as he headed over to the counter and asked for his usual from the barista, before long she had made it and he paid and headed over to one of the tables waiting for Eun to join him before going to speak “So you have a boyfriend and a fiancee...they are not the same person they know about each other?” this was surprising but it seemed like Eun really wanted to talk to someone about it.

He couldn't help but frown when Hyunjin told him that his parents had basically cut him off the family the moment he married his wife, "That's just awful… if you love someone, why would the other things matter? It's not as if you were marrying a convict…" he huffed, clearly the topic was hitting him a bit too close to home. Eun was in the dilemma of going through with the marriage his parents had planned since he graduated but the life he had here with Leigh was truly the kind of life he wanted to continue. 

"Their loss… they lost such a good son though" he chewed his bottom lip absentmindedly and cleared his throat awkwardly, taking his time before deciding to ask him what has been on his mind ever since he heard about how disapproving Hyunjin's parents were, "Was it… worth it?" He didn't mean to offend, no more so than the genuine curiosity plaguing him. "How come I never knew they had a place like that… I swear I googled every place I could possibly find…" At least he wouldn't be as homesick anymore, his tongue is still very much East Asian. "You can never go wrong with kimchi man… I swear that's like a staple food alongside rice" even when he didn't have the time to get a proper meal, heating up instant noodles and then eating them with kimchi always works. "You were a whole clown, that's what you were" he teased and stuck out his tongue playfully before chuckling to himself, their schooling days seemed so long ago. When did they grow up this fast? 

"With how attached the girl is with Bomi, I'm not surprised she ended up being a vet, but at least she gets to follow her dreams before my parents could even think of what profession she should go for." Thankfully, they do think being a vet is a good career choice and allowed her to go along with it. "Why do you think I envy Jae?" he chuckled bitterly, the three of them seemingly followed the route their father had set out for them except Jae, who defied all odds and said he wanted to study literature. He did exactly that and sometimes it made the elder dhampir feel like he's a coward compared to his youngest brother. "But at least we're working an honest job right? I still have yet to take any bribes so I'm clean" he prides himself in that, to be honest. Turning a blind eye to what was happening wasn't something Eun could do consciously but he wouldn't go ahead and act recklessly just to bring justice to the table. Or else he would've been a vigilante and not a lawyer. 

By the time he blurted out all the details, Eun's ears grew redder by the second as he covered his face in embarrassment, "I… Well that came out well…" Way to go, Eun. He couldn't even make up his mind to order what type of coffee and just settled with Americano before wiping his sweaty palms against his coat as they took a seat. "Well, it's an arranged marriage so you can guess where that came from… and no they don't know each other explicitly? Or directly anyway, Leigh knows who she is and she knows I don't love her. I'm screwed, aren't I?"

He sighed slightly when Eun pointed out that it seemed wrong to disown a child over their choice of person to love, it was definitely complicated for men like them, with families that had big expectations and reputations to keep “They wanted to me to marry someone local and stay with them in Seoul, they kept telling me my whims were only going to get me heartbroken” he rolled his eyes, it wasn’t their choice and in the end he didn’t regret choosing happiness, even if it hurt a lot. He offered a smile when the dhampir pointed out they lost a good son “I hope they know that honestly” he nodded in thanks because he truly hoped he could be a good person in spite of everything.

He pressed his lips together when Eun asked him if it was worth it in the end, that was a heavy question with a lot of answers “When I look at my little girl, there’s not a single thing I’d change about her world” he responded honestly and nodded slightly “I wish they cared enough to know her and it still stings, but if your support system outside of them is good...your freedom is worth whatever price they want to charge you” he nodded, he was sure of that much. “It really is, trying to get the locals to try it is hard though, they don’t appreciate perfection” he chuckled and shrugged, more for him he supposed. He grinned when Eun pointed out he used to be a clown “You loved it” he teased with an amused expression.

“It’s they’ve both reached for the things they want, god knows how hard it is to do that” it always seemed like someone else wanted to tell you the things you wanted, without giving you a moment to consider if it really fitted with your vision for yourself. “Your little brother is pretty fearless” she commented and scoffed slightly in amusement “I bet your father is at his wit’s end with him” Eun was pretty obedient but he got the feeling Jae wasn’t. “As you should” he chided when Eun said he hadn’t taken a bribe yet “If you’re going to deliver justice, you should do it right” he commented with a smirk, they both contributed to that.

Hyunjin had to admit he was surprised by Eun’s confession but he totally understood needing someone to lend an ear when things got complicated, so he ordered his coffee, went to collect it and settled down to listen to the other male “I can’t believe arranged marriages are still a thing in this century” he commented in distaste as he made himself comfortable on the stool “Yeah...pretty much” he commented when Eun explained that they didn’t know one another and he was essentially dating both of them “I’m surprised your father hasn’t dragged you back already honestly” he commented and bit his lip “So when you asked me if it was worth it?” he was thinking about it for his own sake huh?

His situation sounded very similar to what he has seen happening to some of his friends and contacts, he wasn't close to them but even he knew how expectations that rained on them could be heavy. Isn't he in a predicament of his own right now? "I'm glad you choose to fight for your happiness" could he do the same? That's the question he should be asking himself. Was he strong enough for both him and Leigh? Against his father? His very strict and stern father who basically controlled how things go in and out for decades? He loves Leigh, that much is known. But is he willing to give everything he has built back home to stay here with the love of his life? Surely the title he gave to the kitsune alone was more than enough to tell him the odds. Eun even wanted to meet Leigh's parents and family, to prove he is serious about him. 

"They should've at least… reached out for her. She's their grandchild at the end of the day…" he mumbled, he didn't like that. Hyunjin as their son is a grown adult who could make his own choices but his daughter is still young, and deserves every love available. "Perfection is hard to attain, after all" he teased, different tastes and different people. When he pointed out that he loved his role, Eun rolled his eyes playfully, "I mean you made the class a whole lot better. Not as bland and I could appreciate getting double the lunch boxes the juniors kept giving us, especially when I went to see play basketball" Hyunjin was very athletic back in school and while Eun was in a good shape himself due to his dhampir training, he was too busy studying at school to pay attention to extracurricular activities. "Too fearless sometimes, it worries me" he scoffed, Jae was basically the rebel of the family and he had every right to act the way he does, but it still doesn't dismiss Eun's worry for the younger male. He is his big brother, after all. 

Protecting his siblings comes first. It always does. "My father is going crazy over him, he was already frustrated when he heard Jae is moving here to study. Do you know what the man will do if he heard Jae has a boyfriend of his own now?" He couldn't even fathom the picture. "But he's happy and I want that for him…" and for him as well. "You know I take my job seriously, I didn't study my ass off to slack and take it for granted" he chuckled, he remembered going through a few nosebleeds during cram nights. But it was worth it even though law wasn't the path he initially wanted to pursue. "Believe it or not, it's still a thing. Especially for the elite…" he sighed, the marriage was supposed to be beneficial for both sides but from the way he sees it, Ahreum's family had more to gain than he does. 

A part of him feels like he'd end up being used at their discretion. "Don't jinx it" he whined and covered his face with his hands briefly before laying his head on the table, with his lips jutted out, "I can't believe I'm going through this crisis… see if I reject my father… he'd focus on someone else and Jae, what if he focuses on Jae next? Hyunsik is doing well, Ahri is daddy's little girl."

“Me too” he agreed, he didn’t regret choosing to come to America and start a family with Lauren, his wedding had been one of the happiest days of his life only just behind the day his daughter was born. It hurt to lose his wife, his heart still ached for her even now but he had good memories of their time together and that was worth all of the pain that came from thinking about his family back home. “Honestly thinking of the way they consider foreigners beneath them...I think maybe Rosie is better off without them in the end” he spoke softly and nodded “She has great grandparents on Lauren’s side, always doting on her, taking her on trips” and that was important.

He chuckled under his breath when Eun mentioned how they always got given lunchboxes by the girls who had crushed on them “Man I miss playing basketball, it was one of those things that was too hard to keep up after school ended” he wasn’t good enough to go professional though people always teased him that he should have because of his height. Hyunjin gave a slight smile when Eun said his brother could be too fearless sometimes “He makes himself hard to protect huh?” he commented and raised his brows slightly, headstrong people could be like that, you respected them for their tactility but sometimes you wondered if they pushed it too far.

“I mean that’s not limited to your father, we both know people back home aren’t exactly...liberal” he commented under his breath, you could definitely feel the difference in acceptance between Korea and America and honestly he preferred the freedom of expression here “You have to let him make his own decisions at the end of the day, as much as you want to protect him, he has to learn to fly alone” if Eun kept shielding him the he got the feeling Jae would continue to feel like the world was easier on him than it actually was. “Of course you do, you’re Sangeun Moon, I expected no less” he chuckled, Eun had always been determined and driven, no one ever questioned whether he was going to make it because they knew he would.

He sighed under his breath when Eun pointed out that arranged marriage was very much a reality “But you don’t have to go through with it right? They might cut you off but that’s all they could do” not that he wanted Eun to get cut off from his family but the idea of a loveless marriage seemed miserable to him. He nodded when Eun pointed out that if he took himself out of the line of fire then one of his younger siblings would become the target “You’ve always been their shield huh?” the initia took a sip of his coffee “But at what cost? Are you going to swoop in every time something hard happens in their life?” because that seemed detrimental overall.

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