Coming to Evermore City had been a good change for Hyunjin, the past 4 years he had really managed to find himself in this city and start building a life for himself, it hadn't been easy of course but he felt a familiarity and a community here strangely. He had met many other single parents at Rosie's school and had even been through grief counseling for a while. There wasn't the same expectations and judgements here that he had experienced back home and that allowed him to be more comfortable with his situation. 

He thought about home and the people there a lot, he wondered how his parents were getting on and whether they were still keeping up their perfect appearance in society, sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if Rosie grew up there and every time he came to the same conclusion. She was with people who loved her and cared about her here and she didn't need to be exposed to unrealistic standards she could never meet. He was happy here in Evermore, he had Lauren's parents to turn to, he had friends on the force, he'd even managed a few dates lately and while nothing came out of them he was proud of himself for being able to move forward.

He was completely lost in thought as he was wandering down the busy street in the city, he was wearing his cop uniform so most people gave him a wide birth, he was early for work by about an hour because he liked to get in before everyone else and sort his paperwork so he was ready for the day. In the corner of his eye as he was passing he thought he spotted someone he knew. It made him pause in his tracks for a moment before turning back and sure enough, heading in the opposite direction was Sangeun Moon, an old friend of his from back when he was in school. He turned back before heading towards the male and tapping him on the shoulder with a somewhat wide eyed gaze "Uh...hey" he greeted him and once he confirmed he wasn't just seeing things he broke into a bright smile "Of all the people I expected to see in Evermore City it isn't Sangeun Moon" he greeted with a smile "Do you remember me?" he asked with a playful wink. 

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Eun hasn't been the same ever since he realized he loves Leigh. He was just sitting on his seat at the cafe, drinking his latte while reviewing the paperwork needed for his monthly report when he recalled coming to Evermore the first time. When he first came here, it was purely for work. Knowing he could meet Jae more often here was also a bonus. Meeting Leigh however, that was something he never planned. But was he happy with the revelation he had for the past month? Though he was overwhelmed and visibly shaken by everything, Eun was surprisingly taking this well. He realized after spending so many months in the eternal city with Leigh and his brother, he found himself making more excuses to stay here instead of going back home like he should. It was bad. He knew that but he still remained here and after the heated phone call he had with his strict father, he wasn't sure what to think about what's going on back home. What if his father takes the initiative to come here and drag him back? 

Of course he's a grown man, he's 30 years old already. But he wouldn't exactly put it past his father to do anything. His father could be unpredictable and he doesn't like taking no for an answer. Jae was an example of that. He sighed heavily to himself and covered his face with both hands while groaning in complaint, "this is harder than I thought…" In the cafe with only 4 people present, 5 including him, it was chilly. The paperwork he had was scattered all over the table and his latte was already finished. It was probably his second cup if he remembered correctly. He has been sitting at the same spot for a few hours now. His phone stared back at him while buzzing on the table, he's been getting a lot of texts from his fiancee and there were plenty of missed calls too. Eun felt guilty, he couldn't ignore her forever. It wasn't fair on Ahreum. He couldn't do this to her but he also didn't want to let go of Leigh. He loves the kitsune too much to push him away. For once in his life, he found someone who truly loves him for who he is. How could he look the other way? 

When he realized it was past 4 hours since he stepped into the cafe, he decided to take his mind off by walking. He placed the paperwork nearly inside his folder and left a few dollar bills for tip before exiting the premise, the cooling air of the day hitting him the first thing. He was walking across the street with his head over the clouds, not noticing anyone around him until someone called him. Or rather, when someone tapped his shoulder. It caused him to turn around to check who it was and saw an all too familiar face. One he never thought he would see again actually. He didn't expect to see his schoolmate here in Evermore of all places. "Well, likewise for me. What are you doing here?" It was then that he realized the uniform Hyunjin donned and a wave of realization washed over him, "You really went ahead and became a police officer huh?" He was surprised to find him here but honestly, Eun was also excited to see him again. It has been so long. Hyunjin looked more mature. "Of course I remember you. You're not easy to forget. Dude how long has it been?"

Hyunjin liked this city, it was busting and it was easy to lose yourself in the crowd here, he liked knowing he could do his part to protect it. He had even been branching out when it came to his supernatural side and learning how to control his element. He felt like he had begun to embrace himself here and it was a good place to start over. Rosie was doing well in her new school, she was a sweet and talkative girl which got her friends almost immediately. He was glad she was adapting well to the world around her, because starting over after losing her mom was hard for the both of them.

It made him miss home sometimes, or at least the idea of home. Sometimes he wished his parents had been more supportive of his choices and wanted to be in his daughter’s life. It was hard to explain to his daughter why her grandparents didn’t want to see her or even talk to her over the phone. Still, he was glad he could protect her from the strict and almost cruel upbringing he had gone through to make it here.

He had to admit, he didn’t expect a sudden reminder of his childhood and home to pass him on the street and yet here was his friend, right here in Evermore City “I live here” he responded and grinned sheepishly “You remember Lauren and I dated back in Korea” he spoke softly and blushed “Well I married her and moved out here” he commented and shrugged when Eun commented on his uniform “I always said I would didn’t I?” he chuckled “I expected it to be in Korea but plans change” he licked his lips and “And what about you? Did you make it into law school?” he remembered Eun being reluctant about his path and yet he was sure the other male followed it anyway.

When Eun asked how long it had been he paused pondering “It’s gotta be over 10 years now” he spoke in realization, perhaps that’s why he wondered if the other male remembered him “I swear I had you pegged as a Korea forever guy though” he commented with a raise of his brows.

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