Coming to Evermore City had been a good change for Hyunjin, the past 4 years he had really managed to find himself in this city and start building a life for himself, it hadn't been easy of course but he felt a familiarity and a community here strangely. He had met many other single parents at Rosie's school and had even been through grief counseling for a while. There wasn't the same expectations and judgements here that he had experienced back home and that allowed him to be more comfortable with his situation. 

He thought about home and the people there a lot, he wondered how his parents were getting on and whether they were still keeping up their perfect appearance in society, sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if Rosie grew up there and every time he came to the same conclusion. She was with people who loved her and cared about her here and she didn't need to be exposed to unrealistic standards she could never meet. He was happy here in Evermore, he had Lauren's parents to turn to, he had friends on the force, he'd even managed a few dates lately and while nothing came out of them he was proud of himself for being able to move forward.

He was completely lost in thought as he was wandering down the busy street in the city, he was wearing his cop uniform so most people gave him a wide birth, he was early for work by about an hour because he liked to get in before everyone else and sort his paperwork so he was ready for the day. In the corner of his eye as he was passing he thought he spotted someone he knew. It made him pause in his tracks for a moment before turning back and sure enough, heading in the opposite direction was Sangeun Moon, an old friend of his from back when he was in school. He turned back before heading towards the male and tapping him on the shoulder with a somewhat wide eyed gaze "Uh...hey" he greeted him and once he confirmed he wasn't just seeing things he broke into a bright smile "Of all the people I expected to see in Evermore City it isn't Sangeun Moon" he greeted with a smile "Do you remember me?" he asked with a playful wink. 

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Hyunjin made his decision to move away permanently here so he could provide a better life and future for his own daughter, Eun commended him for that and wondered if he had an ounce of the same behavior to leave for his love. It was tempting. "She deserves to grow up in a positive environment" he nodded in agreement, he knew firsthand what a pressuring and stressful environment cost them, he grew up in a similar one after all. He wouldn't want the same for his children if he was being honest. "At least she's not completely deprived from her grandparents" he offered a comforting smile, it's sad that Hyunjin's side couldn't see reason but alas, sometimes cutting those threads off might mean for the better outcome. What about him? Was he brave enough to do the same? What kind of example would he show his younger siblings as the eldest, he imagined. Would they approve of what he did too? 

Eun knew Jae would wholeheartedly support him but Hyunsik and Ahri, that's another case entirely. "You're tall enough to beat pretty much the entire team, I remember the rival team really hated you, for stealing the girls and the trophy" he chuckled, it felt just like yesterday when they would hang out by the resting room after training. "That's the least of it" he grumbled, Jae is pretty headstrong and would only go his own way once he's made his choices, sometimes he applauds him for it but other times, he too, can be stressed over it. "The curse of being the eldest, I guess." People back home are more conservative indeed, Eun never really did question it, but he did have concerns over it. "I just can't help but want to shield him you know…" he mumbled, "it's almost an instinct, a button you can't just… switch off, you know?" 

All his life, he has always gone on with the intention of protecting his siblings, isn't that why he decided to be on the receiving end of all his parents' wants? So they would be satisfied with him and wouldn't bother his younger siblings. The fear of being cut off by his family is still there, that much is evident but he was also willing to give up on them for his own happiness. "Yeah… but what if they imposed the same thing on my siblings? I'm worried…" After all, he still had 3 younger siblings to care for. "God I hate it when you make a good point… no of course not, I want the best for everyone… I want my parents to be happy and I want myself to be happy… but our interests are contradicting one another… There must be a solution to this and I'm ready to go for my happiness because the only one who can do that is me and me alone, but at the same time can I afford to upset my sick mother?"

Hyunjin liked to think he made the best decisions he could, given the hand he was dealt but that didn’t make it easier, it was his family he left behind after all, along with all the fond childhood memories he had, nothing about it was easy for him but nothing in life was supposed to come easy right? “She does...if it was just me maybe I’d go crawling back but I don’t want her to go through what we did” their parents were both equally strict and judgemental “Exactly...and they more than make up for what’s missing, she loves being with them” he grinned slightly, honestly he did too, they’d always been on his side.

He laughed, scratching at the back of his neck when Eun pointed out that his height had a lot of advantages “It’s both a blessing and curse most of the time” he definitely struggled back in Korea because most doorways were too small for him to fit through and he always managed to get bruises because of it. Hyunjin smiled softly at the warm way Eun spoke of his brother “I’m sure he thrives in a place like this...where you’re freer to speak your mind” he could certainly understand why the dhampir wouldn’t want to go back. After Hyunjin left to marry Lauren he rarely thought about going back because his life was here now. “Being protective is only natural...especially for your kind” dhampir were raised to be protectors at their core after all.

“But maybe you need to give him a little room to make those big choices and learn from the consequences” after all, Eun couldn’t shield everything and it was going to be a big wake-up call for the younger dhampir when he had to face the world alone. “Then your siblings have been raised well enough to make their own decisions...they have a good big brother to set an example” he teased and reached to squeeze the other male’s shoulder gently “You can’t tell them to reach for the things they want and then not do so yourself, they wouldn’t want you to be a martyr for their happiness” he pointed out with a stern look. He had a sad expression when he said he didn’t want to upset his sick mother though “I can’t tell you to give up on your family...but I’ve been torn before and I don’t regret my decision” but Eun needed to make his own mind up.

He could understand the kind of sacrifice Hyunjin was making, it wasn't 100% similar to what he would have to do because he didn't have a kid, he just had a boyfriend he cares for and wants to live with in the future. But this would mean he would have to give up everything he has worked for back home, everything he had, which includes his parents and career. Eun was positive he was fine with that because he could just make a new career here in Evermore but it was the parents' part that worries him. "Glad to hear she has some good environment to surround herself with. You should let me go see her next time, leave her to get to know her uncle Eun" he teased. She sounds like a sweetheart. Eun preferred the height he was blessed with right now, not too tall and not short either. That should do fine, he wasn't trying to have a sore neck either way and his boyfriend is only 2 cm taller than him. 

"Well I can see why you think it's a curse when we had a whole jar created for every time you would hit your head against the ceiling or lamps… oh yes the doors, that was amusing." For him but not for Hyunjin who would groan every single time he hit it. "Girls love tall men though, can't go wrong with that, and it's not as if you're lanky either" he poked his sides teasingly and nodded in affirmation, "Yeah that's a police officer's build for sure." He likes to exercise during high school, it didn't mean he abandoned it now, it was pretty minimal nowadays but as minimal as practicing would be for a dhampir. Give him a weapon or leave him to do hand to hand combat and his dhampir self can do just fine. "Yeah Jae likes it here… I guess he likes it even more when he found his partner here too, that brat got himself a boyfriend before I did, can you believe that?" Literally. 

The elder Moon rubbed his knuckles absentmindedly when reminded of his supernatural status. "I know" he groaned loudly and sighed, "he's an adult now, he knows how to make his own decisions and I should let him grow on his own… but I just hoped it wouldn't be as detrimental to his state." He obviously wants the best for him. Upon seeing the stern look from the Initia, the dhampir whined softly and looked down, suddenly finding the floor interesting. "I'll make my final decision soon enough because the time he has left is not that much. "Family is such a pain sometimes" he grumbled, "How's life as a single father though? I bet a lot is giddy to be your girl's stepmother" he jested, "Got anyone you fancy?"

Hyunjin smiled gently, whenever someone mentioned Rosie he always lit up because he was a very proud parent “I’m sure she’d love to see you, she loves having people around” his girl was a little extrovert in the making and she was highly motivated by interactions with people “No doubt you’ll spoil her” he commented and chuckled, everyone seemed to spoil Rosie and she was more than happy to accept the attention. “I swear there’s definitely some truth in there when she says she wants to be a princess” he murmured and shook his head in amusement. Hyunjin bit his lip and laughed “Well it’s hardly my fault that the world wasn’t designed for my height” he grumbled and sighed softly, he got so used to ducking back then that it was actually strange to come here and not have to worry so much.

“I do get a lot of people staring at me” he commented in a thoughtful tone, they would whisper about him too which honestly bothered him a little but he did his best to ignore it where he could “Well you have to stay pretty...toned to do the job” he commented and shrugged, criminals were fast and sometimes strong and in a city where there was a high chance of said criminal being supernatural he had to stay ahead of the game. “At least you only have to face the criminals in court”. Hyunjin quirked his brow and grinned “Jae was always a looker, it doesn’t surprise me that he managed to find someone” he commented and grinned slightly, Eun was too but it often seemed like he barely noticed the people who were trying to get his attention.

“He has to figure that out for himself, it’s a big scary world out there but the only way you learn to deal with it is by experience” he lost the shielding offered to most when he decided to go ahead and marry Lauren despite his parent’s wishes and he had been figuring everything out since there, still figuring things out now if he was honest. “True that...and the worst part is you can’t choose them” some people had good parents and some people had bad ones, it was just the luck of the draw. “It’ have no idea how much work it is to manage a 7-year-old’s schedule” he commented in a somewhat grumbling tone, he bit his lip at his jesting about finding someone new “No not really…” he commented and bit his lip “I mean there was one girl was a one night” he shrugged, Eun would know he wasn’t a one night kinda guy.

"Better not keep her waiting then, schedule a day for Rosie to meet her uncle Eun." He wasn't wrong, Eun would definitely spoil the girl to no end, he likes kids. "If she likes being spoiled then perhaps she knows who her special and favorite uncle would be" he jested. "She's a kid, Hyunjin, when I was 7 I wanted to be a knight. Swear I still thought that was possible until I was like 13?" In a way, he could be a knight to someone, preferably Leigh. But the knight he wanted to be was one from the medieval days, because he watched too much of Camelot. "I don't think younger you wanted to be a police officer either? Wait, now that I've said it being a police officer when we were younger did sound like a cool ambition…" Lawyer? Not so much. It's too complex for a kid's mind. "190 and still growing?" He was grateful with his 179cm height honestly, the most he probably would be able to handle could be no more than 185. 

"I'm sure you've gotten plenty of love calls for the height and the looks though" and to add to the bonus, he's a cop, who doesn't want to mess and play around with a cop sometimes? He could name a few. He gave him the look that says 'thank you for that helpful statement Captain Obvious' when Hyunjin mentioned he gets a lot of stares. "Well, lucky for you, you are pretty" and toned too he's sure, when they were back in school, the two of them were also workout buddies, though Eun mostly paid attention to his sword wielding skills more than a bunch of pilates or weight lifting. "Yeah, court is so damn tiring…" Still, he wouldn't really give up on this job. "I know right? He looks much more handsome now too, somewhat more mature? His boyfriend actually can look intimidating, he has a sharp jawline, but when you approach him, I feel like he's a bunny… an oversized one." 

There was no denying that Han still looked like a giant bunny despite his other dainty and delicate features. Jae had to look out for himself and he had to start looking out for his life too, he knew that. But it's so much easier to face the other side of reality. "Does she not have her nanny?" Especially considering Hyunjin's job, he assumed she did have a babysitter by the very least, whether a permanent one or a long term one. "Woah, Hyunjin Nai… since when do you do one night stands?" He's not stupid, the dhampir knows exactly what type of person his friend is, definitely not the one that sleeps around even to quench his own need. The one girl kind of guy, that's who he is. "Were you drunk or something?"

He grinned slightly and looked down at his phone for a moment “I’ll give you my updated number and we can arrange for you to come over to see her” he commented and nodded his head, he was sure that Eun would dote on her, especially with the way he was already referring to himself as her uncle “Uncle huh?” he raised his eyebrows and grinned “Are you a fan of kids?” he questioned curiously, he’d always seen himself as a family man and after getting married to Lauren it was natural for them to have a child together. “A knight would be pretty awesome, though it’d be pretty difficult to get around in all that armor” he teased playfully. When he questioned what he wanted to be when he was younger “I think I wanted to be an olympic swimmer” he commented under his breath. 

Hyunjin rolled his eyes and smiled softly “Stopped growing but I’m still pretty tall’s better here in America but Korea made me feel like a giant” he commented and gave a wry smile. He bit his lip when Eun pointed out that people must pick him out of the crowd because of his height and his looks “Perhaps...though people who just drool over me for my looks honestly put me off” he commented as he grumbled slightly, it bothered him if someone didn’t even want to know him. “I’ll be...long days going over the same thing in every angle you can come up with” and even then it might not go your way. You definitely needed to be mentally strong to do what Eun did “An intimidating bunny?” he questioned with a raised brow “That’s oddly descriptive but also confusing” he commented and shook his head playfully. 

“She’s got a babysitter...and Lauren’s parents take care of her a lot but whenever I’m off work she rightly wants to be with me” he worked long hours and paid the babysitter well to take care of Rosie when she wasn’t at school “It doesn’t leave much time for...anything else” like trying to find someone new and take them out on dates. Honestly, he didn’t even know where to start when it came to all that. He could feel himself blushing when Eun pointed out that he wasn’t really a one night stand kind of guy “Okay you don’t need to announce it to the whole place” he commented and widened his eyes slightly, he lowered his gaze for a moment “She was...gorgeous and I was...tipsy...and we talked for a while...she was funny...cute…” he sighed slightly “And a one night stand so...I should stop” he took a sip of his drink. 

He raised his eyebrow slightly when he heard Hyunjin said he’ll give him his updated phone number, he wanted to ask why but then he remembered the situation between the Initia and his parents back home, yeah probably best of him not to prod and ask more. It’s a sensitive issue and he could understand why, isn’t he here running away from his own parents too? The difference is he still wants to make them happy, he wants to remain their good son but his love for Leigh also overpowers that certain desire to run back home. “Who isn’t a fan of kids? Are you kidding me, Hyunjin? Kids love me” he boasted, he’s a family man too, one day, he also wished to build a family; a happy one. He’s starting to think that could be possible with Leigh here. A family of their own.

He eyed him from top to bottom as soon as he remembered Hyunjin saying he wanted to be an Olympic swimmer, “I mean, you have the proportion and you definitely were a fast swimmer back in school, I could distinctly recall girls coming over to watch you swim, well, to be honest, they probably came to watch you get shirtless since it’s the closest thing to seeing you naked.” Swimming classes would always be the attraction and highlight of the day. “We don’t exactly have a lot of giant people in Korea, where it’s more natural I guess.” He’s seen western people being tall overall. Eun could understand the sentiment, he was often put off by people who only ever seem to notice his looks and physical appearance only. He was more than just a pretty face, he wished they’d get to know him better but not many tried. They worked, both of them succeeded in the field that suited them the most and in ways, they would also work together at some point. “Speaking of which, are all lawyers here in Evermore douchebags? Some of those I’ve met could barely spare me a glance when I was going through a case…” Since he was polite, he didn’t think much of it but it wasn’t only one time either.

“By intimidating I mean, he has the personality of a bunny, who keeps on hopping here and there, you know… endearing and cute? But there’s also a sense where you know that guy works out… for a reason and it’s not just for hobbies and fun.” He didn’t know what he was, Jae never seemed to walk around that topic, but Han didn’t look human either. Of course, he never pries, it is his brother’s affairs, he shouldn’t do much. Hearing that his good friend had a good time was definitely gossip material for Eun, who wouldn’t let Hyunjin live it down, “Or maybe you should seek her out. If she gives you a good time like that and if you talked… then it must be something. What’s her name? Tell me you got her name at least, does Rosie need to worry if she’s going to have a stepmom?” he teased. “You’re allowed to live a little, you know? Which is ironic coming from me, I know.”

Hyunjin chuckled under his breath “You’d be surprised how many people prefer not to be around them” he commented and shrugged his shoulders slightly, he didn’t mind, as long as people were polite about it he could understand how loud and sometimes rowdy kids could be offputting. Hyunjin had always thought of Eun as someone who was a traditional family man though and he was sure he would want children of his own in time, much like the Initia had one now. “I’m sure they do” he commented and chuckled softly “I mean I’ve yet to see anyone actually dislike you anyway” he teased playfully and grinned, one of those people he supposed.

He chuckled under his breath, he did enjoy swimming back then and still enjoyed it now, it was one of those sports you could just lose yourself in, good for when you just wanted to be alone and just push yourself. “They probably did” he laughed and scrunched his nose “I prefer swimming just for fun now though, never was a fan of having to wear the caps and goggles” he chuckled “Rosie loves swimming too, whenever we go to the pool I have to bribe her to get out of the water” he shook his head in an amused manner. Hyunjin raised his brow when the other male talked about how other lawyers here conducted themselves “Well I’ve been lucky enough not to need to deal with too many lawyers but...I guess they have an air of self-importance here” it was obnoxious for sure.

The way Eun was describing Jae’s boyfriend was honestly entertaining to him and he couldn’t help but chuckle in response “I think I’d have to meet him to get this vibe” he commented and shook his head playfully. He bit his lip when the dhampir suggested he should seek her out and fiddled with his hands in his lap “It was definitely something...for me” he commented in a small voice “But for her I think it was just a one-night thing, she told me she doesn’t really believe in the whole dating thing” which was her choice and he didn’t want to push her on it. “No stepmoms on the horizon” he commented and laughed almost in surprise of what he said “I did live a little, you know what I’m like though, once someone gets in my head it’s...hard to shake them” he nodded a little “Her name is Irene” and he wasn’t going to forget her quickly.

That could be them but not him, Wun has always been a big fan of kids, to a point where he wanted his own too. He was led to believe he had the responsibility to continue their family's lineage by marrying first and that might be a reason for it back then but it didn't mean the elder Moon never thought about it at all. "Well, not everyone can be parents, right?" Perhaps that's why people tend to stay away from that thought alone. He nudged him playfully and chuckled when Hyunjin pointed out he's never met anyone who disliked him "I mean, I am pretty charming, am I not? You out of all people should know this dude" he shook his head and clicked his tongue, feigning offense from the earlier statement. 

"I thought the goggles were unnecessary, it restricts my vision if anything because of how tight it could be sometimes… it leaves marks too" he squirmed at the memory of it, Eun didn't dislike swimming but was he a fan of the swimming classes? Not really. He'd rather play rugby. "And the cap? It ruins my hair." Eun knows he's not the only one who cares about taking good care of their appearance. He didn't necessarily do it for others, just himself. "Being confident is one thing but being… obnoxiously annoying is another" he muttered, he has worked in this field for a while ever since he graduated, even when he was doing hours of interning. But the lawyers here and back home are obviously different, their work ethics to start with. 

"Be glad you don't really have to deal with them, they can be a pain if you pick the wrong one. Especially the lazy ones." Those who would pick up any easy case just to make quick money, oh those exist. When the Initia said he had to meet Han to know his vibe, he chuckled "He might like you though, you're nice and that guy just radiates positivity." Jae was clearly happy with him and who was he to deny that? However, he is just as much interested in this mystery lady Hyunjin got him thinking about, it's something new considering the other male was never a fan of messing around. 

"Most people who say they don't believe in the whole dating thing are usually those who have either been hurt from it or have never really tried it. You can prove her wrong, you know." He pointed to his head when he said that because this person obviously stuck around to mess with his head. "Aha, so you do remember her name too, was it because you kept moaning her name or was it because she was so… impactful" he would never miss a chance to tease him.

Hyunjin laughed and shrugged his shoulders slightly “I think that anyone who wants to be a parent will find a way to be one” though he had to admit he was in no way prepared when he became one and certainly not to eventually have to raise a child alone. Still he had done the best with what he had, the best for his daughter who was his whole world. He laughed and rolled his eyes playfully when Eun teased that he was charming “You had everyone’s parents telling their kids they should be more like you” he commented, shaking his head in amusement “I’m sure people would have resented you if you weren’t so damn nice” he added with a playful grin.

The initia nodded and shrugged “You got used to it and they really did help with navigating in the water, but definitely not the look you wanna go for if being attractive is your goal” Hyunjin had always been pretty competitive when it came to sports so it was never really any trouble for him to wear whatever he needed to perform better. He chuckled when Eun pointed out there was a fine line between being confident and being obnoxious “There is indeed, especially when the cockiness is often unfounded” at least have receipts to back up your claims.

“Can’t say I’m planning on needing to deal with one any time soon” he responded and shrugged slightly, he was an upholder of the law after all, he had no intention of breaking it. “And if I ever had need of one, I feel like it would be criminal not to ask you first” he teased playfully, not just because they were friends but because Hyunjin had great respect for Eun and what he did and would trust him to do the job the best he could. “Positivity huh? I mean there are definitely worse things to radiate from a person, though it makes me wonder if any of it is a front or if he’s really just that happy” some people were good at putting on a show after all.

He blushed and looked down at his coffee, taking another swig of it while the dhampir teased him “I tried my best to prove her wrong when he met, I have no idea if I left half the impression on her than she did on me” perhaps he was just reading more into it than he should, he wasn’t sure he wanted to get his hopes up on someone who made it clear they weren’t looking for love “But you’re right, I don’t think she’s ever had anyone...matter to her like that before” at least that was the impression he got from her anyway. He rolled his eyes and nudged him when he teased him like that “That’s a secret” he responded and chuckled in an exasperated manner. “We’ll see if I ever meet her again...if I do, maybe it’s a sign” he commented in a soft voice, maybe he was hopeful.

Does he want to become a parent? Eun didn't think he was in any rush to become one, be knew it's not just a wish he could fulfill overnight just because he wanted them, it needs a lot of thought and the responsibilities that will attach itself to it I'd another issue. "I would love to become one, though I'll admit I'm not in any rush for it because it's something you really go for" it was the reason why he had even more respect for his friend. A single father's life could not have been easy to cope with. He grinned sheepishly when Hyunjin brought up their childhood days "Yeah, I was the ideal son-in-law remember? God I remember how much I loved that title, the pressure that came with it though? Not so much." Who doesn't like being complimented and hailed? Eun is still just an ordinary guy who wants to be the best version of himself. 

"Hey, my charms and personality is what makes me the perfect package, don't you know fhat?" He wiggled his eyebrows playfully and slapped the taller male in jest. "That's right, I always want to look attractive in everything I do, though that's pretty easy when you are attractive naturally, no?" Eun could be pretty narcissistic sometimes and the people who are close to him know exactly why. It was honestly his coping method with all the pressure and expectations placed on him. "Exactly, most people can just be cocky without anything to back them up and those are the types of people I simply can't stand." He could respect people of their own merits, nothing more and nothing less. The dhampir believes in hard work. 

Eun narrowed his eyes slightly at the other male as if to say you bet you would, "If you don't ring me up first I'm seriously gonna make your lawyer want to quit just so you can call me." Hyunjin had a very good point, maybe it was just a front but Eun has been around plenty of people from different types of background and motivations, and that guy is definitely somewhat genuine with his feelings. A little confused maybe, but most tof the time it's warranted. "God you are so whipped, it's so funny seeing it come from you of all people, you used to reject all those dates with that innocent smile that does make people frustrated when they can't even get mad." Both him and Hyunjin have always been pretty busy with how things went. 

"Oh you're playing with the fate cards now, aren't you? Hyunjin, you've come so far… invite me to your wedding next time damn, I'll come for sure. I know I will. But hey, if she's not looking for love at least you totally have someone to come to when you need your needs to be... quenched huh?" The dhampir chuckled and finished his drink without a second thought "Man I know it's still early but I feel like I really need a drink these days… I don't think I'm on the path of becoming an alcoholic though."

Hyunjin smiled and nodded slightly “That’s the smart way to do it, make sure you’re with someone you really love and trust, once you find someone like that, it becomes pretty easy to make the decision about the right time” he had been happily married before he had Rosie and everything felt right, there was no way they could have known about Lauren’s diagnosis ahead of time, they had to process that as it happened. He laughed “I remember all the mom’s commenting on what a polite and nice boy you were” they all secretly hoped their daughter would pick someone like him.

He laughed and nudged him “Careful with that ego, if it inflates any further we might not have room for you in this coffee shop” he jested and shook his head slightly, honestly, he could use some of that confidence sometimes, especially when it came to his own worth and love life. “It’s the people who pay their way through to everything they have without an ounce of hard work that bother me” he commented in a grumbling tone, he saw so many rich kids do stupid things and get themselves into trouble with the law only to have their parents buy their way out, it was infuriating to watch.

He couldn’t help but be amused by the idea of Eun trying to make his other lawyer quit so he’d be forced to use him “Not sure what someone like me would need a hypothetical lawyer for anyway, I’m supposed to uphold the law not break it remember” he chuckled and shook his head in an amused manner. He shifted a little and bit his lip when Eun described him as whipped, he bit his lip “Well back then I only had eyes for Lauren, you knew that” he murmured softly and twiddled his thumbs slightly, he had always been the kind of guy who focused his attention on one person.

He grinned to himself and shrugged slightly “Well everything else in my life has been completely topsy turvy so maybe I deserve something good to come along…” he commented and shrugged, maybe that was wishful thinking more than anything but he really did like Irene a lot and deep down he was hoping that maybe she felt the same way “Haven’t a one night stand was enough to get me hooked…anything more than that and god knows how I’ll be able to let go” he murmured softly “A drink this early in the morning?” he commented and raised a curious brow.

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