Coming to Evermore City had been a good change for Hyunjin, the past 4 years he had really managed to find himself in this city and start building a life for himself, it hadn't been easy of course but he felt a familiarity and a community here strangely. He had met many other single parents at Rosie's school and had even been through grief counseling for a while. There wasn't the same expectations and judgements here that he had experienced back home and that allowed him to be more comfortable with his situation. 

He thought about home and the people there a lot, he wondered how his parents were getting on and whether they were still keeping up their perfect appearance in society, sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if Rosie grew up there and every time he came to the same conclusion. She was with people who loved her and cared about her here and she didn't need to be exposed to unrealistic standards she could never meet. He was happy here in Evermore, he had Lauren's parents to turn to, he had friends on the force, he'd even managed a few dates lately and while nothing came out of them he was proud of himself for being able to move forward.

He was completely lost in thought as he was wandering down the busy street in the city, he was wearing his cop uniform so most people gave him a wide birth, he was early for work by about an hour because he liked to get in before everyone else and sort his paperwork so he was ready for the day. In the corner of his eye as he was passing he thought he spotted someone he knew. It made him pause in his tracks for a moment before turning back and sure enough, heading in the opposite direction was Sangeun Moon, an old friend of his from back when he was in school. He turned back before heading towards the male and tapping him on the shoulder with a somewhat wide eyed gaze "Uh...hey" he greeted him and once he confirmed he wasn't just seeing things he broke into a bright smile "Of all the people I expected to see in Evermore City it isn't Sangeun Moon" he greeted with a smile "Do you remember me?" he asked with a playful wink. 

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He couldn't believe that Hyunjin is there giving him advice on love and relationships but given his situation and experience, he wasn't surprised. Of course, his friend would know more compared to him, he already married and lost his wife early on. He even had a child from that marriage. He lost contact with his family but had a nice former in law family who loved him and their grandchild dearly. "Sometimes I really do respect you a lot with how you approach things man… I wish I would be more steadfast and disciplined…" But perhaps that's that's Hyunjin makes a good cop. 

He chuckled when he brought up how most moms back then really liked him and wanted him to be their daughters' match. "Yeah… I intend to make the same exact impression for his mom next… I want to be the best for him." He was determined to be the best man Leigh could ever hope for. He didn't want to give him hope only to break his heart later on. He pats his shoulder in reassurance when the male expressed his annoyance towards people who would always pay their way "Unfortunately, that's the type of world we live in today… don't hate them too much though, who knows… you might fall for one. You never know right?"

Fate does have a funny way of stringing things up for them. If they hate or dislike something, it may bound to come back to them if they do a bit too much. "Honestly though? The thought of you, the model cop, to actually fall for someone who exudes troublemaker and rich is very… interesting." Because Hyunjin has always seemed like he preferred the quiet and low-key life. "Yeah but even police force need to have a good lawyer by their side you know, I work in criminal cases after all." It's not surprising for him to promote himself, especially to his friend. He raised his eyebrow and teased when the taller male admitted to him "And now… you have your eyes on another? At least tell me how it went damn… don't skirt around the details." 

Just like every gossip girl, Eun was back to his high school era where he often gossips with Hyunjin. "Don't judge… lawyers drink at 6 am in the morning before they even start work you know… I don't do it often but I do it." His line of work is extremely stressful and it didn't help that he's in good relations with plenty of politicians. 

Hyunjin shrugged his shoulders slightly “You have to be disciplined if you want things to work out, I learned the hard way that the world just…won’t give you a break” it would have been easy for him to become crippled by the losses he went through but he wasn’t that person, he refused to be crushed down to nothing, not for anyone and anything. “I wouldn’t blame anyone for not being able to follow that path though…it isn’t easy” fighting wasn’t easy.

“His mom huh?” Hyunjin raised his brows and grinned playfully “Sounds pretty serious if you ask me…taking you home to meet his parents means he’s already made his mind up about you” how nice for Eun to find someone so good for him, Hyunjin always thought he’d be well suited to a domestic relationship…he just needed to find someone who made his happy. He laughed softly “I’m not even sure I have many prospects when it comes to dating…most girls aren’t looking for a guy that comes with a kid as a package deal” and he couldn’t blame them he supposed, it was a lot.

The scoffed slightly and shrugged “I mean…it doesn’t seem all that likely right? We wouldn’t even have anything in common” he pressed his lips together wondering what that dynamic would even be like. He couldn’t even imagine it. “True…our jobs do intersect plenty…it would be nice to feel like we’re both chasing completely different agenda” Eun was usually on the opposite side to the force being a defense lawyer though, it was honestly pretty interesting to him, considering how it basically required you to put your morals to the side.

“I mean…she was pretty and the other guys noticed I was staring so they dared me to go talk to her…and I guess things worked in my favor?” he bit his lip and chuckled softly “She was really…something” unlike anyone he’d met before honestly “But I get the feeling her life is probably messy…complicated…” was he ready to tackle something like that? “Still…I can’t stop thinking about that night” it almost seemed crazy how much.

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