Coming to Evermore City had been a good change for Hyunjin, the past 4 years he had really managed to find himself in this city and start building a life for himself, it hadn't been easy of course but he felt a familiarity and a community here strangely. He had met many other single parents at Rosie's school and had even been through grief counseling for a while. There wasn't the same expectations and judgements here that he had experienced back home and that allowed him to be more comfortable with his situation. 

He thought about home and the people there a lot, he wondered how his parents were getting on and whether they were still keeping up their perfect appearance in society, sometimes he wondered what it would have been like if Rosie grew up there and every time he came to the same conclusion. She was with people who loved her and cared about her here and she didn't need to be exposed to unrealistic standards she could never meet. He was happy here in Evermore, he had Lauren's parents to turn to, he had friends on the force, he'd even managed a few dates lately and while nothing came out of them he was proud of himself for being able to move forward.

He was completely lost in thought as he was wandering down the busy street in the city, he was wearing his cop uniform so most people gave him a wide birth, he was early for work by about an hour because he liked to get in before everyone else and sort his paperwork so he was ready for the day. In the corner of his eye as he was passing he thought he spotted someone he knew. It made him pause in his tracks for a moment before turning back and sure enough, heading in the opposite direction was Sangeun Moon, an old friend of his from back when he was in school. He turned back before heading towards the male and tapping him on the shoulder with a somewhat wide eyed gaze "Uh...hey" he greeted him and once he confirmed he wasn't just seeing things he broke into a bright smile "Of all the people I expected to see in Evermore City it isn't Sangeun Moon" he greeted with a smile "Do you remember me?" he asked with a playful wink. 

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He couldn't believe that Hyunjin is there giving him advice on love and relationships but given his situation and experience, he wasn't surprised. Of course, his friend would know more compared to him, he already married and lost his wife early on. He even had a child from that marriage. He lost contact with his family but had a nice former in law family who loved him and their grandchild dearly. "Sometimes I really do respect you a lot with how you approach things man… I wish I would be more steadfast and disciplined…" But perhaps that's that's Hyunjin makes a good cop. 

He chuckled when he brought up how most moms back then really liked him and wanted him to be their daughters' match. "Yeah… I intend to make the same exact impression for his mom next… I want to be the best for him." He was determined to be the best man Leigh could ever hope for. He didn't want to give him hope only to break his heart later on. He pats his shoulder in reassurance when the male expressed his annoyance towards people who would always pay their way "Unfortunately, that's the type of world we live in today… don't hate them too much though, who knows… you might fall for one. You never know right?"

Fate does have a funny way of stringing things up for them. If they hate or dislike something, it may bound to come back to them if they do a bit too much. "Honestly though? The thought of you, the model cop, to actually fall for someone who exudes troublemaker and rich is very… interesting." Because Hyunjin has always seemed like he preferred the quiet and low-key life. "Yeah but even police force need to have a good lawyer by their side you know, I work in criminal cases after all." It's not surprising for him to promote himself, especially to his friend. He raised his eyebrow and teased when the taller male admitted to him "And now… you have your eyes on another? At least tell me how it went damn… don't skirt around the details." 

Just like every gossip girl, Eun was back to his high school era where he often gossips with Hyunjin. "Don't judge… lawyers drink at 6 am in the morning before they even start work you know… I don't do it often but I do it." His line of work is extremely stressful and it didn't help that he's in good relations with plenty of politicians. 

Hyunjin shrugged his shoulders slightly “You have to be disciplined if you want things to work out, I learned the hard way that the world just…won’t give you a break” it would have been easy for him to become crippled by the losses he went through but he wasn’t that person, he refused to be crushed down to nothing, not for anyone and anything. “I wouldn’t blame anyone for not being able to follow that path though…it isn’t easy” fighting wasn’t easy.

“His mom huh?” Hyunjin raised his brows and grinned playfully “Sounds pretty serious if you ask me…taking you home to meet his parents means he’s already made his mind up about you” how nice for Eun to find someone so good for him, Hyunjin always thought he’d be well suited to a domestic relationship…he just needed to find someone who made his happy. He laughed softly “I’m not even sure I have many prospects when it comes to dating…most girls aren’t looking for a guy that comes with a kid as a package deal” and he couldn’t blame them he supposed, it was a lot.

The scoffed slightly and shrugged “I mean…it doesn’t seem all that likely right? We wouldn’t even have anything in common” he pressed his lips together wondering what that dynamic would even be like. He couldn’t even imagine it. “True…our jobs do intersect plenty…it would be nice to feel like we’re both chasing completely different agenda” Eun was usually on the opposite side to the force being a defense lawyer though, it was honestly pretty interesting to him, considering how it basically required you to put your morals to the side.

“I mean…she was pretty and the other guys noticed I was staring so they dared me to go talk to her…and I guess things worked in my favor?” he bit his lip and chuckled softly “She was really…something” unlike anyone he’d met before honestly “But I get the feeling her life is probably messy…complicated…” was he ready to tackle something like that? “Still…I can’t stop thinking about that night” it almost seemed crazy how much.

Yes, the world is often very harsh especially when you are in the working class and everyone else above you just takes everything for granted while you are working yourself to the bone. Eun could see some similarities between them even after they lost contact for a few years after graduating and going their separate ways. They are both the type who would stand for justice and are very disciplined. One is a police officer and the other is a lawyer. Though all his clients can be a pain in the ass, most are very well-connected and Eun won't lie, for someone who wants to be a judge one day, he knew he had to climb up the social ladder if he wanted to secure his spot.

The dhampir blushed when Hyunjin pointed out how it must be serious if Leigh brought him to see his parents "Yeah, I like to think that too actually... it must be pretty serious right..." People wouldn't randomly bring someone they're not serious about to go see their parents. He frowned when the initia said most girls don't go to find package deals for a single father like him "I mean, maybe not. But Hyunjin dude I don't know if you know this, which is pretty crazy considering everyone would've said it to your face even since school up until now, you're handsome, you're tall and hot, and a police officer to add that to the mix? Girls would be going crazy for you. I'm surprised nobody has decided to step into it yet, but maybe it's not you but it's them, I think they are afraid you might not look at them because they need to be a maternal figure and most are not ready for that yet." That's what Eun could see.

He had the biggest grin on his face when Hyunjin talked about the girl he hit off that night "Sounds spicy though, of course, girls like that are likely to have a very messy background, this is America, we have long known it wouldn't be like back home" and he could see why. "Was it because of the sex? Or her in general?" He wanted to gouge why the initia was so hung up on her. "I'd tell you to just go for it, look at my life now. My parents would kill me when they find out I have a boyfriend even though I'm basically the first off to get married to the girl of their choosing."

Hyunjin had an easygoing smile on his lips and tilted his head slightly “It must be to him, I mean he seems like the type of person who cares about his family a lot from what you’ve said too” he was happy for Eun, it seemed like he had found someone who matched him well, which was honestly a bit of a relief considering how aloof he used to be to dating back home. All the girls would call him the prince of the school and swoon over him but half the time it seemed like Sangeun was on another planet where he didn’t even see them. “So you found your match finally..” he mumbled softly and smiled “I can sense the jealousy from all the girls back in school” he jested softly.

He chuckled, he was popular back in school too but Hyunjin was always the taken one, after he met Lauren there was no one else but her and he didn’t even notice the other girls anymore. He’d always been that way, loyal to the one person he focused his heart on “I can’t really blame people for being cautious, I had kids young but that doesn’t mean everyone wants that” he murmured softly “And I can’t be serious with anyone if I can’t be sure that Rosie will be okay” it was tricky.

Hyunjin grinned sheepishly when Eun pointed out that it sounded spicy, that was definitely a pretty accurate description after all “Yeah…back home people would make all those comments about needing to be married first…” which was honestly exhausting and so dated and far from the actual reality of what happened in Korea. “Both…the sex was good but…I don’t know, there’s something really wild but alluring about her, she caught me off guard” he chewed his bottom lip absentmindly as he remembered it all “Aren’t we a pair” he jested softly “I’m long past caring about mine’s disappointment in me but you must be…” he looked up at him for a moment.

Perhaps he finally reached peak happiness to find someone who he never thought would exist for him. “All this while man… I thought I would never find someone because I don’t feel anything most of the time… but him, he just brings something out in me, feelings I never thought I even had in the first place.” It was still weird to the dhampir because in his entirety of life, he went through multiple stages of adult life and none had elicited such reaction from him. Eun thought he was just uninterested in the idea of it in general. Clearly not.

He chuckled when Hyunjin mentioned about the girls “Sorry they never stop a chance… honestly didn’t they ask if I was gay or something? Because I wasn’t interested at all?” At that point in life, the elder Moon actually questioned his sexuality, “I mean… I actually thought I was gay honestly. But it didn’t really bring out anything.” He was jealous when Hyunjin hitched if well with Lauren, everything he has told him, god the dhampir just wanted to find his own way like that too. Perhaps not necessarily the same but still, the sentiment counts.

“You’re a good father, Hyunjin.” And he was sure Rosie wouldn’t have it any better. He was always so smitten by Lauren that even after her passing, the Initia wasn’t actively trying anything to forget or move on so to hear him talk this new girl, now that’s interesting. He was invested. “You’re whipped. I didn’t expect you to be whipped over sex but… damn it’s so you to be unpredictable and random.”

His family’s apparent disappointment in him was weighing heavily on his shoulders. “I can only do so much…” Eun didn’t want to focus on his matters because it was sad and depressing and couldn’t go anywhere. “So… do we have a name? Maybe we can find out more about her, right? It’s not hard to find out things about people when you have a lawyer friend, just saying.” He wanted to help him because if he found his happiness, then Hyunjin could do that again, right? “Let’s be real you know her name. You had to know when you’re moaning it” he teased.

Hyunjin couldn’t help but feel happy for him, he knew that Eun had felt pretty lost back then and never really understood why so he was glad he finally found and made peace with his answer and it was even nicer to know he found someone who really brought out so much in him “It must have felt a little like entering home huh?” he commented in a soft voice, that sense of warmth you couldn’t find anywhere else, it was an irreplaceable feeling.

He laughed and ran a hand through his hair “I’m pretty sure they asked that a few times…I mean you didn’t really pay anyone mind like that, girls, boys, didn’t make a difference” he just assumed he was too focused on his family and being their perfect son to have room for anything else and he was still sure that was a factor. “So you just…needed to meet someone your heart felt safe with and everything else followed” it was kind of beautiful really, Eun must feel really secure with this person which he deserved.

He chuckled and bowed his head slightly “I do my best” he responded to his compliment and shrugged, being a parent really was quite the impossible task and he was doing the most he could to look out for his daughter, she was always the first thought and himself the second. He laughed “I am not whipped…” he protested and shook his head slightly “I mean it was memorable sure but I’m not out here carving our initials in trees or anything…” he wasn’t that delusional and honestly he wasn’t expecting anything to come of it.

Hyunjin nodded slightly “You can only do so much indeed” it would never be enough, they both understood that sentiment just fine, they were probably more alike in terms of all that than anyone realized. He gave Eun playful eyes when he asked more about the girl he’d taken home, taking the hint that he’d rather focus on teasing him about his love life than worrying about family matters. He gasped and elbowed him in the ribs playfully at his bold statement, shaking his head “Having a partner has made you go completely wild, where is the shy guy I used to know” he proclaimed before chuckling “Her name is Irene…Irene Farley…and uh…she has quite the profile” you could Google that name and a whole lot came up, it wasn’t exactly like she was some random girl.

He had that wide grin plastered all over his face when Hyunjin said that “Yeah… it felt like the door was opened and there it was, the warmest place in the entire universe.. the feeling of being embraced by someone you loved so much, nothing beats that.” And his life would finally be complete. But unfortunately, the dhampir knew despite delaying the inevitable, it will eventually happen one day and the picture perfect vision he had would crumble.

He chuckled because his friend was right, no one interests him, not then and not now. Not until Leighton Kingsman anyway. “I guess the universe decided they had one person in particular for me. A bit romantic don’t you think? I mean aside from the whole ostracism I played into… since I thought I was a freak for not feeling anything for anyone else.” Now it made sense.

The elder Moon raised his eyebrow and gave the Initia a pointed look as if to say ‘you’re lying’ and shook his head “You won’t carve initials in trees obviously, but you do look like you’re about to slip and fall if she came inside the room right about now.” He tried to deflect the next jav from Hyunjin and raised both hands in defense “Hey we are both adults, who have their own partners. You literally have a daughter. You know exactly how the birds and bees talk go.”

The moment he told him her name, the dhampir did however, fish his phone out and started googling said woman and gaped “헐 (Wow)… 미친놈아 이건 시한폭탄이야 임마 (you crazy guy, this is a ticking time bomb dude).” He even slipped out his Korean because of how much in awe he was in. “You’re dating a CEO?”

He couldn’t help but smile at the way that Eun described it, that told him everything he needed to know about the person he was seeing, they must be good for him, he’d never seen such warmth radiating from the other male “Well…I would advise you hold onto a love like that with everything you have, it’s so rare…” it made him wistful for the past when he had felt just the same.

He bit his lip and grinned “Or maybe it was you that decided that, maybe no one compares to that certain someone” he mumbled softly, he was a believer that they could make their own fate and while the universe could give whatever pushes it wanted to, nothing ever really changed without intent. “It is pretty romantic though…I’ll bet it makes him feel special…” it didn’t surprise him all that much that Eun was dating a guy, it might raise eyebrows in Korea, but not here.

He laughed and bit his lip “Well I might actually do that if she showed up here because she goes to those fancy kinds of coffee shops, I’d be shocked if she decided to come here…” he mumbled the words softly. Irene was definitely the kind to want the best of everything, she had these level of ‘standards’ he couldn’t really begin to understand. “I do…but when did you become so American” he teased and nudged him “So bold…the ajummas would gasp if they saw you” he grinned slightly.

He ran his hand through his hair and cleared his throat as he waited for the other male to finish his ‘research’ “We’re not…it’s not…you know…serious or anything” honestly he wasn’t even expecting to see her again given it was a one night kind of thing and she didn’t seem like she was intending to stick around for more. “She’s pretty though right…” really damn pretty, he couldn’t get it out of his head.

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